Lois And Clark - The New Adventures Of Superman: Stud Or Chump (MF,mc)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Beginning

Clark Kent woke up in his apartment in the east side of the city of
Metropolis. He was a tall man in his mid twenties. He had black hair and
pale blue eyes. A caucasian male, standing six foot two inches tall and
weighing two hundred and ten pounds. He looked like an ordinary man, but
he wasn't. He was actually an alien from a distant world called Krypton.
His people, a human-like species known as the Kryptonians ruled the galaxy
long before humanity came into being. The People of Krypton were not
carbon-based lifeforms like the humans of Earth. They were energy-based
lifeforms. The Kryptonians lived in a planet orbiting a red sun. A yellow
sun's rays empowered their bodies and gave them extraordinary powers.

A Kryptonian scientist named Jor-El discovered the planet Earth. He came to
it long ago. When he learned that his homeworld was doomed to destruction,
he sent his son Kal-El to Earth on a small spaceship. The spaceship landed
on Earth, in the town of Smallville, Kansas. Kal-El looked like an ordinary
human baby but he wasn't. He was found by a couple of farmers. Jonathan and
Martha Kent of Smallville. They raised him as their own under the name Clark
Kent. Clark Kent developed extraordinary powers as he grew up. He had
seemingly immeasurable strength and speed. He could also defy gravity and
fly at astonishing speeds. A micro-thin force field surrounded his body,
rendering him invulnerable. On top of that, he had X-ray vision and Heat
Vision. His hearing was far better than that of an ordinary human being.
Exactly one thousand times better. Clark Kent may look like an ordinary man
but he had god-like powers in a world of mortals.

Clark Kent went to the university of Kansas and studied journalism. He became
a reporter and got hired by Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet. He
became one of the regulars there. He met the beautiful Lois Lane, the young
photographer known as James "Jimmy" Olsen and the sexy and alluring Catherine
Grant. Clark had his work cut out for him. He liked helping people but he
couldn't do it without the world finding out who or what he was. So, his
mother made him a uniform. A blue suit with red boots and a cape. Wearing the
costume, Clark Kent soared into action and helped many people. He became the
superhero known as Superman.

Superman was an instant sensation. The man with god-like powers from another
planet. He helped people. He was a hero. Everyone wanted to know about him.
Who was he? What was he? How could he do what he did? Superman caught the
attention of Lois Lane. Clark became friends with her. She was obsessed with
Superman. Clark tried his best to conceal his abilities and lead as normal a
life as possible. It was not easy. One day, he found a glowing piece of red
meteorite. A fragment of his planet Krypton. The Red Kryptonite affected
Clark Kent mentally and physically. Clark Kent was a decent, honest and shy
guy. Superman was a brave and outgoing hero. The Red Kryptonite unleashed
Clark Kent's inner bad boy.

Very interesting times were upon the city of Metropolis.

The Daily Planet

Clark Kent went to work that day feeling different. He went inside the Daily
Planet and saw the same people he usually saw everyday. Nothing had changed.
Except him. He felt...good. He looked at Catherine "Cat" Grant. She was a
real beauty. One of the foxiest ladies at the office. He looked at her and
smiled. Catherine flashed him a bright grin.

"Hi, Clark." she said.

Catherine Grant looked at Clark. He was a good-looking man. A little shy for
her taste, though. Somehow, this morning, she found him simply irresistible.
She smiled seductively at him and Clark offered her a lusty grin. One look
into each other's eyes and they knew what the other wanted.

"Meet me in the file room." she said.

Clark nodded and went to the file room. He found her there.

"Hello, boy." she said sexily.

"Hello, sexy." Clark said.

Clark kissed Catherine and she kissed him back, voraciously. He started to
unbutton her shirt and she slid her dress down to her ankles. He looked at
her. She had a nice body. Full breasts, slim waist and well-rounded, tight
ass. Clark felt hard just looking at her. She smiled at him, a predator's
smile. Her quick hands went straight for the dick. She had his pants down
and started massaging his cock. She got down on her knees and started
sucking his cock. She licked his cockhead and then caressed the length of
his dick with her tongue. Clark felt her warm mouth on his balls, sucking
at them. He felt like he was in heaven. He took her in his arms and carried
her to a table. Catherine lay flat on the table, legs spread, looking very

"Come on." she said.

Clark Kent didn't need to be told twice. He rubbed his cock against her pink
pussy lips and slid them inside her. He started to fuck her, nice and slow.
He went into her. Her pussy felt nice and tight. Cat grunted when she felt
Clark Kent's thick cock slide inside her pussy. He fucked her like this,
taking his time and making it last. She rubbed her breasts against him and
the sensation of such velvety smoothness drove Clark Kent wild. He thrust
his cock deep into her and fucked her hard and fast. He sank it deep, pulled
it almost all the way out and then slammed it right back in. The filing room
was filled with Clark Kent's grunts and Catherine Grant's moans and shrieks.
As soon as Clark Kent came inside her, Catherine shrieked in ecstacy.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Sure." she said.

A few minutes later, they had put their clothes back on and returned to the
office. Clark decided to go out for a ride. He was bored with his existence
as Clark Kent. The Red Kryptonite was acting on him and he didn't feel
concerned about helping people anymore. He just wanted to take the easy way
out, like most people would. He changed into his Superman costume and went
out. There were plenty of women in the city and a stud like himself could
have lots of fun if he allowed inhibitions to drop.

The End


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