Kim Possible/Totally Spies: The Moreau Factor Prologue 2
by Hamster

Beverly Hills...

Alex had just finished running distance race for her school track team and
she was sweating and panting. As she poured some water over her head she was
practically bowled over by a very upset and frantic Clover.

"Oh Alex its horrible (sniff cough snort) Jackson dumped me for that bitch
Mandy. (Sniff)" Clover cried.

"Like calm down Clover." Alex said as she embraced the hysterical blonde

"Sniff, sniff snort sniff cough I...I.. sniff cough." Clover sobbed.

Alex led the poor girl to a bench where they sat down. Clover attempted
vainly to explain her situation and emotions but she was far too upset. Alex
strongly suspected that Clover was more broken up about losing to Mandy than
about losing Jackson but this was a difficult double whammy. Alex grabbed her
by the wrist and led her to a bench behind the bleachers where they could
talk more privately.

"Clover, stop. Listen a minute. You are the prettiest girl in school. Jackson
is an idiot. He's going to realize what a witch Mandy is and he is going to
come crawling back to you. But you are going to turn him down because you are
too good for him." Alex said.

"R-really?" She asked between sniffs.

"Totally." Alex assured her.

"Oh Alex you are such a good friend." Clover said as she embraced Alex

Clover leaned in to kiss Alex on the cheek but something very different
happened. Alex had suddenly turned her head and the two girls' lips met.
They pulled back and looked at each other. Then they kissed again.
Intentionally, seriously and passionately. They broke their kiss and
looked into each other's eyes. They returned to kissing and Clover's
hand began to explore Alex's tight body. Her hand found its way into the
dark girl's shorts and began to rub her pussy. Alex's own hand slid up
Clover's thigh and found it's way to the blonde's panties. Alex slipped
her finger's under the fabric. The too girls frigged each other
frantically, trying to get each other off before somebody caught them
doing it. Soon they both felt the rush of orgasms. The broke off and
stared into each other's faces lovingly.

"Okay so like that was way strange." Clover said.

"Yeah but it felt so right." Alex said before kissing her friend again.

"Like we better go, but we'll talk about this later." Clover said.

"Count on it." Alex replied.
_ _ _

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