This story contains graphic depiction of sex. heterosexual and otherwise. If
you are easily offended, split. If under eighteen, split. Otherwise enjoy the

Kristin: It's Ok To Be Bi (MM,MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Kristin Yancey walked into her place of employment. It had been six months
since she left her hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to pursue her dream
of becoming a Broadway star. Six months of hard living. She hadn't exactly
accomplished her dream. She was a young woman in the big city. She didn't
have much money. She didn't have friends.

Ok, the only friend she seemed to have made in the city of New York was
Reverend Thornhill and that was only on a good day. What's a church-going,
decent Christian woman to do in a world full of embittered cynics? She
missed home. She missed her parents and her friends. Life wasn't easy in
the city. She was struggling to make ends meet. Recently, she had been
hired by Tommy Ballantine. He was a real estate mogul and a major asshole.
She didn't like him that much but couldn't help being fascinated by him.
Tommy Ballantine was handsome, rich and single. He was also a major pain
in the neck, and that was on a good day. She sometimes thought that
somewhere deep inside him, there must be some good. She was pretty sure
that he had a few deep dark secrets that he told no one about. In a way,
he reminded her of the hard, driven men she grew up with. Tough as nails
with hearts of gold. Maybe deep down, he was a halfway decent guy. Maybe.
Still, she couldn't stomach the way he treated the people in his life.
Tommy Ballantine didn't trust men and he sure as hell didn't trust women.
Nah, he was a hardballer in it for himself.

Thomas Ballantine sat in his office. He was a guy who made his fortune the
hard way. He was a shark. He went after people with money. He made deals.
Many of them dirty. Yet he still made it. He became a real estate mogul.
He had millions of dollars. He was respected in the community. Not bad for
a guy who used to live with poor parents on the lower east side of the
Bronx. He wasn't wealthy. Heck, he was dirt poor for most of his life.
When he started making money, he decided to have some fun. He slept with
dozens of women. He had never found a woman that he could trust. The world
was full of women who were more ruthless than the men. You saw it
everywhere. Women made false accusations against men. False allegations of
anything from sexual harassment to sexual assault. It's not that men didn't
misbehave but the women were so good at exploiting that. Thomas Ballantine
had often been labeled a misogynist and he was worthy of the title.

He had it all but there was something missing. He walked out of his office
and into the hall. There were several men and women nearby, all of them
worked for him. He liked the looks they gave him. Or hated them. Whatever.
They knew that he was their boss. He could make or break them. He had the
power. They damn well better believe it.

He went back into his office and drank some Vodka. He had drunk almost half
the bottle when he heard a knock on the door. There was someone there. It
was Kristin Yancey. His cute, blonde and high morals-kind-of-gal of an

"Good morning, mister Ballantine." she said.

"And what's good about it?" he retorted.

Kristin offered him a bright smile. "For one thing, we're still alive and
healthy, so that's a good thing." she said.

Tommy Ballantine laughed in the face of such optimism. "Are they all like
you back home?" he said.

"What do you mean?" Kristin asked.

Tommy shook his head. She was handing him a paper. "What is this?" he asked.

"The Adams Report." she said.

Ballantine was making a new deal with Arcan Adams, a real estate mogul from
Los Angeles. Something about mergers and acquisitions. "Thank you." he said.

Kristin looked at him. Was that alcohol that she smelled on his breath? "A
little early to be drinking, isn't it, sir?" she said.

Tommy looked at her. Who the hell did she think she was? "I don't pay you to
tale me what to do, lady." he said. He slammed the door on her face.

After the business day ended, Tommy Ballantine headed home. He went into his
loft in Manhattan and sat watching tv. He was watching reruns of the old
television show "Wings". He heard a knock on the door and went to open. There
was a young man there. He was tall, good-looking, with blonde hair and pale
blue eyes. His name was Thorr and he was a Swedish masseur. Tommy met Thorr
not long ago.

Apparently, he and Thorr had a lot of things in common. When they walked,
their eyes went the same places. They checked out women...and men. Thorr had
approached Tommy. Tommy had been furious. Tommy Ballantine had many secrets.
His most closely guarded secret was that he was bisexual. That wasn't
something he admitted to anyone, even himself.

"Hi, Thorr," said Tommy.

"Good to see you." Thorr smiled and Tommy led him inside the apartment.

Thorr took a look around. Tommy stared at him. Thorr was a really
good-looking dude. He had a real nice body. Thorr bent over to take off his
shoes and Tommy felt himself grow hard. He gave Thorr a tour of the place.
The apartment was big, easily big enough to house ten people comfortably.
That's what wealth and power could bring. Tommy had it all. Right now, he
needed a little "sumthing sumthing".

Tommy didn't like dealing with men. Still, he had his needs. They were easier
to deal with than women. Men had the power to make the difference between sex
and love. Females thought sex and love were one and the same. He and Thorr
sat in the living room watching tv and drinking red wine.

"Do you like the wine?" Tommy asked.

"Love it." said Thorr.

He smiled at Tommy and Tommy felt something inside him stir. He liked this
guy already. Tommy liked Thorr's looks but he didn't like the fact that maybe
he liked Thorr. Tommy didn't consider himself gay or bisexual. He was just a
sexual being. Sex with men? Cool. Sex with women? Cool. He still considered
himself "a straight man who occasionally strayed to the other side". Here he
was, having a drink with a like-minded individual.

Tommy was sitting on the couch when he felt Thorr's hands where they had no
business being. Thorr got right down to business. He unzipped Tommy's pants
and dropped them on the floor. He freed Tommy's cock from his boxers and
began to gently massage it. He pumped up Tommy's cock until it began to grow
harder and longer in his hand.

"You want it?" Tommy asked.

"Just a little taste." said Thorr.

With that, he took Tommy's cock into his mouth. Thorr sucked Tommy's cock.
He took in as much as he could in his mouth. Thorr sucked cock like he was
a friggin milking machine. After a moment, Tommy began to relax. He held
Thorr's head and slammed his cock down Thorr's throat.

"Suck my dick, pretty boy!" Tommy said.

When Thorr was done, Tommy unceremoniously bent him over the sofa and entered
him from behind. He slammed his cock deep into Thorr's ass. Thorr took it
like a real champ. He grunted but did not scream. Tommy shoved his cock deep
inside Thorr's asshole, going as far as he could go before pulling out, only
to slam the cock right back inside. They went at it like this for the better
part of an hour, until they lay exhausted on the floor, their bodies covered
with sweat.

"That was great." Thorr said.

"It's all good." Tommy admitted. He got up and went into the shower.

"When can I see you again?" Thorr asked.

Tommy glared at him. "I don't date men, sorry." He stepped inside the medium
hot water. "Don't be there when I come back."

When Tommy Ballantine emerged from the shower, Thorr had left. Tommy sighed.
He liked fucking just about anyone. Male or female. He just didn't want them
around after the sex was done. A lot of women were dumb bitches who thought
that their pussy gave them power over you. A lot of gay and bisexual men had
the same attitude, they thought that having a hot ass and big dick guaranteed
them some special rights.

"Dumb bitches and mutherfuckers." Tommy said.

He went to bed. He didn't feel like sleeping. It was only nine in the
evening. He put his clothes on and decided to go out. He went to the Coco
Bango, one of the most trendy night spots in the city of New York. He had
been there a few times. It was easy getting in since he was one of the
wealthiest men in the city. His company was rich. Very rich. Two billion
dollars, to be exact. He had wealth and power. Enough to own four sports
cars, three limos and three motorcycles. He had it made. He was bored
tonight and felt like checking the club scene. The Coco Bango was a halfway
decent night spot. His roving and randy eyes checked out the hot women and
even some of the men.

He was approached by a tall young woman with dark hair and sparkling green
eyes. She introduced herself as Roz. "You don't remember me, do you?" she
asked. "I'm Roz, a friend of Kristin Yancey's." she said.

"Oh." said Tommy. He extended his hand. "Good to meet you."

She shook his hand with hers. "Ditto."

They talked for a moment and they ordered drinks. He hit on her, big-time.
She tried playing hard to get but a half hour later, she was ready to get
down. They went to a secluded room inside the club. As soon as they were,
they started undressing each other. Both desired the other's flesh. He read
unbridled lust in her eyes and laughed.

"You want me, don't you?" he said. Roz grinned.

Roz got down on her knees and looked up at Tommy. "It's big." she said as
she held his cock in her hand.

"Oh, yeah, baby." he told her.

She held his cock and moved her hand up and down on it. She was a halfway
decent cocksucker, he thought as she sucked his cock. She licked the shaft
before sucking on the balls. She licked the underside of his shaft and,
grabbing her voluminous breasts she rubbed them against his cock. Tommy
pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself so that his cockhead was
in her mouth while she rubbed her tits against his stick. She massaged his
cock with her tits. Tommy felt like he was fucking through velvet. Damn
that felt nice! He soon came, blasting his cum all over her face. She drank
his cum.

A moment later, he got between her legs and started eating her out. Nobody
ate pussy better than Thomas Ballantine. He licked her pussy and slid his
tongue and fingers inside. She shrieked when she felt his agile tongue
darting inside her. He was ready to stick it in and she was ready to take

Without further deliberation, he slid his cock into her pink pussy lips.
She gasped when his thick cock entered her. He started fucking her hard and
quick. Her pussy was tight but not so tight that it caused a problem. Hard
and fast he went. Her pussy walls felt like velvety smoothness around his
cock. He couldn't resist. He fucked her for several minutes, shoving that
cock deep inside her. She grunted and moaned as he fucked her. He felt a
familiar rush in his loins and came, blasting deep inside her and filling
that tight pussy with his hot cum.

"Was it good for you, too?" Roz asked Tommy.

Tommy shrugged. "It was okay." he said. He got up and started putting his
clothes back on.

"What are you doing?" she said.

"Leaving, see ya." he said. He looked her up and down and smirked. "By the
way, I've had better."

She looked at him with wide eyes. He laughed and let himself out.

The next day, Tommy Ballantine went to his office. He felt good. Life was
alright. There was money to be made and stuff. One of the first people he
saw was Kristin Yancey. "Good morning." he said.

She gave him a chilly nod. He was in a good mood.

"Oh, still thinking about yesterday, aren't we?" he asked. "Tell you what,
take the day off."

Kristin Yancey looked at him with wide eyes. Had she heard right?

Tommy Ballantine just smiled and walked away. Kristin was so puzzled that she
called her friend. Reverend Thornhill. This was the man who had gotten her a
job working for Tommy Ballantine. Thornhill thought that teaming up a bastard
like Ballantine with a goody two shoes like Kristin would be good for both of
them in the long run.

"He's acting nice, that's strange." said Kristin. "He's given a lot of us the
day off."

Reverend Thornhill listened to the young woman talking. "The Lord works in
His very own mysterious ways." he said.

The End


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