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Kim Possible: Making The Perfect Man
by Tricksterson

"Well gosh darn it, that's the last straw!" shouted DNAmy, then she looked
reflexively around her lab even though it was empty because for her her such
language was positively obscene.

Her lab was where she spent most of her time. She'd never had much of a
social life and it was easy to see why. Slightly above middle height she was
also slightly above 200 lbs. In her thirties she still had the greasy skin of
an acne prone teenager. To top it off, the last person to share her hairstyle
had been Moe Howard.

But it was more than just her looks. She projected a relentless cheer that
was the emotional equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard and she was like
this all the time. It was the kind of highstrung happiness that was destined
to snap and when it did it wasn't going to be any prettier than she was.

That time appeared to be now.

The cause of this pivotal moment lay scattered all over the normally pristine
floor of her laboratory. It was the remains of what was traditionally called
"a Dear Jane letter". Admittedly most of them didn't read "FUCK OFF AND DIE,
YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!" It was signed Lord Monkey Fist.

Of course one might question the right of Lord Monkey fist to call *anyone*
crazy but that wasn't the point, was it? The point was all the time, effort
and love invested in her cuddlekins and now he'd up and rejected her. She'd
even gone and given herself a gorilla-body just to appeal to him (although
some might say that it had been an improvement over the original) and *this*
had been the thanks she got.

Well then, if that was the way Mr. Monkeydoody felt, she'd just get herself
another boyfriend.

And that's when she had herself a wonderful idea.

* * *

The day began typically for Ron, which was somewhat different than typically
for nearly anyone else on the planet. He'd noticed some time ago that his
life, especially when Kim was around tended to follow a certain pattern.
Unfortunately that pattern resembled a roller coaster designed by Salvador
Dali. It would go from deepest low to dizzying height, then back again via
bizaarely angled tangents and then, just when it peaked again, the track

So it was today. It started not merely low, but with a low trick by Ape and
Stooge, two of Middleton High's nastier bullies. It wasn't the first time
he'd been pantsed, in fact he'd done it to himself more than once.

But this time was different. This time they jerked down his drawers as well
as his pants.

But things didn't turn out quite as they'd expected. Instead of humiliating
laughter there were gasps of envy and astonishment as well as a few
embarrassed titters for Ron Stoppable had a staff you could use for a
flagpole. For a really big flag.

* * *

It's not well known to the general public but thanks to the presence of
Kim Possible, Middleton High is the most surveilled High school, public
or private in America. Not only several government agencies but every
significant supervillain in the world has the place wired for sight and

DNAmy was no different.

* * *

Of course Amy's Spybots(tm) were not the only observers. There had been a
small crowd of them and, as well known, gossip is the only thing that moves
faster than the speed of light. Ron had been excused early from his classes
and was on his way out of the school when he heard a "Psst!" Looking around
he saw a slender brown arm beckoning him from a nearby supply closet well
known as a makeout spot.

When he got there he saw that the arm belonged to Monique, a voluptuous black
girl who also happened to be Kim's *other* best friend.

"Monique? What are you...gakk!" he cried before being yanked into the closet.
Monique closed the door firmly then looked uncharacteristically shy.

"What are you doing?"

"She blushed. "I just wanted to...see it."

"It?" Then he noticed that her eyes were firmly fixed on his crotch. "Oh." He
sensed the surrealistic rollercoaster of his life shifting gears and moving

"Um...okay." Her hand was reaching out even before his assent was finished,
undoing his belt and unzipping him in a trice. His already semi-erect cock
sprung to full attention at the touch of her soft hands.

"Mymymymymy," she cooed appreciatively. "It's everything they said it was."

"Hey, howcome you get to touch and I don't?" Ron whined.

Monique arched an eyebrow. "Who said you don't get to touch?" Soon his hands,
somewhat clumsily but with great enthusiasm were molding the softness of her
tits, first over, then under her top while her own tentative touching of his
member turned into a firm stroking. Soon her top and bra came off and Ron's
mouth had joined his hands in exploring the richness of her bosom.

"Mmmm," she murmered, then got onto her knees. She smilingly rubbed his dick
against the side of her face then ran her full, red lips up and down it's
massive length, tongue flicking out periodically like a snakes. Ron moaned as
she took his member in her mouth and gave it a good suck. She wasn't able to
get more than two-thirds of his member down her throat but her had stroked
and caressed the rest, dipping down to give attention to his ball as well.
Just as he was seconds away from coming Monique, practiced fellatrix that she
was, pulled back, then lay down on the sheets spread on the floor, spread her
legs and smiled invitingly. When he hesitated the smile turned upside down.

"Do I have to draw you a map? Oh wait," she said, reflecting that this was
after all, Ron, "maybe I do." With this she spread her pussy lips and guided
him in.

"Mmmmyeah, oh yeah, that's it, work it, workit!" she cried as he thrust
manfully into her, enthusiasm making up for lack of experience. Her fingers
clawed at his back and their mouths fused together as they came.

As they got dressed Monique looked uncomfortably at Ron.

"Mmm, Ron?"


"Maybe we shouldn't mention this to Kim."

At that moment Ron wanted to run up and down the halls proclaiming what had
just happened but he could see her point.

"Okay," he said with a sigh.

"Or, um, anyone else?"

"All right," he said with a much larger sigh. "But can we do this again?"

"Oh yeah! It was great!" Well, that was *some* consolation.

* * *

Ron was in bed, in the middle of a wet dream about his encounter with Monique
when he was awoken by his bedroom window sliding open. Coming through was a
black clad, masked figure. 'Ninja!' was his immediate thought and he assumed
a martial arts stance only to get his feet tangled in the sheets and fall
flat on his face.

He heard a familiar snicker from the dark clad and, he now realized, quite
shapely, figure.

"Idiot," the figure said, confirming who it was.


"Shut up," said the Bonnie. Cover blown, she pulled off the ski mask and
shook out her short brown hair. To Ron's pleased surprise the mask was
followed by the black turtleneck she was wearing and the grey sportsbra
underneath, revealing a pair of well rounded, caramel colored B-cups
topped by milk chocolate nipples.

"What are you doing?" Ron sputtered to be answered with a slap across the

"I said 'Shut UP!'" Bonnie snapped as she pulled down his pajama bottoms.
"This is embarrasing enough for me." Her usual hostile attitude changed
however as soon as she saw what she had come for. She took it in her hands
and rubbed it against her nipples and between her breasts, purring as she
did so. Ron, not completely the fool many took him for, kept his mouth shut
and enjoyed the sensation. She squeezed her tits together and moved them up
and down his pole, stopping just short of letting him come then licked her
long slippery tongue up and down it again stopping just short of his bursting

"This is torture!" Ron exclaimed. Bonnie looked up anger blazing from her
eyes. Her hands shot out and wrapped around Ron's throat at this reminder
that he was anything but a lifesupport system for a penis. She quickly
noticed that the strangulation had the odd effect of making his dick even
larger and kept up the pressure as she mounted him. She periodically
lessened and increased the pressure as she slid up and down the pole, his
choking noises only turning her on the more. As she came, biting down on
her lip so hard it bled, he had to reach up and pull her hands loose or
he would have strangled. Even so he could barely move as she hastily
dressed and told him fiercely "This never happened!"

* * *

When he woke up the next morning, still on the floor Ron himself found it
hard to believe that anything had happened until he felt the bruises on
his neck. The high, thick turtleneck he wore that morning, even though the
weather was quite warm prompted Kim to ask if he was making a fashion
statement. He was saved from an embarrassing answer by Kim's cellphone.

"What's the sitch Wade?"

"Very strange. You'll never guess who wants to hire you."

"Umm, Kim?" interrupted Ron


"We have something strange going on right here."

She looked up to see two figures that were indeed both strange and
formidable. They seemed to be mostly linebacker but with baboon heads and
antlers. If she hadn't already had a clue who they belonged to the addition
of butterfly wings would have cinched who had sent them. But why would DNAmy
come after her? Amy was one of her odder opponents. She wasn't out to conquer
the world, rather she lived in a world all her own. Their conflicts were
usually almost a matter of coincidence.

As it turned out, Kim was wrong. It wasn't her that Amy's goriboons were

She knew a direct assault would be fruitless so she slid between one's legs
then kicked out his knee from behind. Unfortunately while she was doing this
the other one had grabbed Ron and as she watched gape-mouthed flapped it's
wings and lifted up into the sky as her sidekick stuggled futilely.

"Those things actually work?" As the second one took off she leaped and
landed on it's back. Unfortunately the goriboon was less then aerodynamically
stable which resulted in a spiralling, up and down flight that ended in her
being dislodged and landing in a bush. As she picked leaves and twigs out of
her hair she heard Wade's voice coming from the lawn where her cell had

"What's going on?"

"Ron just got snatched by a pair of DNAmy's creatures so unless your message
is about her..."

"Oddly enough it is. Someone asked me to route him to you. He wants to talk
to you personally."

When she saw who it was that wanted to talk to her her eyes widened.

"Senor Senior Sr.? What do you have to do with this?"

"Hello Miss Possible. I think we have a common interest in this. I too have
had someone close to me taken."

* * *

She had to admit, working with Senor Senior Sr. had it's compensations. Like
a Lear jet complete with hot tub and masseur. It seemed that Senor Senior Jr.
had, like Ron, been kidnapped by Amy's goriboons. He had offered to pay her
and for once she had accepted. She didn't usually charge for her services but
since Senor Senior Sr. was A: a multibillionaire and B: used those billions
in schemes to take over the world, she'd made an exception this time and
donate the proceeds to charity. In the meantime she was enjoying the services
of Raoul, the masseur Senor Senior had sent to her. His hands started at her
neck, pushing her mane of red hair out of the way, alternating between hard
probing at her tense muscles and soft, almost ticklish brushes across her
skin then proceeded down her shoulder and back, not stopping at the towel
that was the only thing covering her but continuing to work her body through
it. She gave a soft moan of pleasure as he knuckled his way down her spine,
stopping just above the cleft of her ass. He skipped over than started
working his way up her legs, moving up her ankles to her calves, the back of
her knees and finally thighs. Her head came up as his hands moved to the
inside of her thighs and came dangerously close to her vagina.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked, tone neutral. Kim's blush extended
through her entire body but she'd never felt so excited or just plain *good*
so she shook her head. His hand slid between her thighs and his middle finger
rubbed along her labia before slipping in, causing her to cry out sharply.
With each thrust he went deeper and deeper. Finally her clitoris popped out
and he set to work on that, driving her into a frenzy.

"Oh! Oh!! OHHHH!!! GoodgoodGOOOOD!"

When she she came down, still sobbing in ecstasy he slowly withdrew his
fingers and asked, still in a neutral tone, "Will that be all, or would you
like something more. Glancing over her shoulder at the bulge in his pants she
knew exactly what that "something more" was.

Once more she achieved a full body blush. "Um..ummm no...I...I mean I'm..."

He leaned over and whispered into her ear, "A virgin?" Going from red to puce
she barely managed a nod.

"Very well then," he said, a note of dissapointment in his voice.

"Wait," she said as he turned to leave. She couldn't, not with a total
stranger but surely he deserved *something* for having made her feel so good.
She slid off the massage table, letting her towel slip to the floor, got down
on her knees , unzipped Raoul's pants and pulled out his dick. She'd only
done this once before, with Ralph Mankey, a boy who might have become her
first if his family hadn't moved. She felt him stiffen as her hands grasped
his organ and began to stroke it. But as her lips lowered onto his member, it
was a different male organ that filled her thoughts.

Kim hadn't been there when Ron had been pantsed (If she it never would have
happened. Bullies had long since learned to respect the fact that she had a
5th degree black belt in Kung Fu.) but someone with a cellphone with photo
function had and the picture had soon been e-mailed to everyone in the
school. And she just couldn't get the image out of her head. She had
masturbated furiously to it last night and now felt guilty wondering if her
preoccupation had kept her from fighting the goriboons at her best.

But now her attention turned back to the dick at (or was that in?) hand.
Keeping just the head in her mouth she twirled her tounge around it, first
clockwise then counter while sucking gently. She heard a grateful moan come
from above and slowly slid her mouth down, one inch at a time. After a few
trips up and down Raoul's pole she felt the pressure building in his cock
and withdrew to let it spurt into and out of her mouth.

"Thank you." he said with a smile as she used her towel to wipe her mouth

* * *

Ron woke to the whining of Senor Senior Jr. next to them. They were both
naked and manacled to lab tables. Before them was DNAmy, thankfully not

"What are we doing here?" Junior asked, preempting Ron. Just then Ron noticed
something about the Latino hunk and in his usual exercise of verbal diarhea
couldn't help but comment.

"Wow, I didn't know penises came that small!"

Amy blushed and looked at the pillar of flesh between his legs. "Well, um
that's why you're here. You see, I got tired of the way men treat me, so I
decided to make my own. He's got the body and you've got the...ummm...
winkie." The last word was said in a whisper.

"You're going to cut off my DICK?!?!?!"

"Ohnononno, that would be horrid. I just need a tissue sample,to grow one."

"So I'm okay?" he asked.

"Pretty much," the wacky geneticist said, bringing a sigh of relief.

"And what about me?" asked Junior."

"Weeelllll, there is a *slight* chance that..."

"What? What is this slight chance?"

"That the melding process could backfire and turn you to, well, goo."

"Goo? I am not liking of the turning to goo." The hispanic hunk moaned, his
voice climbing.

Fortunately for him, the doors to Amy's lab opened and Kim, accompanied by a
squad of Senior Sr.'s henchmen burst in. Soon they were melleing across the
lab with the goriboons and other creations of Amy's.

Soon Ron looked down to see Rufus working at his manacles while scolding him
for leaving him behind. At the same time he saw the hunched figure of Senor
Senior Sr. walking nonchalantly through the battle scene towards Amy.
Something told him this was not good. Then not good turned to wierd when the
old man dropped his pants, revealing that Jr.'s deficiency had definitely not
come from his side of the family. Shortly after that Amy put her fingers
between her lips and whistled, bringing the combat to a halt.

"Uh oh", said Rufus as he sprung the last of the manacles, releasing Ron.

"A double-cross Senor Senior?" asked Kim sarcastically. "Like that was sooo

"Not exactly Miss Possible. You and your friend are free to go. But yes,
I've decided to take Amy into my employ. And...other places" Amy's sudden
blush gave Kim and Ron a good idea of where that was and conjured up several
*very* ugly visual images.

"Shall we call it a draw then this time?" the elderly billionaire asked.

"This time," conceded Kim, realizing that even she, Rufus and Ron would be
hopelessly outnubered by the combination of both villain's henchmen and
henchcreatures and also still reeling from the mental image of Amy and Senor
Senior Sr. naked and groping each other.

* * *

For the second night in a row Ron Possible was awakened by noise at his
window. Thinking 'I have got to get shutters for that thing, maybe iron bars'
he turned to look and instead of the half anticipated, half- feared Bonnie
saw Kim, in her trademark cargo pants and half-shirt.

"Kim, what are you..." he asked as he let her in only to be cut off by a
passionate tongue kiss. At first shock kept him from resisting then his
hormones drove him into enthusiastic cooperation.

When they broke off, gasping for air, Kim blushed and said "I've been
thinking... a lot. I...I love you Ron. I love you and I want you. I want
you to...make me a woman."

Well what could he say to that? Part of him had loved her since before he was
able to define the term. Another part had wanted to fuck her blind since they
both hit puberty. He drew her in for another kiss. This time his hands undid
the belt of her pants and let them slide to the ground, revealing their
similar taste in underwear for she too favored boxers. She looked at where he
was staring and smiled as she undid his pajama top. He gasped as she leaned
forward and kissed one nipple, his hands clutching at her silky soft yet
toned ass.They then moved to remove her top. It had always driven him nuts
that the small breasted Kim frequently didn't bother with a bra, now he was
more than happy for that fact. Nothing to get in the way as his only lips and
tongue played with her aureola. She moaned again then slid slowly down his
body, kissing her way down his stomach and pulling his boxers off and around
the huge bulge of his cock. She rubbed it against her face in unknowing
imitation of Monique the day before and then ran her lips up and down the
sides. Then she applied her full red lips to his balls, sucking first one
then the other as her hand, which barely fit around his dick, stroked
vigorously up and down. Just as he felt ready to come, she stood up, then
threw herself onto his bed.

"Take me, Ron, " she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "Make me a
woman. Make me *your* woman."

He restrained, barely, the part of his brain that wanted to throw himself
on her in a frenzy and instead gently parted her firm, shapely thighs and
entered her gently. Her active lifestyle had long ago torn away her hymen
so there was no pain but the tightness of her vagina and the size of his
cockstill made for a slow, inch by inch entry.

"Ooooh," the redheaded minx cooed. "More. More!" He was happy to oblige,
picking up the pace and soon her arms and legs were wrapped around him, soft
sighs and gasps giving ways to moans and screams. he should of been worried
about his parents hearing but was too caught up in his own passion to think
about it or care if he had.

"AAAAAH! Yes! Yes! Fuck me Ron! Make me COME!"

* * *

Ron was awoken by the knocking on his door. Both he and Kim, who had been
cuddled in his arms rose in a panic. Should she dash out the window? No,
running down the street naked would *not* help things. They could only be
grateful that at least it was a Saturday.

"Breakfast, Ron!" his father's voice came through the door.

"Um, okay, I'll be down in a minute. I'm uh, not dressed." Now *that* was an

"Oh, Ron?"


"How does Kim like her eggs?" Both teens jaws dropped.

"Over easy," said Kim in a barely audible voice.

Ron opened the door just wide enough to look at his father's face. "You

"Ron," said Mr. Stoppable with a slight smile, "I think after last night the
neighbors on both sides of us know."

"Oh. I didn't think..."

"It's alright. Frankly I was starting to worry that you'd never get any."

* * *

After a quiet and awkward meal Ron saw Kim to the door.

"What about your folks?"

My mom will probably give me a very, *very* long lecture on using protection
but she should be cool. My dad..." Ron gulped. "My mom and I should be able
to talk him down after a while, but Ron?"

"Yeah?" He said nervous despite her reassurances at the thought of Mr.
Possible's reaction. The man still had a problem with the idea that Kim had
even hit puberty.

"Don't let him get you anywhere near a rocket due for launch, okay? At least
not for the next few months."

"Got it."


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