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Warnings: This story contains the scenes of rape. Don't read if you don't like it.

Date: 29.03.2016

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Kim take a ride with the night subway train.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Kim Possible: Night Ride
by Tytus ([email protected])

Kim walked to the subway train on the trembling legs. New Year's party was long and she gladly accepted all the drinks that friends offered her. She found that she can't drink that much when the bar started to spin around her. Doing her best to keep the balance, she left the bar. Sadly, no taxis were in touch, but there was a subway train station nearby.

The passenger car wasn't much crowded, but then Kim didn't think there would be many people still out at four in the morning. There were plenty of seats, but Kim felt too woozy to sit down, so she hung on to a dangling hand grip, allowing the gentle shifting of the subway train to lull her into a light doze.

The passenger car lights flickered, then Kim snapped her eyes open, she could hear someone behind her, breathing heavily. Kim looked ahead at the window facing her, she could barely make out the reflection of a large man standing right behind her, wearing a hood that covered his face.

Kim shivered as she felt the stranger's warm breath on her neck. As the subway train raced down the dark tunnel, the riding car lights continued flickering, plunging the train into darkness before flashing back into light again.

Kim flinched when she felt fat fingers caressing her upper left thigh. A blunt nose nuzzled Kim's copper hair, then a scratchy tongue licked the back of Kim's pale neck as a burly arm enfolded her waist.

Kim tried to push the molester away, but only succeeded in rubbing her ass against his crotch. Kim blushed hotly when she felt his cock brushing against her butt. A man pressed his large right hand against Kim's stomach while he continued slowly stroking her bare left thigh, working up to the hem of Kim's short black dress, then down to the trembling, naked knee. His tongue licked from the back of Kim's slim neck to her blushing left cheek.

"You taste good, slut" whispered the big stranger into Kim's left ear, before he darted his tongue into her ear canal. "I can feel your arousal, my little fucktoy."

"D..don't! Let me go!" moaned Kim, her head swimming from all the alcohol in her blood as the subway train molester's right hand moved up to cradle her left breast while his left hand slipped inside Kim's creamy left thigh, then up her small dress to her panties. Normally she'd kick him away with ease, but thanks to the alcohol she was too buzzed to act normally. She could only cry and beg him to stop.

"I'm gonna fuck you till you cum, you cocktease," purred the hooded man in Kim's wet ear before he gently bit her tender lobe. "I'll will make you full of my sperm. You'll become my cumdump."

"No...please..," whimpered Kim, her long legs wobbling as she felt the stranger rub her pussy through her white panties, pinching her stiff, tingling clit between two blunt fingers.

"You're getting wet, baby. I think you're getting excited," smirked the stranger, stroking Kim's vulva up and down through her soft, sheer panties until a damp stain spread across the front. "Do you like when strangers fuck you like that? You like whore yourself for money? Or maybe you're one of those cunts that enjoy being raped?"

The stranger squeezed Kim's left breast. He rolled the tit in his firm right hand, then released it to unbutton the front of Kim's dress and put his hand inside, groping her firm breast.

With the passenger car lights mostly out, Kim was alone in the dark with the panting stranger as he gnawed the nape of her neck while milking her left breast and digging his left hand into her panties, fondling her cunt until Kim's juices were leaking out of her fuckhole and running between her long legs.

"You've got a filthy little twat, honey," whispered the molester before he shoved two dirty fingers between Kim's moist lower lips. "You're probably cock obsessed bitch, right? I guess that all your friends can fuck you when they want."

"Nhhhhh!" gasped Kim, squeezing her eyes shut so she wouldn't see the brief reflections of the big hooded man molesting and fingering her in the subway car. He pinched her erect left nipple painfully, then rolled the stiff nipple between two thick fingers as he licked her neck and violently rammed two finger deeply up Kim's wet cunt, probing her fuckhole.

"Stupid slut... your body is begging for some fuck," he whispered as his fingers clenched on her nipple. His cock was poking Kim in her ass as she bucked against him, her long legs splayed apart while her pussy juices leaked down on the floor. H squeezed Kim's left breast painfully until the heavy mammary ached, then he yanked open the front of Kim's dress to free the other tit, which he grabbed and proceeded to milk roughly as his two fat fingers wriggled all the way up her hot cunt, driving her crazy.

"Ngghhnnn... stop... it," she begged.

"Your mouth says "not", but your cunt says "yes"," he purred to her ear. Moment later Kim came and started to squirt the juices all over her tights and the floor. Her knees trembled from the sudden, intensive yet unwanted pleasure.

"See? I told you, my slut. Your body wants me inside you," he teased her, letting her breast fall. He turned her face to him and kissed her roughly, closing her mouth. Kim closed her eyes as he forced his tongue inside her mouth. His saliva mingled with the drool glistening on Kim's chin as he released her open mouth with a pop, then shoved her up against the closed doors.

Kim's naked tits were crushed against the dirty, paint tagged windows, as the man grabbed the back of her short black dress and yanked it up from her round, firm buttocks. She sobbed when the the molester took off her wet panties, then he grasped her hips and rubbed his huge, raging erection over both of Kim's cheeks, leaving wet trails of his precum on her skin.

"Please don't!" begged Kim, trying to look over her shoulder as the man sliding his thick, throbbing penis over each of her luscious buttocks.

"I can't resist this dripping wet pussy! It's begging me to feed it my sperm!" he grunted.

Kim bit down on her lower lip when she felt the molester open her crack and press his huge knob between her wet pussy. Slowly the he pushed his penis into Kim's juicy, hot pink hole. She made a loud groan.

"Feels good, right?" taunted the stranger, wrapping his arms around Kim's waist before he thrust his cock violently up Kim's vagina. "You sluts are all the same. You might resist, but cock always makes you hot and ready"

"Uhhhh!" panted Kim, pressing her hands against the dirty windows of the sealed doors as she rocked on her high heels, taking the stranger's cock further and further up her cunt. Her breasts rolled across the tagged windows as she leaned against the doors, her ass hiked up high while the stranger fucked her, moving his thick cock in and out of Kim's fuckhole.

His strong arms tightened around Kim's waist as he fucked her hard, plowing her sore, slurping slit like a ram while Kim drooled over her naked tits and writhed between her attacker and the unyielding closed doors.

Just before he climaxed inside her, the rapist pulled out of Kim's aching pussy and used his thumbs to pry open her pink asshole before plugging her sphincter with his big cock.

"Time to fuck your ass, you bitch," he said.

"Ahhhhh!" cried Kim, her eyes went wide as the stranger forced his cock into her rectum, almost tearing her ass. He pushed his penis deeper and deeper up Kim's gorgeous back.

"You're devoted analwhore, aren't you?" the stranger asked and then seized Kim's wrists and pulled her arms behind her back as he rode Kim's upraised ass. Her round breasts bounced as she rocked on her high heels, bucking wildly back and forth as her attacker brutally raped her aching asshole.

Strings of saliva leaked of Kim's open mouth as she was roughly reamed over and over until the man climaxed and filled her her butt with cum. When the molester finally withdrew from Kim's raped raw rectum, semen spilled out of Kim's anus, dripping on the floor.

"Time to clean the mess you made, my whore," man said, pushing Kim on her knees. His dick, coated with the cum and her juices, was pointed right into her face. Kim had no choice but to open her mouth and accept the veiny prick inside, despite of the disgust. She could feel the taste of her ass on the cock as it invaded her drooling mouth.

"Suck my dick, you cum drinker," he said. Holding Kim's limp wrists over her head, the rapist fucked her aching mouth. Kim swallowed the fat prick, gulping the monster member all the way down her throat until she gagged. Semen and saliva ran off Kim's chin onto her heaving breasts. Man grunted as he came again, shooting his load into her mouth, forcing helpless girl to swallow the entire amount of the warm sperm. Kim did her best, although some of the stuff leaked from the corners of her mouth. Rapist used her hair to clean his cock.

"Time to say goodbye, you slut. Be grateful that I didn't made you a mommy. Till the next time, stupid cunt" he slapped her and left quickly, just as the subway train came to the next station.

Flickering lights remained on. When the double doors unlocked and opened, Kim was kneeling on the cum covered floor, sperm staining her luscious lips and glistening chin, with more goo splattered across her heavy, gleaming wet boobies. She sobbed as she felt raped and used, like a broken toy. After a moment, she finally found some strength to rise and pick herself up. Then she noticed something that thrilled her - the stranger not only raped her, he also stole her purse with all her documents. She trembled, aware that he knows her identity, her home address, her phone number... everything. His words about the next time became dangerously real.


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