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Kim Possible: Gencom - Stoppable Genie Part 3
by C. King ([email protected])

Ron knew he would have to make some more changes in his life, so he summon a distress call to his best friend in the whole world ... with a penis. Rufus, his naked mole rat buddy. When Rufus seemed to have guessed what was needed as he arrived with what looked like a certain type of phone with multiple applications, some of which included the Gencom and full Internet option. In essence he had created the genPhone, a mobile version of the reality shifting device.

"Great little buddy, something to make Ron's life a little more smooth on the run. My only fear is loosing it and having it be picked up by some one like Drakken or Monkey Fist. Got to think about some kind of security option, which means getting my own tech guy like Wade ... or tech girl with a sexy body. I have some idea on it, but I am going to have to set things up.

Meanwhile, I have a school and two homes at least to set up so sex is easier to access then before. Then I have to make Kim's first time special, even if it's not my first time. I have cheerleaders which might need watching and Shego is being effected by the Gencom even as we speak, who knows how that's taking to her her at the moment. Plus I have to make sure my chocolate honey is not left out in the whole matter.

Might be a good idea to skip one of the classes today so I can get everything which needs to be done finished for today. I do not want another naked Barkin moment again, those two words do not belong with each other in any universe.

So what are you going to help me, little buddy?" asked the blond boy to his rodent friend, who called out a request for cheese.

"Okay, you get cheese and I get my help, Rufus."


Given her personality, Shego had the run of the lair which she lived in with her boss Dr. Drakken and his henchmen. There are few things which their organization feared more then an angry Shego, which also explained Drakken's fear of the Moodulator ... a device which controlled emotions and could make a pissed Shego. It also explained his nervous reaction to mind control chips and cloning experiments, even with his weird obsession with cloning people.

So the fact the green tinted woman was now sleeping in on this workday could be explained in this manner, since all people feared the idea of waking her when she was on the wrong side of the bed. She was slowly rising dressed in a silky night gown the shade of black and green in the baby-doll manner, head being covered by a green pillow as it rested on a black one. The colours were her signature and were expected from those who knew her.

'Another morning, another march to defeat by the combination of Kim Possible and the stupidity of Dr. Dee. Wonder what new kind of half-baked idea he has come up with this time? I should have stuck with Possible's sidekick when he went blue bad, at least his stupid ideas were actually successfully planned. Force-field against attacks by irate employees, the double plan with one doomsday device covering another doomsday device, plus the insider knowledge of Kimmie's actions to set up a great delay trap and counter. It was all for the naco supplies of the world, but maybe with the right influence I might be able to make him think bigger the fusion foods.

Which might explain the type of dream I was having last night which involved Stoppable ... and guest. An unwanted guest in some ways, but oh so welcomed in others ... makes me wonder what it is which is going on in my head.' thought the female villain who flashed back to the dreams which she had.

The first was the common dream in which she was battling the little redheaded princess, which because it was her dream meant Shego was dominating the combat rather then the equal level they stood with each other. Soon she was pushing the redhead down to the ground as she stood over the other woman in victory as she spoke, "Looks like the little princess lost her footing, and now she fall down go boom! Who's going to save you now, Kimmie?"

"I will! " came a familiar male voice which echo from the lair dream set. It was the male sidekick of Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, as who had been Zorpox when he had been a villain. He was usually a buffoon in real world, but in this case seemed to have been more fighter then he usually was. She had heard from Monkey Fist about the coming and going ability of Stoppable's monkey kung fu skills, but she didn't expect to face it here in her dream.

"Well come get me, sidekick! " said the female bad girl as she looked at the younger man, and she moved into a combat mode like the man before her. He also moved into a martial arts stance as they charged into combat with each other, with fist and feet ready to fly at each other.

Shego began to use her ability to generate plasma to try and keep the man at a distance, but he seemed to slip under her green energy blasts and reach the close quarters range. She had to knock off the energy blasts and move to just the regular fighting, with her little advantage of holding a flare of green energy and heat surrounding her hands. Stoppable had to avoid all of the strikes she made at him, to avoid being burned by the 'hottie', but she made some close calls against him by scorching the clothes he was wearing.

It was one of these scorching which caused the pants of the sidekick turned hero to fall down and reveal the underwear which he had on, which caused the man to say, "Even when I'm being cool and fighting, these things still can stay on. I even had a belt on this time, why can't I keep my pants on?"

"Maybe you're just so blinded by my beauty it's too hard for you to keep your pants on? Oops, looks like you can't even keep your boxer's on." said the greenish-black haired woman as she made another slash at the young man to cause the undergarment to drop around his ankles like his pants. It was then she saw something which interested her.

Stoppable's cock was flaccid at the moment, but from the looks of the prick it was a good size for the frame of the blond man. Shego usually went for the muscle bound man, but in most circumstance their performance was lacking. If this prick worked like it should, a woman would be very lucky to take this out for a test drive.

"Momma likes, sidekick. Maybe you would like to give up the princess and try a real woman on for size, one who could make a real man out of you? " she said as she taunted him as she moved into the position for a better strike.

In a blink of an eye, Stoppable was in front of her as close as could be as and began to speak to her, "Are you sure it's not the other way around, Shego? That you want a real man to make a real woman out of you? Maybe scratch the itch you have been feeling for all of this time. Maybe you want me to take your clothes off, like you're doing to me?"

With surprising speed and some kind of electrical like energy around his hands, he seemed to slice down the clothing she was wearing down to her black bra and panties combo. Only these panties and bra were made of some kind of kinky latex which molded itself to her skin like a second layer. This caused Ron to smile and say, "I guess the big bad girl has a naughty side as well. Maybe she needs a spanking to make her a good girl again?"

This pissed the green skinned woman again as it refer to her past as a hero on her team of idiot brothers, which made her use her powers to vaporize all of the clothing which the blue eyed blond was wearing. The now nude male was showing off a well-muscled body, even if he was not as bulked up as a body-builder. This was getting the bad action girl's lusts inflamed while mixing with her torch of anger, which was giving the woman all sorts of evil ideas. Including a way to turn the tables on Stoppable while also taking something of Kimmie's at the same time, which were two bonuses she really wanted for her efforts.

She began to grapple Stoppable with her nearly nude body, making sure he could feel the smooth and flawless skin which seemed to have been a bonus with her plasma powers. No matter what wounds she managed to experience, nothing remained on her body for long. She held her arms around his head in a locking move, while her breast thrust into the centre of his back. Her legs and feet were also locking down on his legs, making movement for the young man much more harder. While he was unable to escape, she began to whisper in his ears before she licked the lobes of the man she held,. "Getting any naughty ideas, Stoppable? What would your girlfriend think of this?"

"Maybe she might want a taste of it as well." came the call from behind Shego from the voice of the red-haired heroine. Kim then began to tickle underneath the arms of the villain which was causing the greenish-black haired vixen to lose her grip on the male. He slipped from her arms and turned around to pushed her back onto a bed which had appeared from nowhere, which could have been expected from a dream.

"Looks like Shego wants to have a ride on the Ron Stoppable love train. Care to catch the engine for Freakytown?" asked Stoppable as he stood over her on the soft bed with the red silk sheets. Shego bit her lip for a minute as she decided how this dream was going to go.

"Sure... " she said before making a move to throw Stoppable over her and onto the bed as she switched positions. She was still on the bed, but he was now beneath her as the sheets turned from red to black. She then continued her words, "But I always get top billing, understand sidekick?"

With this, her skintight undergarments vanished from sight. Taking charge of the ability to control her dreams, she started to make her pussy wet. A savage kiss from her black stained lips on to his as she impaled herself on his stake with just as much wildness. Which in her mind made sense, since if you're going to fuck in a dream you might as well get big or go home. She also began to rake her nails down the chest of her new sexual partner, wanting to mark the boy even if it was just with minor wounds. The idea of marking Kim's boy-toy made this even more delicious as the teen heroine was watching the event occur.

The green skinned vixen began to notice little kissed from the back of her neck, a place the boy in front of her could not reach. She broke a hot kiss and nibbling of Stoppable's lips as she turned around, noticing that Kim was now nude as she was kissing the back of the thief. The cheerleader was naked with breasts pushing into the back of Shego like soft pillows as the teen's hands were roaming around the breast of dark action girl. This gave Stoppable the ability to focus on the little love button near the green vixen's vagina, which had the effect of sending double pleasure to the older woman. Then Kim moved to the ear lobes which caused her to get a triple play of the moment, which caused her to orgasm with a jolt of power.

The dream continued with all kinds of pleasure of the sexual kinds, in different settings and plots ... as much as plot matters to sexual fantasies. The awake Shego was both surprised at the content of the dream, but also curious at what the sidekick was hiding under his clothes.

'It might be a great sensation to take Stoppable from Kimmie from time to time, but that threesome was a pretty hot idea as well. Wonder if I could seduce Possible as well with my ... charms. Kinky fun is always up my alley, but how am I going to get it? They're not going to be too pleased to have a female bad guy as their fuck buddy, no their more likely to gift wrap me to Global Justice. Maybe I could just have my way with the blond, since men are more open to ... understanding then women in my case.' thought Shego as she started to scheme to have her fun with Ron Stoppable, which was stopped by the intercom.

"Shego, I need you! My latest invention is going to show the world who's in ... BOOOOM!!! Okay, I'm going to need the clean up team too. Shego! " said the voice of Dr. Drakken as Shego just groaned at the fact she was working for a moronic madman.

Back with Ron...

Ron had been making profile tags for a select collection of girls as well as himself. Shego, Kim and Monique were obviously on the menu just like himself and Rufus. He also added the entire Middleton cheerleaders including Bonnie who was Kim's rival on the team. He also added Yori on the lock out for his own personal changes, wondering if the Yamanouchi school she 'send' her over here to watch over him and Hana his sister. Others to mark and bookmark are Dr. Betty Director, M.C.Honey, Britina, Kim's family, Ade's family and his family. He also used this moment to mark another woman, V. F. Porter.

Vivian Frances Porter was a co-worker of Kim's dad, a master of robotics for the Middleton Space Centre. She also had the body of a supermodel which she believed would have prevented her from being taken seriously in the world of hard science. Kim's dad seemed to have put that behind her as she became one of the top scientist in the experimental space lab. A hot female techie who could build her own human shaped battle bot was a major aid in the fight against evil if she could be boosted.

"Just a few additions to her university background so she has a background in multiple scientific fields as well as a brain boost to her own major intellect. Then a little crush on the old Ron-man to make her a little more willing to work with my manliness. So now I have my own tech support member for team missions, guess it can be a little bit of a competition against Wade for best inventor." said Ron to his mole rat buddy as they looked at the genPhone and it's Gencom application.

"I could also use a brain boost as well to help to take advantage of this whole situation as well as they ability to find or summon items I might need for emergencies. Emergencies like being able to clean up after sex or to avoid the whole naked Barkin mess again. Finding a mess of clothes when having to come across Mr. B would be the best thing I can do.

Just set up some of macros for some of the females I want to deal with at the moment and other macros for the other people bookmarked, like Kim and my families. Giving them a health boost would be a welcomed change. Speaking of changes, I have to make sure anyone who finds out about the Gencom or who I tell about it are more open to me making some changes to them. A simple macro for that to make them alright with all of the changes I make, including one for the 'ladies' which makes them find it sexy whenever I make changes to them or other girls.

Okay, I guess I'll have the Yamanouchi school send Yori out to help me with things. This should be it with my wishes for the moment, time to move on to business. With my naco money and all of the smart investments my Uncle Sean Stoppable has made, I have quite the nest egg. Which means I need a bachelor pad worthy of Ronald Stoppable, Naco King. Cause I doubt Kim and the girls would want to live in another dimension. So let's turn on the old Googol search engine and look up real estate listings for the city of Middleton ... hey, there's even a home finder for the area. Let's see if I can put in what I would need ... before remodelling with the Gencom." said Ron as he made a list of the things he wanted for the building he would be living in.

'A big kitchen for cooking, a big pool for all of the honey's in their bikinis, a great home entertainment centre for my entertainment, several bedrooms including a huge one for when I invent some lovely friends for a sleep over, plus a garage for my scooter. So this and a few other things which I will be uploading into the engine, time to set for the search.' thought Ron as the computer began to 'think' about the choices which was to be made.

A list of homes appeared including pictures and a few had the interactive web tours of the homes. He saved this to his browser and made a note to look this over when he had time, including getting Kim and Monique to give their input on the matter as well. He had a few favourites from the list, but a female touch might go well in getting him the loving type of life he wanted. He also used the system to look up a few household items he would just need to have before he moved on to his investment portfolio which Uncle Sean had made for him.

'Okay, some good general choices. It does need my own personal touch, like picking up Bueno Nacho and sending some of my money with Smarty Mart and it's Club Banana stores. A few other little business which cried out the name of Ron. Okay, the money seemed to be fine.

Money, magical wishes, hot woman and the hunt for a new home. I'm doing well for myself, heck I'm even doing better in school then before without it looking like I'm cheating ... or using an experimental device enhanced mole rat to do my work for me. So what is it that I'm getting a feeling of something is about to happen... '

"Hey, Ron. Good to see you again, boyfriend. Bad news, Wade has reported that the Seniors are trying to steal something from an experimental lab, which means we have to skip practise and try to hunt down what ever it is they took this time. Hopefully, when we get back we can spend some alone time, Monique promised us some time together for the 'wrestling match' the two of you when through. Care to explain this, Ron?" asked Kim as she was flirting with him about his time with his second girlfriend, which just made him smile as he turned off and hid his genPhone.

"Just a little game we were playing with each other during study hall, something which we have to include you in next time we do it. Alone time with my favourite read head would be a welcomed fun time for me to have, but let's get back to the mission. Who does Wade have for a ride this time? Anyone we know?"

"The Global Justice is giving us a ride this time for all of the work we have done for them in stopping evil, like Killigan or W.E.E ... We have to visit an experimental lab in New Jersey which deals with sound and acoustics, Wade thinks it has something to do with Junior's desire for Pop Super-stardom. Of course, Senior Senior Sr.'s hands it might be turned into a weapon or a mind control device of some kind. Wade is trying to get more from the lab while we wait for our ride out to the facility, which should be arriving out front of the school. So let's get going, the sooner we're done the sooner we can 'hang' with each other." said Kim as she tugged on Ron's arm out to the front of the school.


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