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For years we have been subjected to awful t.v shows and movies
where we see the American dream coming true, but that's all it is, a dream,
shows like Full House and the Brady Bunch give us happy families and
loving, wise parents, shows like Lois And Clark - The New Adventures Of
Superman show us a Super powered MAN who doesn't take advantage of his
abilities to have sex with thousands of woman.......I mean...come on!

But in the back of our minds Reality shows us what would have
really happened, so, The Real World Series is proud to bring you.......

Superman Meets Reality *

Part 1: Clark Kent Clicks....

Clark Kent stared at Lois Lane, she was so beautiful, so
fantasticly well put together, when Clark had first got his powers he had
taken it as proof that God existed, recently him and Lois had discovered
that he was in fact an alien, but of course Lois only knew that Superman
was an alien, not that he was.

But looking at Lois reaffirmed his faith in God, because how could
pure chance result in the creation of someone so beautiful.

He sighed, she was spending so much of her time with Lex Luthor,
and that man was scum.

"Hey C.K, why so glum?" asked Jimmy from behind him.

"Just thinking about things I can't have," said Clark, Jimmy nodded
his head and looked over at Cat.

"Know what you mean, sometimes I wish I was Superman you know."

"Yeah? He doesn't have it much better you you know, no home, no-one
he can share with...."

"Fuck that," laughed Jimmy,"I'd rob a thousand banks, fuck all the
woman I wanted to and take over the world, after all, who could stop me?"

"Jimmy!" cried Clark in shock,"That's morally wrong."

"Is it?" came a voice from behind them, they turned and saw the

"What do you mean Perry?" asked Clark.

"Come on son, he's an alien, he's faster, stronger and ah...ah...
probably more intelligent than any human being alive, he's the most
qualified to rule the world, and ah...ah....besides, humans aren't part of
his race, he can outside the law, he's not a citizen of the
United States or of any"

"If you were Superman, would you?" asked Jimmy.

"Ahh Jimmy, if I had the choice between him and Elvis I'd take
Elvis, but....if I was him, I wouldn't be wasting my time helping ungrateful

They walked away talking, Clark grinned, it was well enough to say,
but he had been raised with strong values, he turned and looked at Lois, for
instance, how could he take advantage of her like that? She deserved more,
she....she ...... she was stretching back and her tits were pushing forwards,
making them look larger than they actually were, her impossibly thin waist
just needed to have an arm around it, her smooth, tight buttocks needed to
be caressed, her cunt would be trimmed slightly, he could taste it in his
mouth as he would lick it, he could feel her tits as he fondled them in his
hand and taste them as he sucked on her nipples, she would be perfect in
everyway, she...she......he shook his head, it was a fantasy, nothing more,
but he so wanted to use his X-Ray vision on her, to see if her body matched
his fantasies...but it was wrong, he stood up and the desk tipped forward
dangerously, he grabbed it and looked down, his erection had nearly knocked
the desk over, he blushed, there were some problems to being invulnerable.

"What's the matter, Clark?" asked Lois, staring over at him,"You're
face is going red."

"Nothing, I'm a little tense is all," that was an understatement,
just talking to her made him feel as if he was going to cum in his pants.

She walked over to him, she swaggered her hips slightly as she
walked, bringing very erotic thoughts to Clark,"Perhaps you need
a massage?" she said and walked behind him, she slowly began to knead at
his shoulders, she was leaning forward and her tits were pushing against
his back, they felt so good, and he was going to....was going to......he
stood straight up and turned to Lois,"I gotta go!" he said and ran out of
the room, Lois stared after him, puzzled.

"Lois, Lois, Lois," said Cat from behind her,"You gotta stop teasing
that boy."

"What are you talking about now Cat?" Lois asked in irritation.

"Why Lois, surely you know? You can't not have noticed how hard
Clark's cock was, could you?"

Cat walked off and Lois looked at the elevator, Clark was standing
with his back to her and was hunched forward as if trying to hold something
back, then the elevator door closed and she was left standing alone, more
puzzled than before.
_ _ _

Something had clicked in Clark, he had not changed into Superman
but into black gear and a balaclava as soon as he had been alone, he flew into
the sky, he needed desperately to have sex and he had to find someone, he
didn't care how he got it, but he was going to have a fuck.

Part 2: Superman Finally Uses His Powers For The Right Cause

Mary Jane Watson-Parker walked along the street happily, she had
two brown shopping bags under her arms and was whistling, suddenly a hand
reached out and pulled her into an alley, she was lifted off her feet, but
strangely she did not scream, she smiled and said,"Peter, when are you
going to grow up?"

"Sorry lady," came a strange voice,"You got the wrong guy."

She looked around and saw that the man holding her was dressed all
in black and wore a balaclava, he pushed her to the ground and covered her
mouth with his hand, in one hand he held four long steel pipes, he bent
these into circles around her hands and legs so she couldn't move and then
pushed them into the concrete, the concrete turned to liquid and then
solidified, she was stuck.

She couldn't beleive it, the only people she knew who were capable
of feats of strength like this were Peter - her husband - and maybe
Superman, but he lived in Metropolis, not New York.

He pulled out a piece of cloth and tied it around her mouth
extremely tightly, then he whipped off her clothes in a single motion, she
couldn't beleive how fast it was happening.

"Now if you just wait a few minutes, let me do my business then I'll
leave you alone."

He removed his pants and her eyes bulged, his cock was huge, it was
at least 10 inches long and extremely thick, she didn't know if she would
be able to take it in, Peter had often told her that she had a nice tight
cunt, but after this guy would be through with her, it wouldn't be so tight

He thrust into her and her scream was muffled through the gag, his
hands were all over her tits and he began to suck on them, there was
something about him that she couldn't resist, to her horror she began to
pant eagerly through the gag, she gritted her teeth and felt an orgasm rush
through her, when she and Peter fucked they did it slowly, he could prolong
himself for hours, giving her multiple orgasms and making her scream in
pleasure, but somehow this man had made her cum in a few seconds, and it
had felt better than anything she had ever felt before, he was ramming into
her like he wanted to hurt her but all she could feel was pleasure, his cock
was an extremely tight fit in her cunt but she loved the feeling, he was
obviously building up pressure, he was going at it fast, like he wanted it
over with, she had the feeling that she was raping him, not the other way

She noticed that tears were running down his cheek as he fucked her,
he was enjoying it but it was like he didn't want to, he was muttering a
name under his breath over and over again, it sounded like Louise.

He stiffened and suddenly his hot cum was flooding through her, she
screamed in pleasure and thrust her hips up, wanting more, but he had
already pulled out, he pulled his pants up and ripped the steel out of the
ground, then he took the gag off,"I'm sorry."

"You've got nothing to be sorry about," she said as she ran her
hand over her cuntmound,"You can do me any old time you want."

He looked at her strangely, she could tell a part of him wanted to,
but another part was disgusted with what he had done, he turned and ran.

Mary Jane got dressed and picked up her groceries, then she ran
home and waited for Peter, she was hornier than she had ever been in her
_ _ _

Clark couldn't believe what he had done, he had raped that woman
and she had loved it, but he had not, he hadn't been able to stop thinking
about Lois, he had gone to New York so that Superman would not be suspected,
but he was not going back to Metropolis just yet, first he had to go to
_ _ _

"I raped her Dad, and she loved it, I feel so ashamed, what if I'd
done it to Lois? What if I do it again, should I go to the police? Should

Johnathon Kent interrupted him, "Son, when we first found you I
wanted to raise you like the son I never had, but I couldn't. Now listen
to me, I love Martha, but I've listened to her Women's Liberation Bullshit
for nearly thirty years now. You have powers men have dreamed off since
womens lib began, your Mother's out shopping now, and you're lucky, she'd
be pissed off, but I'm not son, it's your God given right to take what you
want, fuck who you want and who gives a shit about the consequences, do
what you want to do son, no-one can stop you."

"Dad, this goes against everything you ever taught me."

"No, it's against what you're mother taught you, that wrinkled old
bitch can go fuck herself, do what you want."

Clark grinned, he had always done what his father told him and he
wanted to please him, he turned and walked out the door, then flew off.

Johnathon Kent got up and walked down to the root cellar, he opened
a small trapdoor and went down into the sub-basment, the stench was terrible
but he liked it, he stepped over the dead bodies and went to the small
shrine he had constructed, a small picture of Hitler lay on it, next to
a book by Nietzsche, Hitler's favorite philosopher, he read aloud from the
book :

"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman - a
rope over an abyss."

"They're animals, Clark," said Johnathon,"And you're a Superman," he
grinned. Clark didn't realise it, but he had just taken advice from a
pyschotic murderer.
_ _ _

Clark knew what he had to do now, he flew to Metropolis as Superman,
and went straight to the top of Lex Tower.

Part 3: Lex Makes A Deal And Lois And Cat Teach Jimmy A Lesson.

Cat was bending over the xerox machine and Jimmy was staring at her
ass, her short dress was pulled up and she wasn't wearing any underwear,
when she began to move he ran off, she looked around the corner and saw him
rush into the toilets.

"God!" she said, exasperated,"Is that all I am to men?"

"Isn't that all you want to be?" asked Lois from behind her.

"Not when it comes to small fry like him," she grinned,"But then
again, looking at the competition around here I can see why they're all
after me."

"And just what is that supposed to mean," asked Lois, putting her
hands on her hips.

"Simple, look at what I wear," she was wearing a tight, blue and
red striped shirt that showed a lot of cleavage, and an extremely short, red
leather skirt,"And then look at what you wear," Lois was wearing loose pants
and a sweatshirt.

"So? Just because I don't dress like Jill of the Jungle...."

"You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"You obviously don't have much of a bod..."

"I'll have you know that I have one hell of a body."

"Yeah right, I bet you got fat hips, saggy tits and a hairy cunt."

"My ti... breasts are fine, I keep.....trim.....and my hips are
curved just right."

"Prove it."


"Come on, let's go into the supply room, get naked and see who has
the better body."

"I'm not stripping naked for you."

"Why not? I'm a woman like you aren't I? What's the matter? Ain't
got the guts?"

Lois fumed, then she grabbed Cat's hand and dragged her into the

"After you," she said to Cat.

"With pleasure......I do this alot you know," she grinned and pulled
off her clothes in two deft movements, then she stood proudly in front of
Lois, hands on hips and legs apart.

"Wow!" said Lois,"How do you keep in shape like that?"

"Stop avoiding the subject Lois, take it off."

Lois pulled off her sweatshirt and then unbuttoned the shirt
underneath, she removed and then pulled off her pants.

"Geez Lois, I didn't know women still wore bras and underwear."

"Funny," said Lois and removed those two last items of clothing,
then she stood facing Cat.

"Hey," cried Cat,"How do you keep your tits from sagging? Mine are
beginning to feel gravity if you know what I mean."

Lois grinned,"What do you know? My tits are bigger, my ass is
tighter and your cunt is hairier, I've got a better body than you."

"Those tits aren't real," said Cat,"They can't be."

"Take a feel then," said Lois, getting into the moment,"They're
real........and they're spectacular."

Cat felt up Lois' tits, they were firm...but they were real, she
noticed Lois' nipples were erect and that her eyes had closed, her mouth
was open slightly and she was making moaning noises under her breath, Cat
didn't wait, she moved down and started sucking Lois' tits, there was a
gasp of shock, then a groan of pleasure, Lois' hand moved down to her cunt
and she began wanking herself slowly, she was grinning happily but her eyes
remained closed, her other hand reached down and grabbed one of Cat's tits,
she felt it up and Cat began to feel extremely horny, she and Lois slowly
moved down to the floor and began to kiss, it was then that Jimmy walked
into the room.

"Oh....oh great shades of Elvis!" he said, backing out fast.

Lois giggled,"I don't think he'll bother you again Cat, he's learnt
his lesson," Cat showed her gratitude by moving her tongue down to Lois'
_ _ _

"Let me get this straight," Lex Luthor said,"You want to join me in
some fictitous criminal enterprise and try to take over the world?" he
grinned and blew smoke into Superman's face,"Don't be ridiculous, I'm a
real business man, not some supervillian from a comic book.

"Cut this bullshit Luthor, I'm willing to do anything to prove
myself to you, I'll do anything, anything."

Lex removed his cigar and placed it on his desk, then he pressed
the talk button on the intercom.

"Maxwell, please come in here."

A second later a tall man in a business suit entered,"Yes sir?"

Lex turned to Superman,"Kill Maxwell please."

Superman did not even hesitate, he rushed forward and snapped
Maxwell's neck in an instant, then he turned to Luthor.

"What do you think Nigel?" said Luthor.

Nigel walked out from the shadows and Superman berated himself for
not noticing him there, Lex's number one man looked him over,"We'll have to
change that ridiculous costume of course, get him into something by...I
don't know...Armani......we'll keep the cape though...looks threatening and
regal somehow....but change the color to black.

"So is Nigel your tailor then?" askedd Superman, grinning.

"Please," Luthor and Nigel said at the same time in disdainful
Voices,"Appearance is a vital part of any successful enterprise," finished
Nigel, Luthor was smiling.

"Well Superman, it seems we have a deal," he stuck out his hand and
Superman took it.

Part 4: Lex Takes Over The World And Lois Takes Charge

Lois was wanking....she did it often and she enjoyed it, but
recently it had been getting a *little* boring, having nothing but her hand,
she supposeD it was because she missed Clark so much, she had never had the
chance to fuck him, then....that bastard Superman had got together with Lex
Luthor and started the war, Clark had been among the first to die, his body
disentegrated by a wayward bomb that had been fired at Superman.

She hated him, but even if she had the chance she couldn't have
killed him, although she was fully capable of doing it, she just couldn't
take a life, it was unforgivable.

As she lay on her bed, fully naked and thrusting her fingers up her
slit she wondered if Superman would come for her one day, she had always
sensed attraction for her from him, although any she had for him had long
since died, since that day six months ago when he and Lex had declared war
on the world unless it agreed to serve them, only six months to take over
the world, eventually the world's governments had realised how futile it
was to fight Superman, he was too powerful, the nuclear bomb they had thrown
at him had not even scratched his Armani suit.

She pulled on some panties and a shirt, then looked out the window
of her apartment, everyone moved with purpose, any revolutions against the
two killers had been squashed mercilessly, the world was defeated.

She looked to the sky and saw him, he was only a few feet above her
window, he grinned down at her and she stepped back in shock, then he came
through the window.

"Lois, all my victories and conquests are nothing compared to the
one I'm about to take."

"What are you talking about?" she asked, knowing full well what he

"I'm gonna fuck you now Lois," he grinned,"Whenever I want to,
you'll have to do it, because now I'm in charge, I make the laws from now

"What...what about truth and justice?"

"Fuck that, now I'm into the American way."

He had already forced her onto the bed and pulled off her shirt, he
had his hands all over her tits, now he slid his hand down her panties and
started to poke her.

Lois couldn't beleive it was happening, she couldn't stop him, no,
she corrected herself, she could, but it would mean killing him, and could
she live with killing someone...even a psycho like him?

"But the best thing is Lois, do you know who I really am? What my
secret identity is?"

"No," she said, making conversation, trying to figure a way to

"I was really Clark Kent!" he laughed harder as his hand ripped
away her underwear, and he looked at her, expecting to see shock, horror
and rage on her face, he was surprised to see she was grinning at him.

"Oh Clark, that makes it all different, now I want you to fuck
me," she grinned and spread her legs apart for him, he gaped at her, he
hadn't expected this,"You know what I want to do for you Clark?" she asked

"Wha...what?" he stammered.

"I'll show you a simulation," she grinned and put her finger in her
mouth, then began to suck on it, she slid it in and out of her mouth, he
grinned at her and she opened her mouth slightly, as if she wanted him to
kiss her...his enhanced vision noticed something at the back of her teeth,
something small and bright green.......suddenly he doubled over in agony,
Lois jumped off the bed and stood over him, then she kicked him in the gut,
hard, he fell over in true pain, tears ran from his cheeks.

She stood over him, then turned around and bent over, looking under
her bed for something. Even now, in extreme pain, he marvelled at her
perfect body, her fantastic ass...her....her steel capped shoes! She grinned
down at him and put them on, then she kicked him hard in the gut, he
couldn't beleive the pain he was feeling, how had she gotten kryptonite? she
must have got hold of some on the numerous occasions he had been exposed to
it, she had put it in her tooth, it was so small that putting a cap over it
was enough to shield him from it's rays, but, uncovered, even that small
amount made him as weak as a baby.

She grinned as she removed the shoes, she hopped down on her knees
and must have flipped the cap back onto the kryptonite with her tongue
because suddenly the pain stopped.

"Clark," she whispered,"It's Clark now isn't it? Superman's gone

"Yes," he groaned and struggled to sit up, she pushed him down with
her hand.

"Clark, would you like me to suck your cock?"

He gasped, was she playing with him?

"Clark, I'll suck it, I'll even let you fuck me.....but first you
have to do two things."

"What? What?" he cried out.

"First I want in with you and Lex, I want control of the world."

"You've got it, Lex has to do what I ask...he needs me."

"And you him.....and the second thing....."

"Yeah...yeah what?" he was eager to please, he distinctly disliked

She grinned and leant back so she was still on her knees but her
back was nearly touching the ground, she spread her legs apart slowly.

"Before I suck you, you suck me," she giggled and Clark knew it was
over, if he did this then he would never have power over her, he would fall
madly in love with her again and she wouldn't need the kryptonite to keep
him in check, this wasn't how it was supposed to be, he was supposed to be
in charge.

He knelt before her and buried his head in her cunt, he grabbed her
clit between his teeth and pulled gently, then he let go, it snapped back
and she gave another giggle.

"Come on Clark, use your tongue, lick me clean."

He did just that, his tongue probed deep into her cunt, flicking
this way and that, to and fro, Lois groaned in pleasure and grabbed his
head, pulling him up to her tits, she made him suck those too, not that
he was complaining mind.

Finally she orgasmed, Clark's cock was rock hard, he wanted more,
and she could definately see it, she grinned at him and laid him back on
the floor, then she straddled him, gently lowering herself so that his
cock slowly entered her cunt, they both groaned, Clark in satisfaction
and Lois in delight, his cock was so BIG!

"I like to be on top," she giggled again and continued to ride him,
his hands were all over her tits, he massaged them slowly - in sharp
contrast to the quick thrusts he was making with his cock.

"Patience," she said and began to move slightly faster, she paced
them well so that when Clark finally had to cum she was ready too, he
jerked, froze, jerked again and suddenly his warm cum was filling her up,
running down her thighs and his hips, then she came, her love juices made
her scream, but it wasn't just in ectasy (although that was a major part
of it) it was in victory, she had won, Clark was hers forever now, either
as Superman or Clark he would not be able to control her ever, she had
nearly killed him earlier, after he told her he was Clark, she had been so
mad that she had felt like killing him, but now he was her trump card, she
could use him to curry favour with Lex....and if Lex ever decided to kill
Superman...well........her body wasn't just for Clark.

He looked up at her, pure love and adoration in his eyes, she
grinned as she stood up and got dressed, wanking herself a little before
putting her panties on, she couldn't have got to Superman without going
through Clark first, that wasn't a realistic possibilty, but now he was
hers.......mind.......body and soul........but especially body.

*The Events In This Story Take Place Before The End Of Series One Of Lois
& Clark And The Apparent Death Of Lex Luthor


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