Kick-Ass: Life Of Mindy McReady Part 3 (mf,oral,cream pie,drugs)
by Walker

Patrick and I spent nearly every waking moment together over the next week, Marcus was usually half way to passed out drunk by the time we got home and wasn't keeping a very close eye on me like he threatened he would. Every day after school we'd go back to Pat's apartment and I'd hang out on the couch with Lyndsy while he lifted weights and trained obsessively. He was constantly stressed out over losing his spot on the basketball team, the coach had benched him for the past three games and it was all he talked about... I couldn't have been happier to have this big sculpted hunk as my boyfriend though and just nodded and went along with his constant whining. Watching him train would literally make me salivate at times... looking at him brought up feelings reminding me of the first time I'd seen that boy-band Union-J at that stupid cunt Brooke's house. The day my hormones switched on and I practically splooshed watching the music video.

Drooling over my boyfriend while he sweated his butt off exercising reminded me of when I was like him, training five hours a day, my body sore and bruised all the time... no one to talk to but my daddy... whom half the time was trying to sneak up on me with a baseball bat to test my reflexes. Lyndsy was going on about her job or something while I was lost in thought and starring at Pat's pecs. I liked her but... I guess I wasn't used to having friends, I hadn't been the least bit interested in making friends before my rape. It was me and Daddy against the world, normal people just seemed so pathetic. They couldn't take a punch, they didn't talk like me, their problems were so petty, I felt like a wolf surrounded by sheep before my rape... now I found myself nodding at Lyndsy's inane chatter and curled up on my boyfriends couch terrified of being alone.

On the romantic front things were moving slower then I'd like, I spent every night since we started seeing each other jilling off in bed at night thinking about him and he'd hardly made a move beyond the occasional kiss and hand holding at school. I confided with Lyndsy on the subject and she just laughed and told me her big brother, Mister Perfect, wasn't so perfect. She told me she'd seen him injecting steroids a few times and that he wasn't always so sweet, he could be a real douche sometimes. I'd been seeing him for over a week now and hadn't seen that side of him yet, sure he was annoying and irritable from all his basketball stress but he didn't fit the image of the roided out rage-aholic I had in my head.

I don't know what was happening to me but I was getting aroused all the time, the smallest things would get me tingling, just holding my boyfriends hand was enough to make me wet... I felt like a boy-crazy fuckin' airhead. I was actually getting up early everyday to style my hair and put on my makeup and glossy red lipstick like every other high school skank and I had no idea if my new found libido was normal or a product of my rape. Even the leering eyes of the niggers at school and around the projects were starting to turn me on and invoke my new-found sexual preciousness. Its not like Patrick and I didn't have enough time alone together to get it on, Lyndsy had a dozen clients she babysat or walked dogs for and spent most of her time working.

Lyndsy and I were sitting on the couch watching MTV cribs while she played with my hair, she had it tied in pig tails like I was some child's doll. That was her favourite look for me and I actually thought it was kinda sexy in a pervy way myself. She got a call on her cell to go sit for someone in the building next door and invited me along with her. Before I could answer Patrick, in the middle of a sit-up, answered for me.

"Go on without her sis, me and Mindy are probably gonna make out for a bit or somethin..."

She rolled her eyes at her brother "That's 'Mindy and I' dummy, its the pigtails isn't it pervert?"

I blushed beet red and nodded that I wanted to stay as Patrick flipped off his sister and she gathered up her homework to take with her and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'll be back late don't wait up!" She hugged me and left...

Patrick smiled over at me as he finished his set of sixty sit-ups, his sweat glistening on his super defined chest. The room seemed a thousand times quieter without Lyndsy's chatter... Pat grabbed a towel and wiped his brow before plopping down next to me on the couch, he reached over me for the remote and his sweaty masculine scent overwhelmed my senses. The ultra macho stink of his armpits, like old socks and onions, was like crack to me. I tingled for him, the smell giving me goosebumps, a throwback to the early evolution of womankind that caused us to swoon over the biggest sweatiest cavemen in the pack, there overwhelming body odor somehow a testament to there manly virility. It sickened me how weak and horny it made me feel... I knew I was stronger than that.

He turned off whatever I was half watching on TV and draped his strong arm around me, flexing his hard biceps against me as he went. "Listen, Mindy, I don't know about you but I could use some ummmm... stress relief... your comin' up on 15 soon right? Cuz I'm so fucking hard right now I feel like I could cut diamonds with my cock... we can wait until then if you want... but there's other stuff id like to try until then."

I smirked at his choice of words, my casual swearing had obviously begun to rub off on him over the past couple weeks. Hearing him talk about his cock was making me wet, but he was a little off on my birthday. I'd just turned fourteen and I could care less about the four-year age difference, I wanted to jump his bones so fucking bad. I tilted my head to the side and did my best impression of naive and innocent, playing daintily with my pigtails I answered him in my cutesy voice.

"Gosh Patrick, and here I thought you were just a big fuckin' tease."

He laughed hard and leaned down to kiss me, our tongues intertwining as I ran a hand over his rock hard abs.

"You little slut..." He laughed and I scrunched up my face in mock anger at the insult. He went back to kissing me as he snuck a hand under the short skirt of my dress, he rubbed the sparse soft blond hair on my mons before slipping his fingers under my panties and cupping the plump pink mound of my sex in his strong hand. Pulling down my dress over my shoulders with his other hand he exposed my perky little A-cup tits, leaning down to kiss and suck on my pale creamy breasts and run his tongue across my rosy pink nipples, tickling the hardened little nubs as his middle finger entered my pussy. I gasped in pleasure and lay my head back on the couch, I could feel his finger slide out of me and my flimsy panties pulled down my legs, his other hand left my tit and I looked down to see him fumbling impatiently with his belt.

I sat up and tugged the hem of my skirt down just enough to cover my pussy and looked up at Patrick as he shucked off his pants and kicked them aside, a small tent formed in his boxers. He looked at me with an annoyed expression as I spoke, "Not without a condom big guy..." He sighed, clearly irritated and promised to pull out which made me smirk up at him "No fucking way without a rubber hotshot!" I was deadly serious with him, knowing I was a couple weeks from my period as well as not knowing how many skanks he'd dated in this dirty ghetto...

"Gimme a fucking break, Mindy, I don't have any condoms... fuck I'll get some tomorrow... and I'll get you a morning after pill I promise... I'm clean, you can ask Lyndsy, I barely date."

His pleading was starting to get as annoying as his constant basketball whining and the tingling pleasure his fingering my inexperienced cunt had caused was all but gone now. I rolled my eyes and looked up at him, as ripped and toned as he was he seemed pathetic standing there in his tented boxers begging for sex, I sighed and nodded slowly. "Fuck... fiiiiiine but just this once." I smirked at him and tugged up the hem of my skirt again, exposing my slightly parted little slit, still wet from being fingered. I flopped down on the couch and spread my legs for him, again playing with my pigtails and looking up at him cutely.

He shirked off his boxers and climbed on top of me so fast I barely got a glimpse at his cock, it was maybe four... four and a half inches long and slim, maybe the same thickness as two of my fingers. It felt harder then a rock though as he poked it into the soft flesh of my milky young thigh, I looked down and could see the angry red head of his cock leaking clear slimy fluid onto me. The expression on his face as he lifted me by my ankles was kind of creepy, like agitated and a little demented at the prospect of fucking me, boys were such fuckin spaz's. He probably had a hundred and thirty pounds on me but I'm pretty sure he was intimidated by me...

My feet were almost to my ears when he was done positioning me, the discomfort from my sore hips and legs making me bite my lip and thank god I took an extra vicodin today. I grabbed my knees and held my legs for him as he took his turgid little cock in one hand and guided it into my slightly parted folds with one smooth motion, he pushed his cock into me to the hilt and sighed in pleasure. He rested one hand on my tit and the other next to my head to hold him up as he began fucking in and out of me. The length and the thickness barely registered to be honest, as I had been masturbating with three fingers for weeks now... but the hardness of him was unique and a little unsettling. He was so rigid it reminded me of the times I'd play with the handle of my hair brush.

His thrusts were small and quick, he slipped out a few times on the uptake but was quick to reinsert. I started to get self-conscious thinking maybe I wasn't quite tight enough to get him off or something. Before I started jilling off regularly my pussy was just a slit between two puffy lips, lately it had begun to stay a little open, just parted really, not gaped or anything, but it was noticeable enough to me anyways. Or... maybe it was all in my head... the kids in school and the locals were constantly picking on me... maybe I was just being too self-conscious.

All these thoughts passed through my head in a matter of a couple of minutes, the sex being pretty... disappointing, and I was started to get an annoying cramp in my thigh from having to hold my legs up. Before I could complain Patrick started to grunt and put a hand on my shoulder and another on my bunched up dress covered midsection, pulling me bodily into him as he ground his pubic bone as deep as he could into my delicate cunt. His face screwed up into a deranged and retarded expression that made me giggle. He grunted with each warm discharge into me. I felt three short spurts of warmth before the hardness in me started to quickly melt and his still leaking cock shrunk to a laughable two soft inches of pink flesh... he sat back on his haunches, a slimy trail of his cum smearing my mound and as he jiggled his wilted cock playfully over me leaving more droplets of his watery cum on my thighs.

I giggled at him, more due to the ridiculous ratio of his flaccid two inch's to his huge steroid infused muscled body, but he didn't know that... I was just glad I was able to make him happy really, even if id barely enjoyed it.

"So what the hell happened to pulling out?" my legs finally lowered around him as he sat up over top of me.

"If I'm gonna spend thirty bucks on a pill anyways I might as well nut in my girl." He smiled down at me before hoping off the couch and pulling his boxers back up. "Careful you don't leak on the couch getting up, Mindy."

I flipped him the bird and gingerly got up off the couch on shaky legs, I duck-walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, hearing the goo drip out of me into the water slowly. My pussy felt really... slimy... is the best way to describe it. It was a disgusting feeling... I yelled from the bathroom, "Gross... if you want to do that again you better remember condoms dumb-ass!"

"You are getting mouthier and mouthier every day, Mindy," he joked from the living room. "What happened to that quiet little mouse Marcus wheeled home with him a few weeks ago?"

I ignored his dumb question, tearing some toilet paper off the role I dabbed at my soaked crotch and tried to scoop out what I could before flushing and getting up to look in the mirror. I pulled the straps of my dress back up over my shoulders and found that they were a little stretched out from his yanking on them, the bodice of my new favourite pink dress now hanging lower on my chest and that kinda pissed me off. That coupled with the gross sweat stains Pat had left on my chest and thighs had me toweling off before tugging my hemline back down to its normal height.

I took the scrunchies out of my pig tails and let my long blonde hair down over my shoulders, brushing down my skirt and taking in a deep breathe I went back to the couch to find my panties... Patrick had his pants back on and was back to lifting weights like nothing had happened. I bent at the knees and picked up my panties, sliding them back on and feeling a little embarrassed as Pat smirked at me while watching. I felt a trickle of warm liquid leak into my panties and suddenly remembered Pat's promise, "You stretched out my dress... I only have two decent dress's you dick, and what are you doing? You said we'd go get the pill thing after remember? No fucking way am I getting knocked up... you know... Marcus would kill me..."

"Chill out, Mindy, fuck you can be annoying sometimes. It never takes on the first go... besides the pharmacy's closed by now. You'll be fine till tomorrow, so stop nagging me and stop over-thinking, babe. Actually go take the SNAP card outta my jacket pocket you can go pick that stuff up yourself tomorrow."

"What!? No fucking way, the clerk will think I'm a total fucking slut, and besides you can't buy that stuff with food stamps dumb-ass..."

The calm glazed look in Pat's eyes were beginning to give way to anger, as he stopped working out to look up at me. "Listen, Mindy, your starting to piss me off. The whole sassy attitude thing is cute sometimes, but you need to fucking knock it off... take the fucking card and shut the hell up for five minutes please?"

I was so fucking angry at him at that point that I just turned, put the SNAP card in my purse and left in a huff, slamming the door a little harder then I should have on my way out... I lay my back against the door for a moment, not even sure why I felt so angry right now... maybe because Pat didn't even attempt to get me off... or because the vicodin I'd taken were starting to wear off and the headaches and soreness were creeping back. Uhg! I was disgusted with myself for acting like such a damn girl! I'd overreacted and now I was feeling all these dumb emotions I'd kill to be rid of.

I made my way to the stairwell, my apartment only being three floors down, opening the stairwell door let a whoosh of fetid pot infused air into my face. "Uh... fuckin smells!"

"Sorry 'bout that kitten, just havin a toke," it was the black youth with the thick East African accent that was pervin on me in front of his friends the first day I moved in, he was relaxing against the wall of the stairwell. I recognized him from a couple classes at school too, but he was usually a no-show, I think he'd been to maybe three or four classes in the last three weeks. I hadn't run into him since that first day though and I didn't plan on letting him hit on me again here.

I rolled my eyes at him and snarled "My NAME isn't Kitten..." I flipped some hair out of my eye and looked at him angrily.

"My bad if I offended you, girl, and sorry I scared you that first day. I was with my homeboys and a smokin hot shorty rolled up on us. That's how we are out here... lets start over, my name's Kofi," he extended a hand towards me as he spoke.

I blushed a little at his compliment, softening a little as I saw it from his perspective now, "I... I wasn't scared, my names like what do you do? Hang around the stairwells all day?" I ignored his offered handshake, looking at him suspiciously.

He laughed at my stammering, "Mindy, beautiful name, I hang out here or down at the courts all day cuz I sell reefer, baby. I saw you in that wheelchair girl, you know chronic's got medicinal qualities right? Here have a puff." He extended the blunt to me and I licked my lips nervously, thinking hard over it... the guy seemed genuinely apologetic, and he'd been polite with me so far.

He was even kind of handsome in an animalistic way that I instantly knew was racist of me... he was tall and lanky like you'd expect from an Ethiopian fourteen-year-old, but not like the gross emaciated ones you see on Christian TV... he was lean but exuded an aura of strength. He had lips that looked nearly as pouty as mine and deep dark eyes. His hair was fashioned back in slick looking cornrows and he had what looked like real gold around his neck and wrists.

I took the offered blunt and studied it for a moment, I looked back at him hesitantly like it was a test and he just smiled and reached out to take it back. "It's alright snowflake, it ain't for everyone."

I backed away a step and quickly took a toke on it, sucking in the smelly smoke and instantly going into a coughing fit, my eyes watering and my hand covering my mouth as I tried to regain control of my lungs. He patted my back gently and I started to feel my headache clearing up after taking another puff, this time barely coughing.

"Thanks, that kinda made me feel better actually, do you sell... Like pills too, for pain?"

He shook his head and laughed to himself, "You want scripts girl? Nah I mostly deal with hard shit, and reefer I guess, none of that rich white girl shit. What exactly is your problem anyways girl? You look fine... And I mean FINE..." he looked me up and down dwelling on my supple bare legs.

I gave him a dirty look as I took another drag "If I were rich would I live in this dirty fuckin ghetto? I have nerve damage in my leg and hips, and ummm TBI or something... Traumatic brain injury... I was in a coma for like four months... I'm not some white trash pill head, dumb-ass." I rattled off my list of injuries like they were achievements giving me street cred with this low life dealer. I don't know why but I felt like I needed his approval or something, his respect even. I think I liked him for his ability to take a joke.

"With a mouth like yours I'd say you got off lucky, kitten... Shit, I mean, Mindy," he laughed again taking my insults in stride, even I giggled a little at his dark joke.

My head was starting to swim from the weed, I handed him his blunt and started to move past him down the stairs when he put a hand on my arm to stop me.

"Hold up, Mindy, here take these, might help out, a little 'welcome to the neighbor-hood present.' If you ever wanna hang out you know where to find me, and babe FYI... you smell freshly fucked girl..." He laughed and winked at me after that.

I clutched the pair of joints he'd handed me and blushed bright red before flipping him off and heading down the stairs and back home. Marcus was passed out drunk in the living room so I didn't have to worry about him smelling the weed and sex on me... I went straight to bed and started masturbating right away. My pussy still moist from Pat's cum. His forty seconds of foreplay and two minutes of fucking had really gotten me hot and it didn't take me long to finish what he started.

* * *

The next day I went down to the pharmacy and sure enough Patrick was right about his food-stamp card... Must have been some kind of scam... I bought a couple boxes of extra slim condoms, a morning after pill and some Tylenol... The old lady behind the counter didn't seem fazed at all by my purchases, like these were normal purchases for a fourteen-year-old girl around here, besides smirking when she scanned the small condoms. I'd taken my last couple of Vicoden the night before and the pain was making a steady comeback, I swallowed four of the Tylenol on my way back to Patrick's place.

Lyndsy was going to set me up with a babysitting gig in the building when she got home from her dog walking, I needed the money pretty bad... Marcus had made it clear he wasn't going to spend a dime on me and I couldn't rely on my friendly neighbor-hood drug dealer Kofi forever.

I let myself into the apartment and smiled as Pat waved me over to him on the couch where he was watching UFC my old favourite show.

"Mindy! You cool off yet? You get everything you needed at the store?"

I gave him back his card and nodded, smiling at my boyfriend as I plopped down next to him on the couch. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek before crossing my long bare legs and settling in to watch with him. I had my hair tied back in a simple ponytail and had gone easy on the makeup, except for my glossy red lipstick I loved how grownup it made me feel when I put it on. I was wearing my little pleated schoolgirl skirt, the same one I'd worn when I was infiltrating Frank D'amico's lair a couple years ago, it still fit comfortably around the waist despite it being a good three or four years old and it showed off my long legs well thanks to my being a good half a foot taller then when I'd bought it, while at the same time giving me an air of innocence. I didn't want to look like a slut for my babysitting job after all and both my dresses had really short skirts. I had to wear a loose fitting white blouse with it out of necessity, my dresses and tank tops needed a wash and these were the only clean clothes I had left... God it sucked being poor...

"Yep, and I got us lots of ummm... protection for next time big guy" I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed as I showed him the condoms in my purse.

"Sweet... Lets try one of them out right now, Mindy!" he reached for my purse but I yanked it away from him quickly.

"No way, perv! I'm going to that babysitting job when Lyndsy gets back, and I don't want to go there smelling like your personal cum rag," I stuck my tongue out at him as he laughed at my foul language.

"Fair enough baby... But Lyndsy isn't gonna be home for twenty minutes... How about a quick hummer? You were pretty bitchy last night. You can make it up to me..." He rubbed my warm thigh with one hand as he spoke, giving me goosebumps from his touch.

I muttered under my breathe "Don't call me baby..." The thought of putting some guys dirty cock in my mouth made my stomach turn... but I knew it was considered normal for a girl my age to do it. "Have you been working out all morning? I'm not touching it if its all gross and sweaty big guy!"

His face lost its playfulness after 'big guy' like he thought I was teasing him for his size, which I wasn't... His hand squeezed my thigh a little too tightly and I could tell I'd inadvertently pissed him off. Damage control was going to be disgusting... I put my hand over his and gave him my sexiest smile, my tongue licking out over my pouty lips. His grip on my thigh loosened a bit and he seemed to cool off, raising his arm around me he half hugged me to him "Maybe that mouth of yours can get you OUT of trouble for once?" He smiled and kissed me, his hand stroking my silky blonde pony-tail as he gently pressured my head towards his lap.

"It'll be easier if you get down on your knees I think." He was unzipping his fly and pulling out his flaccid cock as he spoke. I got down between his knees and took his cock in my hand, in its soft state it was maybe the size of my thumb, but it was starting to grow as I leaned in and gave it a little lick. The taste wasn't too unpleasant, faintly salty, pretty much what I expected from the musky scent of it, the texture of it was gross... The little thing wasn't hard yet and in it's shriveled state it looked really gross.

Fuck it, if I could cut and shoot my way through twenty Italian mobsters I could put a boys penis in m mouth... I dove right in, taking it in until my lips kissed his steroid shriveled balls, he groaned in pleasure and his prick hardened quickly. Even after growing to its full 4 inches I was able to keep it almost entirely in my mouth although it tickled the back of my throat and made me wretch a little. I got used to the feeling of it in my mouth faster then I thought I would, the salty ooze leaking from the head was pretty gross though and my mouth was watering from the retching. My saliva was building and I reluctantly swallowed around his hard shaft before it could drool out and make a mess on his lap. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and started to bob my head up and down on it when I felt his hands on my head.

He held me by my ponytail now and ground his hip into my mouth, my teeth practically up against his pubic bone and his cock lightly brushing against my uvula and making me gag and retch from the sensation. I was coming close to throwing up when I frantically slapped his hand holding my head and the pressure finally eased. I glared up at him and he kinda shrugged apologetically, folding his hands behind his head and leaning back to enjoy my sweet mouth. I went back to sucking and bobbing on him at a steady pace and it didn't take him long to climax, I knew he was about to cum when he brought both hands back to my skull and held me tight to him.

The first shot pasted the back of my throat and made me cough so hard I nipped him a little, he yelped and let me go instantly. The next shots landing on my tongue and finally on my lips and chin as I pulled off of him. My eyes were tearing up from a coughing fit and I spit as much disgusting ejaculate as I could into my hands. Pat was half laughing as I choked on his splooge. I got up and ran to the bathroom, coughing the slime into the sink and running the tap water into my mouth to swish and spit over and over. The texture was beyond nasty, like snot almost... and the taste was bleachy and just as bad.

I came back into the living room after using up nearly all the mouthwash and plopped down next to Pat who was trying to hide a smile. "Do that again and it'll be your last blow job... Uhg I can still taste it way back in my throat.... It's not going down..."

"Kay, my bad, Mindy, won't happen again, but ya know most girls just swallow... Just sayin!" He threw his hands up in mock surrender and I just sighed and pushed a bang out of my eyes, I felt more annoyed then angry at him. We sat in silence watching UFC until Lyndsy came to pick me up. Pat gave me a peck on the cheek and I rolled my eyes at him before leaving.

Babysitting was boring as hell and the deadbeat mom I was sitting for was really cheap but I walked away with twenty dollars in my purse and that felt pretty good. Things seemed to be getting better for me overall, a couple more babysitting jobs and I might be able to buy some decent new clothes, and I was spending nearly all my school time I wasn't in classes with Patrick so I was starting to feel much safer there. It's not like I interacted with the other kids back in my old normal school either.

Marcus was becoming a total tool, he was drinking ALL the time and seemed to have given up on finding a job. I did all the laundry, cooking, and shopping, he never so much as thanked me for it. I was a lot more irritable with him and everyone else now that my med's had run out and he didn't hesitate to remind me whenever I snapped at him that I ruined his life. It would have pissed me off more if it weren't true, instead it just depressed me.

I was getting high a couple times a week with Kofi. He seemed to like me despite my short temper and attitude, plus he never asked me for a dime when we shared a blunt, and as long as I avoided him when his thug friends were around he treated me really well. If I thought gangbanging drug dealers could have crushes on 14-year-old white girls then I'm pretty sure Kofi had it bad for me. Hell, I even saw him in class more often since we started hanging out, but he didn't talk to me there, just stared at my ass like the rest of them. He had pretty much turned me into a stoner, out of necessity though. Weed was the only thing that took the edge off for me but it wasn't nearly as effective as my pill's had been.

Pat's sex drive wasn't very high unfortunately, I felt like I was horny all the time and I was lucky if Pat wanted more then a couple minutes of sex or a quicky hummer now and then. I was getting frustrated... Maybe if he stopped injecting steroids into his fucking balls he'd be a little less of a Douche and fuck better... I hid my growing resentment with him because I knew based on my first day at school how mentally exhausting going to a nearly all black school in the ghetto was without an escort... And it fucking pained me to admit it but I needed protection, getting mugged or raped was no joke out here. It happened every damn day. I kept my window closed at night to avoid the sounds of gang violence and the occasional girls screaming... Then sobbing... Then quiet. It took its toll on me. I wasn't Hit-Girl anymore, I was just... girl, with all the vulnerabilities and fears that came with it.


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