Author's Note: As far as I could find, Mrs. Possible's first name is never
given, so I decided on Helen.

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Kim Possible: Ron's Best Day Ever
by Tricksterson


"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" asked the woman in question
sarcastically, She was tall, with an athletic but shapely build with black
hair and dark eyes that contrasted with her almost albino pale skin and what
seemed to be a permanent smirk on her face.

Unaware that he was being fed a straight line, although he should have
learned by now, Dr. Drakken replied. "The same thing we do every night,

"Fail to take over the world?"

"Not this time. What's the one thing that stops me every time?"

"Ummm, just as a wild guess, Kim Possible and her annoying sidekick?"

"Correct. This time I will deal with her first! And I will do it by
harnessing the most powerful element in the teenage world!"

"Boy bands?"

"Even mightier than that. *Hormones*!" With that, the scarred evil genius
took out a perfume sprayer filled with a luminous pink liquid that seemed to
be swirling in it's container, almost as if it were alive.

"I present the latest product of my genius, Triple S!"

"And Triple S stands for?"

"Super Screwing Serum."

Shego's smirk grew larger than usual. "You know, there's a little blue pill
that does the same thing nowadays."

Drakken sprayed a small amount on his neck and behind each ear. "Ah, but
could Viagra have *this* effect on you?"

"What effect?" But even as she finished the words, a change came over her. It
wasn't that she considered her employer ugly. It was more that she considered
him Bone Chillingly Hideous. She still did but somehow was compelled to want
this ugliness inside her. She peeled off her top, hands massaging her ample
breasts. She fell to her knees in front of him, pulled his pants down and
fastened her mouth avidly to his cock, all the while vowing that when this
wore off, he would pay dearly.

But in the mean time, her hands were trembling with desire as she tore off
her bra and offered her tits to him. Soon, his amazingly small dick was
thrusting between them.

"," she gasped.

"Oh, I do, but I'm not above a bit of strange on the side."

Drakken pushed his assistant to the ground. She pulled down her leotard and
spread her legs while at the same time wanting to cut off his dick and feed
it to him.

Instead she felt the warm slime of his cum spurting across her face.

"No thank you, sex with humans gives me a migraine," the evil mastermind
sneered as he did up his pants and turned to leave.

"That did it. YOU BASTARD!!!" Shego howled. "YOU did this to me and you're
going to finish it!!" A bolt of green fire stopped Drakken in his tracks.
Leotard pulled up she strode furiously over to her now cringing employer,
grabbed him by his thick, oily hair and dragged him into the corridor
outside his lab, oblivious to the minions getting an eyeful of her still
bare top.

When they reached her bedroom she threw him on the bed and manacled his
wrists to the bedposts permanently attached for those rare time she felt a
need for sex and "borrowed" one of the minions.

"Sheego! Stoppp!" Her 'boss' whined.

"Shut up, lie still and think of hamsters," she snarled as she pulled down
his pants. She pulled off her own clothes and quickly mounted him.

"So...when...does...this...damn...stuff,,, wear off?"

"About twenty-four hours."

She arched her back, playing with her nipples.

"You know...most men...wouldn't have to my bed. Those," she
nodded at the manacles, "are mostly just"

"Hey, I am what I am."

She stopped. "Damn premature ejaculator," she snarled. "Don't even think
about getting away either. If I have to suffer all day, so do you." She
looked significantly at a whip hanging on the wall.

"All you'd really have to do is leave the room. More then a dozen feet or so
and it wears off." A whimpering note was in his voice. Drakken hated pain and
suffering. Well, his own anyway.

"Nah, the day is blown, I might as well enjoy what's left of it," Shego said
as she headed for the whip, and the drawer with the nipple clips.

* * *

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Ron Stoppable was headed out of the
door of his house when a cloud of pink goo enveloped him, quickly soaking
into his skin and clothes.

"What the?" He looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. He wondered
of he should mention this to Kim. Weird things were always happening to both
of them, usually as a result of Kim's part-time job as an adventurer and his
as her sidekick, although he preferred the term partner.

Around the corner, Shego, wearing the biggest, thickest nose-filters she
could find, stifled a laugh.

Rufus, Ron's pet mole-rat stuck his head out of Ron's pocket, sneezed and

When Ron reached the Possible house it was Mrs. Possible who opened the door.

"Hi Ron, Kim's getting ready. There's snacks in the kitchen."

Ron and Rufus both went "Snackage!" and headed kitchenwards. Neither noticed
the intense stare from Mrs. Possible that followed them.

In fact, Rufus had just been set in the middle of a bowl of raisins when she
called Ron into her bedroom. He went over and was shocked to see her splayed
on the bed, dressed only on bra and panties, one hand inside her panties, the
other beckoning him over. Ron didn't know how old Helen Possible actually was
but she looked as if she had given birth to Kim when she was ten. The only
visible effect of having three children was that her cups were a nicely
rounded pair of C-cups. Other than that her body was a slightly more
voluptuous version of her daughter's cheerleader hardbody.

"Come here," she said throatily. Ron's head was telling him to turn, leave
and slam the door shut. But, as with all teenage boys, his nether regions had
a will of their own. It seemed as if his penis was in control of his legs as
he moved toward the bed. Helen Possible sat up, but only to pull Ron's head
down to hers. Her tongue pushed his lips open as one hand undid his belt.

Ron of course, couldn't help but respond. In truth he'd never been tongue
kissed before, much less had anyone's hand but his own on his cock. It wasn't
that he was ugly, not handsome maybe, but definitely not ugly. It was just
that he seemed to have a God given talent for saying and doing the wrong
thing whenever a girl was around. Oh, Kim and Monique liked him but if you'd
proposed him as date material they would have given you a blank look then
burst into laughter.

And here was an actual *woman*, and a damn good looking one, rubbing his cock
with one hand and pulling his boxers down with the other! What choice did he

Before he knew it his hands were clumsily undoing Helen's bra and his head
was buried between her large, firm breasts.

* * *

Kim Possible looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. She was blessed with
a glorious mane of red hair, large, moss-green eyes, abs you could bounce a
quarter off of and, ass likewise and legs to die for. But when it came to her
chest...all she had were these sad little A-cup cones.

Still, the nipples were nice and sensitive as she pinched and rubbed at them.
She had unsnapped her cargo pants and started to slide her hand in them when
she noticed the time. Ron, should be here by now, why hadn't her mother
called up?

She finished dressing and went down to see Rufus stuffing himself in the
kitchen. "Where's Ron?" she asked.

Rufus shrugged. "Dunno."

She looked in the living room. Then she heard the moans coming from her
parents bedroom. The door was wide open. She went to it, hearing her mother
saying things Kim didn't think she was capable of.

"Ohh...fuck yesss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

And there, between her mother's legs, pounding into her enthusiastically

"RON!! WHAT ARE YOU *DOING*? With my *MOTHER*?!?!?!?!?" And then, as she
stormed into the bedroom, she found words coming out of her mouth that she
couldn't believe.

"Why aren't you fucking *me* instead?" Before she had reached the still
busily coupling pair her top was off, nipples rock hard. She rubbed them
against Ron's back, desperate for his attention.

This was when Ron realized that something was deeply, terribly wrong. Mrs.
Possible he could have put down to a case of Mrs. Robinson Syndrome, but Kim?

But concentrating on the right thing to do was really difficult with Helen
Possible bucking and rearing in orgasm underneath him and Kim behind him
pinching his nipples, sticking her tongue in his ear and rubbing her now
naked pussy against his ass.

He'd put a stop to this madness, he really would...just as soon as he had cum
in Kim's love tunnel. She had, after all, featured majorly in his wet dreams
and stroke sessions ever since they'd both hit puberty. So, occasionally had
Mrs. Possible.

He pulled out gently from the beautiful redhead beneath him who was purring
in post-orgasm bliss, and turned onto his back to be eagerly mounted by the
other lust crazed beauty.

Helen's first thought had been to shove Kim off of "her" Ron. But the sight
of her naked daughter rocking on top of him, his hands wrapped around her
tight little buns aroused feeling that had nothing to do with the aphrodisiac
that, as yet, none of them knew about.

Before her conscience could get in the way she was straddling Ron's face and
had her mouth on her daughter's tits, sucking and biting. Kim's own hands
came up to caress her mother larger jugs. Between her mother's mouth and
Ron's pole she was in ecstasy.

Now Ron, presented with Helen Possible's glistening wet pussy was somewhat
confused. He'd heard about eating women out but was a bit vague on the
mechanics. He gave a tentative lick to the red-furred glory above him, then
another. The taste was not as bad as he'd feared. Salty, but with a hint of
sweetness. Then a firm thrust into the lips overhead. Keeping his tongue
inside he moved it back and forth. Slowly at first, then quicker. He
transferred his hands from Kim's butt to Helen's hips and puled her down on

"Oh!" went a startled and delighted Helen Possible. "Oh, wonderful,
wonderful! *Such* a good boy!"

"I'm gonna kill him," growled Kim.

"Why? It's not...oh my! if...ohGod!...he forced himself on us...OH!...
more the other way...GOD!...around...yes, yes, yessss!" She plunged her
tongue into her daughter's mouth. Each dug their fingers into the shoulders
of the other, clinging for support as the lusty trio experienced a
simultaneous orgasm.

As both Possible women came down from their climaxes, Helen slid, somewhat
regretfully off of Ron's face and sat next to him, smiling and stroking his
hair fondly. Kim pulled herself off and scrambled to her cellphone, which
she suddenly noticed ringing. Grateful for the distraction, she saw that it
was her hacker-tech friend, Wade.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"You're naked." Wade's eyes grew wider as he looked past her. "You're naked
and Ron is behind you getting dressed?"

Oh God! Would this nightmare never end? Or was it a nightmare? She had to
admit that Ron's cock had felt good inside her. She had, long ago, somewhere
in the years of gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts and professional
adventuring, broken her hymen, so there had been no initial pain complicating
matters. In fact at the end it had felt not merely good but *great*.

But she'd never thought of doing *it* with Ron. Or anyone else either, not
seriously until today. In fact she hadn't thought of it today, not until
she'd gotten close to Ron...and her mother, which was something she *really
didn't want to think about.

"Um...that's something else. Something I need your help on. Could you take a
blood sample from us?" Kim's cellphone was a gift from Wade and far more than
just a cellphone. Among it's functions was chemical analysis. Only Wade knew
just how many functions it actually had.

"What's up Wade?" said Ron, leaning over Kim's shoulder, causing a sudden
desire in her to have his hands on her tits and her tongue in his mouth.
Realizing what the problem was she jumped across the room and out the

"Ron, you can't come near me. there's something...wrong."

"I know but...I guess I got carried away. You and your mom were so..."

"We can talk about *that* later."

Helen, forgotten for the moment, spoke up. "Shouldn't you ask Wade why he
called in the first place?" After cumming her head was a lot clearer.
Besides, as an adult she had a more level-headed view of the situation.
Admittedly it was strange. She had never thought of Ron Stoppable and sex
together. Indeed, she had never seriously contemplated cheating on her
husband at all, even thought, in recent years he had been occupied more in
his lab than in their bedroom. Still, she couldn't deny that she had
enjoyed the sex even more than her daughter and had a lot less guilt about

"Drakken and Shego have been sighted near the Middleton Reservoir along with
a couple of tank trucks. I thought you might want to know."

"Okay, Drakken. Somehow this all makes more sense with him involved."

Her mother commented, "Sounds like some kind of pheromones." though casting
longing looks at both teens she was getting dressed. Though a surgeon she
remembered enough of her college biology classes to be helpful.

"Thanks, Mom. So, nose plugs?"

"Would definitely help.

"Wade, we're on the way. Call the police."

"Ahead of you.

* * *

At the reservoir, Drakken and Shego watched while the minions were rigging
hoses to the tanks filled with Triple S. All but Drakken, who, with no
rodents about figured himself safe, wore nose plugs.

"Why are we, no pun intended, screwing over this nowhere town again?" Shego
asked. Her noseplugs were noticeably bigger and thicker than anyone elses.

"First, because we have to test it *somewhere*. Second, because the thought
of wreaking sexual havoc in Kim Possible's home town is irresistible. After
that we hit a military base and rob it blind during the ensuing orgy. Thank
Heavens for the new, co-ed army!" He looked at Shego's nose. "Come on! It
couldn't have been *that* bad! I'm the one with bruises and whip marks after

Shego shuddered. Even having Drakken manacled, stripped and whipped hadn't
made it enjoyable and she *always* got aroused by a good flogging.

"Umm, boss? Look there." Coming up the road was a line of police cars and
SWAT vans.

"Drat. Time for the emergency exit." With that Drakken summoned a helicopter
but on it were Kim and Ron.

"Please, Drakken, you always have an escape plan."

"Kim Possible! But you two are..."

"Supposed to be screwing our brains out? Orgasm clears the head, Drakken.
Guess your male subject wasn't quite up to the task."

With that, the lithe redhead leaped to the ground, helicopter hovering on
auto pilot, followed more clumsily by Ron. Kim of course was wearing filters.


"Coming up." The green-clad villainess leaped into battle, fists blazing
with green fire. But neither she nor Drakken had anticipated the famous Ron
factor. Or in this case, Rufus factor.

"Go Rufus!" Ron urged and tossed his pet towards Shego.

"Banzai!" squeaked the molerat and snagged Shego's noseplugs, swinging from
them like a miniature Tarzan before falling to the ground, one in each hand
and fleeing.

Shego, intending a leaping kick into Kim's gut found herself leaping over her
redheaded opponent and towards her sidekick.

The original plan had been for Ron to lead a lust driven Shego a merry and
distracting chase around the reservoir. The reality had him pinned and
straddled within two leaps.

"Kim, help!"

"What is it with men around here? Aren't I pretty?"

"Yeah, but scary!" whined a struggling Ron. "I've heard you have *teeth* down

"She gave a bark of laughter. "Well, you'll find out soon enough" Her tongue
slid up his neck while she pulled off his belt and tied it around his wrists.
'At least he's not Bone Chillingly Hideous,' Shego thought. 'Cute, actually,
in a kind of goofy way.'

In the mean time, something had developed that Kim, Ron and Rufus, unaware of
Draken's sexual tendencies couldn't possibly have predicted. Rufus, like Ron
had also been dowsed with Triple S and drew the rapt attention of the evil

"Get me that molerat!" he commanded his minions.

So when the police arrived, they were treated to the sight of Drakken's
goons scrambling after a rodent. Kim meanwhile had subdued the distracted mad
genius with ease.

During all this, Ron and Shego were oblivious. The pale lovely villainess
rubbed her crotch against Ron's, convincing him that maybe this wasn't such
a bad thing after all. She pulled down her pants then his, revealing a smooth
white slit.

"See, no teeth," she said with a smile. However, her real teeth took a hold
of his bottom lip biting down as she mounted him as a mark of ownership.

"Unh...mine now...not Kim's. oh, better! SO much better!"

Approaching police were warned off with a power bolt. "Let me...finish...
Ohgod...and I'll go peacefully. With that she proceeded to cum noisily. "AH!
FUCK! yesss! Yeah! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!" Her fingers dug into Ron's chest as
he came in her. Once she collapsed on top of him the police moved in. As they
dragged her off, pants still below her hips, a rare wistful look crossed her

"Call me?"

* * *

"So we agree, Yesterday never happened."

"If that's the way you want it Kim. But what about your Mom?"

"Well, she wants to talk to you. you know how adults are."

Privately Kim had to admit that her first sexual experience had been great.
But Ron as boyfriend material? She knew that would never work.

* * *

"Come in Ron."

Mrs Possible was in her study. She and her husband each had one. Ron entered
nervously. What if she told her husband?

"Um, about yesterday Mrs. Possible."

"I understand Ron. It wasn't your fault." She closed the door quietly but
firmly. "I just wanted to say something to you."

"What? That it 'never happened'?" he said a little resentfully.

To his surprise he found himself pushed against the wall, Helen Possible's
lush body pressed against his. She whispered into his ear, "No, that it was
the best fuck of my life." Her tongue went into his ear and her hand between
his legs.

"Mrs. Possible!"

"Call me Helen. Better yet, call me Tuesday. We'll arrange something." With
that she let him go and, after one more squeeze of his ass, let him out.

Maybe things were looking up, Ron thought.


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