Left For Dead: Zoey's Dickgirl Odyssey (F-plant,FF,oral,anal,futa,F-dom,spank,demon,morph,magic,ncon?)
by BrotherAntroz

Zoey had been walking for almost a day when she noticed the plants. The sporadic tufts of grass began to disappear and be replaced with strange thick vines. Once or twice, out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw them moving but when she swiveled to face them, they were right back where they had been before.

"Plants...and zombies. I think there was a game on the Steam Workshop like that." she mused. She kept walking, stopping only when she noticed a strange pink fog beginning to rise. "Okay Zoey, keep your head on straight. Probably just some pesticides on a timer... Let's turn around and find another way." Just as she started to do that, something wrapped around her legs and tugged her off her feet. "Yaaah!" She fumbled with her holster and pulled out a 1911 pistol she'd found on the ground a few miles back, pointing it at...a long green vine, which had begun pulling her shoe off.

She fired a round at it and it twitched violently. Three more came slithering up and grabbed her wrists, forcing the gun from her hand. "Is this a Smoker ambush or something?" she thought to herself, kicking at the plant she'd shot. It finished with one shoe and turned its attention to the other as the vines holding her by the arms began lifting her into the air. The third vine now slid under her jacket and lifted it clean off, returning to do the same for her shirt. "If you're going to choke me to death, can I at least die with my damn clothes on?" Zoey shouted as she tried to free her arms. The plants ignored her and yanked her jeans down without even undoing the button. Now wearing nothing but her white bra and panties, she was starting to feel a little woozy. "If I'm lucky, it's just some kinda knock-out gas they use to subdue their prey..."

She also felt something very strange down below: it felt like there was something GROWING. "What the hell is going onnnn?" she moaned, still struggling for all her might. The swelling sensation continued to build until, just as more vines appeared and tore her bra away, something began to push her underwear out and out. "Uhh, that's not supposed to happen to girls my age, or any age for that matter!" she squeaked. With a loud tearing sound, her underwear ripped away as an enormous penis bobbed free of its constraints. "That wasn't there this morning!" she gasped in shock. The more she looked at it however the more she was certain it was attached to her body. One of the vines wrapped around it and teased the head with its own tip. Her whole body shivered in delight at that.

The vines flipped Zoey over and carefully eased her legs apart, allowing the cool night air to caress her pussy and its brand new addition. Goosebumps rippled up and down her body and she allowed herself to relax. "They don't want to hurt me, they just want to show me and my...penis a good time." she thought to herself. One of the vines wrapped itself around her neck as a brace while another tried to pry her lips open. She shook her head and turned her head to the side, but they weren't about to take no for an answer. Another of the plants positioned itself at her pussy and used some small tendrils to tickle it. She squirmed in place, but refused to open her mouth. Suddenly, she felt a prod at another one of her holes. "Mmm mmm, you are NOT about to go in there!" she thought to herself and tried to snap her legs shut. Without further warning, the vines forced their way into her pussy and her anus. She couldn't contain herself and let out a small scream, which the one at her mouth took as an invitation to plunge into her throat. She was now being well and truly fucked by a bunch of plants, but the fun wasn't over yet. The one that had been teasing her cock began to stroke her length slowly.

"I can't believe this," she spluttered as the vine in her mouth pulled out for a moment. "I'm being tied up by a bunch of PLANTS and I just have to sit here and pleasure them! Not to mention the...oh mannn..." The plant around her penis was moving faster and faster, tugging insistently. The vine slipped back into her mouth and began thrusting furiously, simulating a blowjob.

Little by little, the one in Zoey's bottom was inching its way deeper. Thankfully it took its time; she'd never had anyone in there before and it kind of hurt. At least, it hurt until the plant found her prostate, which made her cock twitch violently. "Oh God, I can't take much more of this...!" she thought to herself, kicking her feet madly to try and convince the plant-things to let her go. She experienced a momentary relief from the sexual tension in her belly as both the vine in her ass and the one in her vagina began to ease free, but it was not to last. Just when the only parts left inside her were the very tips, they sprouted feelers all over and slithered back inside quickly, tickling as they went.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG!" She let out a muffled scream as the orgasm hit. Her new penis joined the fun and began to spurt globs of semen all over the plant that was stroking it. As if in response, the plants released their own cum: ropes of strange blue liquid, both inside and out. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the orgasm continued, her pleasure only increased by the vines slowly slipping out of her, the one in her mouth practically covering her face with its sticky blue stuff. "Nnnnnnnnn..." she grunted as her cock released its last few drops of cum on the ground. The vine that had been holding it released its grasp and retreated, still coated in her sperm. The other plants which had been privy to her strange sexual encounter also disappeared, leaving her suspended by her arms and legs, with the plant cum still dripping from her crotch.

"Guess this is as good a place as any to take a nap," she thought to herself and tried to get comfortable. "Man, I almost hope this thing's here to stay."

Some time later...

The pink fog still hung heavily in the air when Zoey came to. "Tied up by a bunch of plants, check. Bare-ass naked? Check." She looked down below for a moment. "Big throbbing cock where my vagina used to be? Check and check." Strangely, despite the fact it was almost light out, her new penis was still stiff as a board. "Must be this stuff they're pumping into the air." she decided, struggling briefly against the vines that still suspended her in the air. This proved to be ill-advised, as several of the thicker ones quickly came slithering back to check on her.

"Okay, if you guys have to violate me again, I can live with that. Just leave my dick out of it, okay?" Zoey pleaded with them to no avail. Her penis was the first thing they inspected, and they did so very thoroughly: grabbing hold of its length and slipping up and down slowly, cupping her new testicles. They even rubbed its tip, which was still sensitive from how much excitement it had had earlier. She whimpered in arousal, and tried to close her legs again. The plants didn't take kindly to this; one lashed itself across her buttocks in punishment. "Yoww!" she yelled, tugging with all her strength at her restraints.

"Now what's all the noise about?" a voice purred. Zoey looked around in shock, and soon saw a strange red-skinned woman slink out of the darkness. "Hey! Think you can cut me down? These things are trying to have their way with me!" The woman, who she now noticed had long black horns coming out of her head, said nothing but stood and surveyed the situation. "Hmmm, these little plants seem to have developed a mind of their own, and a taste for human flesh! And what a morsel they've found!"

"Perv later, help now!"

The red-skinned woman frowned thoughtfully. "I suppose I can lower myself to this...but only if I get to have MY way with you instead..."

Zoey grimaced. "At least this way I have a way out... Fine. You win." The other woman laughed in a deep throaty voice, and raised her right hand. A small bolt of red light shot from her outstretched palm, and neatly hit the vine that was still wrapped tightly around Zoey's penis. The plants let out a hiss, and dropped the girl to the ground before vanishing into the dark. She landed with a thud as the red lady crouched beside her.

"Now, let's go somewhere a bit more private." she murmured into Zoey's ear, grasping her cock with one hand and squeezing it. Zoey gritted her teeth against the sudden burst of pleasure and the woman laughed again. Suddenly, she pulled the girl to her feet and slung her over her shoulder with barely a grunt. "Whoaaaa! What the hell?" she gasped in shock. The woman slapped her butt roughly.

"Language!" she scolded, and began to walk towards a building in the distance.

Zoey rubbed the spot where the red-skinned lady had struck her, and hesitantly asked, "So...what's with the horns? And your skin? Did you get stuck at a costume party when the zombies attacked?"

The woman chuckled at that. "What you see is what I was born with. I am what you would call a demon."

"Oh, is that all? I don't know WHY I didn't think of that myself. First zombies, now demons; next you're going to tell me that anyone who gets bitten turns into a werewolf instead!"

"You do like to hear yourself talk don't you?" the demon replied, kicking open a door and mounting a set of stairs.

"It's better than listening to your Demi Moore impression all day." Zoey grumbled. "Why is it everyone and everything I've met today ended up spanking me? Is my butt really that irresistible?" The demon made no response, but pulled the girl off her shoulder and set her on her feet.

Zoey nervously attempted to tuck her penis between her legs as the demon stared hungrily at her naked body. "There's no need to be ashamed of it," the demon said lustily as she nudged Zoey's legs apart with her foot. "I like my women with a little extra down below."

"You wouldn't happen to know a spell or something to get rid of it, would you?" Zoey asked, reluctantly letting it bob back into view. "It kinda hurts to walk around with a big stiff rod all day."

"Now why would you ever want that?" the woman purred. "It looks so good on you. I could just KISS it!" She bent down suddenly and did just that. Zoey gasped and unconsciously pushed her hips forward. "Oh, you do like it!" the demon giggled. She dropped to her knees and gave the girl's dick a long slow lick from start to finish. She tried to back away, only for the demon to grab her by her bottom and pin her in place. "Trying to break your promise so soon? I just want to show you what all the fuss is about..."

"Girls do not have penises, okay? We have vaginas and breasts, dicks are for the guys." Zoey tried desperately to will her erection away, but it seemed the stuff the plants had exuded wasn't done with her yet.

"So narrow-minded! Have you never wondered what a man feels when he cums? How it feels to have all that sperm rushing out?" the demon-woman asked, looking up into Zoey's eyes as she moved closer and closer to the object of her desire. The girl struggled to break free, but the demon's grip on her backside was too strong. "Don't...don't you dare." she warned.

"Dare what?" the woman asked huskily. Suddenly, she rushed forward and took the whole thing into her mouth. The girl whimpered as the demon went to work, bobbing up and down and around the shaft. "Please stop..." she begged. The woman pulled her mouth away, and squeezed one of Zoey's cheeks almost lovingly. "Your face looks so pretty when it's screwed up like that. Don't you like what I was doing with my tongue??"

"Iiiit's too hard..." Zoey replied, panting for breath.

"Au contraire, my little dickgirl." the demon giggled and returned to her task. The poor girl couldn't do anything but let the older woman expertly work her new toy. She even began stroking it by the hilt, letting her hand pleasure what her mouth couldn't. In desperation, Zoey backed up and tripped over something. She stumbled back frantically, and landed on a bed. The demon wiped her mouth, and stood up, glaring angrily. "All I ever wanted was to show you a good time..." she growled and began stalking forward. "I wanted to show you what fun a penis could be."

Zoey scrambled to her feet, only for the demon to grab her by the shoulders, spin her around and force her back down onto the bed. "My name is Lilith, but YOU may call me mistress." Lilith's eyes flashed and suddenly she had a penis of her own: long, thick, veiny and very very red. She produced a bone-shaped gag out of seemingly nowhere and shoved it roughly in the girl's mouth. "I've had enough of your attitude, little miss." Zoey mumbled something angry and incoherent as the demon fastened it and grasped her by the hips. "Now, I'll have that cute ass of yours instead!"

True to her word, she lined up her erection with Zoey's anus and rested its head teasingly at the entrance. Zoey shook her head in panic and tried to squirm away, only for Lilith to give her another firm spank. "You're so disobedient, even with your ass up in the air like this." the demoness sighed. "We really must put an end to that later. For now..." She grabbed herself by the hilt and rammed herself into Zoey's bottom. The teenager let out a muffled screech and her own penis throbbed in response. "So...tight..." Lilith murmured as she continued to force herself deeper until she could go no further. "Just relax, cutie. Let me do all the work. You just try and keep those dainty hands away from that big ol' dick of yours; we wouldn't want this to end too quickly now would we?"

Lilith began rocking her hips into Zoey's, slowly at first, but as the pleasure built for both of them, faster and faster. "Mmm... Once I've blown my load all over that sweet face of yours, I think I'll take you back home to my place and give you a nice old fashioned spanking in front of all the other demons and demonesses. Would you like that, my little dickgirl? Having your bare bottom thrashed in front of all those other people?" Zoey closed her eyes and tried to fight off her orgasm. The thought WAS very arousing, as were the things the woman's penis were doing to her insides. "Who knows? Maybe I'll let them join in. The whole city turns out to spank one little human girl. I could charge money for that!"

The girl swallowed nervously. That'd make her ass redder than Lilith's! Could she even survive a spanking like that?? "And then once that cute little tush of yours can't take anymore..." the demon paused to squeeze one of her cheeks lovingly "I'll tie your hands behind your back and have everyone line up to taste that big strong cock of yours. You'd be surprised what wonders we can do with a little human sperm, and with a penis like yours, I could make a killing selling that stuff!"

Zoey couldn't take it any more, and with another muffled groan, her climax arrived. Her stomach knotted and her cock began to spurt huge globs of cum onto the bedsheets. Lilith bit her lip, but kept up the pace. "Your butt is so nice and tight, inside AND out! " she said approvingly. "It's such a shame humans make you cover it up. When we're back in my city, you'll wear a nice short skirt and nothing else. So if I ever get hungry again, I'll bend you over and fuck you whenever I want." The girl under her stammered something out, which was completely masked by the bone-gag. "Does that make your new cock nice and happy? The thought of being out and about in the fresh air while you get taken from behind?"

The demon reached around and wrapped her hand around Zoey's shaft. "Don't be afraid, let it alllll out for me." The feeling of human skin against her penis spurred her on to another orgasm. Grinning evilly, Lilith stroked Zoey's length slowly, almost mockingly. The girl's eyes rolled back into her head as the sperm continued to gush out of her new addition. "Mmmmh, your face looks so cute like that." the demon-woman whispered, planting a kiss on the side of Zoey's face. "I think I've changed my mind; I want to cum in your perfect ass instead." Somehow, she managed to move even faster than before, her hips barely a blur as she pulled out and plunged back in. Zoey's eyes focused again, and she snapped herself back to reality just in time to hear Lilith wail, "I'm cumminggg!" A rush of hot liquid surged into her and her dick responded with another spattering of semen.

The demon gasped for breath as she continued to cum for ten more seconds before finally slumping over the girl on the bed, exhausted. Thinking surprisingly quickly given what she'd been through, Zoey rolled over and pointed furiously at the bone-shape still in her mouth. "Do you promise to be a good little dickgirl from now on?" Lilith sighed. Zoey rolled her eyes and nodded. "I knew you'd see reason." the succubus beamed, undoing the clasp and pulling the gag free.

"About that whole dickgirl thing..." the girl began.

"I suppose we can make you wear it only on special occasions." Lilith pouted as she stood up. She traced an intricate pattern in the air and placed a finger on the head of Zoey's cock, which jumped under the unexpected stimulation. The demon's eyes flashed again, and Zoey's penis disappeared in a flash of light! "Wowwww, you gotta teach me how to do that!" she exclaimed, spreading her legs for a closer look.

"So you like it after all?" Lilith asked, a smile flickering across her face.

"I wouldn't go THAT far; let's just say it grew on me." Zoey said before breaking into a fit of giggles at her own pun.

"Now that that's settled, are you ready for your spanking my dear?" the demon asked, taking Zoey by the hand and hoisting her to her feet.

"You're kidding! Having a whole city of people like you line up to slap my ass?? And here I thought you liked me!"

"Oh, but I do like you, little one. But that doesn't mean you haven't been a very naughty girl. You promised to obey me, and you wouldn't even let me taste that wonderful cum of yours!"

Zoey sighed and scuffed her foot against the ground. "If it HAS to be a spanking, could you be the one to do it?" Lilith smiled and felt one of the girl's perfectly formed cheeks. "I can try, love. What is your name?"

"Zoey. Zee-Oh-Ee-Why."

"Well then, Zoey; let's meet the horde!" And with a sudden surge of darkness, they were gone!

In another place...

It felt as if the ground beneath her had simply fallen away. Her head spun wildly, and she grasped at the demoness for support. "First time crossing dimensions, hmm? Let's give it a moment to sink in..."

The world gradually came into focus, and Zoey found herself in a surprisingly pleasant city. No piles of corpses, no shambling skeletons crossing the road, just ordinary people with red skin and long black horns going about their daily lives. She also happened to be draped over the lap of one of them: her new mistress Lilith, who was shouting to be heard over the bustling crowd.

"Now hear this! I rescued this human girl from bondage, literal bondage! The plants of her world had grown restless and come to life. They took her, stripped her of her weapons and clothing, and forced her to grow a penis! (I'll be having words with you later, Belle...) What little she has relayed of her experience tells me that they had developed a carnal lust that could only be slaked by forcing the young thing now splayed across my knee to service them! She was forced to cum, her virginal erection spewing valuable gobs of the stuff onto the waiting tentacles! When I happened across the scene some minutes later, the plants were at it again! She begged for my help, even promising her body to me in exchange for freedom from their merciless assault upon her nethers. I consented, and took her to safety, whereupon she attempted to weasel out of the deal, thwarting my efforts to pleasure her for a time! I soon cornered her, gagged her securely, and had my way as she had granted me permission to! Upon our mutual release, she asked if I would free her from the demands of her penis, the plants having somehow coaxed it into a perpetual state of erection! Again I consented, with the condition that she would return to this city with me and accept her punishment!" The group which had gathered roared its approval.

"She calls herself Zoey! I call her a liar! For her disobedience, I have sentenced her to a spanking! Here and now! With the whole of the city as my witness!"

Zoey turned her head and glared up at Lilith impatiently. "If you're going to do it, do it! Don't soliloquise about it for an hour!"

Lilith looked down at her, smiling almost pleasantly. "Patience, girl! Or would you rather I gave you back your cock and have my fellows milk you dry?" Zoey shuddered. "I thought not. Ready yourself!"

Before she had a chance to, Lilith had raised her hand and brought it crashing down her bare bottom with inhuman strength. Zoey let out a wail of shock-pain-arousal, and the crowd murmured in response. Lilith licked her lips, then bent down to whisper in Zoey's ear as she rubbed her rump, "Count them for me, love." She straightened up and delivered another stinging blow to her servant's backside.

"Two!" Zoey screeched, whereupon Lilith promptly gave her bottom another slap. "Two what??"

"Two, ma'am!" Zoey muttered sulkily. She was having flashbacks of her high school days; the principal always found some reason to call her into his office and have her strip down...

"Good girl." Lilith said as she began massaging Zoey's lower cheeks vigorously. "This is just to get the blood flowing properly, my dear." she explained.

"Really? Where's your other hand? Cause it sure isn't where I can feel it!" Zoey retorted. Lilith frowned and spanked her again. "Yow!"

"What number was that?"

"Three, ma'am!" Zoey said hastily.

"Very good. Now these next ones will be very fast. Try and keep up, or we'll have to start all over again."

"Wouldn't want that now would we?" Zoey grumbled. The demons chuckled.

"Dear dear, what a mouth this one has." Lilith said with a sigh. "If only we had something to put in it!" Several of the male demons raised their hands eagerly. She pretended to think for a moment. "Allllfred," she purred, crooking a finger at a large bulky one in the middle. "I trust you know what to do?" she asked as the demon hurried up the stairs towards her. He grinned eagerly and unfastened what seemed to pass for pants down here. The penis in front of Zoey's face was large and thick, and getting larger and thicker by the second as its owner ran his eyes over her naked body.

"How am I supposed to count with that thing in my-MMMPH!" Alfred took advantage of the girl talking and shoved his penis between her lips.

Zoey's eyes grew wide as she struggled to accommodate it. Lilith smiled lasviciously at the sight of her servant servicing one of her former lovers. "Worry not, my soon-to-be dickgirl," she advised Zoey as she continued rubbing her upturned ass. "I've decided I like you better this way for now." She looked up at the crowd. "Why don't YOU do the counting?" she suggested. "Are you ready?" The response was nearly overwhelming, and Lilith grinned. "Then we'll begin."

She began to spank poor Zoey in earnest, the girl yelping in time with the beat (as best as she could through the member in her mouth), and the horde of demons chanting the number of blows enthusiastically. "Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! TEN!" On the tenth smack, Alfred could hold back no longer and began to cum into Zoey's mouth. She coughed and gagged at the taste (salty like the plants' had been, but somehow spicy too) but had no time to try and spit it out as the next round of love-taps were fast incoming. Alfred grinned down at her as she winced from the demonic bottom-warming. "Welcome to hell, sweetheart." he said, almost inaudible over the call of "ELEVEN! TWELVE! THIRTEEN! FOURTEEN!"

Mercifully, Lilith paused, giving Zoey a chance to swallow the sperm that covered her lips and tongue and catch her breath. "My, what a red bottom!" the succubus said approvingly. "Would you all like to see it?" Zoey covered her ears from the sound of the horde roaring its assent. "On your feet, Zee-Oh-Ee-Why." Lilith said half-mockingly. Zoey took her time standing up; her legs were shaking from a mix of arousal and shock, but eventually she stood, hands at her side as Lilith had instructed. Lilith didn't even thank her for it, merely spun her around and pushed her head down, forcing her ass out for the crowd to admire. Cheers of approval and many obscene suggestions, mostly from the males that had not been selected previously, rang out. "Count them." Lilith told her. Zoey flinched as the succubus reared back.

"Fifteensixteenseventeeneighteennineteen-" Zoey was barely coherent, so fast were the spanks coming. "TWENTY! Jesus!" As Lilith lowered her hand and shook it back and forth for comic effect, Zoey put her own hands over her backside and rubbed it furiously. "How do you feel, servant?" Lilith asked her.

Zoey was all ready with a fire-and-brimstone response, but then she took a moment to assess the situation. Naked in front of a group of very attractive, very well-built strangers; thoroughly spanked and at the mercy of an endlessly hungry succubus... She told the truth. "I've never been hornier in my life!"

Lilith laughed approvingly, as did the crowd. "You're learning fast, little one! Do you want some sweet release?"

Zoey didn't even have to think about that one. "You bet your ass I do!"

As Lilith performed the incantation and the big throbbing cock reappeared between Zoey's legs, the demons surged forward, eager for a carnal taste of the new arrival, who was only too happy to oblige. Zoey tasted many more cocks that night, from males and females alike. She came more than she had thought possible, and they gathered each glob up with care. Even when she couldn't stop shaking with sexual arousal, they merely laid her face-down on an offering table and continued to milk her mercilessly, ignoring her half-hearted pleas for them to stop. A pair of younger demons, inspired by Lilith's show, decided to forgo a monetary reward and played a merry game of bongos on her upturned bum, which she momentarily protested before the demon men who hadn't been selected by Lilith ran over and made her take turns orally pleasuring them.

Some hours later, the demons had gotten all they could from even her magically-enhanced penis, and thus they'd departed. Lilith watched in delight as her weary servant staggered to her feet, practicaly covered from head to toe in demon-cum. "Did you have fun, little dickgirl?" she cooed as she walked around the teenager sultrily. Zoey rolled her eyes. "I said, did you have FUN?" Lilith asked again and made a temporary hole in the coating of hell-sperm, the better to give Zoey's irresistable rump another slap. Zoey let out a muffled moan and her knees trembled. "Ooh, that's different! I think this corporal punishment might be growing on you!" Lilith said excitedly. "Come on then. It's time for a bath, and then you'll have a nice long nap in the nude. I don't want you covering that gorgeous body up without my telling you so, understand?"


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