Justice League/Star Wars: Jedi Knight On Earth Part 1 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Luke Skywalker sat in the spaceship. He was a troubled young man. Recently,
he had learned that his whole life had been a lie. He was not the son of poor
farmers on Tattooine. He was the son of Anakin Skywalker, one of the greatest
Jedi Knights in the galaxy. Once, the Jedi were the guardians of peace in the
Old Republic. A time when people from many worlds came together and democracy
was the ruling principle in galactic civilization.

Luke had met an old Jedi Knight named Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan was once one of
the great Jedi Knights. He told Luke of his origins. Luke's father was the
master of evil known as Darth Vader. Darth Vader was the one responsible for
hunting down the Jedi Knights after the fall of the Old Republic. He led the
genetically engineered clones collectively known as the Stormtroopers across
the galaxy in a Jedi hunt. The Jedi were hunted down and wiped out. The Jedi
were gone forever. Obi Wan told Luke of the mysteries of the Jedi. There was
a great energy field created by all living things in the universe. That
energy was known as the Force. Some individuals from all over the galaxy were
born with Midi-Chlorans, a genetic predisposition that gave them the ability
to use and control the Force.

Many among those born with Midi-Chlorans were called upon to become Jedi
Knights. These men and women were trained by Jedi Masters in the ways of the
Force. They started out as Jedi Padawans and eventually became Masters. The
Jedi were respected throughout the galaxy. It was a great honor to serve as
a Jedi. Luke Skywalker had heard tales of his origins. Once, a woman named
Shmi Skywalker lived on the planet Tattooine. She had a son named Anakin.
Anakin was only a child when he met Jedi Masters Qui Gon and Obi Wan Kenobi.
Tagging along with them was the young Padme Amidala, the legendary Queen.
They discovered that Anakin had many special abilities. He had the potential
not only to be a Jedi but the greatest of all the Jedi. They took Anakin to
Coruscant, the planet that served as the Seat of the Old Republic's political
leadership. Anakin was brought before the Jedi Council where he met Mace
Windu and Master Yoda, the legendary leaders of the Jedi Order.

Anakin Skywalker was trained as a Jedi in spite of Master Yoda's warnings.
Many Jedi were fascinated with Anakin's emerging abilities. They thought he
might be the chosen one of Prophecy. There was a prophecy that a young Jedi
Knight would come and bring balance to the Force. He would forever change
the ways of the Force and the future of the Jedi Order. Many Jedi believed
that Anakin was the Chosen One of Prophecy. Obi Wan was among them. Anakin
fell in love with Padme Amidala and they married, against the wishes of the
Jedi Order. For some time, Anakin and Padme enjoyed a love like no other.
Anakin's Jedi abilities attracted the attention of Senator Palpatine, leader
of the Old Republic Leadership Council. No one knew that Palpatine was more
than a meek old politician. He was actually Darth Sidious, the legendary
leader of the Sith. The Sith were the sworn enemies of the Jedi. They were
those who embraced the Dark Side of the Force. The Sith were dangerous and
craved power. Long ago, the Jedi fought the Sith and the Sith were defeated.
Many thought that the Sith were destroyed forever. They weren't. They merely
went into hiding. The Sith plotted their revenge for centuries and
manipulated their way into seats of power in the grand scheme of galactic
politics and power play.

Anakin Skywalker became a Jedi in turbulent times. The Old Republic was at
war with the Separatists. The Separatists were a group of worlds that
separated themselves from the Republic and wanted to conquer others through
warfare. The Old Republic couldn't fight them because there weren't enough
Jedi to fight the legions of Separatist armies. That's when the Stormtroopers
came into play. The Stormtroopers were genetically engineered super-soldiers
manufactured to fight the wars of the Old Republic. The Jedi originally led
the Stormtroopers into battle. Anakin Skywalker and his friend and master Obi
Wan led Stormtrooper armies into battle against the Separatists, as did many
other Jedi. That was before. A rogue Jedi Knight named Count Dooku turned
over to the dark side. He allied himself with Darth Sidious. Count Dooku
sought to convert Obi Wan to the dark side but Obi Wan refused. Anakin and
Obi Wan later faced Count Dooku in battle but Dooku was too powerful. If it
hadn't been for legendary Jedi master Yoda, Count Dooku would have killed
both Anakin Skywalker and Obi Want Kenobi.

Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan lived to fight another day. The Separatists
still threatened the Old Republic. Anakin was growing darker as time went
by. He no longer believed in the ways of the Jedi. He became violent and
impulsive. He was extremely dangerous. This was noticed by Palpatine, who
befriended him. Later, Palpatine would reveal himself to be Darth Sidious.
He seized power and declared himself Emperor. Anakin became his loyal
servant and apprentice of the dark side of the Force. Anakin Skywalker led
the Stormtroopers in a galaxy-wide hunt for the Jedi. He crushed them. He
destroyed every last remnant of the Jedi. He even betrayed his former Master
and friend Obi Wan and tried to slay him. Obi Wan hurled Anakin into a lava
pit. Anakin survived. He was rescued by Palpatine's people. They saved his
life. They placed him in a machine to repair his severely damaged body and
mind. Anakin Skywalker died that day. He became something dark, sinister
and ruthless. Something cold and evil. The most dangerous of Palpatine's
servants. Before Anakin became Palpatine's ally, there was Darth Maul and
Count Dooku. Darth Maul was killed by Obi Wan. Count Dooku was destroyed by
Anakin Skywalker. Emperor Palpatine, now known as Darth Sidious named his
newest ally Darth Vader. Darth Vader became the most powerful of the Sith
Lords in history.

Luke Skywalker's life changed the day he met Obi Wan Kenobi. He also met his
sister Princess Leia and her lover Han Solo. He met Chewbacca, the toughest
Wookie in the galaxy. Luke joined the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Alliance was
the coalition of people who opposed the evil empire. They wanted to destroy
the evil Palpatine but could not get to him because of his numerous army,
superior technology and mostly because of his dark servant, the evil Darth
Vader. The Rebel Alliance fought the Empire for a long time. Luke Skywalker
fought against Darth Vader and almost lost his life. He was tempted by the
Emperor Palpatine, who wanted to turn him over to the dark side. Palpatine
pitted Luke Skywalker against Darth Vader. Luke won and stood over his
father, lightsaber in hand, ready to destroy him. The Emperor urged him to.
Luke refused and Palpatine used dark force energy in an attempt to destroy
him. The dying Luke begged his father to save him from the emperor. In that
moment, Darth Vader left the dark side. He wanted to save his son. He killed
the emperor. Darth Vader had saved his son's life. He did as Vader what he
was supposed to do as Anakin Skywalker. He destroyed the Sith once and for
all. He brought balance to the Force. Shortly after, he died in his son's

The Rebel Alliance celebrated the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire's
greatest weapon, on the world of Yavin Four. Luke Skywalker found himself the
only Jedi in the galaxy. It was his mission to find others like himself. Men
and women born with a high quantity of Midi-Chlorans, the definite sign of an
ability to use the Force. He left. When he left, his sister princess Leia had
married Han Solo. They were forming the New Republic with the veterans of the
War against the Empire. Luke had his work cut out for him. He was the one who
would create the new beginning. He would become the teacher of the new
generation of the Jedi. He would create a benevolent fighting force that
would fight for justice in the universe. He would honor the memory of the
Jedi Knights of old.


Anakin Skywalker took a spaceship and left the known reaches of space. His
ship fell through a worm hole and he was sent to a new universe. His
spaceship traveled to a distant planet called Earth. It crashed there. In
the early twenty first century...

Justice League Watchtower...

Wonder Woman sat behind the controls of the Justice League Watchtower. She
was insanely bored. Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince was the princess
of Thermyscira. Thermyscira was an island populated by female warriors
devoted to the Gods of Ancient Greece. She left her island to fight for
justice in the world of men. She came to North America and met a remarkable
man named Kal-El. He was the Last Son of Krypton. He came from a distant
world that died long ago. While on Earth, Kal-El had super powers. He was
superhumanly strong, he could fly and he was invulnerable. Kal-El led a
double life on Earth. He had been found as an infant by Jonathan and Martha
Kent of Smallville, Kansas. They named him Clark Kent. Clark Kent eventually
became the superhero known as Superman.

Superman fought for truth and justice on the planet Earth. He was very
popular. Superman inspired other superhumans to fight for justice. Along with
Gotham's city infamous vigilante Batman and the alien wanderer known as the
Martian Manhunter, he founded the Justice League of America. Others joined
them. A super-fast guy known as the Flash and a winged woman named Hawk-Girl
joined them. Diana Prince had been her island's ambassador to the United
Nations when she met Superman. He was a very handsome man and a noble soul.
She agreed to join the Justice League. She became the superhero known as
Wonder Woman. The Justice League was the world's last line of defense against
all manners of danger. They took on natural disasters and also fought against
alien threats such as Darkseid. Darkseid was a very powerful being. He was an
immortal with super powers. He ruled the planet Apokolips. He was one of the
New Gods. He hated the Gods of New Genesis. New Genesis was a paradise-like
world inhabited by immortal humanoids known as the New Gods. Darkseid was
their enemy. He wanted to destroy their world. He also wanted to conquer the
planet Earth. Darkseid had a very powerful son named Orion. Orion was raised
on New Genesis by Highfather, the leader of the New Gods. Darkseid wanted to
turn his son over to the dark side. Orion wanted to fight for justice and
fought against evil wherever he went. He befriended Superman and Wonder
Woman. He also joined the Justice League of America.

At this time, all the other superheroes were battling Hades, the God of
Death. Wonder Woman had opposed Ares, the God of War. For her insolence, the
Greek Gods stripped her of her powers. She no longer had her super strength
or flight abilities. She was used to having the powers of a God. Now, she was
reduced to life as a mortal woman. She prayed that the God's punishment was
only temporary. Diana did not want to return to her island in disgrace. She
was scared of what her mother would say. She had broken the laws of her
people by fighting against the very Gods who protected them. Diana had broken
the covenant. Her mother would have banished her. She had chosen man's world
over her people's. Diana had come to love Superman and the other members of
the Justice League. They were like family to her. When Ares and his dangerous
ally, the Femme Fatale tried to destroy them, she had to do something. The
Femme Fatale was a female entity with amazing powers. She had super strength,
super speed, invulnerability and the power of flight. She could also
teleport. She could control energy. She could assume any shape she wanted.
She was very dangerous. She targed the JLA members. Wonder Woman stopped her.
The God of War beat her almost to death and took her powers.

Diana Prince watched the screen of the Watchtower. A spaceship came out of
hyper space. Diana could hear the Watchtower's sensors picking up on it. If
the other JLA members had been there, Superman and Green Lantern would have
gone out in spacesuits to greet the spaceship and find out the intentions of
its occupants. The JLA would defend Earth against anything that threatened
it. Diana used the scanners to scan the spaceship. Scans indicated a single
occupant. A human male. Asleep. Diana clicked another button and a tractor
beam seized the spaceship and brought it into the Watchtower. Diana Prince
put on a battle-suit and picked up an energy-spear. She went to the docking
bay to meet and greet the space man. She went down there. The spaceship was
small but seemed state-of-the-art. She opened the latch door and carefully
stepped inside. The interior was lit. She took a look inside. There was a
man there, young by the look of him. He wore a strange robe and clutched a
small metallic tube in his right hand. She gently tapped his shoulder while
keeping the energy-spear trained on him.

"Wake up, space man!" Diana said.

The "space man" woke up. His eyes snapped open. He glared at her. "Who are
you?" he asked.

"Who are you?" Diana repeated.

"I'm Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight." he told her.

Diana Prince looked at him. "What in hell is a Jedi Knight?" she asked.

Luke Skywalker stared at her and she watched as the energy-spear left her
hand as if pulled by an invisible force and went to his.

She recoiled. "How did you do that?" she asked.

"I am a Jedi." he said. "Where am I?"

Diana stared at him. "Justice League Watchtower." she said.

That didn't ring a bell. He stared at her blankly. He stepped out of the ship
and urged her to lead. She did. He took a look around. Diana looked at him.
She was just waiting for an opportunity to knock him unconscious. She
wondered how he moved the spear without touching it and deduced that he might
have telekinetic powers. She had seen the like before.

"What is this place?" he asked her.

Diana stared at him. She really wished she had her powers. Taking out this
guy would be easy. Not now. He wasn't very big and they were the same height
but the energy-spear and whatever mental powers made him a formidable
opponent, especially to an unarmed person.

Luke seemed distracted by the massive size of the JLA Watchtower. Diana
Prince took advantage of this. She snatched the metallic tube from his waist
belt and aimed at him. She pressed the button.

"No!" Luke screamed.

Diana's eyes widened in shock as an energy beam emerged from the metallic
tube. Shocked, she let it fly away from her.

"My lightsaber!" Luke screamed. The lightsaber flew away and cut its way
through a wall.

Diana Prince marveled at its power. She had to get one of those. Luke darted
after the lightsaber. A moment later, an inhuman growl echoed in the
Watchtower. Diana Prince froze. She knew what it was. Superman had a strange
creature he kept in the Watchtower. A massive simian creature he called the
Metabeast. The Metabeast was a monster Superman had found when he went to
ancient Krypton on a journey through time. The Metabeast was the last
survivor of a species that ruled the wilderness of ancient Krypton long
before the human-like ancestors of Superman evolved on that planet. Superman
liked the Metabeast. He kept it locked in a steel cage. Diana Prince thought
the beast was dangerous and ought to be put down. It was a danger to anything
around it. Now, it was loose...

Luke retrieved his lightsaber. The Jedi froze as a titanic beast came
lumbering toward it. The Metabeast was truly huge. It looked like a gorilla,
except that it had crimson fur. It stood easily twenty feet tall. It had a
feral, bestial aspect. Its eyes were yellow, its mouth was full of sharp
fangs and it had huge hands that ended with very long and wicked claws. The
Metabeast charged. Diana stared in shock, believing that she was about to
witness Luke's death. The strange young man leapt in the air, lightsaber in
hand. The Metabeast lashed out with a huge paw-like hand and threw the Jedi
across the room. Luke landed harshly on the floor. The Metabeast came after
him, fangs bared. Diana watched the scene. The young man was on his hands
and knees, still hurting from his fall and in no shape to save himself.
Diana Prince had never been a coward. Powers or not, she was a hero.

She ran toward Luke Skywalker's fallen lightsaber. She took it and felt the
power in her hands. She lashed out at the beast. The lightsaber sliced
through the Metabeast's hindquarters. The titanic beast roared in pain and
struck Diana Prince with a massive paw. Diana Prince fell, but not before
hurling the lightsaber at Luke Skywalker. The young Jedi Knight caught the
weapon and used it to decapitate the Metabeast. The Metabeast's huge,
headless body thudded on the floor.

Luke Skywalker stood, looking at the slain beast. What manner of people kept
such a thing as a pet? He had seen monsters in his day but the Metabeast was
one of the deadliest he'd seen. He looked at the body of the unconscious
woman who had just saved him. She was comely, to say the least. Luke realized
that he hadn't been with anyone in a long time. Jedi Knights tended to have
celibate lifestyles. Luke didn't want to fall into that trap but he did...
oh, well. First things first.

He saw that the woman was wounded. The Metabeast's huge claws had left deep
marks on her body. He put his hands on her and summoned the Force within
himself. He unleashed the energies that were his birthright and felt them
flow through him. He let them flow from his body to the woman's. He watched
her body heal before his very eyes. She was recovering rather quickly. Luke
Skywalker felt relief. This strange person was going to make it. She was
gonna live. Diana's eyes snapped open. She looked at the face of Luke.
Shocked, she gasped. He reassured her. She looked past him and saw that the
beast was slain. He had done it. Relieved, she found herself hugging this

"Oh, thank you." she said.

"You're welcome." said Luke. He felt uncomfortable. This woman's sexy body
was doing things to him. He had to get away from her. All of a sudden he
felt weak. He thought it was because of... you know... but it wasn't. He
had gotten injured and had forgotten about his injuries. The beast had
almost killed him. Luke felt the Force leave him as his drained body lost
all power... he spiraled into oblivion.

Diana Prince looked at the young man who had just saved her life. Luke was
his name, apparently. He was wounded ! She stared at him. She had felt the
beast's claws and knew that she should be fatally wounded but she wasn't.
Luke had healed her. Somehow, he had healed her. She was in awe. He had
saved her and apparently couldn't save himself. Wow! She had not seen the
like of this since Superman. She had to get him to the infirmary. And so
she did. She used the advanced technology of Manhunter to heal him. She
placed him in the Regeneration Chamber. She let the machine do its work.
The RC could heal even fatal wounds but it took its sweet time. It was a
combination of Kryptonian technology, combined with the Martian Manhunter's
Bio-engineering modifications. She had seen it revive many JLA members
countless times. Superman himself had been saved by the RC after being
buried under a mountain of green kryptonite. She wondered how it would work
on Luke Skywalker. DNA scans indicated he was human but there was also some
genetic anomalies in his DNA. The computer identified him as an advanced
version of Homo Sapiens with enhanced mental abilities and energy powers.
He was human and also a bit more than human. She watched for hours, watching
the machine work at repairing the body of her savior.

Diana Prince went to sleep. That night, she dreamt of none other than Luke
Skywalker. She was naked in her chambers, waiting for him. He came to her,
looking gloriously naked. Diana got on her hands and knees. Her sleek hands
held her plump butt cheeks and spread them open as wide as she could. Her
asshole was exposed. Luke stared at her, and at the sight of her hot booty
spread, his cock hardened and sprang out like a large jungle snake. He
wanted to fuck her. She knew what he wanted. He took some of the jelly and
rubbed it on her asshole. He applied some on his cock as well. Diana
complained that the jelly felt cold on her asshole but Luke reassured her
that she wouldn't feel cold for long. He pressed his hard cock against her
butthole, and pushed. His cock penetrated her asshole and went in. He met
with some resistance in spite of the lubrication. He put his hands on her
hips and thrust deep into her. Diana had been preparing herself for what
was to come. Luke thrust into her and his cock went deep into her ass. She
gritted her teeth and tried not to scream. Even with the lubrication,
Luke's cock felt huge inside her asshole. He began to ram it up her butt
like there was no tomorrow. Her voluptuous form shook with the force of his
thrusts. He was slamming his cock into her booty hole and savoring every
minute of it. Luke loved the feel of a warm, tight hole around his cock.
Diana screamed. She felt like she was being torn in half. Luke's big cock
was sliding in and out of her asshole. He fucked her, hard and fast. His
balls hit her butt as he plowed into her. He was grunting while he fucked
her. Diana felt like she was ready to let go. He came inside her, filling
her ass with his cum. Diana Prince came as well. They rested in each other's

When Diana Prince woke up, she was mildly disappointed that it was only a
dream. She felt a wetness in her legs. She was surprised. She hadn't had
sex dreams for a long time and none like this. She must really want Luke
Skywalker. She went to the RC. Luke Skywalker was still unconscious but
almost done healing. She admired his naked body through the RC glass. He
was indeed a fine specimen of man and she had no doubts that when she did
test his sexual prowess, he would not disappoint her. She would wait until
he healed and then she would repay him for saving his life. She would make
love to him like a woman possessed. She wondered if he had a woman wherever
he came from. Maybe not. If that were so, she would make him hers then. No
competition. Diana Prince smiled to herself as she waited in the control
room of the Watchtower. All of a sudden, life as a normal woman didn't
sound so bad at all.

To be continued...


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