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Kim Possible: Gencom - Stoppable Genie Part 2 (mf,inter,oral,mc)
by C. King ([email protected])

Ron entered Middleton High with a sense of confidence since he finally had some control over his life. After the modifications to Shego, he had made some minor tweaks to the school to make it a better place for him to get a higher education. As well as one more major tweak in one person in general. The fact of the matter was Ron was Gencom less at the moment, so there was a sense of weakness or nudity in his head. Even with the coded passwords used to lock out the electronic genie from altering those close to him and the second one to lock out the computer in general.

'Uploading those mad hacker skills into my brain might not be what I wanted but it had to be done. Didn't want this awesome gift falling into the wrong hands, like Draken or worse Monkey Fist! I am getting a nasty vision of a world of monkey people with monkey freak as their leader. I do not need to pairs of hands, thank you. Or a tail for that matter. It does make me think about looking up Yori's profile and seeing if there's any way to get her to come over here. Meanwhile there's at least three ladies who can use some Ron-ness. Two in this school alone. Like this little lady coming in.' thought Ron as he noticed his girlfriend Kim Possible come walking up to him. She was in jeans with a white shirt with a pink heart, not the silky-satiny fetish he had cultivated in the Gencom. He had yet to update her wardrobe so this would explain it as she was using the clothes she already had.

"Hi Ron,...what's the sitch? You seemed to be more confident today then you are usually. Anything you can tell me and should I be more careful then usually?" asked the redhead as she slided up to Ron and took his right arm. She then moved in for the passionate kiss on her boyfriend's lips, which should have made the teachers come out to break it up for legal reasons or morality ones. However, there had been a recent amendment to those rules by way of computer djinn.

"Just getting more control in and improving my life. Getting better grades in the last few weeks, improving my study habits. Even with a distracting beauty there with me, I might say. My parents think I am responsible enough to control the money I am still making off the Naco, which turns out to be in the multiple millions. Plus I have one of, if not the most, sexy woman in all of Middelton High at my side. What's not to be confident about?" asked Ron as he keep some of the conversation low given the last time he had insane wealth. False friends, irrational spending sprees, and finally theft of all funds.

"At least you've learnt from your mistakes, even if it's surprising you still have millions in the bank. So what are you plans for today, especially after school. I have a few things I want to try out with you, a few moves which could come in handy. Could be a real test of our agility and flexibility... for those booby-traps you don't see coming. Or the laser grids which everyone seems to have now, what is it with that? A sale at Smarty Mart on security systems?" asked the teen heroine as her 'sidekick' noted the hidden flirting within the conversation. He was wondering how he could push this, as well as a few thoughts about what to do during cheer practice.

It was then a woman snuggle up close to Ron's left side as he felt his head being moved by a long nailed hand. A dark skinned beauty had decided to press her lips to Ron's while in front of his cheerleader girlfriend, with a kiss which smoke with fire as much as Kim's lips had granted. Normally this would not have gone down well, but this was the major tweak which Ron had created with his magical machine. A second high school girlfriend, both she and Kim had their jealous against each other removed. It did help they had been friends with each other before, since Monique and Kim would have fight tooth and nail for their man. Unless they had decided to fight tooth and nail against him. Bisexuality and attraction to each other did help as well, which explained the kissing between the two girls in the school hall. Also ignored by the teachers.

"So what has my hottie and my hunky been doing without me? Am I right at overhearing you two are planning some alone time without me? Surely, you're not stupid enough to leave me behind? Even after the help I given the two of you on our missions." Monique said, as the new reality added memories to her. Ron had decided to add some help for the missions, which usually had the world at risk. Added back up in those circumstances would be welcomed if it protected people from evil. Further increases with Team Possible seemed to be a good idea in the long run.

Ron was enjoying the short black skirt and low neckline, sleeveless red blouse the black woman was wearing while her sensual curves were moving close against his own thin body. Which made him all the while more impressed with what he had gained through his computerized djinn.

The bell rang which signaled the beginning of classes. Kim turned to kiss her man once again as she moved away from him very reluctantly. After the deep kiss, Kim spoke, "Sorry Ron, but I have to get to class. Monqiue, keep an eye on him for me while you two are in study hall. I don't want another girl trying to take him away while I'm not looking, at least not unless I want them to. I'll meet you in the next class and then Ron and I can meet up for cheer practice. Then we can get a little alone time between the two of us after all of the other cheerleaders have left. Seeya."

Kim began to run to catch up to her class room before the second bell, leaving the dark skin lovely and the light skinned young man together in the crowded hallways. Monqiue turned to Ron and gave him a quirky smile as she began to ask a question, "So are we heading to study hall for some study time or are we going to make the most of the alone time we have together? Cause as much as we have fun with Kim, I do love these moments when we can spend time getting to know each other better. Whether arguing who's the better wrestler or making our own little wrestling matches."

Ron could only smile at these changes of events as he made his choice of what to do for the next thirty to forty-five minutes while class occurred. The obvious came to mind as teen-aged hormones mixed with extended use of the mind altering Gencom. He began, "I think this time I would like to spend time on the last one then on the first one. I think I know the perfect place to perform some of those advance-wrestling moves we like to use. Just follow me and set your watches so we can catch the next class without Barkin given us any detention, I don't need more of that from him."

The Blond Boy remembered last night as he was editing the profiles of the women, he had also altered things around the school to benefit him. One was while he was in the school he would be able to have a perfected, almost atomic internal clock to keep him from Barkin's wraith. Of course it didn't hurt to be careful and have Monique to set her watch. He also made it so he could detect areas of the school which were unused and yet excellent for a sexual romp with one or more ladies. He also allowed himself a danger sense, good for mission and to avoid being seen while doing the nasty in school. If he was caught, there was the command for people to just shrug it off unless given a suggestion by Ron himself. Better safe then sorry had been one of the lessons of the Stoppable life.

To make it easier for Rufus when Ron was having his way with the women, the little rodent had a new ability to teleport to his own personal hidden dimension. All of the time playing RPG had given him the idea which also included some useful toys in said dimension. Like a fridge stocked with both health food and the Bueno Nachos menus, an series of mole rat exercise equipment, and a television with full cable and a game system which could play all games. So far this was all mole rat size, but Ron was thinking of creating his own dimension connected to Rufus' home.

'The ultimate tree house with highly limited access and room to unwind. Unless I go for the mansion idea with all of the mad cash I just discovered I had. The ability for Rufus to teleport to the dimension or close to me will be really useful. Could do a few mods like that for him, as well as find him a mole rat lady of his own.' thought the laid-backed boy as he lead Monqiue to the gym area of the school.

There was a gym class but the warmer weather had allowed the class to move outside. Yet this was not the area he had marked out for the wrestling match. No, but it had been inspired by Monique's words. There was the supply room for all of the sports and games supplies, which included all of the balls and nets... and all of the mats for gymnastics and for wrestling. These padded pieces of foam which would be perfect for a little bedtime athletics, which was why he took her to the room which had no windows.

"Interesting, So are you going to F.M.U." asked Monqiue as she looked at the cozy little space they were using.

"F.M.U.?" asked Ron, as he tried to decipher the codes of letters his black female lover would use.

"Fuck Me Up, baby! So what do you want to do first? Ass, mouth, pussy or something else? What's in your head right now?" asked Monqiue as she started to strip, in a hurry to get to the action to come. Ron followed her once he figured out there was no strip tease... this time. He did keep a note to see if he could change it in the future.

Soon clothes were removed with all care to avoid damaging them, they still had to use them after their sexual activity. Ron took a moment to admire the nude form of his female companion in her uncovered glory.

Chocolate brown skin with only a few darker spots which were either tiny freckles or moles which added attractive flaws to the feminine form. The nipples on her large breasts were a deeper shade of dark chocolate compared to the milky chocolate of her normal skin, both of them seeming the size of quarters and with tips upright with sexual excitement. He looked down her body to her lower body and her long, well shaped legs. Above those heavenly legs were a pussy which did have hair above it, but cut into the shape of a thin strip. The hairy strip was small enough to allow for a thin thong to be worn, while at the same time covering the hair which was left.

Looking up from her chest, he was taking a deep look at her sculpted like face and huge brown eyes which seemed to be a creamy mocha shade then most of her flesh tone. Lips were a soft spoken red which seemed to be a highlighting of her lips, whether this was make up or was a natural aspect of her lips was something Ron didn't know. Her hair had a perfect shine to it with seemed to be seen even in the dim light of the room they were in.

Monqiue in return was looking at his body with a hungry look as Ron thought, 'Monqiue might not be a cheerleader or a sport star, but she does take care of herself. Football does help keep my body in good shape, but so does running from explosion and jumping away from death traps. Now how to get into sex when I have little experience in the subject... like none. I have downloaded all of the information I can about sex from ancient gurus to modern sex therapist. Okay, come up with a game plan Ron.'

The female in the duo blinked for a moment after nothing happened and then said, "You have no experience with sex and no idea how to get started, do you?"

"Nope, do you?" asked the other half of the duo, as he continued to come up with a game plan.

"Not really any real experience in my life, but I have... accidentally... seen some videos which were educational in nature. I might be able to come up with something from the top of my head, but do you think that Kim might not mind you having your virginity taken by me?"

"I think there will be a little gell'n for her for a while, until she gets her own time with me. Hopefully, the fact I might have some better experience for her might ease any kind of gell'n on her part. Or I can just come up with some kind of present for her. Like my being my first pussy or first ass fucking, and only sticking to some specific body part for you to be my first in. Any suggestion?"

"Hmmm, so I get a first and Kim gets a first... this might work. So what should I take as my own? So many body parts and so many kinds of sex, what can I do? Well, I think I'll take something I have more advantage in then Kim does. My breasts are just a little bit bigger then hers, hers legs are a little better and her ass is tighter with all of those cheerleading gymnastic movies she makes daily. So I think it might be time for us to experiment with a little titty fucking, if that's alright for you, Ron?"

With this Monqiue bent over and started to kiss the base of the ball sack as she moved up the sack towards the rod. Ron held back some giggles as he felt pleasant tickling from the lips of his new girlfriend, and the idea of his cock being named "Ron's Rod". It also didn't help that Monique was doing a little sucking on his body, even taking one of his balls into her mouth for a moment. The ball in her mouth was being bathed and teased by the tongue, as the edges and tips of the mouth flesh tried to smooth the wrinkles on Ron's man-berries. Sliding one ball out of her mouth, she slipped in another one and repeated her efforts. This was causing Mr. Stoppable to sigh and moan as he tried to keep control over his cock, using the knowledge he downloaded into his mind.

Once Monqiue was finished with the two balls she moved back to the rod and kissed the underside of the penis. She even licked it a little with her tongue every once and a while, as she also used her fingernails to tease the now moist balls or what part of the rod which wasn't being controlled by her lips.

Ron was starting to wonder if she was changing her mind about the boob based sexual position and taking a more oral route, when the black woman moved him around so his white flesh stick was pointing up. She began to slip the straight piece of his body into the crease of her body with her momma bags taking the appearance of absorbing the white body part into her black body. The contrast of the two skin shades were an interesting sight, which might explain the interest in interracial sex. A quick thought of how his pale body might look against Shego's green tinted skin might look enter his mind before it was thrown out by the actions of his current partner.

Monqiue seemed to be experimenting with the uses of her breasts for sexual pleasure with Ron, displaying a little in experience with sex they both had. She was keeping her body up in one position, using part of Ron's body to keep her up so he could get a good peek at the action happening below. The second hand was trying to see what could happen if it was playing with her tits while Ron's cock was inside them. Truth was it could only move one breast while the other was more reaction based with the other more active tit. So it was taking some time for the black haired woman to figure out how to move one breast so both of them were best teasing Ron.

Meanwhile Ron was trying to keep control of his own orgasm, since he had made the mistake of not giving himself some kind of stamina for sexual activity. He had endurance and strength to avoid death-dealing situations, but had yet to build them up when coming with sex due to his only experiences being masturbation. Given he didn't hold back when doing a solo party, he was working himself hard to prevent a premature explosion without his pants.

This was all making Ron to think, 'I'm going to need to boost my sex game up a notch if I'm going to have sex with more then one woman, otherwise it's going to kill me. I just have to think of unsex things like monkeys or bugs. Things I'm afraid of... nothing can turn me off like monkeys. Even when Kim turned into a monkey girl... it was a little sexy and might be interesting for a private encounters and... I'm turned on again! Dang it!'

Monique was staring to use a new position where her elbows were holding up her body as she was using her second hand with her second breast. This was making it even harder for to hold back his little coming problem, so Ron was wondering if he should just give into it and release his load now instead of later. Yet he was getting the feeling it wouldn't be fair for him to release unless he had a plan for giving his partner a release of her own.

'Well, I can just try to masturbate Monique until she comes. Now just have to release...' thought Ron as he finally allowed himself to relieve the pressure in his balls. Semi-clear, white fluids gushed from the rod within the breast and squirted all over the fleshy orbs and up so it hit the chin of his dark eyed lover. This also gave Ron a moment to think about one minor thing he forgot about, how to clean up the mess after sex.

"Guess we got a little messy here, Ron. Do you have anything to clean this up with? Or any idea how to get something to clean everything up?" asked Monique, as they looked at each other. Ron was just grinning with a sheepish look on his face.

"I think I need more practice with sex and having it at school. I think we have enough time to pick up some kind of paper towel or toilet paper to clean this up from the bathroom, then get dressed before class. Maybe when it comes for time between myself and Kim, I should take it back to my place or her place if I can avoid Mr. Dr. P." said Ron as he got up and looked for a way to sneak from the store room to a nearby shower of the gym's change rooms.

This was one of the most dangerous experience he had made, even with the modification he had made to the school. Cause even if they didn't react too much to him being naked, Ron would carry the memories of the moment in his head. So every stealth skill he had developed with his time with Kim was at work... of course he was the one who usually spoiled the moment of surprise when he was acting like a ninja with Kim.

'More Mental notes, gain mastery of Monkey Style Martial Arts and add mad ninja skills. Both useful in so many situations.'

Ron had succeeded to getting to the showers and borrowing a roll of paper towels from the hands washing station, not many left with the school going green. Then again, air dryers didn't get out mystery meat that well for your hands. He just made it into the gym and back to the storeroom, when he ran into Mr. Barkin. They both blinked for a moment before the assistant principal responded

"I'm going to pretend this didn't happen, but you better be wearing clothes the next time I see you Stoppable. Now excuse me while I try to bleach this image from my mind." with those words, Barkin moved quickly out of the room with a brisk walk.

"More mental notes, erase that from all people's memory."


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