Kim Possible: Tough Love (Ff,ff,inc,spank,humil)
by Hamster

Kim Possible had just finished saving the world again. It was about the 8
millionth time that she had done so, but it was no big. What was a big was
that she was once again home past her curfew, and this after her mom had
given her repeated warnings that there would by very dire consequences if
she did not get home in time. What was even worse was that that she had
been partnered with that evil bitch Bonnie for science and they were going
to have to work together. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your
perspective, she had been forced to skip out on Bonnie in order to help
save the world and now it looked like Bonnie was going to be pissed. Kim
quietly opened the door and pushed it open but when the red-head stepped
through the door she was horrified to see that her mom was sitting on the
green love seat waiting for her with a very angry look on her face. Bonnie
was also in the room sitting on the couch opposite her with a smug look on
her face.

"Kimberly Anne Possible, do you have any idea what time it is?" Dr. Possible

"Mom I'm really sorry I..." Kim started.

"I don't want to hear it Kim. You're the girl who can do anything but you
can't obey your parents and make it home at a reasonable time? I think that
I'm just going to have to punish you my favorite way."

Kim's eyes widened. She knew that her mom was talking about giving her a
spanking. That was by far 'her favorite way'. Dr. Possible had bit of lesbian
dominatrix in her and she really loved to wail on Kim's adorable ass.

"No mom, please anything but that." Kim begged.

"I'm sorry Kim but you've left me no choice." Dr. Possible said.

"Can I watch Dr. Possible?" Bonnie asked.

"Of course, Bonnie, after all Kim let you down too." Dr. Possible said.

"No, please, not in front of Bonnie, please." Kim begged a bit more
desperately this time.

"I'm afraid that you do not get a say in this Kim." Dr. Possible said. "I
think that a little Humiliation will do you good and possibly give you some
incentive to obey the rules and make it home well before your curfew. Now
come here this instant."

Kim slowly stepped over to where her mom sat and with a face that was crimson
with shame lay down across her moms lap.

"I don't think so Kimberly Anne Possible. You are not going to be afforded
the dignity or the protection of pants." Dr Possible announced.

This caused Bonnie to laugh mockingly. Dr Possible rolled Kim over onto her
back and took her belt off; she then took Kim's belt off and pulled her pants
down to her knees. She rolled Kim back over and pulled her pink panties down
off her ass. Dr Possible raised her hand and brought down against Kim's ass.
There was a satisfying sting in her hand and a loud 'smack' as flesh struck
flesh. Kim's eyes clamped shut and she yelped. This caused Bonnie to laugh at
her mockingly once more. As her mom's hand came crashing down on her bare ass
cheeks Kim bit bad the urge to cry out. She did not want to give Bonnie the
satisfaction. But Bonnie was receiving great satisfaction regardless. She was
becoming greatly aroused actually as she watched Kim's mom beat those softly
curves cheeks to a reddened color with one merciless smack after the other.
Tears welled up in Kim's eyes as her mom continued her humiliating
punishment. Finally she stopped but it wasn't over for poor Kim.

"Bonnie my hand is starting to hurt could you please take over for a little
while?" Asked Dr Possible.

"NO! No mom please, please doesn't let her spank me." Kim begged through her

"Shut up Kim, you are in absolutely no position to make any requests. If you
can't handle your punishment then you shouldn't break the rules. Bonnie come
get some." Dr. Possible said firmly.

"My pleasure." Said Bonnie.

Bonnie raised her hand and slapped it across Kim's ass. Kim was now balling
like a baby as her sore ass was beaten like a drum. Bonnie continued to spank
her with sadistic glee, which made both her and Dr. Possible dizzy with lust.
Once Bonnie had her fill she stood and smiled.

"That was fun." She said.

"Kim go get Bonnie and me some drinks." Dr Possible ordered.

Kim stood up from her mom's lap and began to pull her panties up.

"I don't think so, you can walk back to the kitchen just as you are, so that
Bonnie and I can admire our handiwork." Said Dr Possible.

With her head hung in shame and her pants and panties bunched at her ankles,
Kim slunk back to the kitchen to get her mom and her worst enemy some drinks.
Once out of the room Bonnie turned to Dr. Possible.

"Oh god Dr Possible, that was the most totally hot thing I ever saw." Bonnie

"You liked that huh?" Asked Dr. Possible.

"Oh yeah." Said Bonnie.

Dr. Possible patted her lap. "Have a seat. Why don't you tell me just how
much you liked watching me spank Kim's sweet bear ass."

Bonnie sat on Dr. Possible's lap.

"Well I think it was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen." Bonnie said
a she put an arm around Kim's mom's neck.

The proximity of the hot babe on her lap as well as the vicious assault she
had committed on her daughter's sweet ass had made Dr. Possible pretty horny.

"Do you now you little slut?" Dr. Possible asked. "Maybe you should show me
some appreciation for letting you watch then."

Dr. Possible grabbed Bonnie's hair and then kissed Bonnie hard on the lips
and as the teen's lips parted she forced her tongue into Bonnie's mouth.
There tongues swirled together and they began to fondle each other's tits
as they kissed. At this point Kim re-entered the room and was shocked to
see her mom and her worst enemy in the grips of a passionate kiss.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Kim exclaimed.

Dr. Possible and Bonnie both turned towards her. She truly looked miserable
and ludicrous as she stood there with drinks in hand and her pants around her

"Kim you are interrupting! I know how to deal with you and your unacceptable
behavior; you are going to give Bonnie's cunt the tongue lashing of her life.

"No mom please! I can't." Kim begged through a stream of hot tears.

"Excuse me? You can do anything right? Well then you can lick pussy and you
had better do a good job of it." Dr. Possible warned. "Now get over here and
help Bonnie out of her panties."

Bonnie was bent over at the waist with her hands on Dr. Possible's thighs.
Kim stepped up behind her and grabbed the waistband of Bonnie's panties,
which she then began to slide off. The crotch stuck to the brunette's
sexually charged sticky cunt. Kim's lips trembled and she fought the senses
of disgust and desire that warred for control within her. Kim began to lap
at the pussy exposed to her like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Bonnie
arched her back and sighed with delieght. Dr. Possible ripped open the front
of her shirt and let Bonnie suck on one of the hardened nipples that topped
her rather impressive breasts. Dr. Possible moaned and stroked Bonnie's hair.
Dr. Possible lifted her skirt and stuck her hand down her panties and began
to stroke her pussy. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the hard suction on her
nipple. Kim's tongue was obviously doing the trick because Bonnie was
squealing like a pig.

Dr. Possible removed her hand from her pussy and licked her fingers.

"Get in the sixty-nine position you dirty sluts." Dr. Possible said in a
commanding tone.

Kim separated from Bonnie then lay on her back. She spread her legs wide.
Bonnie got on top of Kim and the two girls began to loudly eat out each
other's pussys.

"From now on Kim you are to give your pussy up to Bonnie any time that she
wants it. She is now your mistress." Dr. Possible ordered.

Kim contemplated this new horror as she serviced the other cheerleader.


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