This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Kung Fu Panda: The Hero's Reward (MFF, first, anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Why are you still here Po?" Mr. Ping asked his son as the two of them worked
towards getting the noodle shop up and running again. "You should be training
with the others."

"We'll start training again soon. Master Shifu asked us to help anyone who
needed it while things were still settling down."

"I'm more than settled Po. You're the Dragon Warrior now and your time
belongs with Master Shifu and the Furious Five, not here in the noodle shop."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, now go!"

"All right all right I'm going. I've got to be needed somewhere. Tai Lung and
I damaged plenty of buildings during the fight."

"Do you two need any help?"

"Hey Tigress," Po greeted the feline noticing her at the shop's order window.

"Tigress it's an honor to meet you. My apologies for Po's informality," Mr.
Ping said. "Old habits are hard to break."

"It's nothing to apologize for. He did what we couldn't do and he is the
Dragon Warrior. Though perhaps in the company of Master Shifu he could do
better. Master Shifu isn't one to stray far from tradition."

"Oh come on. Why are you two picking on me? I defeated Tai Lung and saved the

"Yes and a true noble warrior would not need to brag about his victories,"
Mr. Ping replied.

"Come now Mr. Ping, Let's not be too hard on Po. After the hard time I gave
him he's certainly earned my respect and that of the others as well."

"Well just be sure to keep an eye on him. Sometimes he forgets to take care
of his responsibilities."

"Wasn't there something you wanted? We're done setting up here," Po said
exiting the noodle stand.

"Yes there was. Meet me outside the temple tomorrow at noon. I need you to
travel with me to the Wailing Cave."

"The Wailing Cave? What's out there? That's a far walk."

"I will explain everything on the way. It's really important that you come."

"Yeah okay. Do I need to bring anything? Like food or a rocket powered cart?"

"You don't need to do a thing Po. I'll take care of everything. Just get some
rest okay."

"Okay..." Po mumbled as Tigress' hand ran across his left cheek as she smiled
at him.

* * *

The next day Po ate a big breakfast, then a big lunch, and packed himself
plenty of snacks for the long trip to the Wailing Cave. He hurried from the
noodle shop to the temple running late as he usually did whenever something
he had to do had time constraints attached. He tripped on the top step of
the staircase leading to the temple and fell flat on his face. After a moment
Po rolled onto his back and sat up.

"Ow!" He muttered rubbing his nose.

"Are you okay Master Po?" Viper asked slithering up next to him.

"Oh hey Viper. I'm no master."

"You are Po. You did what none of us could."

"I know I know. I defeated Tai Lung, but I got lucky. To be honest I didn't
know what I was doing half the time when I was fighting him."

"It was not luck that enabled you to beat him. It was skill even if you think
you didn't know what you were doing."

"It's kind of weird having everyone think I did something great and am some
kind of master. Everyone used to say I was fat and lazy."

"Life is a constant journey Po. Without direction and purpose you don't go
very far and it looks as if you're going nowhere. Now you know where you're
going and everyone will know how great you are."

"If I hang around Master Shifu long enough will I start to talk like that

"I certainly hope not. You're just fine the way you are," Viper replied
smiling at him as she started to slither away. "Let's get going. We have a
long journey ahead of us."

"We do?" Po asked running to catch up with Viper.

"Yes we do. Tigress had to leave early this morning to finish preparations.
Let's not keep her waiting."

"Tigress didn't say anything about you coming with us to the Wailing Cave.
What does she need to prepare?"

"We shouldn't keep her waiting. I'll tell you on the way. Now let's go."

"Okay..." Po replied unsure. Tigress had acted friendlier than usual the day
before and now Viper was being evasive about the trip to the cave. Po was
utterly confused.

* * *

"Hold... on," Po panted stumbling to sit down on a large rock. "Let's... take
a break... for a minute..."

"It's not much further big boy," Viper said. "We've got twenty minutes at the
most until we get there."

When Viper had called him big boy there was a look in her eyes that Po
couldn't discern. She wasn't making fun of him, but instead it seemed she
was being friendly in a subtle manner. Either way Po didn't give it much
of a second thought as he slowly got up.

"All right, let's go. Tigress is waiting on us right?"

"Right, and trust me this is one time you don't want to keep her waiting."

"Why not?" Po asked as the two of them continued their trek.

"I'll explain it to you when we get there."

"But you never explained what Tigress was preparing."

"You ask a lot of questions Po. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

"I'm not worried. I'm just curious."

* * *

"We're here," Viper announced upon reaching the cave's entrance.



"That's the Wailing Cave?" Po asked looking down at a stairway that led down
into the earth into some darkness. "That's not even a cave. That's a hole in
the ground."

"Just follow me Po. Tigress is waiting."

Viper and Po descended the stairs and walked for several minutes through a
dark tunnel that was dimly lit by some torches.

"Who lights the torches?" Po asked.

"Nobody. They've been burning since the day this place was built."

When they reached what seemed to be a dead end Viper closed her eyes and
began to chant something in a language Po didn't understand. Suddenly the
wall began moving and seemingly slid into the earth.

"So who built this place?" Po asked as he and Viper walked through the door.
Po was momentarily startled when it immediately slammed shut behind them.

"The very first kung fu master," Tigress answered greeting the two.

"Wow! This place is incredible," Po said astonished. The inside of the
underground bunker looked as fixed up as any house interior Po had seen
before. It almost looked as good as the inside of the temple. There were
five different bedrooms, a kitchen, an entertainment area, and in the
back a large hot spring and a cool crisp pond among many other things.
"I thought this place was-"

"Was supposed to be haunted by ghosts?" Tigress asked. "That's just one of
many stories told to keep the curious away from here."

"It was built as a retreat for us fu masters," Viper added. "A place to get
away, to mediate, to do whatever you want by yourself or with the others."

"Cool! When are you going to teach me the password for this place?"

"We can't. Only Master Shifu can. He sets up the passwords for everyone and
everyone gets their own," Viper said. "From what I hear it's a pain in the
butt to reset the password so don't forget yours when he gives it to you."

"Are you okay Master Po?" Tigress asked. "You seem tired and flushed."

"Don't call me Master. It's really weird, but I am as tired as a dead tree
and smell pretty bad too," Po replied smelling his armpits. "That was a
really long walk and I sweat a lot even when I'm not moving."

"I've got some dumplings on the stove that are almost done. Why don't you
take your shorts off and go get in the pond while I get the food?" Tigress

"Sure... thing..." Po paused for a moment not sure if he had heard what he
thought he heard come out of Tigress' mouth.

He made his way over to the small body of water and did a cannonball as he
jumped in. Po stayed submerged for several seconds as he let the cool water
flow over his body. He came up for air just in time to see Tigress make her
way to the edge of the pond and set the bowl of dumplings down. Po began
hungrily scarfing down the food and stopped in midbite as Tigress unrobed
and stepped into the water.

"Something wrong Po?" She asked.

"No," Po lied as felt his cock harden and tent up his shorts, "but why did
you, you know, take your clothes off?"

"It's the best way to get the full effect of the water."

"I see... Where is Vi- iper?!?" Po stuttered as he felt the kung fu master
slither up his shorts and around his shaft. "Viper stop!" Po muttered
stumbling out of the water clutching at his shorts trying to pull Viper out.
In the excitement Po literally tore the clothing from his body and didn't
realize it until he caught Tigress' stare.

"Holy cow that's big," Viper said as she slithered down to the floor and took
her place next to Tigress.

"It sure is."

"Well this is kind of embarrassing," Po muttered as his face turned red as he
tried to hide his nine-inch penis.

"Don't be Po," Tigress assured him. "This is why we brought you here."

"What do you mean?" He asked with some embarrassment as his cock started to

"You defeated Tai Lung," Viper began. "You are the Dragon Warrior. This is
the Hero's Reward."

"Wha-" Po said trailing off.

"Just follow us," Tigress said as she and Viper headed towards one of the
bedrooms. With his cock visible in all it's hardened glory Po followed the
other two kung fu masters into the bedroom. "Is this your first time?"

"No, well yes, I mean no," Po stuttered.

"It's okay Po. Everyone has a first time. We'll take good care of you," Viper
reassured him.

"It's not that. It's just that one time me and a friend were playing truth or
dare and we started to play with each other's private parts. Then suddenly I
made a mess all over her hands and face and she got angry and we haven't been
friends since."

"Just shut up and stop thinking. You'll enjoy it more," Tigress said flinging
Po onto the bed.

She quickly pounced onto him getting into a sixty-nine position with him.
Tigress began stroking Po's large manhood watching it throb in her hand.
Meanwhile Po just laid on his back staring straight up at the tiger's pussy.
He smiled widely and moaned when Tigress' tongue began flicking up and down
his shaft. She began by pressing her tongue to base of his organ and slid up
along the bottom side. Tigress then ran it around the tip of Po's cock
kissing it several times before wrapping her lips around it.

"Ooooooooooh! That's nice Tigress!" Po said almost giggling as he felt his
dick absorb the wetness of her mouth.

Then as Tigress bobbed her head up and down slowly taking in Po's magnificent
length, Viper slithered onto the bed and with her mouth open headed towards
Po's exposed scrotum. She began to tongue his testicles starting with his
left running her forked tongue all over the large area. Once that was nice
and wet Viper then moved to his right one.

"You can lick my pussy if you want Po," Tigress said when she momentarily had
her mouth off of his dick.

Like someone who didn't know what he was doing Po was slow to put his tongue
to Tigress slit, but once he did he was in heaven. Tigress' wetness that
touched his tongue as it slowly dribbled out tasted better than anything he
had ever eaten before. Po couldn't figure out what it tasted like, but he
knew it was better than even the noodles his father cooked. The aroma of her
sex was amazing too. It did more for his sense of smell and excited him more
than even the best bowl of dumplings he had ever eaten. Po continued to lick
at Tigress' pussy eating every bit of her sweet nectar that came out of her.

Then as Tigress began to deepthroat Po's remaining inches Viper opened her
mouth wide and began sucking on Po's left testicle. She flicked her tongue
back and forth across his skin for several minutes before switching to the
right one. At the same time Tigress managed to take in the last of Po's nine
inches and could literally see eye to eye with Viper. She winked at the snake
before taking her head back up. Tigress then climbed off of Po and laid down
next to him. She leaned over kissing Po on the lips licking her cream from
his mouth afterwards.

"Now for the real fun and rewards," Tigress purred as she got up and squatted
over Po's mammoth dick.

Po watched excitedly and his cock twitched as Tigress lowered herself onto
him. She gasped as inch by inch the Dragon Warrior's shaft split her open and
pushed inward. Po was much much bigger than anyone she had been with before
and it was taking some effort on Tigress' part to get all of his manhood
inside of her without showing any discomfort. When Tigress finally had all
nine-inches inside of her it felt like she had just taken in a large log.

As Tigress slowly began to raise herself up Viper slithered around to her
backside and shot out her tongue lashing out at the tiger's anus. Tigress
moaned as she began to work herself up and down on Po's shaft. It was slow
going and she felt stuffed, but eventually it got easier and she even began
to experience some actual pleasure.

While this was going on Viper's tongue slithered up and down Tigress backside
and several times poked it's way inside her. When she was happy with the
wetness surrounding Tigress' asshole Viper pushed her tail inside her ass and
began to work it in and out.

"Oh my god!" Tigress moaned as Po penetrated her from below and Viper tailed
her from behind. The snake's head then appeared over her shoulder and Tigress
nearly lost it when Viper began to tongue her left nipple.

"Feels so good Tigress!" Po grunted as she continued to bounce up and down on
his cock.

"Are you go-going to come?" Tigress stuttered as her body filled with
excitement from the penetration by her fellow masters.

"Feels so good!" Po repeated this time much louder.

"You feel so great in my ass Viper, but Po's about to lose it."

"You're right, but you've always liked it in there more haven't you?"

"Shut up!" Tigress snapped as she began to raise herself up off of Po.

"What's going on?" Po asked.

"Nothing Po. Just get up for a moment," Tigress said. She stood there a
moment as Po delicately rolled off the bed with his dick still rock hard.
Once he was off Tigress climbed onto the bed and got to her hands and knees.
"Now stick it inside and fuck me hard."

"Stick it in your..." Po began making sure of Tigress' intentions.

"Yes, stick it in my ass and fuck it hard."

If she thought taking Po in her pussy was hard it was worse taking him in her
backside. Instead of just one log it felt like Po was stuffing a dozen logs
inside her. Tigress had to do everything she could to center herself and get
through the mindblowingly difficult anal penetration.

Po was oblivious to Tigress' discomfort and with his hands on her hips he
thought nothing more of the situation other than she was tight as he tried to
thrust himself inside her backside with some speed and excitement, but was
unsuccessful at first. Slowly, but surely Tigress' sphincter began to stretch
and Po was able to push a little further and a little harder into her. When
Po was finally able to get a nice pace going Viper quietly moved in behind
him and worked her tail toward his ass.

"Viper what are you doing?" Po asked a little unsure as he felt Viper's tail
slip into his backside and slither inward.

"Don't worry Po, it'll make your orgasm much more enjoyable for you," Viper

"Listen to her. Just keep fucking me in the ass," Tigress added as she
slipped two fingers into her cunt.

"Oh... okay."

Po quickly returned his attention to Tigress and began to thrust wildly into
her butt again. As Po began to grunt and howl when he began to near orgasm
Viper continued working her tail into his backside until she found what she
was looking for. She began to poke and prod his prostrate helping to increase
the excitement coursing through his body. Tigress herself was nearing orgasm
as she dug her fingers deep and hard into her pussy and was now freely
spilling out her wetness.

"So good, so good, so good," Po panted with his throbbing dick just moments
away from coming.

"Fill me up Po. Come in my ass," Tigress begged with her fingers pumping into
her cunt overtime trying to get herself to come.

Hearing the cries of the others Viper pulled her tail almost all of the way
out of Po, before jabbing it back all the way inside striking his prostate.
Po howled with delight as his dick opened up and his first real orgasm rocked
his body. Tigress came just seconds later as she felt her bowels get pelted
with shot after shot of Po's cum. Viper pulled out of Po's backside as he
pulled himself out of Tigress. The exhausted panda bear fell to the bed next
to Tigress with his dick still fully erect and covered in his own semen.
Tigress laid next to him with a gaping pussy and a gaping asshole and an
incredibly content look and smile on her face.

"How are you feeling Master Po?" Viper asked with a smile. "Are you ready for

"I feel great," Po mumbled, "but I'm too tired for more."

Without saying a word Viper unhinged her jaw and began to open her mouth
wide. She then slithered between his legs and began to take Po's dick into
her mouth. Po raised his head and looked on astonished as inch after inch of
his shaft disappeared into Viper's mouth. When Viper finally had all of him
inside her the scene in front of Tigress almost looked comical. Viper's body
was stiff for nine inches then limp off to the side draped over Po's body.

"Let me help you two with that. Po you just lay there and enjoy yourself,"
Tigress said. She gently took hold of Viper behind her head and began to
slide her up. When the snake's mouth nearly reached the tip of Po's shaft
Tigress began to slide her downward.

Po watched with excitement and glee as Tigress jacked him off with Viper's
mouth pumping her up and down along his dick. The nice tight fit Viper had
around him turned him on to no end. Though he was just laying there doing
nothing Po could feel his shaft start to throb again.

"It feels like I can come again."

"That's the plan," Viper smiled as Tigress lifted her off him and she
swallowed the tiny bit of precum that was in her mouth. "I want you to fill
me up like you did Tigress."

"Get back on then."

"I want you to come in my other opening."

"What other opening? Where do I stick it?"

At that moment on the bottom side of Viper towards the tail end a hole began
to open up.

"It's multifunctional. It'll be like fucking me in the ass and the pussy at
the same time."

"I dunno. It seems kinda small."

"Don't worry about me. I can eat small animals if I wanted."

Viper slithered between Po's legs and stood up on her tail. When her opening
was lined up with Po's member she slowly lowered herself aiming for the tip.

"Oh, that feels nice," Viper smiled as her body stretched to take all
nine-inches of Po inside her and did it with ease.

"Wow, that's cool," was all Po could said.

"If you don't mind could you give us a hand Tigress. Po is still pooped and
I want him to get as much out of this as possible."

"Sure thing," Tigress grinned taking hold of Viper right above her opening.

"Oh my," Po moaned as he felt Viper's slit slid back and forth along his
member. "This feels great."

As Tigress pumped her body up and down on Po Viper twisted herself around
moved between the tiger's legs. There she began licking at Tigress' still
gaping and wet pussy eating up her cum. Then she slithered between her legs
and began licking Po's cum from ass.

Tigress couldn't help but get turned on again as Viper cleaned up her
privates as a result she began pound Viper's opening onto Po's dick. The
panda bear felt himself start to throb as he felt the snake's body contract
and release on his dick.

"Come inside me Po," Viper said bringing her head back when she felt him
start to jerk back and forth inside her. "Tigress needs a little taste of you

"Harder," Po groaned clutching the bed sheets. He could feel he wasn't too
far from his second orgasm as Tigress continued to slam Viper down hard on
his dick. Then as Viper began to go back up Po lost control of himself and
began to come again.

He came several times inside of Viper, though not as much as he did in
Tigress, and his cum began to dribble out of Viper's opening when Tigress
pulled her off of him. She then licked the dribbling semen from the snake's
body before she began tonguing Viper's slit to eat up Po's cum. After she
finished cleaning up Viper, Tigress set her down on the bed.

"This makes it official Po," Tigress began but stopped when she saw Po was
out cold.

"He's sleeping," Viper said in amazement.

"I guess we did too good a job."

"I did maybe."

"Your experiences wouldn't even be a tenth as good as they were if I wasn't
been around."

"I had no problem taking in all of Po. Did you?"

"Like you said your opening is multifunctional because you only have one."

"Oh come now Tigress. This isn't a competition. Po's officially the Dragon
Warrior now."

"I know, but you started it so I am the better person regardless. Anyway, We
should get something cooking. He'll be hungry when he wakes."


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