Kim Possible/Totally Spies: The Moreau Factor Part 1
by Hamster

Middleton (at Bueno Nacho)...

"So Bonnie secretly had a crush on you?"

Kim nodded.

"And you like her too?" Ron asked.

Kim nodded.

"So you two are girl friends now?" Ron asked.

Kim nodded.

"Well yeah I sort of figured that it would end up this way." Ron said

"What???" Kim said.

"Yeah there was WAY too much tension between you two, I figured that it had
to be sexual." Ron explained.

His pet mole rat Rufus squeaked something that sounded suspiciously like

"So you are not freaked out?" Kim asked.

"Now way, I always wanted a lesbian friend to check out women with this
totally baddical.

Kim smiled at her best friend. "Ron, you Rock."

"One thing though." Ron said.

"Yeah what's that?" Kim asked.

"How are you going to tell your parents?" Ron asked.

Kim's eyes bugged. She hadn't thought of that.


Mr. And Mrs. Dr. Possible both were stunned when their wall was leveled and
a giant bat/human/gorilla hybrid crashed into their living room. Kim's Mom
screamed as the creature rushed her and grabbed hold of her by the waist. She
tried to struggle free but was unable do to the very powerful grip of the

"HELP!!!" She cried but her husband had his on problems.

A second beast had flown in, grabbed him and was preparing to fly off. With
both Doctor Possibles secure, the pair of beasts took off with powerful beats
of their wings.

Kim arrived an hour later to find her parents missing and her house destroyed
as well as too very distraught twin brothers. She needed answers and they
came in the form of a message from Global Justice.

"Kim hundreds of scientists have been kidnapped by animorphic creatures. We
need all the help we can get, we are even coordinating with WHOOP, can we
count on you for help?" Doctor Director asked

"You know it. I think two of those scientists you mentioned are my parents.
Who can tell me who is the freak responsible for this?"

Later, at Bonnie's house...

"Bonnie, I need you to babysit my brothers while I go on a mission with Ron."
Kim said as she held her girlfriend's hands.

"No problem Kim. Please be careful." Bonnie said.

Kim blushed. Bonnie suddenly grabbed her and kissed passionately. After
giving Kim's butt a squeeze she wiped a tear way and said goodbye.

Beverly Hills High...

Alex and Clover kept looking at each other and giggling and that was annoying
the hell out of Sam. They were on their way to the school cafeteria's line
and they pair did it again.

"THAT'S IT! What are you two hiding what is going." Sam demanded angrily.

"Like Calm down Sam. It's just we don't know if eeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

The three girls were interrupted by the WHOOP-away machine sucking them
through a school trashcan and into WHOOP headquarters.

WHOOPS Secret base...

"We are going to give you girls a little extra help on this mission. Normally
we don't bring in independent agents but in this case the independent agent
has a vested interest. Ladies may I present Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.
Kim's mother and father are among those kidnapped. Besides she comes highly
recommended by Global Justice." Jerry explained.

The three spies saw that the independent agents were teens like them. But one
was a red haired girl and the other a sandy haired boy. The boy had with him
what appeared to be a small pink hairless guinea pig.

"Umm hi." Kim said with a hint of shyness.

Upon checking out the three spies Ron was instantly fallen in lust.

"Hey I'm Ron, Ron Stoppable. I'm Kim's sidekick. Her partner really, the
secret to her success..."

"OK Ron let's get back to..."

After introductions were made Jerry went back to his briefing.

"We have reason to believe that hundreds of scientists, even thousands,
have been kidnapped by assorted monsters. All of whom have flown off in the
direction of Brazil." Jerry explained.

"So you girls and gentleman shall be flying to Rio in order to find the
missing scientists and the home of these strange monsters that have been
kidnapping them." Jerry stated. "Now the most important part, the gadgets.
Today we have lipstick case laser blasters, aerosol spray knock out gas,
and jet heel boots. Kim I believe young mister Wade has sent you a package
with your stealth suit. Now there is a WHOOP contact in Rio who will give
you all the information that you need."

The Villain's secret headquarters...

They were led by their captors through a series of plastic tube-like
corridors that connected at strange air-locked intersections. Sometimes they
had to climb up and sometimes they slide down. The place was a maze and the
two Dr. Possibles had no idea how the monsters knew which way they were
going. Finally the Possibles were escorted into a huge chamber where there
was a multitude of people sitting around looking scared and confused. Several
of the monsters waited at the entrances to the chamber.

He Possibles were roughly shoved in. They looked around the chamber and
noticed that the people trapped with them were all scientists like them.

Suddenly a huge view screen flickered on and the most horribly disfigured man
that the Possibles have ever seen appeared on the screen. His face resembled
raw meatloaf.

"Hello my fellow scientists," He began. "I am Francis Newman Stein. Dr.
Stein if you will. I am the ruler of the world's next great chapter in
history. The entirety of the human race has proven itself unfit to exist
on the planet. So I will destroy them and replace them with my creations.
You have all been found worthy of joining me in the New World order,
after you have been transformed into a more pure form of course. These
transformations will combine your DNA with that of a suitable animal. I
call this the Moreau factor. So please, cooperate as you are shifted off
to different areas of The Habitrail for your transformations, after all
it's for your own good. Oh minions please escort Mrs. Possible to my
chambers. Thank you."

Despite protests and violent struggling Mrs. Dr. Possible was dragged away
by a pair of humanoid cheetah-frog hybrids. She was forced to put own a
harem girl costume. After that she was escorted to the office of Dr. Stein.

"Ahhh Dr. Possible. How are you? You will be happy to know your husband has
successfully been converted into a Tuna-human hybrid. Now I brought you here
because I think you would make a lovely harem girl."

"I will never touch you, you sicken me."

"I think you will Dr. Possible, unless of course you want to your poor
husband to become sushi. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"You evil bastard! My daughter is going to kick your ass so hard!" Dr.
Possible said.

"I think not. Now lose the linen baby, daddy wants to get his freak on."

Grumpily Dr. Possible began to remove her clothing.

"No, no, no do it slowly. And swing that ass a bit. Remember your husband's
health is dependant on my happiness." Stein said.

Dr. Possible frowned but she began to dance seductively and rub her hands
over her body as she did so. She slowly began removing the harem girl outfit
as she danced and noticed the considerable increase in the bulge in Stein's

Once she was finally naked she got on the hands and knees and crawled over to
Stein submissively. Once she finally arrived at the man's crotch she unzipped
his pants and fished out his rock-hard cock. She ran her tongue all over the
head of the cock. Stein moaned approvingly. Dr. Possible opened her mouth and
swallowed up the cock. She began sucking on the cock as hard as she could
while stroking the shaft with her tongue. Suddenly Stein pushed her away.

"Get on your hands and knees." Stein said as Dr. Possible glared at him

Dr. possible obeyed, getting into the doggy-style position. Stein grabbed a
handful of Possible's hair with one hand and guided his cock into Possible's
pussy with the other. Stein's cock plunged into the depths of Dr. Possible's
tight cunt, as he pulled back hard on her hair, causing the woman to cry out
in pain. Every time he thrust in, he pulled back. Stroke after stroke he rode
Dr. Possible like a mustang in heat. He exploded into her pussy and let the
humiliated woman fall to the ground.

"You are going to make a very entertaining slave." Stein laughed.


Shakira was wearing suede pants and a black leather zip up top that revealed
her flat belly. As she sang and danced everyone in the concert with a penis
had a massive hard on and a great deal of the women had wet cunts. There was
something about the way the woman's body moved that embodied sexuality. After
the concert, the now somewhat sweaty singer made her way to her dressing
room. She was not surprised to find it full of WHOOP agents.

"The Cherry Pie is very sweet." Shakira said.

"But the rack is lovely." Sam responded.

"I am glad you are here." Shakira said. "Whoop and Global Justice agents here
in Brazil have pinpointed our enemies' migration trail to originate at Lake
Mal, the deepest lake in the Amazon jungle.

"There is a man named Victor in a small village who can guide you up river
both WHOOP and GJ have used him before." Shakira explained.

As the girls all listened intently to what Shakira was saying, Ron Merely
stared obsessively at her legs and tight, flat belly. Fortunately for him
Shakira DID notice this.

"You have all had a long trip why don't you ladies go to the buffet and have
some food." Shakira.

They were all hungry so they were grateful for the buffet offer. Everyone
began to file out and head in the direction of the food. But as Ron tried to
leave Shakira grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Mr. Ron, I must speak with you." Shakira said.

Ron was very nervous as he was left alone with the singer.

"Ron, I noticed you staring obsessively at my body." Shakira said.

"Oh see...I...that is to say..." Ron was interrupted as Shakira
kissed him.

While their tongues wrestled Shakira placed a stunned Ron's hands on her ass.
Ron didn't need encouragement. He gave that firm ass a good hard squeeze.
Shakira pulled away and removed her top exposing her breasts to a drooling
Ron. Shakira's brasts were smallish but they were firm and round.

"Help me get my pants off." Shakira said after kicking off her boots and laid
back on the ground.

Ron dove for her pant's button and unzipped them and dragged them to her
ankles so quickly that she Shakira didn't knew she was totally naked until
Ron had his own pants off.

Shakira pushed Ron onto his own back and stared at his cock, which was
standing tall and proud like a flagpole. She approached him and stood over
the stiff man-meat. She spread her legs and slammed herself down onto the
cock hard.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ron cried out.

Shakira began to rise up and slam herself down on Ron's cock again and again.
Ron was hollering non sense as the woman fucked him harder and harder. He
could feel his orgasm building then suddenly flush her insides with his cum.

Ron panted and huffed as Shakira got off of him and then began to lick his
cum-coated penis clean.

"Be sure to come see me if I do a concert in your town." Shakira said.

"No problem." Ron puffed.
_ _ _

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