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King Of The Hill: Part 1 - John Redcorn (MF+,inc)
by Punker_2K ([email protected])

Only months after Nancy decided to break off all ties with John Redcorn, she
came crawling back for more. Dale's skinny body and thin penis wasn't enough
to satisfy Nancy, and with her new breast implants and lifting everything
that needed to be lifted, Nancy was turning a lot of heads.

Nancy was lying next to Dale in bed, after about 5 minutes of lovemaking.
Dale had a fresh cigarette in his mouth and was bragging, "Jesus Nancy, I
think that's the best sex we've ever had!" Nancy just sighed.

Across the lane, some people were having their own problems. Hank and Peggy
were arguing about how to make love properly. Hank was so afraid of his body
and Peggy's body that he wanted to do it with his clothes on, and just
unzipping his fly. Peggy wanted to suck his cock, have him eat her out, tit
fuck and have anal sex. "No! Absolutely not! No way!" Peggy finally had
enough and stormed out of the room to sleep on the couch.

Even next door to the Hill's there were problems. Kahn and Min were also
arguing about love making, but not how to do it, about how Kahn's penis is
only 2 inches long. "Kahn! There are things you can get to make it bigga!
C'mon! I need more from a man, not just your 2 incha!" Min said.

"But Min, that surgery is expensive and it will take months for my penis to
recover!" Kahn tried to explain to Min, but she wasn't going to listen unless
it ended with yes.

"Then you can sleep in the guest bedroom tonight!"

Kahn sighed and slowly walked out of the room, into the guest bedroom down
the hall.

* * *

The next morning, while their men were at work, Min, Peggy and Nancy were
talking. "I can't take this anymore! I want Hank to be more adventurous in
bed, I need more!" Peggy exclaimed.

"Me too! I can't take Kahn's two incha anymore! I need a big thick dick!" Min

"Well, ladies, I think I have a solution. Would you girls be up to sleeping

Min and Peggy shook their heads No.

"How about I call up John Redcorn, and see if we can book an appointment for
some 'treatments' if you know what I mean." Nancy said with a sly grin.

"But Nancy, is he really that good?" Peggy asked.

"Are you kidding? He's got a great chiseled body, and an 10 inch THICK cock!"
Nancy said.

"Well what are you waiting for? Call him up!" Min said

* * *

That night Nancy called while Dale was in his basement.

"Hi John Redcorn, It's Nancy"

"Nancy! Hi, How are things, is Joseph alright?" John Redcorn asked nervously.
He had been a mess since Nancy put a stop to the affair.

"Yes, yes Joseph is fine. Could I come in tomorrow for a treatment?"

"What? Oh my god Nancy, of course, come in at noon!"

Nancy called Peggy and Min and told them to go to John Redcorn's trailer at

Peggy said she needed to go shopping for shoes and Min said she was going to

* * *

The next morning Peggy, Min and Nancy took showers and shaved everywhere that
had hair that didn't need it. They put on normal clothes and walked out the
door. Min and Nancy got into their cars but just as Peggy opened the door to
her car she heard a voice. "Hay Aunt Peggy, where are you going?"

It was Luanne Platter, the busty niece of Peggy. "Uh, well, Luanne, I'm going
for a massage" Peggy answered, nervously.

"Can I come? My boyfriend just dumped me and I don't want to be alone..."

A tear went down Luanne's cheek and Peggy didn't want to put up with Luanne
crying all night long, so she let her come a long.

The four women arrived at John Redcorns at 11:55.

"What are we doing at John Redcorn's trailer Aunt Peggy" Luanne asked.

"Well, you see Luanne, your Uncle Hank doesn't want to have sex any
differently or wildly, so I need more, and John Redcorn has what I need."

"I understand Aunt Peggy, but can I come in too?"

"Sure you can darlin."

Peggy, Nancy, Min and Luanne stood at the doorway. Nancy knocked. The door
was already open and a crack and Nancy pushed through.

There was a red carpet with matting under, and about 30 white candles. The
ladies walked in and Nancy yelled "Hello! John Redcorn! We're here!"

"We're here? You didn't say anything about bringing people" John Redcorn said
as he walked out of the dark hallway with only his boxers on.

"Listen, John Redcorn, Peggy and Min told me they weren't getting enough out
of their men, so I told them about your 'healing' powers. Luanne just decided
to tag along."

"Well, uh, ok. All of you are welcome, would you like a drink?" John Redcorn
took out 5 glasses and poured each of the ladies some wine.

"So, uh, how are things ladies? Peggy, have you uh, teaching much lately?"

"Cut the crap John Redcorn, whip out that cock" Peggy shouted out. She
looked around the room and ashamedly smiled.

"Ya John Redcorn, lets see that dick!" Min yelled and the women nodded in

John Redcorn sat up onto his knees and pulled down his boxers to reveal his
10-inch semi-hard cock and started playing with it.

"Wow, that's nice...." Luanne said with a glazed look on her face.

"Well, would you girls like to get more comfortable?" John Redcorn said

Peggy, Min, Nancy and Luanne began to undress.

Although Peggy's clothes may not give it away, she had a very nice body.
Very large breasts, a firm perky ass and very nice legs.

Min had a nice body also. Very big juicy ass, B-cup breasts and a shaved

Nancy, as I told you before, just had breast implants and a lot of lifts
done. Her butt was perky and thick. Her breasts were about a DD and she had
little nipples.

Luanne had the best body of all. DD breasts, huge ass, and a nice tan.

John Redcorn looked at all the naked women and became hard immediately. Peggy
finally had enough waiting and crawled over to John Redcorn. He was on his
knees and Peggy went down on her back and started sucking at John Redcorn's
gigantic balls and jerking off his cock. "ohh wow, Peggy, I never knew you
had it in you!"

"Luanne, why don't you come over here and lick my pussy, I know you've done
it before."

Luanne jumped over and started licking her Aunt's shaved juicy pussy. Luanne
was so good at eating her out, Peggy almost choked on John Redcorn's balls.
"Oh fuck Luanne, that feels damn good" Peggy screamed. Nancy and Min were
playing with each other's twats.

Peggy was on all fours and sucking on John Redcorn's dick while Luanne ate
out her pussy and ass. "MMM Aunt Peggy, your ass tastes so good," Luanne said
as she took one last lick and got up.

John Redcorn laid down on his back and Nancy was going to show them how its

Nancy situated her pussy onto John Redcorn's dick and put her hands on the
ground. Nancy started riding John Redcorn while the girls watched on in
amazement. John Redcorn grunted as he bucked at Nancy's wet snatch. He pumped
in and out while Nancy screamed "Oh my god John Redcorn! FUCK ME!! You see
girls, he is good!"

Peggy Min and Luanne were so turned on they started fingering but they need
a hard cock inside them. After Nancy came Min went down on her back. John
Redcorn sat up and sized his dick up with Min's cunt. He put it into Min and
began fucking her hot tight pussy. "ohh fuck me Redcorn! Your dong sooo big!"
Min screamed.

John Redcorn pulled his cock out and started jerking it off, Min grabbed his
thick dick and started sucking on the head. "oh Min, I'm cumming!"

John shot 6 squirts of cum all over Min's face and boobs. Min scooped up the
cum with her index and middle fingers and licked it off "mmm so good!" Min
said as she giggled.

"Alright, whos next?"

"I am!" Peggy shouted "I haven't been fucked hard in a long time! Do me doggy

Peggy got on all fours and stuck her backside up high. John Redcorn jerked
his cock a few times and entered Peggy's hot pussy. John Redcorn fucked Peggy
hard and fast "Ohh fuck! John, thats great!"

John fucked Peggy while the other girls fingered each other. Nancy went down
on her knees and started eating out Min and fingering Luanne.

John Redcorn was still fucking Peggy with great intensity. He started
grabbing onto her boobs and fucking her harder.

"ohhh shit!!!!" Peggy screamed.

John Redcorn moaned and pulled his dick out of her hot pussy. He looked at
her ass and had a thought. "hmm" he muttered.

"What?!?" Peggy asked.

John Redcorn licked his finger and stuck it in Peggys ass.

"OH MY GOD!" Peggy screamed.

He lubed it up with spit and shoved his thick dick in her ass.



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