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Kim Possible/Totally Spies: The Moreau Factor Part 2
by Hamster

The Amazon Jungle...

The group of adventurers had arrived at a collection of shacks and wooden
buildings that sat on stilts on the banks of an Amazon tributary. The guy
that Shakira had mentioned was in the local bar, so they all made their way
to there and took a look around. Rufus jumped of Ron's shoulder and bounded
his way onto the bar. A cute dark haired Brazilian girl who was bartending
walked up and stroked the little mole rat under the chin.

"What a cute little...what is he?" She asked.

"He's a mole rat." Kim explained.

"Wow, like, you speak Brazilian?" Clover asked.

"Portuguese." Kim and Sam both said at once.

They looked at each other and laughed. Everyone else rolled their eyes at the
two know-it-alls.

"Well he is very cute and so is his owner." The bartender said with a wink in
Ron's direction.

Ron turned in Kim's direction. She grabbed her shoulders and shook them.

"What did she say KP? For god's sake what did she say?" Ron demanded in near

"Easy Ron. I think she likes you." Kim informed him.

"Is there anyone here named Vicktor?" Sammy asked.

"My name is Victor, lovely girl." said a rough looking man who clearly had
not shaven in a couple of weeks in accented English.

"I'm Kim Possible this is Clover, Sam, Alex, Ron and Rufus. We need a guide
to take us to the deepest and widest lake in the Amazon." Kim explained.

"What you ask is most difficult and dangerous. Lake Mal is difficult to reach
and you must cross lethal jungles." Victor said.

"We can pay you with petty cash from WHOOP." Sam said producing a WHOOP
credit card.

"Hey, like, how come I don't have one of those?" Clover demanded.

"Jerry said you couldn't be trusted with one." Alex explained.

Clover clenched her fist and made an angry face.

"I am afraid that this will not do. You see a dead man can spend no money,
true?" Victor said.

"But we need to get there, please. My mother and father are in danger." Kim

Victor scratched his chin. "I will do this thing that you ask. On one
condition though."

"Anything." Kim said.

He pointed at Sam, "She must have sex with me."

"WHAT?!" They all demanded at once.

"This is the deal." Victor said.

"Hey buddy, you better watch or I'll...have my friend Kim kick your butt."
Ron said.

"Easy Ron, we need to talk about this." Kim said as she pulled him away from
the other guy.

Sam glared at Victor angrily. The girls, Ron and Rufus all huddled.

"I can't make you do this Sam, but please my mom and dad are in danger." Kim

"He is cute." Clover said.

Kim looked at Sam with her trademarked guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes.

"Sigh. Fine I'll do it." Sam announced. "For Kim's parents."

Kim hugged her. Ron felt a strange pang of jealousy.


Victor was laying back on the bed watching as the lovely teenaged spy
unzipped the front of her tight green outfit. Sam peeled of the top and
exposed her juicy boobs. She then pulled down the lower portion which
allowed Victor to see her completely naked except for the red panties
she was wearing. Sam then grabbed the waistband of her panties and
pulled them off. Victor was pleasantly surprised to see that Sam had
shaved her pubic area that had been Clover's idea.

Victor motioned for her to join him on the bed. Resentfully she strode
over and laid down next to him. He began to massage her lovely breasts and
occasionally pinch her nipples. Once they were hard he decided to give them
a taste. Victor licked and sucked on the hard nipple like it was a lollipop.
His hands ran all over the redhead's luscious body taking in the sensation
of every sweet smooth curve. Submissively, Sam spread her legs wide for
Victor. Victor lifted his face from her nipple and kissed her in the mouth.
As he did so he slid his way into her pussy, making her gasp softly. As he
mauled her tits he began to fuck her as thoroughly as possible. He was
pumping her harder and harder as her boobs swayed back and forth in front
of him. Finally he felt the pressure inside him rise and finally explode
into Sam.

"Well huff, huff are you happy now?" Sam asked resentfully.

"Very." Victor responded.

Meanwhile in the bar's supply room...

The barkeeper, whose name was Sonia, looked up at Ron. She was on her knees
and had Ron's cock in her hands. They couldn't understand anything that the
other was saying but that wasn't important. She had grabbed him and dragged
him into the supply room. After she had unzipped his pants it had become
very evident what she wanted. She dropped to her knees and pulled out Ron's
already hard cock. She held his cockhead between her lips and began to
massage it with her tongue. Ron was moaning in pleasure and and stroking
her hair as Sonia began to suck lovingly on his penis.

His mind began to wander as she pleasured him skillfully. He pictured Sam,
naked. He pictured the red haired teen kneeling submissively between his legs
doing to him exactly what Sonia was doing to him. As he came it was evident
to him that it was Sam he wanted and wanted bad.

The Habitrail...

Dr. Possible was naked and once again on her hands and knees. She was waiting
to see what else Stein had in store for her.

"My dear, as you know, you are my personal and beloved harem girl. You
belong to me now and only me. But I am a kind and benevolent master and when
my minions perform well I feel it is right and proper to reward them. Which
is why I've invited two of my lieutenants up here, for a little reward."
Stein proclaimed. "And before you refuse allow me to remind you that I can
have your husband disposed of at my leisure."

Just then the door to his chamber opened and his two lieutenants walked in.
One was a Gorilla man with four octopus tentacles on each shoulder instead of
arms. The other resembled a humanoid toad with hawk wings and a snake tail.

Dr. Possible could only stare in horror.

"Oh buck up my dear. It won't be so bad. You may even enjoy it." Stein said.

"You really are a rotten bastard." She said.

"Now, now name calling isn't very productive. I think I'll go work on my evil
plans while my minions enjoy the pleasures of your body. Catch you later."
Stein said as he left her alone with the mutant hybrids.

Dr. Possible just remained in the same position and gritted her teeth. The
winged Toad-snake approached her from behind. He grabbed her hips and guided
his chubby cock to its target. She groaned as the fat cock was worked into
her. His finger tips had suction to them so his grip on her hips was pretty
firm as he slammed his penis home. Dr. Possible couldn't help but cry out as
the chubby cock thrust into her.

The Octo-gorilla came at her from the front. His tentacles reached under her
and wrapped themselves around her breasts then began to squeeze them. It
tightened and released on her breasts with varying degrees of tension. It
pushed its somewhat small cock towards her mouth and she knew exactly what
was required of her. She opened up wide and accepted it. She started sucking
the gorilla cock as if her husband's life depended on it. Which it did. The
two mutants worked in tandem; one thrust in as the other pulled out and vice
versa. Soon the see-saw double fucking and tit mauling she was receiving was
too much for her and she was crying out in orgasm. The creatures kept going
though, if anything they began to fuck her even harder. She came twice and a
third time and finally passed out from exhaustion. The mutants just kept
fucking her limp body, they took turns pounding her pussy and her ass until
they finally began to cum. They practically bathed her in semen as they were
genetically engineered to produce inhuman amounts of sperm.

When Stein finally came back and saw her tired, half-dazed and covered in cum
he only laughed mockingly.

The Amazon jungle...

Kim, Ron, Rufus, Sam, Alex and Clover all gathered on a very dilapidated
riverboat that Victor assured them was more than capable of taking them to
Lake Mal. It chugged west at a very leisurely pace that was making Kim very
unhappy. After all while they traveled so slowly who knew what was happening
to her parents?

As they got closer the river branched and narrowed and the vegetation got
thicker and thicker. Ominous sounds could be heard in the distance and Clover
seemed particularly nervous. Silently Alex stepped over to her and put her
hand over Clover's reassuringly. Both wondered if it was the right time to
tell Sam about their relationship.

Sam was however on the bow of the ship and was otherwise engaged.

"Soooo." Ron said. "What are you into you what's your thing?" Ron
asked nervously.

"What? I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention I was just thinking. What did you
say?" she asked.

"I was just wondering if..." Ron was interrupted by Sam grabbing his shoulder
and pointing wildly at the sky.

"Wait what is that?" Sam demanded.

The 'that' in question was a panther with the head and wings of a vulture,
it's hind legs were topped with monkey-like feet. Sam screamed as the
creature dove right for her. It grabbed her and began to lift her up into
the sky.

"SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!" Ron cried as he jumped for the

As he grabbed on to the monkey like hands of the creature he was filled with
a sense of complete revulsion but he managed to hold to it with an iron grip.

Back on the boat a second monster had attacked bow. The girls all watched as
a giant Anaconda with massive crab claws rose from the river and snatched up
Alex. The snake-crab coiled around Alex's legs and lifted her into the air
and held her upside down. She screamed as the beast used its huge claws to
shred her costume. The creature clearly wanted to mate with her and Alex was
now screaming her head off.

"ALEX!!!" Kim and Clover cried out at once.

Clover activated her rocket boots and jumped right for the creatures head,
interrupting it's attempt to violate her girlfriend. Kim snatched up some
rope. Clover poked the things eyes which caused it to drop Alex into the
river. One acrobatic flip was followed by another and another. She bounced
onto, over and around the creature, looping the rope around the gigantic
crab-claws until she landed on the deck and pulled back hard to synch them
tight. Without missing a cue Victor rammed the boat into it. Tired of the
abuse the snake-crab snapped the rope with it's teeth and dove away into
the river.

"I told you the river was dangerous." Victor said as he fished Sam out of the

"Yeah I'm so sure you saw THAT coming." Kim said sarcastically.

"Guys!" Clover cried frantically. "Sam and Ron are missing."

To be continued...
_ _ _

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