Authorís note: This story is based on the Kraft commercial of Michelle Kwan
making a salad. It's my second story and is written around the time my
first story, LeBlanc's Arena.

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Kraft: Michelle's Salad Days Part 1 (F-solo, F-beast, veg)
by Lord Naughtius

Michelle Kwan walked down the hallway to her kitchen, bopping to a beat
inside her head as she went. It was a lazy Saturday, so she didn't bother
to change out of her boxers and night shirt, choosing only to throw a grey
sweatshirt over herself and slipping her pink bunny slippers over her feet.

She opened her fridge, seeing what there was she could make a breakfast out
of. She grabbed some lettuce, green beans, blackberries and potatoes. Then
she grabbed a large bowl out of a cupboard, twirling around as she did so
and closed the cupboard with her foot. Her Labrador Retriever spun around,
imitating her. Smiling, she remembered when she got him years ago when he
was a little, playful Lab puppy. He had grown into a large Lab, but was no
less playful. Tossing her ingredients together in the bowl, she topped off
her salad with some dressing and chowed down.

Going back to her room, she felt in the mood for some self pleasuring. She
settled down on her bed in front of her television, pulling a DVD out of
her drawer and put it into the machine. While the intro was playing on the
screen she took her clothes off and grabbed her toys and some lubricant.

The first scene was an Asian woman dressed like a school girl being fucked
by her TA in a class room. Michelle only watched porn with Asian girls
because it was easier to imagine herself being fucked like them. The man on
screen started tonguing the girl and Michelle started rubbing her clit,
imagining she was the girl on screen. The girl started sucking the man's
penis, so Michelle grabbed her dildo, licked around the head and sucked it
past her lips. Polyurethane was a poor substitution for the real thing, but
she couldn't do anything about it now. Seeing the man line his cock up with
the girl's pussy, she placed her toy at the entrance. "Uhhh!" she moaned
in unison with the girl, as their respective cocks pushed past their lips.

Once it was deep inside her, Michelle turned the dildo on and got ready
for - nothing. Sitting up, she paused the DVD and inspected her dildo up
close. Turning the dial did nothing. Grabbing her other one, she tried the
same thing, and got the same result. Desperate, she pulled the batteries
out of her remote control and switched them with those in her dildo.
Smiling as she got a familiar hum, she settled back down and inserted it
back into her.

The man began thrusting into the girl, who was moaning on every stroke.
Michelle imitated her, "Mmmm, yes. Oh, yes. Fuck me." she moaned. As
she was fucking herself she felt a difference in the vibrations in her
pussy. They were slowing down, and then finally, they stopped. Sighing,
she paused the DVD once more, pulled the vibrator out and banged it on her
headboard, hoping to knock some sense into it. 'Can't you see I need this?'
she thought angrily at it. Her dildos were smooth, and didn't have enough
friction or bumps on them to stimulate her. Suddenly recalling something,
she leapt off her bed and ran into the kitchen again.

Pulling open her fridge, her eyes searched over the shelves before finding
the one she saw before. There, on the lower shelf was a carrot, a pickle
and a cucumber; all seemingly arranged for her. After washing them, she
brought them back to her room and settled down in front of her porno once

The man was thrusting into the girl. Michelle brought the carrot up to her
pussy, inserting the thicker end in and moaning with the girl, "Mmmm, yes.
Oh, yes. Fuck me."

The little incongruencies in the carrot's shape provided a nice change of
pace from her dildos, but they weren't enough. Throwing the carrot onto the
ground, she picked up the cucumber. It was much thicker than the carrot,
which made up for its smoothness. Pushing it in, Michelle could feel it
stretching her pussy lips wide apart. "Ohhhh, yes!" she moaned.

Michelle's dog was napping on the hallway floor when she bounded by on her
way to the kitchen and then back to her bedroom. Disturbed from his sleep he
nudged open the door, trying to see what the fuss was all about. Looking in
he saw his master on the bed, moaning and moving about. His nose caught a
particular scent in the air. He'd smelled it before, but on those times the
door had been closed. Sniffing around, he located the carrot on the floor.
He licked it a couple times and chewed on the end, but soon found out that
this was not the source he was looking for.

Michelle was coming close to an orgasm watching the couple on the screen.
She pulled the cucumber out before she reached her peak. She was only into
the first scene on the disc and wanted to go through the entire thing this
time. She sat up and pushed some pillows under her back to enjoy the next
scene. It started out the same as the first with a girl felating the man,
but then a second girl joined them, licking the first girl's pussy while she
sucked the man's cock. She automatically brought the cucumber to her lips,
licking the tip of it before remembering where it had been. Now that the
taste of it was in her mouth she found it wasn't that bad. 'I taste pretty
sweet.' she thought. 'I wonder how other girls taste like.' She reached
a hand down to play with her pussy, wishing there was another tongue in the
room as the guy on the screen went down on the second girl.

Michelle's dog finished eating the carrot, wanting more of whatever was on
it rather than the carrot itself. The scent was still in the air so he
padded around the room, trying to find other objects with the same coating.
Instead he found its chew toy and settled down to play, forgetting what he
was looking for in the first place.

The next scene started and Michelle looked up in interest as a short woman
came on the screen and immediately began fucking both of them at once,
taking one on her pussy and one in her ass without any lubrication
whatsoever. Thinking she couldn't do it without help, Michelle grabbed the
pickle and inserted it into her pussy, coating it liberally and enjoying the
stimulation the bumps provided before moving it to her ass. She worked it
in slowly, pushing it in until she could move it in and out with almost no
resistance at all. Then she grabbed the cucumber and put it into her pussy
and began thrusting them in time with the threesome on the screen. They
started slowly at first to let the girl adjust. The pickle followed the guy
on screen, going slowly into Michelle's asshole and then stopping for a
minute before pushing in some more. At this point it was already halfway
into her ass. She didn't want to lose it up there so she stopped, leaving
ample hand room to maneuver it.

She began to thrust the cucumber into her pussy as the guy plowed the girl
on screen. Then she alternated between the two vegetables as the guys
worked the girl's holes. First the cucumber went in and out of her pussy,
making squishing noises as she fucked herself.

As the man on screen began pumping, Michelle moved the pickle in and out of
her ass, made easier by the juices flowing down out of her pussy. She
moaned with pleasure at being penetrated in both her holes even though they
weren't real penises.

The cucumber was more than halfway in her and would occasionally press her
inner wall up against the pickle while it was inside her. The feeling of
having her pussy stuffed so full combined with the bumps on the pickle
rubbing up against it was creating one of the most erotic sensations she had
ever experienced.

Soon the girl was being fucked in both holes at the same time and Michelle
copied them, stopping every now and then to prolong reaching her orgasm.
Finally the girl on the screen positioned herself to take their money shots.
Michelle sped up her pumping so she could cum when they did.

She moaned as she knew release, imagining the cum spurting out of the dual
cocks in the television was painting the inside of her tunnels. The
cucumber slipped out of her pussy as her vaginal muscles contracted with her
orgasm, and tumbled off the bed onto the floor.

Michelle's dog raised his head as the cucumber hit the floor and trotted
over to the new toy. He found that this one was covered by the same
substance as well and there was much more of it this time. He quickly
licked it up, his body responding in the natural way as his cock began to
poke out.

Michelle pulled the pickle out of her asshole, missing the feeling of having
both her holes stuffed. The last scene began playing and she got the pickle
ready at the entrance of her pussy. She was surprised to see it was a
lesbian scene. She had never made it all the way through before and found
she could sort of relax now. She began to rub her clit as the girls got
each other ready and rubbed her tits with them.

Michelle's dog sniffed the air again trying to find the source. He found it
was stronger as he approached the bed. Putting his paws on top he lifted
his head up to see his master with her legs spread moving her hand back and
forth. Of course he didn't know what that meant, only that the source of
the scent was between her legs. He shuffled further and gave it a big lick.

Michelle gasped at the foreign sensation. Looking between her legs she saw
her dog half on the bed snaking his tongue out and trying to lick her. "No,
J.D.! Bad dog!" she said, trying to get him away by gently nudging him
with her feet. He responded by snapping at the interrupting appendage.
Shocked, Michelle drew her foot back in and cowered at the head of the bed.
Her dog had never acted like that before. She watched as he leapt onto the
bed and approached her.

Thinking he was going to harm her, Michelle brought her arms up to protect
her face. Instead, he dove in and licked her pussy, forcing his head between
her thighs. 'What on Earth?' wondered Michelle. 'Be careful what you wish
for.' she thought, flashing back to her wish earlier. However strange, she
couldn't ignore the feeling she was getting from this. She could feel her
orgasm building again despite thoughts in her head saying this was wrong.

On the screen the girl was getting eaten out by her partner as she was
getting eaten out by her dog. She pushed the image out of her head and
instead focused on the porno, imagining she was licking her pussy instead.
"Ohhhhhh, yesssss." she moaned. She parted her lips with her fingers as
the girl went deeper, licking with even more gusto.

"Fuck, yes! Lick me, you bitch, make me cum!" Michelle began bucking her
hips into her mouth, feeling her tongue penetrate deep into her love tunnel.
She thrust her hips faster and faster, rubbing her pussy all over her
mouth as she approached her climax, and finally erupted with a torrent of
girl cum gushing out of her.

The scene ended and the credits began to roll. The picture began to fade
from Michelle's head, but the licking continued. Try as she might, she
could not forget that it was her dog all along. She tried to push his head
away from her but he seemed to like her pussy too much. He was like a rock
or some other large immovable object. Laying back, she sighed in surrender
and let him continue.

The DVD stopped playing and the only noise that could be heard in the room
were the slurp of the dog's tongue on Michelle's pussy and Michelle's quiet
moans. She could feel herself getting excited as the dog worked his tongue
over her folds. She couldn't believe she was enjoying this. It had been
harmless and admittedly convenient in the beginning. Now it was
embarrassing, even though there was no one watching.

Thinking she might as well get the most out of it, again, she parted her
folds once more. "Ohhhh, yessss." she moaned again. She couldn't
believe the power of her dog's tongue. Ever since she had her first orgasm
J.D. hadn't let up. 'If I didn't know better, I'd swear J.D. actually ran
on pussy juice.' Michelle thought. She grinned as another thought came
into her mind. 'If that's true, I know how to fill him up faster.' She
moved her fingers over her clit, rubbing it through the protective hood.
Then she placed them to either side of it and quickly jerked them upward,
popping her clit.

"Come one, J.D." she said, coaxing his tongue over to her clit. "I
know what you want. Come and get it."

She moaned loudly as J.D.'s tongue worked feverishly over her bare clit.
Seeing this made the juices come out faster, J.D. paid special attention to
the top portion of Michelle's pussy, occasionally visiting lower for another

"Yes! Yes, boy, I'm cumming! I'm cumming just for you!" Michelle screamed as
she came, giving JD another sweet shower.

J.D. lapped up all the sweet nectar and kept licking all over Michelle's
clit, coating it and her patch of well-trimmed pubic hair with saliva.

"That's enough, boy." Michelle said, sitting up and closing her legs. She
laughed as J.D. kept trying to get at her pussy by going underneath her
knees. When he found he couldn't, he stepped back and whined at her.
Thinking he was just disappointed over not getting anymore pussy, she
patted his head saying "Don't worry, J.D. we'll do this again some time."

With that, she got off the bed, grabbing her robe and a towel on her way to
the shower. If she had looked a little closer, she would have seen the real
reason J.D. was whining. Between his hind legs, partially covered by fur,
J.D. was sporting a raging ten inch hard-on. Since his only source of pussy
had left the room, he leapt down and settled in a corner to take care of it

Chapter 2

Michelle sat at her computer, toweling her hair dry. She was curious over
J.D.'s behaviour and wanted to see if it was normal for dogs his age. After
typing in some keywords and pressing Search, she was amazed at how many
sites there were on the subject. Clicking the first link, she was immediately
inundated with pictures of dogs licking women, dogs mounting women, women
sucking dogs and a variety of other animals. Clicking the other links netted
her the same result - lots of evidence that suggested sex with dogs was
commonplace, but no information as to why.

Finally she clicked on a link that led her to a site that rented dogs out
for women to fuck. There was a short guide for women on how to have sex
with animals in one of the subsections. She read the section on dogs
intently. A few phrases jumped out at her. A dog has an above average sex
drive. Left alone, it would hump everything in sight and cause damage to
its penis. To prevent this, another option should be presented to the dog.
The most effective means is through intercourse. However, it can also be
done with the mouth or hands. A few helpful hints at the end reminded her
that, if done right, it would be very pleasurable for both parties.

"Is that all this is about?" Michelle inquired, turning to look where J.D.
lay, licking himself. "You're just horny?" Her mouth dropped wide open
when she saw how large J.D.'s member was.

"Wow." was all she could say. She walked over to him, and wrapped her
hand around it, feeling it pulse with his heartbeat. She began to pump up
and down. "You like that, boy?" she said, seeing him flop onto his back
with his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

Being reminded of earlier she lowered her mouth to J.D.'s dick. "Turnabout
is fair play." she said, and wrapped her lips around it, bobbing her head
up and down as she sucked on it.

She didn't know whether it was because she hadn't had a hard cock in a while
or if it was because it was J.D., but she found that she enjoyed sucking
doggy dick. She slurped loudly around his meat, eager to return the
pleasure he had given her earlier.

Grasping the bottom part of his shaft she began jacking him off as she
sucked. Soon she felt her hand touch something hard at the base of J.D.'s
dick. Opening her eyes she saw a large bulbous thing covered in veins.
Touching it with her other hand, she found it was as hard as a softball and
about as large.

Suddenly, J.D. howled. Startled, Michelle raised her head to see what the
commotion was about, only to be hit with a spurt of doggy jism right in her
face. After a couple more sprayed up at her, she relaxed and went back down
on him, laughing at herself for being scared in the first place. She sucked
him long and hard, milking his balls eagerly to get her first taste of dog

She couldn't believe how much J.D.'s balls held. She had planned on saving
whatever was left so she could savour it later, but in a few spurts, he had
filled her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow now. Despite have tasted
it for only a second, she found she liked the taste of it. As J.D. began
pumping his next salvo into her, Michelle tried to relax her cheeks so she
could hold as much as possible. Soon her cheeks expanded like a chipmunk's.
Whether or not J.D. was finished, Michelle found she had to take her mouth
off him or she would lose all of her precious cargo.

A couple weak spurts hit her as her lips left the tip of his prick. Sitting
back, Michelle swirled her tongue around in her mouth, swallowing slowly
until it was all gone. 'It's different, but not bad.' she thought. She
crawled over to her dog and patted his head and rubbed his belly.

"J.D., you're such a good boy." she cooed. Her hand brushed up against his
cock while rubbing him. Looking down, she was surprised and pleased to see
he was still hard. "Oh, I see. I know what you really want now."

Michelle got on all fours in front of J.D., wiggling her ass in the air to
entice him. J.D. quickly got up and mounted her, putting his front paws
around on her butt. He began humping immediately, even though he was nowhere
near her pussy. He shuffled forward, wrapping his paws around her waist, but
still couldn't find what his dick craved.

Michelle could feel his frustration at his inexperience. She felt him poke
all around her butt, a few times sliding up her crack, but nowhere near
penetrating anything. Groaning, she got up, forcing J.D. off her. He looked
up at her with sad, puppy dog eyes, pleading her to get back on her knees.

"Sorry, boy. Next time, I promise."

Sighing, Michelle sat back down at the computer. J.D. didn't know how to
have sex with a human because he had never been taught. Since she didn't
know either, she figured the best thing would be to find someone who did.

Going back to the site where she found the guide, she returned to the
homepage where she found instructions on how to order a dog for home use.
She chose a Labrador Retriever, like J.D., only it was black. Now all she
had to do was wait.


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