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Feedback: Kind of curious if people like this. I don't think anyone else has written a story for this game so I threw one together. I'm not sure how it came out because it is far from what I'd consider a type of story I'd generally go for.

Summary: I've more than once pictured Zoey getting fucked like crazy while playing L4D, this exact story came to me while playing the No Mercy campaign.

Codes: Male Zombie/Female, slight implied Female Zombie/Female and a bestiality reference

Left 4 Dead: Almost There
by Archer

"Bill!" Zoey yelled as she fired her dual pistols at the crowd of zombies. "Help me out here guys!"

She didn't hear anything from either Louis or Francis, but she didn't have the time to check to see what had happened to them. Like they shared one mind the crowd of zombies turned at her. She kept firing, but there were more targets than she had bullets. She heard the familiar and frightening click of both chambers going empty. The zombies began to slowly advance on her and she could imagine that their disgusting and decayed mouths were now a taunting smile. She had more clips for the pistols, but she knew she couldn't reload before the horde was upon her and the rifle strapped across her back was completely useless against this large of a number.

There was a blast of automatic gunfire from behind the zombies and the monsters were torn apart. She covered her head with her hands as the bullets ripped around her head but, like the gun was fired by an experienced marksman, none of the bullets hit her. When the gun stopped firing all the zombies were laying on the ground unmoving.

"Get out of here Zoey," she heard Bill mumble. He was hanging from the ledge of the construction floor, barely holding on. He had used whatever was left of his strength to haul his assault rifle over the ledge and destroy the zombies.

She ran over and grabbed a hold of his arm. She didn't care that it was covered in a weird slime, she just wanted to pull him up. "No! We came in together, we get out together. We're so damn close now! We're at the roof, this was our goal, we can't give up!"

"Go," he mumbled again as he shook his arm loose. They heard the roar of another approaching zombie horde. "A Boomer got me, that's it. We made it this far, I won't be responsible for taking anyone else with me. I'll distract the zombies, you get the hell out of here."

"No," Zoey protested weakly, but as she turned her head she could see the fast rushing zombies. If Louis and Francis were here they could fight them off, but all she had was two pistols and a rifle. A Boomer had rushed them when they were so close to the safe room and probably would have sprayed them all, but Bill had thrown himself in front of the monster and had been the only one to get coated in the zombie attracting slime.

She rolled out of the way as the zombies rushed straight for Bill. The old soldier laughed as he let go of the building, falling into the night air, as a horde of zombies mindlessly rushed off after him.

Zoey got up and ran in pursuit of Louis and Francis. She could see the red door of the safe room ahead. It was closed. The two men had run ahead when they had seen Bill fall. The bastards had left him to die so they could make it to safety.

"You fuckers!" she yelled as she ran up and grabbed the door. They had already sealed it. "You let Bill die! Let me in!"

Louis ran up to the gate. "Zoey we didn't think ... look out!"

Zoey turned her head, she could make out clouds of green smoke through the darkness. She reached for one of her guns, but she was to late. The Smoker's tongue shot out and wrapped around her body. She lost her grip on the pistols as her body was constricted. She vainly tried to reach for the door, but the Smoker snapped her backwards. She felt his powerful hands take a hold of her and she was sure she was about to die.

Instead she found herself being thrown over one of the many piles of construction supplies that littered the area. She went to grab her rifle, but it was effortlessly knocked from her hands. The monster found some rope and apparently his decayed brain was not so far gone that it wasn't able to realize he could duplicate the actions of his tongue. He tied her arms to her body and then pushed down on her shoulders so she was bent over. Then he reached down and grabbed a hold of her tight jeans.

"Oh God no!" Zoey screamed as she realized what he intended. "Help me out here guys!"

Louis backed away from the door nervously as Francis rushed forward. For a moment Louis thought the tough biker was going to run out and try and save her, instead he heard him whisper "Damn, I need to see this."

Zoey couldn't pay any attention to what was going on inside the safe room as the Smoker roughly pulled her pants down. She tried to kick back at him but with her jeans down around her ankles her legs were constrained. The Smoker rubbed a hand over her pussy and seemed disappointed to find it dry. He knelt behind her and used his long tongue for a different task, eating out her pussy.

"Come on Louis, look at this slut and her shaved cunt," Francis encouraged.

"Shaved cunt?" Louis asked and despite his best intentions began to make his way over.

From their angle the two survivors could clearly make out that Zoey did indeed have a bald pussy. "I always had a suspicion that she was a slut," Francis continued with a grin. "Doing little college bitches like her was always a favorite at the biker bar. Girl shows up wearing a tight little skirt acting high and mighty, but before you know it they are eagerly bent over the bar sucking cock and taking it in the twat."

Louis could feel his cock hardening even as a part of him was disgusted by what was happening. "I don't think she is the type to go to biker bars."

"Of course not. She is more of the lolita type. She's a horror movie nut, right? Probably likes to hang around a crowd of guys and pretend to play the victim."

Louis felt himself getting into the spirit of things. "Yeah, late night in the dorm watching movies and she is looking for some guy to cling to. Guy gets her panties off and realizes she is just a little slut in need of a hard cock."

Zoey was burning red with embarrassment, and arousal. She wanted to yell out and deny what they were saying, but they were actually surprisingly close to the truth. She had hooked up with a number of guys in the slasher movie groups after a late night. She had learned that one of the quickest ways to get them going was some hot role playing. The guys really did love it when she played up the little innocent girl angle.

It wasn't just memories that were causing her to be aroused. The giant tongue of the Smoker was doing things to her pussy that she couldn't begin to imagine would have been possible. Despite her initial disgust she had considered, fantasized even, about what it would be like to be made into the slut for monsters in the movies she watched. Instead of being killed, what if the girl had to take a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass to save her life. Clearly the villains that were murdering whole camp loads of teenagers wouldn't be opposed to some sex. Maybe instead of killing them they might want to take one of those nubile pieces of ass that they had seen baring their tits and have a little bit of fun with them.

Like the so called scream queens she frequently watched, Zoey was a screamer. And when the tongue in her pussy began to actually vibrate she let out an ear piercing shriek. It was the longest and most intense orgasm of her young life, but it was only the first of the night.

"Hey, don't just eat out the bitch," Francis yelled. "Fuck her!"

"What?!" Zoey screamed in protest. Half of her was protesting getting fucked by undead, half about losing the tongue.

Either the Smoker understood Francis or having Zoey dripping juice from her pussy was enough lubrication for him. Standing up he pulled his own pants down and slid his large cock into her tight slit. He reached forward and grabbed a hold of her ponytail as he began to give her twat deep, long, hard thrusts.

With her head pulled back Zoey was forced to look at Louis and Francis. She tried to keep a look of disgust on her face, but couldn't help it as an orgasm racked her body and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Even when she saw her lecherous comrades faces she couldn't hold back her pleasure. She felt her body revolt against her own desires as another monstrous orgasm rocked her body.

The Smoker pulled his cock out of her and picked her up with powerful hands. He set her on her knees and before she even knew what was happening he thrust his long cock in to her mouth. His dick was soon in her throat as the undead monster brutally skull fucked the young girl.

Zoey began to struggle with renewed vigor when she heard the signature shriek of a Hunter. She pushed against the Smoker's hips, trying to get free, but his arms held her steady and continued to feed her his cock with little concern. For a moment she hoped maybe Louis and Francis would come to save her, but then she remembered what they had already let her go through.

Actually the two men for a moment considered rushing out to help her. The Smoker was perhaps an anomaly, one who still retained some form of desire for sex. Wouldn't the Hunter just kill her? But when they saw the monster creeping through the shadows, his eyes on them, they knew going out might likely mean their deaths as well.

The Hunter proved that he wasn't just adapt at using his hands and feet to dexterously climb walls, but also remembered how to just them for more subtle tasks like unzipping a jacket. Zoey felt herself shiver as the Hunter's hands moved over her with subtle precision. He removed her red jacket with gentle care, pulling it down around her still bound hands, and then viciously ripped away her white shirt. His hands instantly went up and grabbed a hold of her braless tits.

"I keep telling you she is a slut," Francis said as he saw her full naked body. "I always suspected she was going with a bra. Surprised the slut even wore panties."

"It isn't like she has much need of a bra," Louis said as he stared at her small boobs. The man who had at first been worried about just sitting by and watching now could hardly move a muscle as he stood transfixed by the scene.

If the Hunter had a problem with her small breasts he certainly wasn't showing it. His fingers, sharpened into the points of claws flicked her nipples with incredible speed. Zoey felt like the pleasure from her breasts was running straight down to her pussy and slowly her struggles began to cease, she even began to move her tongue over the hard cock in her mouth.

She heard the sound of the Hunter unzipping his pants. She pushed her hips back now eager to have his cock ramming inside of her. She felt him teasing the head around her slit, he didn't have the size of the Smoker, but she imagined he would have lot more energy.

Just as she was getting into the act the undead again changed their plans. The Hunter pulled back and he looked to the survivors in the safe room with an almost conspiratorial grin, before slamming his cock straight into Zoey's ass.

The girls screams could be heard even around the large phallus she was sucking on. She tried to bite down, tried to punch her way free, but her efforts had zero effect. She had been right about the Hunter, he had a lot more speed than the Smoker, and he mercilessly began to pound her butt.

"Yeah, rape that slut's ass!" Zoey managed to turn her head enough to get a look at the speaker. She was dismayed to see that it was not Francis encouraging her attackers, but Louis.

Zoey dimly heard the sound of the Smoker extending his tongue above her. She was lost in all the sensations her body was going through so she didn't pay it any attention. She didn't even care when she heard Francis' and Louis' excited laughter.

It wasn't until she felt the cold steel of her rifle pressing up against her pussy that she realized something was happening. Her pussy was still soaking wet from the earlier actions so that when the Hunter grabbed a hold of the stock and began to push the barrel slid in easily. Zoey could do nothing but moan in protest as she was stuffed in all of her holes.

Her hot pussy began to warm up the cold barrel and Zoey began to feel waves of pleasure overcoming the pain. She began to instinctively push her hips toward the barrel fucking her pussy, even though that meant the Hunter's cock slammed into her ass even harder. She didn't care about the undead cock, didn't care about the rape, wasn't even bothered by the ass fucking anymore, she just wanted to cum.

Once again though Zoey was denied her pleasure. The Smoker pulled his cock from her mouth and slapped her across the face with the hard tool. The humiliating action was probably the last thing the Smoker needed to set him off and he shot a heavy load of cum across her face. It was more cum than Zoey had seen any other man ever shoot. It covered her face, her hair, ran down to her breasts, and a considerable amount she had no choice to swallow. Watching her get covered in cum was apparently enough to drive the Hunter to his own orgasm and shot an equally large load of cum up her ass.

The two monsters picked her up and threw her over the pile of construction materials where she had started. Zoey tried to thrust back against the rifle but it slipped out of her cunt. Her jeans were still around her ankles, her hands bound by rope and her jacket, and her undershirt was torn to shreds, and she could feel the sticky cum drying on her skin.

Her thoughts of pleasure disappeared when she heard the roar of a zombie horde.

She looked to the safe room once again. "Please guys, get me out of here!"

Francis simply sneered at her. "Why should we?"

By this point Zoey knew what they would want. "Please, I'll suck your cocks."

"Is that all?"

Zoey shook her head, she knew there was no time for hesitation. "You can fuck my pussy. You can fuck my ass. You can take me both at once, I don't care. I'll let you cum whenever you want. I'll be your own cum dumpster, just please get me the hell out of here!"

Francis drummed his fingers against the door like there was no hurry. "Wow, you must be quite the slut to talk like that."

"Yes, I'm a slut," Zoey said with an eager, desperate nod. "All those things you said about me were true. I watch horror movies so I can picture myself getting raped by the monsters, and when the hero rescues me he sees my shaved pussy and knows I'm a whore so he makes me suck his dick. I like fantasizing about being completely helpless and having to suck and fuck my way of a situation as my only escape. At a party once I got so horny and scared and desperate for attention that I sucked all the guys off. When I played Resident Evil I think about Jill getting fucked by the zombie dogs, Rebecca getting screwed by tentacle plants, and Ashley seducing Leon into fucking her. I'm a whore for cock, it doesn't matter what kind, and I'll be yours when you get me out of here.'

Francis began to reach for the door handle but Louis stopped him. "Not that I don't like watching it, but I have no interesting in fucking a chick is so readily a whore for zombie cock."

Francis smiled as he pulled away. "Yeah, me neither. I bet we can find another girl somewhere, a little more innocent than this one, who will be willing to 'pay' us for protection."

"Fuck you, you bastards! I hope you rot in hell!" Zoey screamed as the zombie horde came rushing around the corner.

The men laughed as Zoey was thrown into an hour long gangbang against her will. She took cocks in her mouth, pussy, and ass; after awhile usually in all three orifices at once. She was made to jerk off many cocks and had breasts painfully squeezed as zombies used her for a tit fuck. She was even made to lick pussy for the first time in her life when apparently the fresher female nurse zombies got excited by watching the mass rape. She stopped caring and resisting by the time they got to triple penetrations; a mix of horror and orgasms had made her stop even thinking about the world around her.

At least until she heard the only thing more frightening than the roar of a zombie horde. That was the roar of a Tank. The other zombies began to back away from her and she could do nothing. Her bonds had come loose during all the fuckings, but she couldn't even form the energy to move. It felt like the mass amount of cum was sticking her body in place.

The Tank wasted no time in claiming her as all the other zombies shambled away; seemingly disappointed in losing their plaything. His cock felt like a baseball bat was penetrating her slit. She let out an unearthly scream as she felt herself stretched beyond imagining. Surprisingly though the Tank took his time. Instead of ramming into her like so many of the other creatures had, it slowly pulled her back onto his cock. After a quarter of the dick was in her pussy the pain was disappearing. By the half way point she was beginning to feel the onset of pleasure. When his prick completely sunk inside her shaved pussy she had a totally different scream, this time not out of pain but from an orgasm.

Sadly for Zoey she realized she could not take anymore. Her body was numb. She used what little strength she had to pull herself off the cock. The Tank roared in anger and looked like he was going to immediately thrust back into her, but Zoey was fast this time. She spun around and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock, which required both hands, and began to jerk him off. The idea of sucking on his cock was hopeless so she instead ran her tongue up and down his length and played with the head. The Tank might have had strength and size but was quickly driven to an orgasm. His cock shot off like a fire hose, but Zoey kept stroking him. He covered her face, her hair, her tits, her entire body; he had more cum than everyone else who fucked her. In Zoey's now perverted mind she liked to think he was cleansing her of the lesser zombies' cum.

She dropped to the ground when it was all over. There were no more zombies around and the Tank's limp cock was clearly spent. The Tank reached down and picked up one of the large construction blocks. Zoey didn't mind. She had gone through a lot of horror the last couple days and it had ended better than she guessed it could have.

The Tank didn't look at her though. With a sudden turn he let the heavy object fly through the air. She heard two panicked screams and then a loud crumbling sound as a wall was destroyed. She rolled to her side to see that the safe room door had been destroyed and, with it, Louis and Francis.

When she looked back the Tank was gone and there was not a zombie to be heard or seen.

She stumbled into the safe room and grabbed another rifle. Part of her was telling her that the way was clear, but another part said better to play it safe. A smaller, deeper part of herself told her to take the rifle for its other uses.

She could hear the sounds of a chopper hovering up above the building. She imagined he would be quite surprised by the sight of a cum soaked girl being the final escapee from the hospital. Then again, she doubted he would turn a naked girl down. Even if he did she was pretty sure she now knew the ways to get him to accept her as a passenger.


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