This story is based on the cartoon network/WB animated Superman.

King Kong/Superman - The Animated Series: Mojo - Sex = Ratings Part 1 -
Supergirl Vs King Kong (Mf,FF,Ff,f-best)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The small ship bobbed in the water as it slowly made its way through the
Pacific. Dr. Kerrig and Dr. Welsh of the Metropolis Institute of
Anthropological and Palientological Science had needed to do very little
to convince the restless Supergirl to join them in their excursion to a
previously unknown island. Supergirl craved adventure and excitement,
helping MIAPS was a bonus.

Apparently the island was a big deal, the man who discovered it had found
small prehistoric 'Compys' there and brought them back with him. Even Lois
Lane was along for the trip to report the events on the strange island.

Supergirl hadn't expected it to be such a long boring boat ride, though. She
spent most of her time now up on deck staring at the sea.

She thought she was the only one on deck until her musings where disturbed by
the footfalls of Dr. Kerrig as she approached her. He was in his mid-thirties
with a very thin mustache.

"Oh hi, Dr. Kerrig. You're up late." Supergirl said.

"You too. I'm just excited about checking out this island," he said smiling.

Suddenly Supergirl felt odd. She felt a tingle up and down her spine. She
was becoming incredibly aroused and very attracted to Dr. Kerrig. It was so
strange. Normally, she wasn't like this. But she suddenly felt incredibly
excited. Sensing his cue, Dr. Kerrig moved in closer and put his hand on
Supergirl's waist.

"You are a very impressive young woman, you know," Dr. Kerrig said.

"Thank you, Doctor..." Supergirl was cut of as Dr. Kerrig kissed her deeply,
their tongues entwined as Dr. Kerrig brushed her soft blonde hair with his

His other hand ran down from her waist to her thigh, he felt her smooth skin
as he slid his hand under her skirt. He continued to French Supergirl as his
first hand joined the other in rolling Supergirl's skirt up to her waist.
Supergirl couldn't believe it. Why wasn't she stopping him? Why was she
enjoying this? Encouraged by her non-resistance Dr. Kerrig broke the kiss and
leaned down to slip off her damp, red panties. Dr. Kerrig stood up and pulled
down his pants releasing his stiff cock. Supergirl leaned against the railing
as Dr. Kerrig lifted her legs upward and thrust her fake dick forward into
the young Kryptonian's wet pussy. Dr. Kerrig grasped her hips as he plunged
forward into her tight hole. Supergirl gasped at the penetration. He pumped
the super heroine vigorously in a steady rhythm. Supergirl's legs wrapped
around her waist She used her powers to float in air as Dr. Kerrig Lane
enthusiastically pistoned in and out. Lane moved her hands to grasp a firm
hold of Supergirl's impressive tits. He squeazed her melons enthusiastically.
Soon enough She was wailing a powerful ear-splitting orgasm.


* * *

The small ship finally came within sight of the Island of Jura. The lush
green island looked wild and untouched, it was a place modern times had
forgotten. Thousands of bizarre brightly colored flowers stood out against
the dark emerald jungle of the island. The sound of the very light rain was
drowned out by the mysterious cries of before unheard beasts and the steady
pace of distant drums.

Lois, Dr. Kerrig, Dr. Welsh, their assistant Nina, the gunman Ralph Hunt, and
a dozen or so workers - for carrying equipment and such - landed on the snow
white sands of Jura's beach.

All the workers wore red shirts and seemed oddly nervous especially when they
began hacking away vegetation so the exploratory mission could go deeper into
the island. Ralph Hunt kept a wary eye out for any potential dangers. Nina
was a teenaged Mexican-American girl with a very cute body and long black
hair. She followed the 35-year-old blonde woman, Dr. Welsh, everywhere like
a shadow. Lois, who was wearing khaki shorts, a white t-shirt and a pair of
hiking boots, chatted with Dr. Kerrig about his impressions of the island and
what he hoped to find there, as the group marched deeper into the jungle's

They setup camp and a fire after a grueling 4-hour trek into the jungle. Thus
far none had seen local peoples or wildlife. Nina and Dr. Welsh discussed
facts about various plants with each other as they sat by the fire. Dr.
Kerrig and Mr. Hunt were in a heated debate over the possibilities of hunting
on the island.

Supergirl quietly observed everyone from her tent whose flap hung open. A
rather bored Lois entered the tent and sat beside her.

"Kind of a big snore so far." Lois commented.

"It should get better later," Supergirl promised.

"Well I'm glad YOU'RE certain." Loise replied.

"Well, I think I know a good way to pass the time." Supergirl said.

Before even she knew what she was doing Supergirl was leaning in and kissing
Lois' soft lips. Their wet warm tongues sought each other out. Not only did
Lois not resist she returned the kiss with passionate enthusiasm. Supergirl's
hand trailed to Lois' shorts. She unbuttoned and unzipped them then began
rubbing Lois' pussy through her rather moist panties. Lois whimpered softly.
Her own hands found their way to the waist band of Supergirl's underwear and
pulled them down. Lois broke their kiss and dove under Supergirl's skirt.
Lois licked and sucked Supergirl's clit sending the young woman into throws
of passion. Lois spread the kryptonian girl's pussy open burrowed her tongue
deeply into the girl's juicy cunt.

"Oh yes Lois, yes. Deeper, DEEPER please." Supergirl cried while roughly
squeasing her own boobs.

Lois obliged and redoubled her tongue assault. Supergirl sprayed Lois'
face with girl cum. Supergirl relaxed and tried to catch her breath as Lois
climbed up the alien's sexy body. Lois played with Supergirl's boobs as
Supergirl licked her own cum from Lois' face.

Meanwhile in Dr.Welsh's tent...

Dr. Welsh and her assistant Nina both were wearing only their bra and
panties. Dr. Welsh had her notes in a pile and was looking through them

"Nina where are my pteranadon notes?" Dr. Welsh asked.

"Oh no. I-I'm very sorry Doctor. I-I think that I left them back in
Metropolis." Nina stammered.

"Dammit Nina this is completely unacceptable." Dr. Welsh shouted.

"Yes I'm sorry doctor I'll do anything to make it up to you." Nina said

"Oh you will at that young lady I think a good spanking is in order." Dr.
Welsh said. "I want you to take off your panties, bend over, and grab your

Nina did as she was instructed and bit her lower lip in anticipation. Dr.
Welsh found her belt and approached the teenager from behind. She admired the
soft curves of the lovely latina girls ass. Dr. Welsh raised her arm and then
lashed the belt across Nina's butt cheeks. Nina screamed but Dr. Welsh only
lashed again and again ruthlessly. Nina squirmed and cried with each lash of
the belt until Dr. Welsh was finally satisfied.

"Now, on your back girl." Dr. Welsh commanded.

Nina quickly obeyed. Dr. Welsh removed her own panties. Then spread her
legs and squatted over Nina's face. The girl's tongue immediately shot up
into Welsh's pussy. Dr. Welsh rocked slightly with the stroking of the
girl's tongue. Pleasure coursed through the doctor's body but soon she felt
something else, her bladder was filling up soon it was painful to hold it

"Open wide my little pet, I hope you're thirsty." Dr. Welsh said.

Dr. Welsh sighed with pleasure shot a stream of hot bitter urine into Nina's
waiting mouth she let her mouth fill almost to overflowing before she started
swallowing the foul fluid. When the Dr. Was finished relieving herself she
laid down in her bed roll and ordered her assistant to leave.


As everyone else began to settle in a bit for a long night one of the red
shirt wearing workers wandered off into the jungle to look at a dirty
magazine and whack-off in private. He started reading the stories in the
letters section and it was not long before he was very aroused. He leaned
up against a plant in an attempt to balance himself, his back resting
against a very thick stem. Unbeknownst to him the two thick leaves above
him formed a sort of hinged jaw. The edges of the leaves actually had some
fairly sharp teeth. The plant's mouth reacted quickly. It struck with
lightning speed, biting down on the man's upper torso. The poor worker
tried to scream as teeth sunk into his body painfully. The plant slurped
up the man's body and chewed him thoroughly before swallowing.

A second red shirt worker went looking for the first. He followed the man's
footprints until he arrived at the weird plant's location. Before he could
examine the plant he heard a strange 'whooshing' sound. He looked up to see
two clawed feet grapple him and before he knew it a pterodactyl was flying
away with him! The giant airborne reptile flew higher and higher eventually
turning to fly to a large mountain in the Island's center. It deposited him
in a large nest with six hatchlings. As he screamed pitiful pleas for help,
the young Pterodactyls devoured him, slowly ripping away flesh and swallowing
huge chunks at a time, soon enough his screams subsided and the pterodactyl
chicks enjoyed their meal in peace.

A third red shirt went looking for the first two. He was a bit baffled when
he found that the pairs' tracks vanished without a trace. He scratched his
head and didn't even here the footfalls of the giant saber-toothed tiger.
The enormous predator silently crept up on the unsuspecting man. The poor
red shirt suddenly turned but did not have time to scream as the two long
fangs sunk into his skull, killing him.

A fourth went looking for the first three. He soon got lost and wandered the
jungle aimlessly. He was gone for 10 minutes when he felt a painful sting on
his neck. He slapped his neck where he was stung and actually managed to
squish the tiny spider that had bit him. He felt a painful burning on his
neck; he touched it and was very surprised to find blood. The burning spread,
down his neck, across his shoulder and chest. The poor man soon tried to
scream but was choking on his own blood. The flesh on his neck was devolving
away; the man fell to the ground writhing. Suddenly his frantic pained
struggles ended as his neck was completely dissolved away.

A fifth red shirt went into some bushes to pee. He was just finishing off
when he noticed the shadow of a huge creature. He was horrified to see a
giant ape. Before he could scream the ape stepped on him crunching him into
a bloody broken mess.

* * *

The next morning Hunt woke everyone early. Everyone gathered together outside
the tents.

"We have a few missing people," Hunt explained. "I think we should split up
and look for them."

For whatever reason, this incredibly bad idea sounded good to everyone.

"I can cover more ground by myself," Supergirl stated.

Supergirl flew through the forest at high speeds, amazed at some of the
creatures she saw as she flew. Frustration began to ensue, as she saw no
signs of the missing workers. After a fruitless search she decided to
return to the camp and see if the others had any luck. Upon arriving at
camp she saw that it was completely deserted.

Hmm, they must be still out looking, she thought out loud.

She heard a noise and turned to see a woman approaching her. The woman wore
hides of various beasts and had some fairly exotic face paint on. The woman
mumbled some unintelligible words and her eyes began to glow. Before
Supergirl even knew she was in trouble she was unconscious.

* * *

When Supergirl awoke she was bound magically to an altar shaped like a
gorilla's head by some strands of energy. She tested them but the energy
strands held firm. The shamaness smiled at her and a shiver went up
Supergirl's spine. She looked beyond the Shamaness to see that her friends
where all hog-tied and laying on the ground.

"If you cooperate, I'll let them go," the Shamaness said.

"Cooperate with what?" Supergirl asked as she wracked her brain trying to
understand how the woman knew perfect English, she even had a British accent.

"Either you serve as a sacrifice for the great Kong, or your friends are
raptor food," the Shamaness explained.

"I - I'll cooperate," Supergirl said nervously, hoping fervently her powers
would get her through this.

"Good." The Shamaness smiled her evil smile. "Oh mighty Kong I beseech you,
come forth and claim your sacrifice.

The shamaness was very pleased when she saw the giant gorilla.

The huge ape pounded his chest and gave a savage roar. Upon seeing the ape's
gigantic erection it became clear what the shamaness meant by sacrifice.
Supergirl tried desperately to think of a way out of her predicament. The
gorilla unceremoniously picked her up by her slim waist and tore her skirt
and panties away. Supergirl's magic bindings seemingly let the ape move her
about but prevented the super heroine from moving on her own accord.
Supergirl steadied herself for what she knew was coming. Grabbing each of
her ankles Kong spread Supergirl's legs wide as far as she could get them to
go. The ape plunged his monkey meat forcefully into Supergirl's pussy. The
giant cock stretched Supergirl's pussy to the point where it would have split
a human woman in two. She was stretched out incredibly far, her entire body
roared with pain. Kong grunted and moaned with pleasure as the tight super
cunt was stretched tight against his massive member.


The giant cock penetrated her womb. Kong really jackhammered his cock into
her. He firmly grasped her legs and pulled on them to get extra force behind
his thrusts. Supergirl's arms flailed about and her tits swung about wildly
as the giant ape savagely fucked her. Finally the ape shot his load, sending
a jet of sperm that shot the delirious, half-conscious Supergirl across the
jungle. She collapsed in a sperm splattered heap.

"Now," the Shamaness said, "you will all become food for the mighty Kong ha
ha ha ha!"

Kong began to approach the captives, snarling threateningly. But before he
could act the girl of steel slammed from behind Kong. Supergirl had shot out
of the jungle and into the monkey with lightning speed. The Shamaness began
trying to cast a spell but Supergirl saw this. The super-heroine grabbed Kong
by the little toe she spun him in the air and threw him at the shamaness
sending both of them flying off into the horizon. Supergirl untied her

"Dr. Kerrig I think we should get the hell off this island," Dr. Welsh said.

"I agree," said Kerrig.

"Yeah let's go," said the naked, cum splattered Supergirl.

Supergirl flew each member, one by one, to safety.


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