Just Visiting: The Beginning (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Count Thibault of Malfete sat in the room given to him by his friend, Julia
Malfete. It had been a few weeks since they came to the twenty first century.
Count Thibault of Malfete was a tall man in his early thirties, with dark
brown hair and pale green eyes. He was once a nobleman and a Knight of the
Old Code. He ruled a vast land in the Kingdom of France. That was in the
12th century.

Count Thibault of Malfete had endured a terrible loss. He had been tricked
by magic into slaying his beloved fiancee, the Princess Rosalind. He had
lost all title and become a prisoner awaiting execution for murder. His
loyal servant, Andre Le Pate, had freed him with the help of a wizard. The
wizard used his magical powers to send Count Thibault of Malfete and Andre
Le Pate to twenty first century America, so that they might escape the wrath
of the authorities in the 12th century. He and his friend found themselves
lost in this new century. They were Twelfth Century Men. They had no
experience with technology or democracy. They were completely lost. Thank
Heaven they were able to find some friends. Julia and her fiance Hunter
were kind people who took them in. His mind thought of her, fondly. He was
unaware that she was also thinking of him...

Julia's Bedroom...

Julia could not sleep. Ever since she met Thibault and Andre, her life had
been turned upside down. They were two men from the twelfth century. They
were also brave and strong men. They believed in Chivalry. They were decent
and honest. Thibault especially. He was the kind of man who would risk his
life to save that of an innocent man, woman or child. A noble man in every
sense of the word. Yet she could not have him. She wanted him....desperately.

Apparently, she was descended from him in some way, or so he claimed. She
didn't believe him. At all. She knew that he wanted her. He felt guilty about
it. She wanted him. When she went to sleep that night, she did not think of
her fiance Hunter but the wild-mannered, kind-hearted Knight who slept under
her roof with his servant.

Julia closed her eyes. Her hand slipped under the covers...she began to

In her fantasy, Thibault was entering her room. He looked handsome, clad in
a suit of armor. He looked magnificent. Thibault positioned himself behind
Julia. He caressed her firm buttocks and gently stroked her hair.

"Open yourself to me." he told her.

Julia hesitated. She felt incredibly vulnerable right now but she loved
Thibault and would do as he asked. She held her butt cheeks apart with her
hands, exposing her butt hole. Thibault took some lube and rubbed it against
her asshole. He rubbed some on his cock as well.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"Yes," Julia said. She turned around and looked at him. "Please be gentle
with me." she said.

"I will." Thibault promised.

He rubbed his cock against her asshole and then slowly slid it into her anal
canal. Julia gasped when she felt his cockhead slide into her backdoor. He
pushed and went inside her. Even with the lubrication, she still felt some
pain but gritted her teeth. Thibault pushed more of his cock into her
asshole, then stopped. "Are you okay ?" he asked.

"Yes." said Julia.

He started to slide his cock into her, going far, then pulling back. He did
that for a moment, letting her ass get used to his girth. Julia whimpered.
Thibault had never fucked such a tight ass. He fucked her, fast. Her cute
little ass bounced every time he thrust inside her. Julia was determined not
to scream as her bottom endured an anal assault. Thibault's cock felt so big
inside her. Her hands wandered to other areas of her body. She fingered
herself, sliding her slim fingers into her delicate pussy as she was anally
taken. She buried her face into the pillow as Thibault plowed into her. He
took his sweet time plundering her ass. She felt violated... abased... and
alive. Her pain was soon replaced by a curious feeling. A feeling of
fullness... he came inside her and she screamed as her ass was filled with
his hot cum.

Hunter was awakened by Julia's scream. "Are you alright, sweetie?" he asked

Julia looked around the room, then back at Hunter's face. "Yeah," she said.
"I'm okay."

She wasn't. Her thoughts and fantasies about Thibault were disturbing. She
didn't know where they came from but she wanted him... desperately. She went
to sleep in Hunt's arms. Hunt held her, smiling to himself because he was
fooling his fiancee Julia by cheating with a girl named Amber on the side.
Also, he was planning on seizing control of her vast family fortune. He only
needed to get rid of Thibault and Andre first.

The End


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