Justice League: The Mighty Thor Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Diana Prince stood atop the JLA headquarters. The massive steel tower floated
in space. Far beyond the reach of any force on the planet Earth. The JLA
Watchtower had been built by the world's greatest superheroes. Superman.
Batman. The Flash. Green Lantern. From this place, they watched over the
world. They defended the people of the planet from monsters, demons, aliens
and all sorts of phenomenon.

Diana Prince kept watch over the Tower. She stood there, waiting. Anyone
looking at her would have seen a tall, attractive young woman. She
was that, and more. Diana Prince was six feet tall, lean and athletic,
with black hair and blue eyes. She was the daughter of the Queen of the
Amazons, a race of fierce female warriors. The Amazons lived in their
separatist island of Themyscira. Diana had left her island to fight for
justice in the world of Man. There were many evils threatening the people
of Earth. Superman had convinced the most powerful heroes on the planet
to help him fight the lonely battle against evil. Hawkgirl and the Martian
Manhunter, two alien heroes, joined the JLA to protect the planet.

Tonight, Diana Prince was alone. She had been banished from the island of
Themyscira. Also, the gods of Mount Olympus had stripped her of her divine
powers. She still had some powers. Superhuman strength, super-speed and the
power of flight, those were her birthright. These powers were nothing when
compared to the might she wielded as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman had magical
powers. Diana Prince merely possessed metahuman abilities. Diana was
distraught by her banishment. She had gotten to know the gods in her day.
Wise and mighty Zeus, the King of the Gods. The beautiful but vengeful and
conniving Hera, Queen of the gods. Ares, the macho god of War. Artemis, the
Hunt goddess. Pan, the lustful bastard god of the wilderness. Apollo, the
handsome god of light. Hermes, the quick-witted god of Travels. Hades, the
god of Death. Poseidon, god of the Sea. She recalled the times she spent
with Hercules, the strongest man who ever walked the earth. He was a great
hero, once. Unfortunately, Hera's treachery had been the end of him, many
years before. The name of Hercules, the half-human, half-god strongman was
still spoken with respect on Olympus.

Diana Prince sometimes longed to have what the Amazons said she should not
want. She wanted a man. Unfortunately, the men she found interesting and
attractive were spoken for. Bruce Wayne, also known as the Batman was dating
Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. Superman, whose human name was Clark
Kent was madly in love with a mortal woman named Lois Lane. Hawkgirl and
Green Lantern had their little thing. Barry Allen, also known as the Flash
had a different girlfriend every week. Diana Prince was...alone. Or so she

Wonder Woman did not know that she was about to meet someone extraordinary...


The skies boomed with the sounds of battle. A monstrous serpent raged against
a fierce warrior. The serpent was none other than Jormungand, the immortal
Super-Snake. Sworn enemy of the Asgardian gods. The warrior who fought
Jormungand was Thor, the god of Thunder.

Thor had been tracking the serpent all day. He finally found him, in what
remained of a village. Jormungand had devoured all the people who lived
there. Thor was too late to save the men, women and children of the village
but not too late to avenge them. He hurled his hammer at the snake. This
was a battle which had been fought many times by both the god and the
super-snake. Thor and Jormungand were old enemies. Both of them were
immortal. Currently, the gods of Asgard were battling the Giants. Jormungand
had left the underworld and come into Midgard, the world of man, to feast on
the flesh of the humans. Thor had left the battle against the Giants to
protect those who truly needed his help, the humans.

Thor summoned lightning and thunder from the sky, and hurled them at the
super-snake. Jormungand moved faster than the lightning and spat fire at
Thor. The Thunder god screamed, temporarily blinded by the serpent's venom.
Jormungand's poison could hurt even a god. Seeing his enemy hurt, the snake
hurled itself forward, intent on swallowing Thor. Thor knew what the snake
was doing. He hurled his hammer at him. Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor was a
magical device forged by the Elder Gods. It was built to protect the god.
Instead of crushing the super-snake, which would have been futile since the
serpent was immortal, the hammer opened a portal through space and time
directly underneath its master. The portal swallowed god and hammer, taking
them elsewhere. Jormungand hissed in rage. He had been so close to devouring
his chief enemy. Oh, well. There was always later.

The space/time portal transported the mighty Thor to a place that was quite
unfamiliar. The god of thunder found himself on another world. This was a
world once ruled by the gods of the Greek pantheon, led by Zeus. Thor was an
Asgardian god. He knew of the Olympians. His father, the divine king Odin
forbade him and any Asgardian god or goddess to venture into Olympian
territory. Zeus and Odin made an agreement eons ago not to fight each other.
Should the Olympians fight the Asgardians, the universe might not survive
the onslaught.

Thor flew in the emptiness of space, glaring at the planet Earth. He felt
the effects of the serpent's poison slowly receding. The Thunder god flew
toward Earth. He came from a world much like Earth, except that his people
were still primitive worshipers of Asgard. Thor had once come to this planet
while chasing Loki, the god of Chaos and Trickery. Loki had sent Thor inside
a Black Hole. It hadn't been easy to get out, even for a god! Thor flew
toward the earth. He suddenly noticed a massive fleet of alien spaceships.
His divine eyes saw that these aliens were actually Parademons.

It seemed that the Parademons, the bio-engineered warriors of the dark god
Darkseid of the planet Apokolips planned to invade the planet Earth. Thor
would not let innocent men, women and children suffer. Not if he could help
it. He hurled his hammer at the huge alien vessels. The fleet opened fire
upon the god. Thor watched as his hammer slammed into the ships and destroyed
a few of them. When the enemy's fire came at him, the Asgardian god of
Thunder didn't even move. No weapon could kill an Asgardian god. He was
immortal. When the energy blast fired by the cannon of an Apokoliptian
mothership struck him, he was quite surprised to feel pain. His deafening
roar of pain and anger filled the cosmos.

The Parademons were the servants of the dark god Darkseid. Darkseid, ruler
of the planet Apokolips was the sworn enemy of the New Gods. The New Gods
lived on the planet New Genesis. Darkseid equipped his spaceships with Omega
cannons which could unleash deadly energies capable of killing the New Gods.
These very same Omega beams struck Thor, the Asgardian Thunder god. Thor
hurled his hammer, willing it to change size and grow to mountainous
proportions. The mountain-sized magical hammer slammed into the spaceships
and destroyed sixteen out of twenty. The rest of them vanished into Boom
Tubes. They headed back to Apokolips to report to Darkseid the presence of
a strange new force protecting the Earth. The evil god known as Darkseid
would not be happy with their failure.

Thor watched the spaceships vanish. He smiled in victory, then he lost
consciousness. The Omega beams had wounded him. Even a powerful warrior god
from Asgard could be hurt. A moment later, a tractor beam from the Watchtower
grabbed ahold of Thor's body and brought it onboard the Justice League
Headquarters. The tractor beam was operated by Diana Prince of the Justice
League, formerly of the Amazons. Wonder Woman wanted to know what manner of
being could take out a whole fleet of Parademons, and she was determined to
get an answer.

To be continued...


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