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Kick-Ass: Life Of Mindy McReady Part 1 (MMMf,inter,oral,anal,bond,mutil,rape,viol,drugs)
by Walker

Its been a year since I watched my father burn to death, since I took my first real beating at the hands of a vicious mob boss, since I've killed anyone.

My name is Mindy Macready, and I'm not your typical 13-year-old girl, at least I wasn't before my daddy's best friend Marcus took over raising me. The past year with him has been... difficult... all he does is try to change me into a sissy little girl when we both know I'm a trained killer. He buys me gay little cutesy dresses and sets me up on what can only be described as play dates with other girls my age, he even encourages dating... as if I gave a fuck about boys. Oh... and that mother fucking swear jar of his!

It was time to resurrect Hit-Girl. In the past year since my "retirement" the city had gone to shit. I swear that show Breaking Bad quadrupled the number of meth labs in the city. And a huge wave of Arab and African immigration have been spiking the crime rates in the past year. New York may have been the world's most multicultural city but it was also becoming its most violent city. Studying demographics and racial profiling was how my daddy found the worst areas that needed his help. Tonight I found myself in daddy's last safe house, sipping on a hot cocoa with marshmallows while sitting at his computer in my now somewhat uncomfortably tight Hit-Girl costume... it was noticably tighter around my hips and chest... a year of easy living and no training had added a few pounds to my slender 4'9 frame, I had probably gained 5 pounds to my present 88 pounds since I'd last worn the uniform a year ago.

The safe house had a nice gym and probably around 70 or 80 firearms in addition to a handful of bladed weapons hanging off the walls. A quarter million dollars was stashed in the safe as well. All daddy's other property was found and turned into the cops by Marcus in an effort to end my alter ego. I grabbed the butterfly knife daddy gave me for my 11th birthday and one of the pistols off the wall as I headed out the door towards my target.

* * *

I clutched the Heckler & Koch USP Compact tightly with both hands. The weight of the weapon and my own sharpened skills telling me it still had 8 rounds left in the mag... cutting the fat lookouts throat was child's play, but the gun battle with his meth making buddies was becoming more prolonged then I had prepared for. I rounded the corner with my gun drawn when a sudden jolting force smashed into my back. The familiar feeling of a heavy slug impacting my rear armour sends me tumbling forward, my gun sliding across the floor. I gasp heavily, the wind completely knocked out of me.

Before I can take another breath I'm pinned to the floor on my back by one of the ugly fuckers, while the other is delivering vicious kicks to my side causing me to squeek in pain. "Uhg... get the fuck off me you cunts!"

"How the fuck did this cute little cracker get the drop on Marcus and Joaquim? she looks like shes fuckin 12!" Tyrone gives me another kick to the stomach when I start wheezing in some air knocking the wind out of me again.

"Its fuckin Hit-Girl son! This bitch has been fuckin' with our brothers for years!" Deon said as he sat heavily on my stomach and pulled my mask and wig off. "Fuck yeah, I love blonde bitches... you gonna die slow snow bunny... killed my boys, fucked wit' my business... ya we gonna bleed you bitch..."

I struggled to push his some 240 pound body off my slender frame, but couldn't even budge him. My years of intense physical training all for nothing against someone nearly 3 times my size... "Go... fuck yourself... meth head... I'm not afraid of you mother fuckers!" I leaned up as far as I could and spat at his face, hitting him square in the eye. I can see the rage in his eyes as he looks down at my smug grin. My hands pinned to my sides almost reaching the pin on a stun grenade...

With a sickening crunch I feel a pain unlike any I've ever felt. As I look over the thug on my chests shoulder and see the one named Tyrone smiling down at me. The shock from what he did starting to register... the crunch I heard was my hand being stomped and crushed beneath his heavy work boot.

"AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" my tough girl attitude melting away as I screeched in pain. The seriousness of the situation only now hitting me. They let my arm free and I pull my hand up and I look at the clearly broken fingers with shock. The fingers under my glove bent in unnatural directions and blood leaking down my wrist. I look back up at Deon enraged. "You Motherfucker!!!"

Kicking out with one leg I plant my boot knife into Deon's shoulder causing him to groan and roll off of me. I roll backwards and get up on my feet cradling my gloved hand gingerly. The pain still intense and the damage clearly serious as I can't move the broken fingers at all. The pain is clouding my thoughts as I back away from the two large black men making my way for the front door. "Stay back mother fuckers..." I flick out my butterfly knife menacingly with my good hand, still backing up when a heavy blow to the back of my skull knocks me to the floor and its lights out.

* * *

Several hours later I woke up to ringing in my ears and blood trickling from my nose and ears. my head feeling like a Mack truck had driven over it. I can tell my skull was fractured and split by the sticky wet feeling of drying blood where the third man had cracked me with something very fuckin' hard, the severe concussion making me dizzy and nauseous enough to want to throw up.

My eyes opened slowly as I started to remember my situation. I was lying on my back across one of the short metal tables they used to make their drugs, my legs hanging over the edge. My cute hello kitty panties were stuffed in my mouth partway; I turned my head and spat them out. My costume and body armour was lying on the ground not far from me, I started to rise up when a sharp pain in my broken left wrist caused me to cry out in pain, "Aaah... fuck ... my head...Uhg... " I tried to lift my sore wrist before I noticed my hands were both cuffed to the sides of the table. Deon was studying my young body just a few feet away causing my pale soft skin to blush pink at my first time being naked in front of anyone, let alone a big ugly nigger like Deon.

Deon was in the corner playing with my butterfly knife when he heard me gasp in pain. "Tyrone, Moe get your asses in here the bitch is finally up," standing about 5 feet from the table with my blade in his hand he smiled evily at me. "Nice knife ya got here girl."

"Its a Philippine made balisong wi..." I started to interupt him when he quickly moved to the table and back handed me across the face with his beefy black hand. The coppery taste of blood flooded my mouth and I felt a tooth wiggle as I looked up at him in shock and fear.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP CUNT!!! Ya know I owe you for stabbin' me in the FUCKIN' back earlier right girl!?" I gulped back some blood looking up at him too scared to spit, truly terrified for the first time in my life, as he clumsily opened the blade with his free hand.

"I think you owe me an apology little girl." He held my head down by my forehead with one hand as he pushed the blade lightly into my delicate throat with the other, drawing a small amount of blood.

"Listen mister... I'm really fucking sorry... let me go please I promise to never... AAAAh OH GOD!" halfway through my begging he lowered the blade to my tummy and thrust it into my belly about an inch deep.

"OH GOD pleeeease.... take it out! Take it out!" I screetch at him as my back arches from the pain. My perfect white teeth stained pink with blood as I grimace in pain.

Deon smiles and grabs the handle of the blade pushing it deeper into my belly, careful to avoid my internal organs as he sinks it another 2 inches into my gut with the precision of surgeon. By now I'm howling in pain and begging for relief as he deftly twists the razor sharp blade and yanks it outs quickly. A heavy spurt of dark blood erupts from the wound but no real damage is done. The gash seeps blood slowly for a few seconds before slowing to a trickle. I lay my head back on the table breathing hard and exhausted from the torturous pain... my face beet red from sobbing as I whimper pathetically like... like a twelve-year-old girl... I'm starting to realize that I'm probably going to die tonight... and maybe even be raped. The tough girl act had to go out the window in favour of the little schoolgirl act... "Listen to me please... I'll do anything... please, dont kill me mister, I'm going to bleed out... please..."

Deon smirked down at me, laughing at my pathetic begging, "You won't bleed out you little pussy. I didn't nick any vessels. I've been cuttin' on hoe's since I was ten, I know how to make a bitch last."

The one who I assume split my skull strutted in carrying a heavy wooden bat with the word *Slugger* and a large splotch of drying blood decorating it. "You're lucky to be alive little girl. I wasn't holdin' back when I popped that pretty little melon of yours with this earlier, think I just cracked the skull. Wanna see if I can finish caving it in?"

I struggled against the handcuffs holding me down vainly, looking at him in horror as he raised the bat over his head in preparation... I shut my eyes tight and felt my bladder give up and soak my leg in piss. The river of urine running over a wide cut in my thigh from the beating earlier and causing it to sting even more. Moe starting laughing hysterically as I pissed myself, the bat still raised over his head menacingly. "Check it out bro you made the little bitch piss herself and u didn't even touch her... not so fuckin' tough now are you Hit-Girl?!" They both laughed as I blushed and turned my head away from them to hide my attempt to blink away my tears... my head wound sending a wave of nausea through me that made me want to throw up.

"I'm gonna tenderize u a bit before we fuck you little girl... then when were all done tearin' that lily white baby cunt apart we're gonna cut your cute blonde cracker head off and mount it on our fuckin' wall, that sound good kid?"

Moe didnt wait for an answer, he brought his bat smashing down into my belly, causing me to howl in pain and spit out a flood of bright red blood onto the metal table... before I can take a breath he rears the bat back and smashes me again and again in the chest and stomach, I feel ribs crack and vessels burst as I strain against my bonds and throw up blood and puke onto the table and floor before I mercifully pass out from the agony.

* * *

A splitting headache woke me again some time later, my beaten tummy and chest felt like I'd swallowed razorblades dipped in acid. I didn't dare move an inch to avoid more agony, my abdomen just one big discoloured bruise. My right leg and knee were numb with stinging pain now as well. Apparently Moe had gotten another swing in on my kneecap when I was out. The sadistic fucker must have broken my leg and my kneecap felt strange, almost like jelly. I spat some more blood as I surveyed the room, the men were in the kitchen discussing things I could just barely make out through the migraine making my ears ring. "...smash... teeth...... burn ... her fingers off ... disfigure the face...dissolve the body..."

One of them peeked his head in to check on me as they talked "Yo, she's awake son..."

The three of them filed in and circled my broken body on the table... I was sobbing softly and not making eye contact with the big niggers when I had an idea "Wait..." I coughed up a mouth full of blood and gulped to clear my throat again "We can make a deal... I have guns...and money...all you have to do is let me live, you can have it all I promise..."

In response Moe laughed and dropped his pants, and I was exposed to the first penis of my young life, he was still soft. It drooped down heavily, reminding me of a fat black sausage covered in loose skin. It was maybe 5 inchs long but bloated looking in its thickness. I would have thrown up at the sight of it, if there was anything left in my stomach. Instead I just looked at his manhood and then up to his eyes and dry heaved heavily... his friends laughed hysterically at my innocent reaction. Moe however was not amused...

"Oh, you don't like it bitch?!" he wrapped one large hand around my throat squeezing my trachea hard enough to make me gurgle while raining punches down on my face with his other. The guys let him beat and choke me for a minute or so before they pulled him off me. My face a blood splattered mess, blood streaming from my broken nose. I spit a couple broken teeth out along with more blood as I gasped for breath.

The leader Deon approached the table and squeezed my blood slick chin as he spoke at me, shaking me into coherence, "How much money little girl...?"

I was beyond broken. I started babbling everything I knew. Deon listened intently, writing down the address and safe combination on a piece of paper and handing it to Moe. "Go check it out. You need to cool off anyways, son. Call me when you get there."

He glared down at my now purpled and bloodied face and sneered at me before nodding to his boss and doing his pants backup to leave. "I want first dibs on her asshole, niggah. Bitch thinks she's to good for my big black cock or some shit. I'm gonna destroy her little pink asshole with it. She gonna remember me every time it hurts to shit for the rest of her fuckin' life...."

Deon nodded and laughed as Moe stormed out.

"Unlock her cuffs, Tyrone. This bitch ain't goin anywhere now," he laughed as he gestured at my broken bloodied legs.

I could barely move when he freed me. I turned sideways on the blood and vomit slick table and curled up into the fetal position as best I could, sobbing quietly to myself.

"You were a real bitch when you first came in here girl, now how about you give big daddy Tyrone a little sugar, so we don't have to hurt you no more, huh, baby girl?"

Deon and Tyrone wasted no time stripping off their clothes and fondling my young body. Deon dragged my body to the edge of the table and slid his big black hand in between my legs, roughly pinching and squeezing my delicate girlhood between his rough fingers making me moan and gasp, his finger probing my supple pink vulva and pushing past my tender young mound to feel the girlishly yielding entrance to my femininity. "This little cave bitch is cherry fow show dog..."

His other hand was pulling and rubbing on his rapidly hardening meat as he molested me, growing to a terrifying 9 inches right before my eyes. The dark veiny shaft as thick as my wrist at points and dotted with the occasional red bump and bulging vein, he slapped the dark purplish head against my belly playfully as I sobbed like a child.

Tyrone stood by my head with his own cock hanging flaccid a few inches from my face, it was about four inches long and thick looking... the pungent musky smell of unwashed flesh hit me even over the smell of urine and vomit. I couldn't guess when this man had last bathed. His hefty meat had a thick fleshy foreskin that was absolutely disgusting to look at... like a fat brown slug. I wrinkled my nose and tried to turn my head to the side, but his hand dug into my downy soft blonde hair firmly and turned my face to him.

"You don't wanna lose anymore of those pretty teeth do you bitch? Kiss my big mean cock with those pouty lips of yours, baby girl. Pretend its fucking Justin Bieber you teeny bopper hoe..."

I scowled up at Tyrone biting back a smart ass comeback as Deon laughed at his friends teasing.

My tummy was doing flips just from the smell of the rotten meat, I desperately didn't want to taste the source of that musk but I knew he meant business as I passed my tongue over the bloody gum where the two rear teeth I spit up earlier used to be. I leaned forward and with a disgusted look on my face and a wrinkled nose I planted a wet kiss on the spongy soft brown skin.

"Isn't that fuckin' precious... good girl..." he stroked my hair gently as I kissed and gently licked his hardening cock. I knew what he wanted and I licked up and down his shaft, my sweet girlish tongue pleasuring his now steel hard shaft. The cock having grown to about 7 inches long and leaking an off white ooze that I wasn't quite sure was cum or urine... "'kay, baby girl, honeymoons over. Wrap those pretty lips around yo new big daddy and watch the teeth bitch. I ain't gonna give you any warnins if you scrape me, just gonna make you regret it cunt."

Deon was still pawing at my sweet little muff as he watched me pleasuring his meth cook, occasionally squeezing my young pussy lips painfully together.

"Please dont make me... I gave you everything! All the money... I kissed it for you..." I begged the big reeking nigger inches from my face.

Tyrone whispers something to Deon before turning back to me. "Tell you what, white girl, I'm gonna do you a favour before we get busy. U ever slammed meth? You're gonna love it for the rest of your life, baby girl... trust me."

I started crying again as Deon hands Tyrone a needle filled with a yellowish liquid. He pulled my arm out like I was a doll and looked closely for a vein... "Fuck, bro, I cant find a vein on this hoe... never shot up a twelve year old... I think her fucked up head and shit is burying the veins, concussions do that," Tyrone looked to Deon for advise.

"Try the neck son, should find a vein there."

Tyrone tilted my head back and growled at me to be still as he clutched my throat tightly, cutting off my air. "Fuck yea, too easy," he laughed as my eyes and veins bulged while I suffocated and pawed at him feebly. He held my chin up and I felt the needle stab into my throat.

It took only seconds for the meth to hit me. He tossed the used needle on the floor and stuck his stinking fingers into my mouth to pry open my lips. I could feel my heart starting to race... the deep wound in my belly starting to ooze blood again as my heart pumped faster. My mind felt sharp despite my concussion like I was suddenly hyper aware and curious of everything. Tyrone's cock and the stink that came with it was suddenly interesting to me. I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it, the sharp pungent taste of his obviously unwashed cock making my stomach turn. Tyrone was pleased with my gentle sucking since for once he didnt hit or yell at me. He brushed my soft blonde hair out of my eyes as I sucked hard on his head. My jaw was starting to get sore after only a few minutes and I began to suck weakly and rest my teeth gently on his hard shaft.

"Open wider cock breath, gonna give me a lazy half-assed blow job when I've been so fuckin' good to you? Open wider or I'll pull every god damned tooth out of your head!" Tyrone said as he grabbed my head in both hands and started humping viciously into my mouth. His bulbous slime leaking cock head slamming into my tonsils over and over as I wretched and dry heaved around his thrusting member, trying my best to keep my sore jaw as open as possible and my perfect pearly white teeth away from his stabbing flesh. "Honey moons over cocksucker!" he yelled as he cruelly fucked my mouth. My eyes were bloodshot and wet with tears as I gagged hard on each lunge of his hard nigger manhood into my delicate pink throat. I cried and gasped out slime and snot. He didn't let up for even a second as the drool, mucous and dick slime coated my bruised and beaten face.

I gurgled and struggled to breathe, coughing and heaving between thrusts. My meager chest and small rosey nipples jiggling in rhythm with my face fucking. The massive concusion/headache compounded by the meth and lack of oxygen from the black cock lodged in my windpipe are starting to turn me blue and make me so dizzy I'm on the cusp of blacking out. I push at his strong thighs with my shattered hand weakly, clawing at him with my good hand... my struggle weakening as my eyes start to roll back in my head. I can't escape his rampaging member as he pillages the small entrance to my throat, unable to penetrate the small orifice but offering no mercy in his struggle to penetrate my esophagus. The back of my throat is a bloody mess from the sustained ramming into the soft tissue of my pallette. My adolescent lungs burn, my mouth is flushed with the flavour of drool and cum but the mettalic tint of blood is foremost... I snap my poor exausted jaw down on his cock as hard as I can before I die, barely scraping his fat hard sausage.

He yelps and pulls out of my mouth, the flesh where I bit down not even bleeding, I suck in air desperately as he inspects his precious cock for damage. The blood coating the head and shaft belonging to my gums and throat. "You stupid cunt... that's the last time you'll be doing that..." as he lifts my head by my hair.

I don't have an ounce of strength to resist him as he twists my head to face the table and barks at me to open my mouth. I begin crying hysterically and don't open my mouth. He smacks me on the side of my head a few times before I slowly open my mouth for him.

Tyrone pushes me towards the table edge, sliding my open mouth over the table top so I'm biting down on the counter. I look around frantically begging for help with my eyes before I feel him holding my head with one hand and leaning his elbow into the back of my head... he slams my face into the table making me bite the curb just like I'd read he'd done to white rivals in the police reports about him I studied before hunting him. He doesn't push hard enough to completely pulverize and smash my head open, only far enough to smash my rear teeth into the gums and with a loud crunching noise right up against my eardrum. My mandible is dislocated and ripped out of its socket, the excruciating agony that follows knocks me out before I can even shriek in pain...

* * *

I came to again what must have been a few minutes later, Tyrone has me on the table with my head hanging over the side and his fat seven inch black cock buried to the hilt in my young throat, my slender neck bulging visibly from the intrusion. His thick cock feels like sand paper as he humps in and out of my tender bleeding esophagus, my broken detached jaw no longer bothering him with my teeth as he skull fucks me, both his hands in my hair and cradling my head as he powerfucks my innocent face. Even my eyes are starting to hurt as his heavy balls smack into them over and over, the goo of my saliva/blood mixing with his pre-cum streams down my face and into my hair turning me into a sloppy disgusting mess. My petite nose desperately huffing mucous in and out trying to clear the way for what little air I can suck in.

"Fuck yea, I'm gonna cum right down this crackers throat..." Tyrone's pace quickens as he grunts and finally stops balls deep in my skull as he unloads his nigger jizz into my stomach. I can feel the pulsing jets working down his thickening cock as he force feeds me his foul jizz. After a few moments of groaning and yanking tufts of my hair out in pleasure he pulls back enough to coat my palette in his slimy cum, and back even further to shoot a final jet right into my eye blinding me with a flash of stinging white. He wiped his softening cock off in a dry part of my hanging goo soaked blonde hair.

Tyrone pulled up his pants and sat back onto a filthy looking couch with satisfied look on his ugly face, Deon passed him a blunt as they laughed and surveyed the damage. "Think this little bitch is cherry?" Deon asked as he exhaled smoke.

"Who knows, bro. These days it ain't likely your gonna see a cherry cracker bitch outside of kindergarden. She definately doesn't know shit about suckin' cock though, so maybe." Tyrone shrugged and took a long drag off his blunt as he lay back to watch my deflowering.

"Pass me your pipe, Tyrone." Tyrone fished a tiny plastic tube and a blue rock from his pocket and handed them to me with a frowm. "Shouldn't waste good shit on her brother..."

I snatched it from him without a word.

"I love corrupting innocent crackers... even if I was just gonna off 'em."

Deon rose from the couch and started to pull down his shorts as he approached my naked beaten body. I couldn't help but start crying all over again knowing what was next and pathetically curling up in the fetal position with my cum and spit soaked hair sticking to my face. I moaned weakly despite my broken jaw and raw throat, " more...."

"Lets get that heart pumpin' again little girl. I like some fight in my white girls, tightens em up... suck this down, and don't make me ask twice cunt," he lit a small clear pipe, "its gonna burn, just enjoy... suck on it bitch."

I looked up at him in desperate fear, secretly already jonesing for more meth. I hesitated for a moment before I locked my lips around the tiny plastic pipe and inhaled the hot burning toxin into my 13-year-old lungs, burning my already red raw throat as it passed through. There was an after taste of metal on my tongue and teeth and my formerly slime coated mouth was almost instantly feeling dried out. My lungs ached, my eyes watered and I coughed and hacked the smoky poison out.

"Another hit cocksucker! Again!" Deon insisted, flicking the lighter and holding it to the pipe again.

I sucked the burning poison down again. A tingling sensation, like the opposite of a brain freeze overcame me and my body went numb except my lungs which felt as if they were on fire. I felt a little lighter, a little thinner, a little prettier... surviving didn't seem to matter so much anymore... neither did my virginity. Most girls my age had lost it and my clouded mind couldn't think of why it mattered anyways. I let the pipe fall out of my hand to the ground. My body felt strange, the soreness I felt was no longer in my shattered hand, fractured skull or mangled leg, but in my lungs and stomach my joints and my aching ribs. The metallic taste on my tongue intensified, my tongue felt like I'd been licking an old car battery and my teeth felt thick and rubbery.

"Check it, Tyrone, I've seen that dopey ass look on enough meth heads to know when ones hooked. Mother fuckin' hit girl ain't any different! This bitch thought she was tough, thought she was smarter and better than us when she came here to fuck with our shit. That attitudes gonna die tonight. She'll bawl like a baby and beg me to stop."

He grabbed me by my waist and effortlessly dragged my small form to the bottom edge of the table and pushed me flat on my back with both legs hanging off the edge of the table. He spread my legs apart and stepped between my pale blood spattered thighs as he finished shucking and kicking his shorts away. Deon flopped his hard 9 inch cut cock down onto my little cunt, rubbing the dark leaking head up and down my little slit as I sobbed weakly.

Tyrone fumbled with his pants pocket and pulled out his vibrating cell, "Hey, its Moe boss!" He flipped it open while Deon looked on, backing away slightly from my virgin folds.

"You come through fow daddy little girl?" Deon grinned down at me as I looked over at Tyrone desperately, my sobbing quieting.

Tyrone hung up with a smirk on his face. "Moe said he found at least a quarter million in the safe and enough guns to invade Rwanda. The bitch came through... Moe's headin' back with some of the cash and to *get what's his from Hit-Cunt* he says."

My eyes lit up as I suddenly imagined I might survive these niggers when Deon leaned over me and cupped my sore jaw in his hand. "Stupid little bitch... we got untraceble money, guns... and even pussy from you, you ain't got no leverage hoe. No one knows you're here or even who the fuck you are, ya fuckin retard!"

Deon grunted and speared the head of his fat snake into my defenseless cunt. I gasped in intense pain as he quickly plunges his rigid manhood deeply into me. All my girlish fantasy's of the fun of fucking are erased in a single instant of searing internal pain. I can feel the girth of his cock as it tears my virginity from me, deflowering me and invading a secret place deep inside me with a lustful grunt. I buck violently against him as he sheathes nearly all of himself within my girlhood in one uncaring thrust, my bloodied hands pushing feebly at his chest. I scream hoarsely as tears flow freely down my jizz-encrusted face and my body is tensed so tightly that the ache in my cunt is excruciating and magnified.

Deon places a hand on my shoulder, gripping me tightly as he hammers my little pink muff with his steel hard black shaft. The searing pain in my box was slowly dulling from a combination of blood loss, a concussion and the meth they'd slammed into my carotid artery... I could still feel my back sliding up and down the table as Deon rutted away like a boar in heat, but the pain was finally replaced by a dull ache and the occasional pang of discomfort as Deon's huge cock pushed unnaturally far into my cunt and belly. It took my ugly black rapist nearly a half hour to finish with me... spewing his disgusting thick load into my young womb before sliding out of my stretched out cunt.

"Fuck yea snowflake... u aint gonna be tight like that ever again... I'm gonna do you a little favour before uncle Moe gets home bitch... lights out!" with that he slammed his fist into my face and I was out...

* * *

I don't know how long I was out. There was some daylight streaming through random bullet holes in the boarded up windows... being knocked out for the third time in a row while concussed had clearly scrambled my marbles a bit... I could barely focus my eyes. Blinking jizz crust out of my eyelashes I surveyed the room through blurry half crossed eyes. I recognized the rape table they'd fucked me on in the corner of the room. One of the legs broken and the table streaked with blood and what looked like shit... I tried to move but realized my neck was locked to a radiator by an old Solid State bike lock. I struggled briefly against the bike lock my senses starting to return to me and a searing pain in what used to be my little butthole shot through me.

Apparently Moe and probably the others had had there way with me while I was out, I looked down and my little pussy and ass hole gaped open widely, it looked like you could fit a bat up my raw bleeding holes at this point. I leaned my head back against the radiator and sobbed softly at my situation, the incessant pain in my aching jaw and skull was ten times worse then the dull throbbing ache in my asshole and pussy.

I turned my head and noticed Moe's shit and blood encrusted bat lying on the floor next to me. I kicked it away in disgust with my good leg and winced in pain as my beaten groin felt the movement.

Moe stalked in after hearing my commotion and started laughing, "Holy shit, bitch you were out for three fuckin days, thought you was dead. Guess it was a coma. I got bad news for ya cracker, Deon says your half dead cootch is stinkin up the place. I just got the heavy duty garbage bags to dispose of your ass."

I looked up at him in shock my head still woozy as he approached me. "No! Please, sir! I'll suck your cocks!! Don't fuckin' kill me!!!" I started bawling so hard I couldn't get anymore intelligible words out. I could only watch as Moe slid the heavy-duty garbage bag over my feet and lifted my butt off the ground to slide me into the bag up to my chest.

He yelled back into the kitchen/meth lab, "Tyrone! Get that fuckin bike key, I ain't getting blood all over me sawin' this cunts fuckin head off!" He picked up his bat while waiting on Tyrone and reared back at full power like ending my life was some annoying chore passed down to hI'm from his boss. "G'night Hit-Cunt!"

I gulped looking up at him in fear and squeeked out my last words... "Pleeeease... no..."

I didn't feel the final blow...

End of Chapter One


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