Justice League: I Heart Hawkgirl (MF,rom)
by Hamster

The United States is dotted with insignificant little towns where nothing
interesting ever happened. Leeds in California was like that. Dull, boring
and totally uninteresting. Nothing fun ever happened, especially not to
Brian Brown. Except the times he met Hawkgirl. Those were the best days in
the 22-year old slacker’s life.

The best day of Brian's life occurred when he was heading to his favorite
place on Earth, 7-11. He was heading there for a Cherry Slurpee when he felt
an ominous shaking beneath his feet. The Shaking got much worse, much, much
worse and suddenly the sickening sound of stone grinding stone and then a
very loud POP! The ground ripped in two and massive crack appeared in the
ground which grew and charged in Brian's direction. Brian did what any man
in his position would do. He screamed like a little girl and ran for his
life. The crack that formed in the earth was to quick and caught up to him
in very little time. The ground split open and he found himself seemingly
plummeting to his death. But suddenly he wasn't falling anymore. He felt
hands holding him and he felt himself being carried off into the sky.

He managed to look up to see that his savior was in fact the hottest woman
that he had ever seen. She had red hair and bird wings.

Month's later...

Chris felt the need to speak with Brian. His friend had been completely
obsessed with Hawkgirl after she had rescued him during the earthquake.

"It's an un healthy obsession." Chris said with his arms folded.

"What makes you say that?" Asked Brian.

Chris looked around the room. Brian had Hawkgirl bed sheets, Hawkgirl action
figures, Hawkgirl posters, 7-11 slurpee collector cups with Hawkgirl's
picture on them, magazines sporting her on the cover, expensive Hawkgirl
figurines, and his pride and joy a life-sized bust of Hawkgirl.

"Nothing," Chris said. "But may I point out that the internet rumors are
that she is hooked up with the Green Lantern AND that even if she wasn't your
chances are like 1 in 3 billion. And what are the chances she'll ever show up
in Leeds again? Dude, this place is so not her scene. It's worse when you
factor in the facts that you don't have a job, live in your mama's basement
and aren't particularly attractive."

"Ouch." Brian said crestfallen.

"Why don't you aim a little lower? Hey that girl at 7-11 isn't too bad
looking. She'd even be hot if she just lost about 20 pounds." Chris said.

"Yeah, maybe you're right." Brian said as he felt this dream just like every
other dream that he'd ever had get crushed.

"Come on, let's get some Slurpees and read some magazines." Said Chris.

Brian actually perked up at this suggestion. "7-11?"

"You bet." Said Chris.

Chris and Brian were walking on the side of the road, the city wouldn't build
sidewalks, on their way to 7-11. It was at the point that they reached the
street they needed to cross the street that they noticed the big purple and a
smaller very familiar form streaking across the sky and then crashing into
the 7-11. The roof collapsed and the place was leveled.

"Dude was that Hawkgirl and Despero?" Chris asked in surprise.

"Sure looked like it." Said Brian.

There question was answered when Despero flew from the wreckage and was
intercepted by Superman in the sky above. Brian ran towards the fallen 7-11.

"Dude where the hell are you going?" Demanded an alarmed Chris.

"She's still in there." Brian said.

"Dude your fucking cracked! Let the league help her, you're just an average
guy. Fuck that you're below average, but you are my friend and it would suck
if you died." Chris said.

"I'm going in there." Brian said firmly.

He ran to the 7-11 and immediately began to pull debris away from the
entrance. After a few minutes he was able to dig the cashier out and drag
her out to the street. Overhead the battle between Despero and several
league members battled. Brian went back to digging. After an exhaustive
effort he pulled away enough wreckage that he found the form of the fallen
Hawkgirl. He carefully pulled a fallen beam off of her and then dragged her
away from the 7-11. She groaned and opened her eyes.

"Uhh...what happened?" She asked.

"You were fighting Despero. Are you OK?" Said Brian.

"My wing feels like it's broken." Hawkgirl said.

Brian saw that her right wing clearly was mangled.

"I have to go, have to stop Despero..." Hawkgirl said.

"No way, your all messed up, can't fly, and your mace...I'll look for your
mace. I'd tell you not to move but, that's moot since you don't look like
you could move anyways." Brian said.

He went back into the 7-11 for half an hour he dug through the place and
finally cleared a path to the part of the stor that wasn't buried. There
were three costumers and an employee there. They had been trapped in the
dark there.

"Thank you!" Said a woman and her young son.

Brian grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and then he began to look
around until he finally found her mace. He snatched up the weapon and took
it to her along with the water.

"Drink this." Brian said.

He tipped the water into her mouth so that she could drink and then looked
around, there was a man watching the whole thing.

"You, do you have a car?" Brian demanded.


"Then help me, we need to get her to the doctor's." He said.

"Shouldn't we wait for the league to take care of this?" The man asked.

"They are too busy fighting the big purple alien so help me get her in your
car NOW!" Brian said.

The pair managed to get her into the car, which wasn't easy because of the


Brian was waiting patiently for news in the hospital waiting room. He wasn't
the only one. Despero's attack had resulted in a ton of injuries and three
deaths. One of the nurses stepped into the waiting room.

"Brian Brown?" She said.

Brian stood up. "Yeah?"

"She's asking for you." The nurse said.

Deep down inside Brian was doing a happy dance. The nurse led him to
Hawkgirl's room where she was laying face down on the bed.

"Are you the one who helped me?" She asked.

Brian scratched the back of his head nervously. "Yeah."

"Come here please." She said.

Brian approach and she grabbed his chin, turned his face sideways and kissed
him on the cheek. Never washing this cheek again! Thought Brian. At closer
look he could see that some of the feather's had been removed from her broken
wing so that they could cat the damaged section. OUCH!

"Thank you, is there anything that I can do for you?" She asked.

Brian thought about it. The woman had what was likely a painful and
embarrassing injury so he didn't want to act like this was the best day of
his life, which it was.

"Can you take me on a tour of the watchtower?" Asked Brian.

"I think that I can arrange that." She said.

There was a knock at the door and the Flash stepped into the room, followed
by Superman, and then the Green Lantern and finally Batman.

"Holy Crap!" Said Brian.

Superman put a hand on his shoulder.

"We heard what you did. You were very brave." Superman said.

Best freaking day ever.

The Watchtower, one week later...

Brian had not known what to wear. He didn't have much in the way of clothes
and wasn't sure if he should go casual or dress up. After realizing that
these were people who dressed up as giant bats or wore their underpants on
the outside he figured casual would be the way to go. He was decked out in
blue jeans and a San Diego Chargers jersey. He had arrived on the watch
tower by way of some weird timed teleportation device along with some of
the Watchtower staff. For the uninitiated the Watchtower was the massive
orbital station that served as a base of operations for the Justice League.
He waited for about 5 minutes before he saw Hawkgirl approach him. She was
there to take him on his tour. Red hair, beautiful face, white costume with
exposed mid-riff.

"Hello Brian." She said with a bright smile.

"Uhh hi, how's the wing?" He asked.

"It's better, are you ready for your tour?" She asked.

"You bet." Said Brian.

She took him through the various halls around the outer section that gave
an excellent view of space and of Earth below. After that they passed the
training room where Brian was treated to the sight of a vigorous work out
between Green Lantern and the Black Canary. He was introduced to several
Leaguers including Red Tornado, Supergirl and Stargirl. The afternoon was
capped off by dinner in the Justice League's cafeteria. In between bites of
Cornish hen and stuffing he had a chance to have a long conversation with
Hawkgirl. He asked her about Thaanagar, about being a hero and about
everything she liked. At the end of the afternoon she took him to her room.

"Whoa this place is cool." He said.

"Glad you like it." She said.

"I just wanted to thank you. You saved my life in that Earthquake and then
you gave me a tour of the tower, this is one of the best days of my life."
He said.

"You pulled me out of that 7-11." She said.

"Anybody would have..." He started.

"Not anyone did, not anyone but you." Said Hawkgirl.

Then she kissed him. There was a part of him that registered this miraculous
event although most of his brain had shut down completely due in part to
the tingling sensation he felt. This was the most beautiful and extraordinary
women that he had ever met and she was kissing him! He realized that and
started to kiss back. Their tongues were entwined for several minutes when
she suddenly pulled off his jersey. At this point he grew more bold and gave
her perfect butt a squeeze. This made her briefly break the kiss and giggle.
She took off her top and Brian couldn't believe he was seeing her naked
breasts. She took his belt off and pulled off his pants and boxers and then
he did the same for her pants and panties. She pushed him onto his back on
her bed and then crawled up over him and kissed him. His cock was as hard as
steel at this point and she pushed her sex down on his hard rod and began to
push herself up and down on it. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure through
him like he'd never felt before. He reached up and massaged her breasts as
she continued to fuck herself on his cock. She moaned in pleasure and her
wings gave these delightful flaps. He couldn't hold it any longer. He both of
them came together.

He lay beside her while she slept and stroked the feathers of one of her
wings. He hoped with all his might that this wouldn't be the last time he
saw her.
_ _ _

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