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Authors note: I don't own the character or series so I'm not making a dime off this this is all for fun I took the idea from the episode Oh Christmas nuts.

Character in story: Kim Crawford

Story codes: Mf, oral, anal

Kickin' It: Oh Christmas Nuts
by Money

I think I enjoyed Christmas a bit too much with the large number of boxes filled with all kinds of decorations. Even if I split everything in half I could still decorate my house 10 times over and use the other for the Seaford mall shops displays. I was doing an inventory when a gorgeous blonde arrived in a really cute red and white striped sweater and pants.

"I need help putting together a great Christmas display," she said.

"Just name it and I'll get it on the forklift for you," I said.

Her name was Kim and she was like a kid in a candy store every time I opened a box. Her giddy squeal got louder when I showed Kim my tree topper with the motion sensor. I couldn't really tell if she was fucking it with her eyes or just had an orgasm. The smile was really big though.

"'s hot in here," she said.

"From looking at your list of items I have just about everything you want here," I said.

She was thrilled letting out another squeal, throwing as much as she could on the forklift. I was sure she would come back for more given her competitive streak against her nemesis Eddie.

The Next Day

Kim returned with a sheepish grin on her face it was obvious she needed something. I just didn't know what it was it could have been anything.

"I forgot gift wrap and ribbons. I have the display boxes I need just not the other," she said.

"Well, then your going to need my emergency gift kit. I've got loads of these things., I said.

She jumped into my arms giving me a big kiss. It was clear I had come through for her and she was showing gratitude while taking my clothes off, so I returned the favor.

We found a nearby broom closet as I made short work of her Santa hat and snowflake jacket. My hand went up her legs. I could feel the heat coming through the leather skirt along with a racing pulse.

"Been waiting for this," she purred.

"I'm sure you have," I said.

She unzipped my fly letting my 12 inch cock out nearly drooling as she took in it's size looking it over. I got the leather skirt off her. The striped sweater was another challenge, since Kim tried to help getting it over her head showing me some very nice boobs.

"Wow that's big," she said.

"And you so want it," I said.

As we made out I started feeding my cock inside her pussy. She was really tight and clawing my back grinding her hips humping away on the shaft.

"UUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNN so thick," she moaned.

"Just take it," I said.

I stuffed the petite blonde with every inch I had making her open her legs wider. Pumping away as Kim grabbed a shelf while I sucked her perky boobs.

"Keep that up," she moaned.


I thrust even harder trying to get her off. Kim's back tried to arch, but with the limited space could only grip the door handle gearing up for her orgasm.

"Gonna...SCREAM!!!" she panted.

"Oh no," I said.

I barely got my hand over Kim's mouth as her orgasm hit. Letting out a muffled squeal her girl cream flooded my crotch as my own thick spunk blasted back into her pussy before pulling out. She even sucked me off getting a taste of herself.

2 Days Later

Kim was back for more display gear again. Clearly she was trying to top Eddie with something fresh. She was renting so much of my stuff. She was burning through cash at a near blistering pace closing in on 5 figures fast. I could tell she wanted to win.

"I'll need more lights, more flameless candles, and all the tinsel you have left," she said.

"Done, I also have 5 crates of extra large ornaments for a huge tree if you need them," I said.

"Maybe later. I already have the tree covered," she said.

"Ok, but you might need this for your Santa's villlage display," I said.

I watched Kim's face as I unveiled a small 3 foot tall fresh gingerbread house with all the trimmings down to the candy cane door frame and gumdrop studded roof tiles. The poor girl fainted dropping into a pool of liquid on the floor that had appeared. I wasn't sure what it was until the smell hit my nose...she was covered in her own orgasm.

"I so need that bad. Name your price." she moaned.

"It's not done yet. I can't price it," I said.

"" she demanded.

"Well maybe we can agree on something," I said.

Kim dragged me into my office rather quickly. Her sex odor was strong. She wasn't taking no for an answer as she pulled my cock out throwing me on the desk.

Kim was very tight as my thick cock made it's way up her ass. The claw marks on my desk were obvious as she kept digging her fingernails into the wood breathing real heavy getting used to the size.

"Way thicker than I thought," she moaned.

"Try this out," I said.

I could feel my cock working inside Kim's ass going really far where nothing had been yet, making her slam her fist on the desk over and over.

"Oh shit, that's good!" she said.

"Time for more," I said.

Kim was really getting into it even with her petite frame she had slipped 3 fingers between her legs grunting as she worked her clit and arched her back.


"Glad to," I said.

As I sat in the chair her anal ring started to open where I could really work her over better. Pumping my meat in there Kim was losing her mind sucking her wet fingers of juice while rocking on my lap.

"Can't take much more," she purred.

"Sure you can," I said.

I grabbed her perky boobs slamming her ass with my dick as hard as possible. The sounds of sex echoed on the walls.

"Fill me with that Christmas spirit you hung fucker," she said.

"Can't hold it," I said.

The amount of sperm I blew into Kim's ass would have made a pornstar proud. Her screams were muffled by the giant stocking she ripped off the wall and shoved in her mouth as her orgasm hit spraying the desk in her girl cream.

I heard a news report the next morning about a power outage at the mall caused by a couple of teens. It was obvious Kim had a hand in it since she was renting my equipment anyway. All those lights and displays drew lots of power from a grid, but she never bothered to ask about it. I just hope she won.


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