Kim Possible/Totally Spies: The Moreau Factor Prologue 1
by Hamster


It was her cheerleading practice and Bonnie was once again making snide
remarks about Kim being late. And it continued all through practice. From
cracks about her fashion sense to comments about how she about how Kim was
too busy saving the world to be a dedicated cheerleading captain. Kim
gritted her teeth and bore it, through practice at least.

Kim however was waiting for Bonnie after practice and confronted her in the
locker room. Kim stuck a finger in Bonnie's face.

"What is your problem Bonnie I'm sick of your snide comments all the time.
You want to settle this now once and for all?" Kim asked angrily.

Bonnie, while sure of her own social superiority was also sure that Kim could
deliver a savage beating; she therefore decided to walk away. Kim however was
really pissed this time and demanded an answer. She grabbed Bonnie by the
shoulder and shook her.

"Let go of me Possible!" Bonnie said as she tried to break the iron grip on
her shoulder.

"No way Bonnie. Not this time I want to know what your problem is and I want
to know right now." Kim said.



"Fine you want to know what my problem is, I'll tell you. You're pretty and
strong and smart and I...I..." Bonnie started with tears in her eyes.

"WHAT?" Kim demanded, the Rage plain in her eyes.

"I'm in love with you." Bonnie said as she began to cry her eyes out.

"Wh-what?" Kim asked as she released Bonnie and stared at her

"I (sniff) love you. (Cough sniff) I'm in with love you, Possible." Bonnie

Reflexively Kim took the crying girl in her arms to comfort her. They both
looked at each other and suddenly, unexplainably kissed.

"Whoa what was that?" Kim said. But then she looked into Bonnie's face. She
suddenly admitted to herself her own attraction to the pretty brunette. "Awww
fuck it."

Kim grabbed Bonnie by the waist and pulled her in for a steamier kiss and
than either girl had ever had before. Bonnie's hand slid up Kim's thigh to
squeeze the brunette's firm ass. Kim was surprised but didn't fight it. That
was like throwing up a green flag. Bonnie got a lot bolder. As she reached
up and fondles one of Kim's boobs with one hand her other hand slid over to
Kim's crotch and she began to rub the red-head's pussy through her spanky
pants. Kim couldn't believe she was making out with and being groped by her
archrival Bonnie. It was like a surreal erotic dream.

Bonnie pushed Kim back down on the bench.

"Wait." Kim said.

"Shhhhh. Trust me you will love this." Bonnie said.

Bonnie flipped up the skirt of Kim's cheerleading outfit. She grabbed hold of
the spanky pants and pulled down. Judging by the way that the crotch of the
spankys stuck to the pussy slightly, Kim was already good and wet. After
pulling them off, Bonnie stopped a minute to admire the beautiful sight of
Kim's pussy and the lovely patch of red hair just above. She slid her tongue
along the redhead's slit, which made Kim's whole body quiver. Bonnie grabbed
hold of those delectable ass cheeks of Kim's as she dove into the depths of
her sweet tasting love channel.

"Ohhh Bonnie that feel sooooo gooooood." Kim moaned.

Bonnie continued to lap away at Kim's lovely pussy like a kitten with a
saucer of milk all the while Kim whimpering and squirming beneath her. Kim's
back arched as she felt a wave of pleasure crash through her. Bonnie was
rewarded with the sweet juices of Kim's very first orgasm.

Kim panted softly as Bonnie climbed up Kim's body and kissed her nose.

"That was amazing Bonnie." Kim breathed.

"Yeah Baby, yes it was. And I want to do it again every day." Bonnie said.
_ _ _

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