Justice League: Collectible Action Figures (FF,Ff,FFf,anal,mc,ncon)
by Hamster


Wonder Woman was a little surprised when she arrived at the Gulliger Air
Force Base and saw not terrorists, not mutants or monsters but rather rather
an army of cute and fluffy teddy bears swarming the base and attacking
soldiers as well as jets. One soldier was screaming his head off as a teddy
was chewing on his face. The bears, when shot at, made metallic 'pinging'
noises and seemed to suffer no ill effects. Wonder Woman was preparing to
help the soldiers when several of the Teddy Bears turned to face her.

"This is #0033. We have a true target, we have a true target! All units
intercept and capture target Wonder Woman," #0033 commanded.

Suddenly all of the Teddys broke away from their current targets to face
Wonder Woman. 'This can't be good,' she thought. One jumped at her, but she
pivoted on her heel and kicked it away. Two more jumped at her and while
Wonder Woman managed to send one flying the other managed to bite down firmly
on her ankle.


"#0201 this is #0033. You have a grip on target Wonder Woman. Initiate
teleport to Dream House. I repeat: initiate teleport to Dream house!!!"
#0033 ordered.

The Base security had begun to move in to help Wonder Woman but were very
surprised when all the teddys and Wonder Woman had all disappeared.


Huntress was more than a little surprised at her current situation. She
was being assaulted by Babe Ruth, Andre the Giant, Michael Jordan and Joe
Montana ... or at least Robot versions of them, in the middle of an alley
in Metropolis Chinatown. Michael tried to make a grab at her but she ducked
under his clumsy grab then tumbled away from a swing of Babe Ruth's bat.

"Cease your resistance." Joe ordered as Huntress began to back away from

"I don't know what you guys want from me but I won't have any part of it."
Huntress said.

"Ah, Wayne, how good of you to join us." Joe said.

Huntress went wide-eyed and turned in time to see Wayne Gretzky crack her
across the forehead with a hockey stick.

"Excellent work Wayne." Joe commented.

"Why thank you, Joe. That's very kind of you to say." Wayne grinned from ear
to ear.

"Gentlemen, let's be off. A robot's work is never done." Andre said.


Wonder Woman blinked as she awakened inside of some odd clear glass tube she
felt very queasy and weak.

"Uuuuuuuunngh." she moaned, "Where am I?"

She could barely move but was held in a standing position by some kind of
tractor beam.

"Please allow me to explain. I am Irwin R. Strange and you are in a
Perma-Keep tube. When I hit this button the tube will fill with an invisible
gas that will keep you perfectly preserved for eternity. Except of course
when I want to take you out and play with you." Irwin explained.

"But why?" Wonder Woman asked weakly.

"I am a collector. I collect memorabilia, comics, Elvis plates, toys and now
I am collecting SUPER-HEROINES!" With that the Collector pushed the button
and watched as Wonder Woman passed out of consciousness.

Things were starting well. Wonder Woman and Huntress joined the heroines
Stargirl, Zatanna, Black Canary, Batgirl, Supergirl and Hawkgirl as well as
villains Mercy, Harley Quinn, and Cheetah as members of his collection. His
robots were now scouring the world in hopes of bringing him new prizes.


The Collector had fashioned each of his slaves with special circlets around
his head so that he could control them with his special device, the sex
station 2 mind controller. Using this he was able to control the woman as he
had them perform for him in various rooms in the Dream House. It was perfect,
selling films of the heroines boffing each other was fun AND profitable. He
had two of them in the hot tub room.

Huntress was sitting in the outdoor hot tub wearing a purple two-piece
bikini. Her eyes were closed but she did hear the footsteps of someone
approaching. Wonder Woman's boobs were currently trying to escape the
bonds of the tiny red bikini top that currently imprisoned them. Huntress
suddenly popped up as she felt a foot rub her crotch. Wonder Woman only
smiled at her. Wonder Woman began to rub Huntress harder and Huntress only
leaned back and moaned softly. Huntress and Wonder Woman approached each
other and gave each other a long wet passionate kiss. Huntress pulled off
Wonder Woman's bikini top so that her boobs could bounce free. Huntress
leaned down to nibble at Wonder Woman'a hardened nipple.

"Mmmmmmm. Ooooooo," Wonder Woman whimpered.

Huntress's hand slid down Wonder Woman' tight hard belly to her crotch. Two
of Huntress's fingers slid underneath Wonder Woman' bikini and slipped in
and out of Wonder Woman' pussy at a rapid pace. Wonder Woman was rocking back
and forth in pleasure, but Huntress held a firm grip on the girl's nipple
with her teeth. The slight pain only served to heighten Wonder Woman's erotic
experience. After several pleasure filled minutes Wonder Woman came to a
gasping orgasm. The two exited the hot tub and removed the remainder of their
clothing. Huntress laid out a towel and laid down on it then spread her legs
wide. Wonder Woman licked her lips at the sight of the feast before her.
Wonder Woman took the wine bottle and poured some over Huntress delicious
looking pussy. Wonder Woman then began to lap the wine from the hungry pussy
of her teammate. Huntress's hand moved to her own tit so that she could knead
it while she was being eaten out. Huntress moaned. Wonder Woman was going to
pour more wine when she got a wicked idea. She took the cork and used it to
make a hole in the bottom of the bottle. Wonder Woman took the tip of the
bottle and pushed it into Huntress's hole.

Wonder Woman began pushing the bottle deeper and deeper as Huntress went
nuts with pleasure. Soon Wonder Woman was bottle fucking Huntress to two ear
splitting orgasms. Wonder Woman pulled the bottle out and licked it clean.


Supergirl had her eyes closed as Hawkgirl was playfully slapping her
boobs. Hawkgirl spent a long time playing with those boobs. She rubbed them,
squeezed them, kissed them and slapped them over and over. After having
enjoyed quite a bit of that, Hawkgirl found the strap-on that the Collector
had supplied her with. Once she had her fake cock strapped on she approached
the lovely Supergirl, who was now on all fours.

"Beg for it, Supergirl. Tell me you want it." Hawkgirl ordered. She was
working off of a script that Strange had given her.

"Oh yes please fuck me Hawkgirl, please ram that giant rubber cock in my
cunt. Oh please, Hawkgirl please," Supergirl begged. She was also working off
the same script.

The Collector couldn't help but think of how good he had it as she stared at
Supergirl's big tits hanging there like cow udders and her cute little wet
pussy begging to be fucked. He watched the scene intently as it played out.
Hawkgirl eagerly approached Kara from behind. She touch the big tip of the
rubber dildo to Supergirl's pussy. Hawkgirl leaned forward and firmly grabbed
a double handful of blonde hair and pulled back a bit sharply. Then with all
her might Hawkgirl drove the dildo home as she pulled back on Supergirl's
hair. Hawkgirl pulled back with each, rapid, desperate, fevered stroke.
Hawkgirl fucked Supergirl with unbridled enthusiasm as the sexy blonde alien
bucked and screamed like some wild animal. Hawkgirl's wings flapped wildly as
she went to town on her teammate.


Sweat poured over both their bodies and Supergirl's large tits swayed back
and forth as Hawkgirl power fucked her.

"OOHH OHHH GOOOOOD!!" Supergirl came to a wild and thrashing orgasm.

The two women collapsed in a heap.

And in another room...

The Black Canary and Harley Quinn were in the 69-position, they were making
very loud sloppy noises as they were eating each other out. Teenaged blonde
heroine Star-Spangled Kid, or Stargirl for short, had the Black Canary's ass
cheeks spread and was delving into her ass with her tongue. The Clown was
the first to come and as soon as this happened Canary gently pushed Stargirl
away and sat up so she was sitting on Harley's face.

Stargirl then went around to the front and spread her legs so her pussy was
right in Canary's face. Canary rode the clown's face as she ate out the kid.

* * *

The Collector stood staring at Wonder Woman's firm ripe melons. The
unconscious woman was simply standing there helpless, held in place by the
mini tractor ray. So engrossed he was by his ogling, he failed to notice his
security warning lights. Knocked unconscious as she was, there was no way
she could stop him from having a little fun. He felt his cock grow and harden
at the thought of molesting the helpless heroine. The Collector pushed a
button and the glass tube Wonder Woman was in slid up and away. The Collector
approached his victim with an awful leer. Slowly and deliberately his hands
went to Wonder Woman's boobs He gave each one a gentle squeeze and proceeded
to work them like giant stress relievers. So focused he was on his task, he
did not notice Wonder Woman stirring. Nor did he remember that he did not
have her mind control circlet on in case she DID wake.

Wonder Woman groaned a bit and blinked her eyes open then noticed what was
going on.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!?!" She screamed. She was red with

With one thunderous punch she knocked the collector out. Knocked him through
the air and into a wall. She then flew to the controls and released the other

"You ladies leave, I will set the self-destruct and blow up this little
installation," Wonder Woman declared.

"Right," the others responded as Wonder Woman grabbed the collector.

The women of the Justice League had made their way outside in time to see the
Dream House explode into a billion pieces.


The Collector sat in his cell sitting in simple misery. All of his mint
condition gadgets were being fondled by government agents that were no doubt
getting their filthy prints all over them. He heard the door to his cell
unlock and was horrified to see Batman walk in.

"Fifteen minutes alone with him. That's all I will need." Batman told the

The Collector cringed and began to shake violently as Batman simple cracked
his knuckles. For the next fifteen minutes the only thing that was heard were
Collector's screams.
_ _ _

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