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Additional Credit: The plot of this story came from Phantom on the CSSA
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aspects of this story and gained a lot of useful input as well as the main
plot from his forum post. Quite frankly, without phantom this story would
not exist.

Description: The ultimate hunter comes to Earth to hunt, defeat, rape and
take skull trophies from five of Earth's greatest female warriors in a single
night: Deadly Little Miho, Natalie Cook, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft and Agent
Paris Hilton. Can he succeed?

Content Codes (By Section)
Beatrix Kiddo: MF, rape, anal, anal cream pie, bond, snuff, viol

Kill Bill/Predator: Five Women. One Night. Part 4 - Beatrix Kiddo
by JD ([email protected])

Gogedheh he left Natalie Cook's headless corpse in the dark bathroom and
stepped over the bodies of her friends. He reached down to activate his
cloak; nothing happened. The hunter examined it closely, changing his mask
view to better see the alien technology. It looked like a quick repair job.
He would find somewhere quiet, make repairs and use his medical kit before
continuing the hunt.

The predator left the club through an emergency exit and moved fast from
shadow to shadow. There were taller buildings nearby, which he took advantage
of, leaping to and ascending a fire escape back up to the rooftops. He passed
a couple of guys drinking beer & talking in a roof garden.

Their surprised shouts drifted behind the fast moving Predator as he went
agilely from close packed building to building. The roofs ran out in a run
down area on the edge of the industrial district. Gogedheh crouched in shadow
and set about repairing his damaged equipment quickly; then treat his burn
and shuriken wounds.

Two miles away and a few minutes before a series of charges took out the
electricity supply of Mushroom Kingdom Inc.'s factory and HQ. The complex
was one of the front businesses of two Italian-American brothers and their
cousin, all by the name of Toscano. While Mushroom Kingdom Inc. cultivated
mushrooms for sale to city restaurants, the Toscanos made most of their
money through a large slice of the city's illegal drugs trade.

Long story short, the rest of the mob wanted a much bigger portion. Their
small scale assassination attempts had been discovered, and their larger
three hit teams had been annihilated by the Toscanos and their bodyguards.

The mob retaliated by finding the best assassin they could afford. They could
afford a lot, and got Beatrix Kiddo. Kiddo the six-foot tall sandy blonde
dressed in shabby black from head to toe, including a balaclava. Kiddo the
very obviously armed, with guns, ammo and even a specially made sword
strapped to her back. She wore night vision goggles over the balaclava, and
activated them when the lights went out at the Mushroom Kingdom Inc. HQ.

Kiddo drew two 9mm semi-automatic pistols from hip holsters. Kiddo hadn't
seen anything that suggested the Toscanos' boys would bother her. She figured
after twenty minutes work she'd be able to travel back home to her daughter
B.B. a whole lot richer.

Kiddo moved fast across the yard and entered the HQ. She met two fumbling
goons and loosed two bullets, one in each head. The gunshots were loud in
the confined corridor. Kiddo smiled at a nearby burst of gunfire and a
scream. Fucking amateurs were killing each other through darkness and
panic. She wondered how the Toscanos had survived with these clowns
guarding them.

Kiddo headed up to the top floor, where her targets would be waiting. Each
floor of the stairwell had doors opposite wings of the building. On the floor
below the top Kiddo was unexpectedly attacked from two sides at once. There
were two female bodyguards, a blonde and a brunette, and they carried
Japanese swords.

Kiddo vaguely recognised them; called themselves The Ninja Princesses or some
tacky western shit. They didn't seem to be having any trouble in the dark
building, and went some way to explaining why the Toscanos had given the mob
so much trouble.

The assassin drew her own blade even before her pistols hit the floor and
swung it to the left while using the swing's momentum to balance a hard kick
out hard to the right. The blonde was good, and got her blade down to parry
Kiddo's, but the steel was no match for Hattori Hanzo's finest work and
shattered just above the hilt. Kiddo slashed her blouse and flat stomach
open on the backswing.

"Fuck! Daisy!" she called to the other woman, who was bent over from the
force of Kiddo's well-placed kick. The blonde clutched at the gash in her
belly and tried to hold it together.

"I am not being paid to kill you two specifically, so if you want to save
some time you can feel free to fuck right off and live."

"Get fucked, Bitch!"

The bodyguard Daisy backed away. Kiddo moved slowly towards her, blade
raised. The brunette bodyguard slowly drew a gun from her back holster.
Kiddo heard the faint noise of the metal sliding against leather and
smoothly dropped one hand from her sword to her own back holster.
She shot the blonde in the head without even looking round. The bullet
nailed her right between the eyes, though only a little blood trickled

The blonde staggered back, raising one hand to the neat hole drilled in her
forehead. Her eyes crossed in a look of intense confusion. Then she sagged
to the ground.

"You want to try for your own gun, `Daisy?'"

"You reckon you can't beat me with a sword? She was mine, bitch! She. she was
my peach! I'm going to put your head on a damn pole for her!," Diasy's voice
rose to a loud scream, "I will have vengeance!"

The building was quiet by then. The few surviving goons had stopped firing
off wildly below, while up on the top floor the Toscanos clutched light
machine guns and waited quietly to see if they would have to get involved

"Hey. Luigi, Big W. did either of you guys see a kind of blur down the end
there? Near the big open window?"

Kiddo back-holstered her gun again. Though Daisy was far below her league,
she was willing to fight the woman honourably for the sake of a few more
seconds. Daisy raised her sword up defiantly. It was a damn good sword and
had seen her through most things in life. She wondered what the hell kind
of cheap trash had made Peach's sword for it to shatter like that; she didn't
consider it might have been as fine as hers, and that neither was a match for
Kiddo's blade.

To the surprise of both women there was suddenly a heavy burst of gunfire
from the floor above, as well as panicked shouting. Kiddo made out, "He
killed Mario! Holy fuck he killed Mario! Where the fuck is-" before gunfire
obliterated the words. Then silence.

"I can't believe I fell for the fucking diversion of a dumb hitwhore like

Daisy was enraged to carelessness as she charged Kiddo. Beatrix used her own
speed against her, and span her one-handed into a neat throw. Daisy's arm
slapped out desperately and tugged off Kiddo's goggles. She didn't keep the
grip, and bounced down the gap in the middle of the stairwell.

Daisy landed on her face, and started to get up. Kiddo took position beside
her, and raised her blade slowly. Daisy realised she was totally fucked and
just crouched still for a cleaner cut. Kiddo chopped down hard through the
back of the fallen bodyguard's neck, and then pulled her bloody blade free.

Pausing only to reclaim her 9mms, she slowly moved up to the top floor to see
what the hell was going on - if there was another assassin or if the targets
had faked being killed to try and avoid her. She reached the top floor and
peeked around the doorframe.

The top floor of the left wing of the Mushroom Kingdom Inc. HQ was lit up
from surrounding buildings, The layout was low open plan cubicles, save for
a couple of private offices at end furthest from the central stairwell Kiddo
had come up. The floor served as the administrative centre of not just the
factories, but also as the hub of all of the Toscanos' other business
interests (including a slice of the club where Natalie Cook had fought her
last battle).

At that time of night there would be no day staff, but Kiddo could see no
sign of the Toscanos either. The pattern of bullet damage and shattered
windows suggested wild firing in all directions. Kiddo wiped off her sword
blade and sheathed it, choosing instead to draw her pistols again - there
was too much opportunity for people to pop up out of cubicles beyond her

Weapons ready in steady hands she moved slowly through the office for 30
tense seconds before finding the bodies.

The Toscanos were very dead.

"Well, shit."

Kiddo pulled off her Balaclava and stuffed it between her belt and her hip.
She appeared to be merely examining the corpses, but in reality she was
listening hard and close. She was pretty sure whoever killed the Toscanos
hadn't left. Kiddo wondered if they were looking to make their name by
defeating Beatrix Kiddo - which was more or less the case. There was
something about the wounds, though.

The assassin's mind went back to the incredible heat of Death Valley and the
inhuman warrior who'd almost killed her before falling before her superior
skills and a rocket propelled grenade. His shoulder-mounted cannon had left
wounds in the army boys exactly like the one through Mario Toscano's neck.

Gogedheh de-activated his repaired cloak behind the crouching woman. In one
hand he held his spear, in the other a weapon he had made just for Beatrix
Kiddo. He read her body movements like a book; he saw from the way her
muscles tensed that she had heard him. Faster than he would have believed
possible from a human she twisted on her heels and fired both guns at him.

9mm pistol rounds spanged and zinged from his alien-metal breastplate. Kiddo
was already aiming higher when he activated the special weapon. He targeted
the device on Kiddo's eyes as it emitted a red beam and then dropped it.
Kiddo stumbled back as the pain hit, almost tripping on a corpse. The
predator's weapon had devastatingly seared out her retinas. He blinded her.

In the heat of combat and pain she thought only that if permanently blinded
she wouldn't get to see B.B. grow. Even blind she was confident of beating
him - though she could happily use another RPG. She kept firing where she
thought his un-armoured flesh would be.

The predator was well aware of Beatrix Kiddo's abilities, moreso than of any
of his other prey. He'd built this encounter up in his mind as the zenith of
his career. As soon as he activated the weapon he had dived sideways and
narrowly avoided three shots into his neck. He gripped his spear in both
hands and stayed utterly still. His mind sang with the beauty of the hunt.

Kiddo holstered one of her pistols and drew a short fuse grenade from her
pocket. She pulled the pin and tossed it to where she thought the alien had
landed. Then she jumped up and started to run. Gogedheh saw the little round
grenade and started to move himself. Sheer luck saw a photocopier take absorb
much of the blast. He saw Beatrix Kiddo charge blindly away towards the door
she came in by.

Kiddo heard him moving after the blast left her ears ringing. She wanted to
force the alien to fight her in a confined space where his height and bulk
would work against him.

Gogedheh instead saw it as running away. This was supposed to be a contest
of warriors! He unholstered one of the old mid-generation netguns (no wrist
netgun for him!) and fired at Kiddo's back. The net caught her full on and
slammed her spread-eagled into the wall by the door. It was only as it
constricted against her flesh that she realised the net left a large-ish
hole around her ass, lower-back and upper thighs. A special modification
Gogedheh had made for the night's hunt.

The stairwell wall was a solid load-bearing wall, made out of the concrete.
Kiddo felt her breasts being crushed painfully into it as the net constricted
tightly, until she could barely breathe. She couldn't move her arms or legs;
the net was cutting into them so that trickles of blood emerging from her
tanned flesh.

She tried though, swearing with frustration and cursing out the alien. The
sheathed sword being crushed into her back would cut through the net like it
was nothing, if only she could draw it. Gogedheh found her struggles excited
him, although he was disappointed that the fight had ended to quickly. He
wondered if he should have left Beatrix Kiddo her sight, if he had misjudged
the odds or her ability.

The net had finished tightening; Kiddo was completely immobile. She couldn't
resist when the alien slashed open her black pants and tossed the shredded
fabric aside. He hooked a finger into the waistband of her substantial
panties and tore them from her body to fully reveal the curves of her toned
ass. Buck and his clientele had raped kiddo over a thousand times during her
four-year coma, but she remembered only a few through the comatose darkness.
As the half-crouching predator unbuttoned his leather pouch and rubbed his
thick green-brown meat between her buttocks so the sticky end smeared against
her back, Kiddo realised she was to be raped again.

Though the net pinning her to the wall restricted her breathing, Kiddo
managed to keep cursing out the alien. Gogedheh paid no attention to the
female's speech as he reached a clawed hand down to check the angle for
entering her cunt vertically. He shoved a thick finger inside Kiddo's hole,
and then a second with little resistance. Kiddo had been raped so many
times, and repeatedly by one freakishly endowed trucker who almost matched
Gogedheh's cock for size, that she was looser than a ten-dollar crackwhore
at the end of a twelve hour shift.

The predator snarled in frustration, doubly disappointed by Beatrix Kiddo's
physical prowess. He expected he could take satisfaction inside her, but
after Natalie and Miho's tight holes it would be an anti-climax in every
sense of the word. He stepped back, disappointed to his core in the third
section of the hunt. As his cock flopped down it brushed against Beatrix's
puckered anus.

Gogedheh stared at the female's waste hole. Trying to fuck a female
predator's waste hole earned any hunter foolish enough to try it the worst
beating of their life, followed by a slow dismemberment. The act had built
up to taboo status in the society, simply to avoid the genocide of horny
young males. His cock started to harden as he examined Beatrix Kiddo's
asshole and contemplated forbidden fruit.

Kiddo had stopped her cursing. The backs of her bloody wrists were cut
through the bone by the netting, while she was feeling light headed from
using all her air on it. She concentrated on maximising the air she could
breath in, and trying to ignore the pain her limbs were in from being
pinned vertically up off the floor, against the hard wall. Though blinded
for life she stared at the very real looking image of her young daughter,
B.B. Her whole mission now was to survive and return to her daughter.

She thought back to the other hunter she had faced, and his trophies. In the
brief moment before she'd been blinded, she had seen this new hunter carried
a net of trophies too. That meant he would probably need to pull away the
damned netting before trying to claim her head. If he believed her broken,
if he believed the fight was gone from her and that she was helpless. it
would give her the second she needed to draw her blade and remove his head
with Hattori Hanzo steel.

Kiddo felt something hot and sticky poking against her asshole and groaned
quietly. The hunter was going to dry anally rape her. Even Buck hadn't
forced such indignity for fear of the possible damage. She tried to relax
her muscles as much as possible, but when he shoved the pointed end of his
cock forward all she could manage was a strangled scream. The hot meat was
slightly lubricated by Gogedheh's precum and the sticky remains of the
earlier rapes, but not enough to do any good. He gripped Beatrix Kiddo's
hips in his huge hands and forced the first three inches of his cock into
her ass.

The pain was inconceivable and quite unlike anything Kiddo had previously
experienced. Her face grew red as she fought for the air to scream. Gogedheh
loved her hot tight ass squeezing his steel hard cock. He couldn't wait to
get all twelve inches inside the too-easily defeated bitch! Some great
warrior she turned out to be! He grunted as he put his strength into tearing
open Beatrix Kiddo's asshole, boring himself deeper and deeper into the
unwilling woman's waste hole.

Kiddo felt like a baseball bat was being forced up inside her. Tears
flowed freely from her sightless eyes while blood still flowed freely from
everywhere the netting had bitten in. The hunter pulled out, dragging his
blood-slick shaft into the air and then rammed it back hard. One brutal ten
inch thrust with his still mostly dry cock! He gloried in the destruction
of Beatrix Kiddo's ass. He violated her deeply. He pulled his messy cock all
the way out and watched how her ass stayed open. Blood started to drip out
and down her thighs.

He noticed a tube of Pringles sitting on the nearest desk and grabbed it.
Kiddo felt his fingers prying her cunt open again, and then suddenly the flat
ended tube was forced painfully inside her. Gogedheh was surprised at how
much effort he had to put in to force the tube far enough inside the female
that he couldn't see it anymore. Kiddo's body shook in pain and almost-shock
from the cold, hard tube that had destroyed her cervix. When Gogedheh stopped
pushing it was half lodged inside her already infertile womb.

Blood began to leak out from her cunt as Gogedheh slid back into her gaping
ass. He had had a degree of respect for Miho and Natalie Cook after he beat
them; especially Natalie. Beatrix Kiddo though was nothing, he decided. He
didn't care that she'd fought her way through an army of goons before facing
him, nor that he had cheated, for she had killed one of his clan and she
should have been the greatest foe he ever faced!

He raped her ass as hard as he could in great punishing, agonising thrusts
that lacerated her rectum and pushed into her bowel. Kiddo's whole world was
reduced to the agony of her anal degradation. She was bleeding enough to
lubricate the hunter's cock, but each thrust was like a sword-cut into flesh.
Each inward thrust forced a grunt from her lungs, each outward stroke drew
a strangled squeal from her lips. Gogedheh was lost in rage and hatred born
from his disappointment with her female. Incredibly, he sped up his thrusts,
slamming his cock into Beatrix Kiddo with the force of a fist. His own brolen
taboo fired his mind, suggesting this anal violation was the greatest shame
for a so-called warrior to experience!

Kiddo tried to keep it together, to find a place in her mind where there
was no pain. She thought of her daughter. She turned a mind disciplined
throughout her whole life to tuning out the pain. It started to work, even
as the hunter slammed all twelve inches of his cock again deeply inside her,
and then held it there.

Gogedheh had the best orgasm of his life. He blasted near scalding semen
into Beatrix Kiddo's shuddering ass. He fired inside her until he was
exhausted, filling her rectum completely and spraying up into her bowel
too. Greenish-white dick slime leaked slightly around Kiddo's hugely
stretched anus. The warmth in her belly felt even hotter around her
sensitive bloody asshole. She breathed in raggedy gasps. Her tearstained
face was almost purple. Kiddo's eyes were wide, though she saw nothing.

A river of hot alien cum drained from Beatrix Kiddo's ass when Gogedheh
finally pulled out. He felt a kind of inner peace he'd never known before.
He saw things more clearly then; Beatrix Kiddo had been a great warrior,
she just hadn't been a match for him. Gogedheh - the greatest hunter in the

Kiddo was beyond speech by then, shocked and humiliated and driven through
more pain barriers than she'd known existed. Her gaping ass felt totally
beyond help and repair. When the hunter pulled the net away from the wall
she fell limply to the floor. Kiddo lay still in the pool of messy spunk
that had drained from her ass. Gogedheh ran his hand the length of his shaft
and then flicked the mess at Beatrix Kiddo's face. She didn't react as it
splattered across her pretty features and dribbled into her mouth.

He took some of her shredded pants from where they'd drop and began to wipe
most of the mess from his cock and hand. Kiddo heard the noise of the fabric,
felt the hot sticky mess soaking into her back and felt the inhumanly hot cum
draining from her destroyed ass.

There was something else pressing into her back, too. A sheath. The finest
sword made by the finest sword-smith who ever lived. Gogedheh caught the
movement from the corner of his eye as Beatrix Kiddo rose up and drew her
sword. The shakiness and shuddering was gone from her blood and cum dripping
body. The humiliation and pain was locked deep down inside her mind, almost
beyond memory.

She was Warrior, fighting for her kin. She was blind Justice. She was the
greatest swordswoman ever to draw breath in this world or any other.

There is perhaps no metal in the universe that could have stopped the sword
when she attacked. Gogedheh watched with shock as the blind woman cut through
his right wrist blades like they was paper and came within inches of lopping
off his left hand. Kiddo kicked out as hard as she was able, and landed a
massive blow right in the middle of Gogedheh's dangling cock, which bounced
back between his legs. He howled in pain and rage. She landed another blow on
his leg; the predator stumbled and then she cut open his metal breastplate.

Fire lanced across his chest, but he'd hardly begun to bleed when the weaving
blade slashed back across his throat. He frantically targeted his shoulder

The shot surprised Kiddo. She felt air through the hole in her chest. Her
mouth moved slowly, forming not a silent death curse, but her daughter's
name. The darkness welcomed her like an old friend.

Gogedheh scrambled frantically at his medical kit. The predator's neck and
circulatory system was far tougher than a human's, but he could still bleed
to death. Green blood spurted from his neck. He managed to get the
staunch-pack across the wound. It sealed skintight and the blood flow stopped
immediately, though the pain was intense. He tried a few worried words, and
found his voice to be undamaged.

Had Beatrix Kiddo been even slightly closer, she would have taken his head.
The predator used his remaining wrist-blades to claim Beatrix Kiddo's head as
a trophy. He did so reverently, with the greatest respect he felt he could
ever show prey. He even reached down and pulled the tube from her pussy,
ignoring the pool of piss that had sprayed on her death.

Three down and Two more to go. He headed back to the rooftops to remove his
breastplate and treat the chest wound. He turned his mind to Lara Croft.

The hunt continued.

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