Kim Possible/X-Men - The Animated Series: Camp Wannaweep (Ffm,Mf,inter,mc)
by Hamster

Cletus and Bubba were in a small wooden canoe in the middle of lake
Wannaweep. The two somewhat overweight brothers had a bucket full of dynamite
and another full of fairly bizarre fish. The two brothers were boom fishing.
You simply drop some dynamite in the water then BOOM! A bunch of fish float
to the surface. Unfortunately all the fish they had found looked revolting.
They had too many or too few eyes, tentacles, spikes, giant fangs, gelatinous
or transparent bodies, one even had frog-like legs. Still they were
determined to collect as many of them as they could and dynamite was most
effective for this job. The frog-legged one jumped out of the bucket and then
hopped back into the lake with a splash.

"Maybe we should head back." Bubba said. He figured that a walking fish was a
bad sign.

"Wait, we gots one more stick of dynamite brother. Let's use it and then go."
Cletus protested. "We might get another two-headed one. You know how much
sister likes them fish heads."

"Well ok." Said Bubba.

He lit the stick and then dropped it in the water. BOOM!

Something huge surged up to the surface. It was beneath the canoe and lifted
it high into the air. Two massive jaws snapped the canoe in two. Bubba and
Cletus both crashed into the water with a loud splash. Bubba and Cletus both
treaded water and stared at each other as they surveyed the splintered
wreckage of what was once their canoe.

"What was that brother?" Asked Bubba.

"I don't know brother." Replied Cletus.

"Hey!" Bubba cried out as something in the water tugged on his foot.

Bubba then sank beneath the surface and disappeared.

"Bubba!" Cletus cried. "Where are you brother?"

Cletus suddenly felt the water surge up beneath him and he was soon contained
within the darkened confines of a pair of jaws. The jaws of what had to be a
massive beast snapped the canoe in two pieces.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters...

Professor Xavier sat in his hovering wheel chair with Cerebro's interface
helmet resting securely on his head. Wolverine and Storm both entered and
stopped just shy of the professor.

"Logan, Ororo I'm glad you could both join me." Xavier said.

"Charles, you said that you have found unusual mutant signatures." Storm

"Yes and that is why I have called you both here. There are an alarming
number of strange mutant signatures in the vicinity of lake Wannaweep. I am
having trouble determining their nature. This is why I would like to ask you
both to please investigate." Said the Professor.

15 minutes later the Blackbird was prepped and ready to go.

The Kline homestead a short drive from Camp Wannaweep...

There were very few things that Ron Stoppable hated more on this Earth than
Camp Wannaweep. It was in his opinion a place of great evil. And he had the
multiple experiences to back that opinion up. Candy Kline was talking to Kim
and himself and the poor freckle faced blonde girl was beside herself. It was
hard for Ron to Concentrate on what she was saying. She was so cute he just
stared at her. She wore her blonde hair in pig-tails and was also wearing cut
off shorts, boots and a tight red top that struggled vainly to contain her
giant breasts.

"It just aint like my brothers to not show up when they are supposed to."
Candy explained.

"What where they doing out there Doctor Kline?" Asked Kim.

"Well they were collecting specimen samples from the lake. They bring me back
the heads of mutant fish, so I can study their brain development." Candy
explained. "All three of us are Ichthyologists. We study fish."

"And do you have any idea what part of the lake they were in?" Asked Kim.

"Sure I can take you right there." Candy said.

"You want to come with us?" Asked Kim.

"Of course I do." Candy replied. "My brothers are out there."

Later, by the lake...

Kim, Candy, Rufus and Ron were on the lake in the canoe and were looking for
any sign of Candy's brothers. They weren't having much success. What they did
see were strange creatures who's seemed to be unique and hideous. Bloated,
toothy fish and birds with extra wings or legs. Squirrels who could fire
energy from their eyes and inscects of alarming size all lived in around the

"Place of of evil." Ron whimpered.

Kim was distracted from her Safari of the strange when she noticed another
canoe with two people on board. Kim waved to them and they began to paddle in
the direction of the strangers when suddenly a huge pare of jaws surged out
of the water already opened up and swallowed the canoe whole.

"AAAAAGH!!!" Ron sceamed.

"What in tarnation was that?" Candy demanded with a horrified expression on
her face.

All of a sudden powerful bolt of lightning crashed through the sky and
blasted the lake. Then blood colored the area were the lightning had hit. A
gigantic 3-eyed alligator floated to the top, dead. It's jaws pried open from
the inside and crawling out from between them emerged Storm from a gaping
hole in it's stomache crawled Wolverine.

Wolverine looked in the direction of Kim's canoe and smiled.

"Kim Possible." He said.

"Logan." She replied. "Need a lift?"

"Don't know girl, I think I still owe you one for that scrape in the Yukon."
Wolverine replied.

"It was no big." Said Kim.

Logan and Storm climbed aboard the canoe.

"The fish and animals are definitely mutated." Storm said.

"But it is not a natural mutation." Chimed in Candy. "It is caused by the
pollution in the lake."

"Placed of Evil." Said Ron.

"I'm glad we ran into you." Said Kim to Wolverine, while Ron desperately and
unsuccessfully tried to keep his eyes off of Storm's cleavage.

"Why's that?" Logan asked.

"Well Candy here lost her brothers on the lake, if you don't mind lending a
hand I think your enhanced senses could be a huge help." Said Kim.

"No problem darling. Candy, you got something of your brothers' that I can
take a whiff of?" Wolverine asked.

"Sure." Said Candy.

She handed Logan a 'Popular Science' magazine. Logan sniffed it and got an
idea of what there sent was like. After that they began to circle the lake
and check the shorelines for any sign of the two men. The lake was not the
only mutated place as the pair searched the shore they were attacked by
giant carnivorous chipmunks. The combined might of Storms electricity and
Wolverine's claws kept the critters away.

After nearly circling the whole lake Logan stopped. "I got their scent."

He led them down a path until they came to a clearing that was filled with
plants that had strange gords hanging from their branches. The gords were
purple and had strange openings in them.

"Weird." Said Kim.

"Place of Evil." Ron reiterated.

All of a sudden gas began to spew from the gords and then fill the clearing.
The assembled group had no time to flee and their lungs were filled with the
gas that the gords released. They all coughed and once the gas cleared they
all felt very strange. There was an insatiable horiness. Wolverine was
closest to Kim and he was suddenly filled with a desperate urge to fuck her.
She, in return also found him very attractive and wanted to have sex with
him as soon as possible if not sooner. Ron had became even in more hot for
Storm and Candy was now hot for Storm and Ron a feeling that Storm was now

"I feel very strange." Storm said.

"Me too." Said Candy.

Wolverine lifted Kim's chin so that he could look into her eyes. "You know I
have a thing for redheads."

Wolverine kissed Kim and their tongues entwined. Candy seemed to think that
was a good idea because she approached Storm and did the same. Ron looked on
and there was immediately led in his trousers. He approached Storm and Candy
hoping to get in on the action. Wolverine pulled Kim's shirt off and grabbed
her peach-sized tits, he squeezed the nipples a bit then leaned forward and
kissed her. Mean while Candy's fingers were pressing into the firm flesh of
Storm's breasts. Feeling pretty bold because of all the sexual activity, Ron
stepped behind Candy and unbuckled her belt. Kim removed her own belt and
then unbuttoned her pants. Wolverine also removed his costume. Ron now had
Candy's shorts around her ankles and was now pulling her shirt off while
Storm stepped back to began removing her own costume. Candy and Ron were in
awe of Storm's naked body to say the least. She had some of the nicest
breasts on the planet, they were large, firm and round.

"Lay down on your back child." Storm ordered.

Candy did as she was instructed and Storm got on her hands and knees behind
her. Storm removed Candy's panties, which were the last of her clothing.
Storm spread Candy's thighs and then breathed in the aroma of her pussy. Ron
came up behind Storm and guided his cock to her sopping wet pussy. With a
single hand on her hip to steady himself Ron pushed his cock into her. Storm
moaned at the initial penetration and then licked the outer lips of Candy's
cunt. Kim meanwhile had found a tree stump and she was bent over it.
Wolverine's cock penetrated her tight pussy and filled her up completely. She
bit her lip and whimpered as the cock ripped into her and took her virginity.
Ron was fucking Storm with rapid desperate strokes while she lapped at
Candy's sweet pussy. Kim was crying out with every strong, forceful stab of
Wolverine's cock. It filled her entirely and she couldn't believe how
satisfying and pleasurable it felt. Ron was squeezing Storm's sexy ass while
he fucked away like a jackrabbit. He was the first one to cum. He slid out
of her slumped back on the ground. Next Storm and Candy got into the '69'
position. Candy was the first to cum and then she licked Ron's cum from
Storm's cunt until Storm came as well. Wolverine was pounding into Kim good
and hard and he managed to make her cum twice before he started to cum

They all caught their breaths as the gas wore off. After the effects were
gone they all felt keenly embarrassed. They all got up and began to dress.
Their search continued. It was almost nightfall when Wolverine finally found
Cletus. He was laying against a log and had a broken leg.

"Cletus! Candy yelled." She ran to him.

"Sis." He said.

"Where's Bubba?" She asked.

"Ate up by a mutant gator." Cletus said.

Kim and Storm both put a hand on Candy's shoulder as she began to cry.
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