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Authors note: This story is based off the episode Kim of Kong with a fun twist.

Story codes: Mf, oral, anal

Kickin' It: Slayin' It
by Money

Rebuilding video games had always been a passion of mine there wasn't a system platform I couldn't revamp or improve the challenge had always been there I just enjoyed the arcade machines morethan the others I had gotten a job at Gamers Lair in Seaford at the mall I kept the games upbut there was one that was my nemesis a fighting game called Immortal Slayer I replaced parts on that thing so often I had 3 in the shop just for parts and another for fun and testing I had just finished a circuit board when a petite but yummy blonde walked into the shop.

"I need revenge and fast," she said.

"Don't know a game title like that." I said.

Her name was Kim and she spelled out her plan about becoming a master at my nemesis game I normally didn't teach but knew what she wanted I decided to help her since I would be making extra cash on the side.

"I've only got 4 days left so I need to see everything this game can do." she said.

"Well then let's get going," I said.

The girl was a quick study for being a newbie I think it helped that she was a blackbelt already she was going balistic on the computer opponent whoever this Jack was I really didn't want to be in his shoes.

"Jack is toast for letting me win," she said.

"You're losing focus," I said.

Kim's avatar took a beating as the computer spun off a 26 hit combo attack she couldn't block at all no matter what she tried it was brutal any way you sliced it.

"Again." she said.

"Kim you have been on that thing for 6 hours already get some sleep." I said.

She gave me a look it was somewhere between help me please and I'll do anything you want the pouty lips were relentless and don't get me started on her sad face helpless kitten eyes combo routine you'd almost swear she was an actress.

"Just one more time I'll make it worth your effort." she purred.

"Fine when the timer runs out I pull the plug on the game," I said.

Kim did better this time around nearly beating the computer player she was really aggressive but she moved so fast the motion capture sensors couldn't keep up causing glitches and relay problems.

"I totally had him," she said.

"You need sleep he can wait till later," I said.

I powered down the shop ready to call it a night as Kim cuddled up to me trying to persuade me she hadn't noticed the bulge in my pants yet but it wasn't going to stay hidden for long I was pinned to the counter watching her close in on my face.

"Your a great teacher maybe we can play with each other now," she purred.

"I've got a big roll of quarters just for you," I said.

My hand went into her shorts making her moan she sounded like she was about to cream herself with almost no effort Kim was busy getting her shirt off showing off some nice perky boobs as I got her shorts around her anklesshe went for my pants pulling my 12 inch cock out.

"Holy fuck that's huge," she said.

"I can tell you want to try it out," I said.

Kim shoved everything off the table stroking my cock as she mounted me nothing broke thankfully she was getting really aggressive but still looked a bit shy about putting my monster between her legs.

The blonde hottie convulsed from the stimulation as I continued my oral assault my hands gripping her boobs while she sucked my fingers and arched her back she almost seemed like a virgin.

"Your tongue is amazing," she cried.

"Time to switch gears," I said.

I stopped licking just long enough to slip 2 fingers inside Kim's honey pot it was clear nothing that size had ever gone so far before she was panting like a wildcat in severe heat as I kept brushing her clit on every pass.

"Something big just invaded," she said.

"Not likely this is the opening act," I said.

I moved up sucking on her boobs first then working my way up to her neck before giving Kim an extended kiss with her sweet juices still on my tongue she must have liked the way she tasted since I couldn't pull away her hands locked on my skull.

"Give me the main event," she said.

"You asked for it," I said.

"Never seen anything that size before," she said.

"Not a problem I can ease you into taking it," I said.

I opened Kim's legs licking her pussy at a slow rate with my rough tongue her hesitation melted away while her will power broke to pieces with a loud thud of her head on the desk.

"Fuck that's awesome," she purred.

"It gets better," I said.

Kim was tyight even with everything I had done to make it easy on her I was barely 6 inches in before she shreeked like I was forcing an 18 inch monster inside her womb.

"I'm still a bit on the small side pal," she said.

"Noted," I said.

I laid her on the desk getting my full girth inside she was halfway between delerious and passing out as I started pumping slowly then picked up speed.

"Stuff any more meat in there and you'll split me in half for sure," she said.

"I'll try," I said.

I kept going at a near blistering pace forcing Kim's legs open wider the more I got inside making her hips buck on the rebound she was enjoying every second.

"I wanna ride that monster cock," she cooed.

"Love to see you try," I said.

Kim eased my cock back into her pussy after I got on my desk she shuddered again from the sheer size of it getting used to it watching my bulge disappear inside her again.

"Gonna need some help getting going," she said.

"I'm on it," I said.

I picked Kim up by her hips slamming her down on my cock in a near freefall meathod over and over until she started humping away on her own grabbing her boobs.

"So thick.....gonna cum so hard," she squealed.

"Me too," I said.

Kim's orgasm was massive her mind was shattered as she pumped girl cream all over my dick and abs she let out a wolf howl style cry of ecstasy while a big load of my baby batter covered her insides like a firehose on steroids right before she passed out cold.

2 Days Later...

Kim arrived just as I had finished uploading the new training program for her latest sparring match with the game I had found some moves she could use the to activate some of the games weapons for an edge.

"Ok ready for some action let's see what you got," she said.

"It has been ages since I had played this game," I said.

She wasn't taking no for an answer roping me into a match Kim was vicious taking out her rage on my avatar ripping the skull off it's body and soccer kicking it off the roof like it was normal.

"That was fun but I need a good name for the tournament," she said.

"Well Skullripper sounds about right I think," I said.

She squealed taking a liking to the name instantly Jack was in for it now as the petite blonde hugged me jumping up and down excited gripping my ribcage before dry humping my leg.

"I'm ready for round 2," she purred.

"So am I," I said.

I pulled up her red and white striped shirt while getting my other hand inside her pants rubbing her clit like a man posessed before getting them off as we flopped on the floor of the game I pushed my full 12 inches inside Kim's ass she didn't scream but clearly loved it even for as tight as she was..

"Feels so good," she said.

"Total anal virgin," I said.

The more I eased in the more she pushed back getting into a steady rhythm with my dick taking as much as possible I was sure I was about to split her in half if she continued.

"Slam my ass senseless," she said.

"First your clothes," I said.

I didn't tear them off Kim though they weren't on her long and she had made short work of my clothes tossing my shirt and pants over the counter looking at me with come hither eyes nearly begging for attention.

"Get up in there," she said.

"I'm on it," I said.

The more I pounded Kim's ass the further over the edge she went between her moans and rather loud squeals Kim's orgasm was going to be huge a mid sized pool of fluid had leaked onto the floor under Kim's legs it was obvious her girl cream factory was doing serious overtime.

"Can't hold out," she panted.

"You can make it," I said.

I slowed down my pace where Kim was begging me to speed up again she was digging her fingers into the floor of the game as I went full speed driving my hips down like a piledriver when Kim lost it.


"I'm done," I said.

I unloaded a huge amount of spunk into Kim's ass while her petite bucked several times over spilling her own cream all over the shop floor she could still stand but barely holding onto the game rails for support heading for the door after getting her clothes back on.

"Got a few hours before the tournament just need some rest," she said.

I poked my head into the tournament Kim did well but got ripped apart at the end by Jack even though she lost I could tell she wanted a rematch down the road so more training would be coming but those are stories for another time.

The End


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