Kingdom Hearts: Bustin' Up On The Beach (mf, f-mast)

Even before the accident, Kairi had been a precocious youth. As soon as she
discovered the gratification merely brushing her girlish vagina brought,
every spare moment she could muster was diverted to pleasuring herself.

At first, she had no idea that continual stimulation would lead to a release
that exceeded anything ever experienced. An undisturbed hour in the bathtub,
however, allowed her to finally come with the force that would become her
trademark passion. Expelling the contents of her immature womb into the
lukewarm water, she had discovered her life's passion.

From then on, her masturbating took on an ever-increasing lewdness. From
the time her family set foot on the cruise ship that would change her life
forever, she had gotten off in such daring ways that not having been
discovered was a sheer miracle.

Most of the time, she would simply get the urge and have to run into a
cleaning closet or the like for a quickie. One of her favorite planned
adventures though, was to slide into the kids' hot tub on the vessel's
main deck. There, she would allow the bubbles to mask the underwater
motion of her hand, which would always end up madly frigging her clit
to a silent orgasm in front of the scores of unaware preteens. And
whenever her parents went off for a quiet dinner, she would lose
inhibition entirely, stripping completely nude and rubbing her bare
crack across the bed until it was stained with girl-juices.

This entire time, her indifferent parents were lacking in any sexual
instruction for their horny daughter. As such, Kairi never realized her lust
for the nasty appeared only after encountering a cute boy her age, at least
until the storm turned their trip into utter chaos. After the dark night, she
woke up in a life raft along with two other boys, both only children like
herself. Although she had played with Sora and Riku during the few interludes
when she wasn't touching herself, she had never dreamed they would become as
close as fate had eventually decreed.

After several awkward days scrounging for food and shelter in the same set
of clothes, the trio had realized that privacy would eventually become a
lost commodity. Not that they didn't try to find a secluded place to bathe
and wash their garments, (especially Kairi, who disliked intruders into her
personal realm as much as a day without her special fun) but the peeking
boys slowly became tolerable.

It has been a few interminable days when the frustrated girl realized her
especially potent desires were coming from seeing her two companions
constantly buff above waist. After a careful period of deliberation, she
realized that with the length of time they could be stuck here, she would
never be able to go without the sweet feeling. And if she were to do The
Thing with one of them, she'd have help in keeping the other away while
she did the deed.

From the start, she'd intended to do them both alternately, each oblivious
that they were sharing Kairi. After so many days of uncertainty and doubt,
Sora had been hit the hardest. She had really wanted to console him in the
most selfless way possible -- by offering her virginity. Unfortunately, it
was not meant to be...

* * *

Months later, Kairi was walking through the same cave entrance, and with the
exact same intent. She hoped he would be here, since it was his wont to come
to this place when depressed or in need of a quick pick-me-up.

"Sora?" Kairi called out, ducking her head to enter their secret place.
"Sooooooora?" Darting her agile head around, the young girl peered into the
darkness, looking for one of the only two other beings on this island.

"Right here, Kairi." Sora replied glumly, poking his head up from behind a
box. The elfin female immediately knew the reason for his sullen mood.
Heading over towards a childlike etching on the cave wall, she plopped down
noisily next to her best friend.

"Feel homesick?" she asked with heartfelt sympathy, snaking a gentle arm
around his shoulder. "I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to come here
and cry too."

"Yeah..." Sora mumbled. Barely a teenager, he had already become too manly
to talk about his problems.

"Oh, come on!" Kairi said buoyantly. "Cheer up. I just KNOW we'll get off
this island eventually."

"You really think so?" Sora asked, a hint of smile returning to his face.

"If I didn't, don't you think I would've given in and married Riku by now?"
she finished with a laugh, slapping Sora playfully on the shoulder.

"Heh , yeah." Sora prattled incoherently, looking down at the sandy floor.
While her comment was probably innocent, he couldn't get the thought of the
two of them getting together. Then it would be Riku who got to stick it to
Kairi every night, and not himself. The slightest hint of that made him want
to bend his love over and shove himself right in, hoping the joy of the
orgasm he'd bring her lithe body would seal her love to him forever.

"Tell you what..." Kairi cooed, getting up on her knees and rubbing Sora's
back, whispering softly into his ear. "Why don't I do that special thing you
like so much?" As Sora's eyes exploded wide in anticipation, his girlfriend
hunkered down on her hands and knees. As she crawled into his view, he could
hardly contain himself at the sight of the absolutely precious look pasted
all over her cherubic face.

"Would you?" Sora pled, the thought of her hinted promise exciting him
greatly. "It's been so long..."

"Well, we can't let Riku find out, right?" she reasoned, pressing a delicate
finger to his lips. "Now, hush and just enjoy it..."

Falling down further onto her elbows, Kairi reached out and unbuttoned Sora's
shorts, giggling quietly as a perceptible bulge appeared in his boxers.
Knowing he was watching, she balanced herself and trailed a hand down to her
own bottoms, slipping it inside and tensing up vividly as her finger came
into contact with that special spot.

"I know you like watching me..." she teased, coming back to her previous
position. "But now I want to make you happy." The arousing words and images
before Sora were enough to accomplish Kairi's goal. As she waited patiently,
his cock appeared through the waistband in his underwear, rising up to greet

"Here it is..." Kairi announced proudly, licking each side as it continued
to bulge outward. "I love tasting it..." she declared with abandon, finally
sheathing the entire thing in her mouth. Sora groaned in appreciation as her
wet inner cheeks caressed his rod, sucking the stiff pole even larger. After
a few deep strokes with her tongue, Kairi forced herself to disengage,
looking with interest at the monster created just by using the gifts of her

"Let me undress you this time, please?" Sora asked nervously, reaching
towards the bumps hidden beneath her top.

"You can do anything you want, Sora..." Kairi yielded, bringing his hand to
her concealed breast. "Touch me all you like..." Leaning back, she came to
rest on the ground, her attached mate crawling over to join his lover.

"I can never get over how soft you are, Kairi." he soothed, tracing a tender
path across her still-developing boobs.

"Hee hee... I know Sora." she replied with an endearing grin. "But we won't
have much time before Riku starts looking for us. Why don't you speed things
up a bit?" Taking his hand, Kairi thrust it down the front of her shorts,
where hers had been earlier. His hand between the outer garment and her
panties, Sora started to finger his love gently through the cotton fabric.

"Like this, Sora..." she explained, grabbing her crotch. Guiding his fingers
through her shorts, she showed him once again how she liked it -- with one
finger inside and the thumb rubbing her clitoris in circles. Kairi fluttered
at the pleasing touch, allowing herself to partake this most private action
with her best friend.

"I know you need it, so go ahead..." Kairi explained, leaving his anxious
fingers to their own devices. She lay immobile on the hard sand while Sora
regrettably took his hand from her, knowing he would soon be able to do much
more. He undid her belt, leaving the fly open enough to see inside her purple
skirt and the matching panties which covered her slit.

He pulled her shoes and lower garments off one by one until her hairless
cunny was finally visible. Kairi murmured softly as the breeze tickled her
naked flesh, teasing the mound where a crop of red hair would soon grow.

Although Kairi still wore her shirt, she would get undressed no further
after exciting Sora as much as she had. Unable to hold back any longer, he
shucked his briefs off, crawling on top of the half-clad female with the
precipitation only a boy about to furiously paste a little girl's pussy.

The first thrust curled Kairi's toes and fingers, wrapping her lithe form
tight around her lover. She squealed with delight as his underdeveloped worm
tunneled inside her bald slit, awakening a long-supressed need that she had
been unable to fulfill for a few days. With Sora's magic wand helpless to
stir her libido, the horizontal female allowed her mind to drift, smiling
with astonishment at Sora's earnest efforts.

* * *

The night of her first time, Kairi had entered the cave with the intent of
performing some pussy-pounding sex with Sora. After all, they were both
fourteen, so it made sense for to do it with him first. She was greatly
surprised to find the cavern strangely empty. She looked all over the beach
as night fell, but was unable to locate any trace of him. Reflecting back
on the almost uncanny event, it seemed to her like some force had destined
to thwart her planning in order to pair her up with Riku.

On that very evening, Riku followed Kairi's paddling footsteps from the
growing shadows in the island foliage. After making up some nonsense about
of the indigenous fruits supposedly foretelling love, he had watched in
amusement as Sora set off to snatch one of the so-called "paupu" fruits.
Now it was time to make his move.

As the slender female gazed out at the setting sun on the horizon, Riku
suavely approached her from behind, wrapping his arms around hers. She was
startled at first, but quickly warmed to the touch of his soothing hands
across her chest, lightly caressing her upper arms.

"You know, we might be here for quite awhile." he said nonchalantly, setting
the moon.

"I'm afraid you're right..." Kairi trailed off, not exactly paying attention.

"It would be terrible to be so uncomfortable." Riku added, moving his touch
to her breasts. He drew his fingers across her torso, striking just as the
surprised teenager turned her head in alarm.

Kairi's mouth opened to protest this unexpected encroachment, but was
thwarted when Riku brought his lips in front, sealing her objections with a
kiss. She absolutely melted during the short smooch, rolling her head until
her charmer broke off. He wasted no time in continuing to prime her for sex,
leaving a quick patter of lip imprints down the side of her neck before
ending up with his face firmly set in her budding bosom.

Riku waited there a moment, expecting a slap or scolding for his bold move,
but was pleasantly stunned to find she was rubbing her crotch into his. "Show
me how to do it..." she practically begged, clinging naively as he lowered
her to the ground.

"With pleasure." Riku answered behind a smirk, turning her away from the
shore on her hands and knees. As he lifted her skirt and lowered the damp
panties down to her ankles, he noted the surprising ease with which she'd
offered herself. "I thought I'd have to finger you at the very least,
though." he remarked obscenely, inching a fleshy probe into her.

"It's been... so long!" Kairi gasped, feeling him go much deeper than she'd
ever dared. "I can't wait anymore..."

"Then I won't disappoint you." Riku replied flatly, the elder boy having no
problems with sliding into her unspoiled folds. Kairi yelped as her hymen
tore, wondering for a fleeting instant if she'd settled too soon.

Riku, on the other hand, continued to penetrate her roughly, leaning over
to initiate the sordid dialogue he knew would send her flying time and time
again. "Uhh... you're so nice... inside, Kairi. Do you want me to keep

"Yes, yes..." she panted lewdly, gripping the sand. She could hear the waves
crashing behind her, making it seem as if her lover was thrusting into her
tight hole with the force of the entire ocean.

"Say it..." Riku teased, his hands gliding along the soft flesh of her butt.
"Ask me what you want."

"I want..." Kairi panted, momentarily held back by the tremendous delight
filling her spirit. "I want you to fuck me!" she finally shouted, loud enough
for anyone in sight to hear. By the time her overworked vocal cords were done
with the auditory explosion, she was already coming. Her untouched twat was
already slippery, but the added influx of her girl cream sent juices flowing
deliciously out with each pistoning of her mate.

"Don't worry, my little vixen..." Riku assured her, catching some of the
fluid on the tip of his finger. "If I can make you orgasm this easily, I
think we'll both be in for more than we can handle." As she rocked back in
forth, moaning from climax, he drew his wet finger to her mouth, coaxing
her to lick her own fragrance off.

They continued having intercourse for the better part of an hour, Riku
controlling himself by thinking of the rewarding lovemaking ahead of him if
he could show Kairi what her sex life could be like. After years of countless
junctions between her fingers and cunt, the mere dry days she had just had to
endure had been taxing beyond words. The rutting female rode a continuous
wave of joy, piqued every so often with a blinding burst of heaven that left
her genitals even more soaked.

By the time Riku was ready to consummate their first union, Kairi was an
incoherent blur, mumbling profanities while he humped her from behind. She
would likely have accepted this wonderful treatment until passing out from
exhaustion if her partner had not suddenly reached the end of his strength.

Having already thought about what would happen when the moment came, Riku
sped up instead of pulling out to shoot his seed across her behind. Starting
now, he would be fucking her enough that no amount of precaution would
prevent Kairi from getting knocked up eventually. Content to enjoy himself,
the dominating teen emptied his balls into her, proud to feel his fertile
cream mixing with hers.

Even after he was finished and ceased motion, Kairi continued to mechanically
buck against the splendid tool which had brought her the released she'd
dreamed about. Only when Riku lifted her leg, embracing the warm body he'd
just pumped full, did the stuffed youngster cease. She cuddled with him as
they settled in on their sides, head resting in his shoulders. She could feel
their private parts throbbing almost painfully from overuse, but couldn't
bear to let him leave.

"How many times did you come?" he asked frankly, fondling her still-clothed

"Seven... I think..." Kairi mumbled giddily, looking up at him. "But you've
made me feel things that I've never been able to do to myself..."

"And I hope you'll let me do it again..." he stated, pulling out of her
baby-bare vagina.

"Anytime!" she answered with a wink, feeling the last rays of sunlight
examining the pillaged flower between her legs. Then the golden globe set,
leaving her to ponder whether or not she could stand performing for both

* * *

In the end, her salacious determination proved more than enough
accommodation. While foraging for breakfast the next morning, she came upon
Sora huddled next to a tree, a new type of fruit in his hands. She cajoled it
out of his grasp and took a bite, savoring the luscious taste before picking
up her behavior from the previous afternoon. Holding his cheeks in her hands,
she met lips with his, passing the pith into his mouth. He awoke to a
pleasant view, and quickly appraised his options. By the time Riku was up,
Kairi had already sucked Sora to an erection and then let him gleefully pound

As the retrospective ended, she found herself back in the cave, the
long-cheered up teen still having tender sex with her willing nether passage.
As in her flashback, he stiffened up as climax came, the only time in the
whole experience when he would ravish her as hard as Riku. Not even poking
her girlhood any longer, he simply pushed in and held there until the last of
his business was splashing against her cervix.

Rolling over on his back beside her, Sora snaked a hand up her shirt,
touching her boobs while he caught his breath. "Did you... you know..." he
asked worriedly, the competitive irony between him and Riku jumping out only
to Kairi.

"Yes, of course." she lied, directing her hands to where she was most
sensitive. Although Sora's speedy hammering had yet to bring her to that
special state, she knew that fun was waiting for her in another's arms. But
Sora was a different experience in other ways. He would never leave first,
always insisting she stay as long as possible. And his cute adoration was
more than enough to convince her to spread her legs at the merest whim.

"You don't know how much this means to me..." Sora confessed, kissing her
lightly on the cheek.

"On the contrary, I know you all too well, Sora!" Kairi responded with a huge
grin. Already his sweet-talk was stirring her loins. Riku had asked to meet
her under the pier they'd built, which probably meant he was going to tie her
up again. His fetishes were always amusingly silly, but after a few multiple
orgasms under his skilled hands, she was willing to try anything. And do
anything to keep her double life a safe secret.

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