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Warnings: This story contains incestous sex between mother and daughter. Do not read if you don't like such stuff.

Date: 12.09.2015

Rating: NC-17

Categories: Ff, bond, ncon, inc, oral

Feedback: Much welcome, since it's my first work.

Pairing: Kim Possible/Dr. Ann Possible

Summary: Kim has very surprising and painful night visit.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Kim Possible: Mother Knows B(r)e(a)st
by Tytus ([email protected])

Kim wakes up, feeling that something odd is going on. She finds that she can't move her hands - they're tied to the corners of the bed. Someone stripped her naked too. She calls for help, but ballgag in her mouth makes it impossible.

Then she looks around. Her eyes are wide from shock and surprise, when she notices her mother standing next to the bed. Dr. Ann Possible smiles, when she approached her struggling daughter. She's undressed to the sexy, black lingerie.

"Mmmmhpphhnn????" Kim can't understand what's going on, she tries to ask her mom what's up, but gag keeps her mouth shut, all she can do is to mumble wordlessly. Dr. Possible places her palm on Kim's left breast, massages it softly and suddenly she squeezes it hard, causing Kim to moan. She places her fingers around her daughter's dark nipple and pinches it roughly. Kim cries, tears appear in her eyes. She can't understand why her mom is doing this to her.

Dr. Possible plays with Kim's right breast a little more, then she turns to the right one, giving it the same treatment. Kim struggles on the bed, but bonds keep her on the place. Soon her second nipple is hard as diamond. Dr. Possible climbs on the bed and leans against Kim's chest. She closes her lips around Kim's breast and starts sucking erected nipple, biting it occasionally. Her saliva drips on her daughter's breast.

Kim looks helplessly with unspoken question in her eyes as her mom licks and sucks her boobies. She pauses a bit and turns to her bound daughter.
"Don't worry, Kimmie. You sucked my breasts a lot when you were child. I'm just returning the favor" she says and turns to the other breast. Only ballgag keeps Kim from long and loud moans.

Dr. Possible kisses Kim's neck and cheeks, she caresses her head and hair, gives extra kiss to her ears. Despite the situation, Kim feels arousal growing inside her body. But she has no idea why her mother is doing this to her. It's so wrong! They're mother and daughter, so it's incest. But it seems that Dr. Possible cares not about it. She covers Kim's face with a kisses, but keeps ball gag in.

Kim knows that if she'd be free, she'd fight it easily. But she can't make a move with her legs and hands tied to the corners of the bed. Dr. Possible uses it and tickles Kim's armpits, causing her daughter to giggle. Then she slowly moves down, planting more kisses on Kim's flat chest. Kim shivers, because she can guess the direction her mother moves to. Very soon Ann's fingers are brushing softly against Kim's already wet pussy.

"Someone is horny here" smiles Dr. Possible, as she slowly pushes her finger between Kim's pussy lips. Soon she adds another one. Kim is doing her best to keep calm, but Ann is far too skilled to give her such chance. Very soon Kim trembles as Ann expertly finger fucks her bound daughter.

Kim clenches her muscles, but that's all she can do against growing, unwanted pleasure her mother gives her. She still can't understand why Dr. Possible is doing this. She never said anything about it before. Kim's cheeks are all red from shame and embarrassment as her mom adds third finger. She moves them very fast, making wet stain on the sheet between Kim's legs growing. Her second hand caresses Kim's slender legs.

Ball gag reduces Kim's long, passionate moans when climax hits her body. She can't defend herself about such intensive pleasure. Her mom forces one more mind blowing climax from her pussy. Sheets between Kim's legs are all stained with her love juices.

But before Kim is able to regain her composure, Ann positions herself between her daughter's leg and starts sucking and licking her wet pussy, giving Kim another reason to moan and groan, as the waves of pleasure are running through her body. Her warm tongue is lapping Kim's cunt, savoring the taste of her daughter's juices. Kim clenches her fists in the last sign of fury, but very soon she climaxes again.

Dr. Ann strips her already wet, black panties and crawls to Kim's head. She sits above Kim's face and removes the ballgag.

"Mom, why...?" Kim tries to say something, but her words are cut down when Ann sits on her daughter's face, pushing her wet pussy to Kim's mouth.

"Lick me, you little bitch" hisses Dr. Possible. Something in her voice makes Kim listen to the command, no matter if she finds doing it utterly disgusting. Her tongue is licking Ann's pussy as Ann grinds her womanhood against her daughter's face, making it all wet with her juices. She is doing it till she finally cums, forcing Kim to drink everything.

"You're great pussy licker" she says and quickly forces ballgag inside Kim's mouth, before Kim can ask any question. "It seems that talent runs through generations. My ex girlfriend used to say that I've been great in pussy licking. Hope you like it too."

Dr. Possible looks in her daughter's eyes.

"You're surprised, Kimmie? Yes, I'm a lesbian. I've never touched your dad. You're daughter of me and some shemale I had sex years ago in the club. We went totally drunk and get some wild time together. That's how you're born. Your brothers? They're adopted ones, of course. But your grew up to be very hot bimbo. I couldn't wait till you grow up."

Dr. Possible reaches for something. Kim, still shocked after what she just heard, looks with surprise at the big strap-on.

"Are you still virgin, Kimmie? 18 and still virgin? Damn, it was rare thing in my times. I'll gladly deflower my sexy daughter" says Dr. Possible and prepares strap-on. Very soon it touches opening of the Kim's tight pussy.

Even the gag can't fully suppress Kim's desperate cry, when sex toy is roughly pushed deep inside her. It tears Kim's hymen with ease. Pain filled groans are heard when Ann pushes the dildo in and out, fucking Kim like there's no tomorrow. Poor girl's body jumps on the bed with each thrust.

Dr. Ann Possible laughs while Kim cries, tears are running down her face in two rivers. It's all to much for her. She wishes to end it somehow, but she can't. Her mother fucks her hard, pushing Kim on the higher levels of pleasure and humiliation. Kim finally cums, but Ann fucks her more, forcing machinegun climaxes from her.

It takes too long for Kim to even count number of orgasms she received. Finally Dr. Possible removes sex toy from Kim's well fucked pussy and licks it clean, enjoying the taste of her daughter's juices.

"That was great, wasn't it, Kimmie?", she asks, but Kim just looks blankly on her, wishing that it's over. Too bad she's wrong.

"Since you're adult now, I have some extra gifts for you" says Ann. She leaves the bed for a while, to return soon. She places a burning candle next to the bed and takes a needle in her gloved fingers. In the second hand she takes small, silver ring. Kim understands the idea and turns her head rapidly.

"Nghnnn!!! Ngnnnn!!", she groans in protest.

"As a doctor, I should advice you that it's better for you to remain motionless. Otherwise something very bad might happen", says Dr. Possible. Kim's eyes are following red hot needle as it moves closer to her left nipple. She still hopes it's just a some kind of joke. But moment later excruciating pain hits her breast when needle drives through her hard nipple. Only gag makes her cry softer, otherwise whole neighborhood would listen to Kim's voice. Very soon silver ring is placed in her pierced nipple.

Whole procedure repeats, this time on Kim's right nipple. Poor girl almost pisses herself as burning needle drives through her sensitive flesh. Dr. Possible puts the needle away and enjoys the picture of her daughter's breast with two silver rings hanging. She reaches and jerks one of them, causing Kim to moan.

"One day you'll be grateful for them, silly girl" says Ann. She gives Kim one more kiss and frees one of her daughter's hands. Then she leaves the room, saying nothing. Kim manages to free herself with ease now, she curls up on the bed and cries on her fate.

Outside the door, Dr. Ann Possible places her fingers on the small bracelet. She instantly changes into the Shego who hides shape shifting tool into the pocket.

"Have a nice dreams, Kimmie", Shego grins evilly, listening to the sobbing coming from the Kim's room. "I bet you'll have long, nice chat with your mom tomorrow", she whispers and leaves the house.


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