This story is fictional. The characters are fictional and the situation is purely fantasy and there's nothing wrong with fantasy.

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Liv And Maddie: Back In Hollywood (MMF,FF,oral,anal,inter,BDSM,drugs)
by Tori ([email protected])

Being back in Hollywood made Liv Rooney remember all this good times she had when she was away from her family doing her TV show, Sing It Loud. Of course, along with the good times, there were also some dark times as well. No one in her family knows it, but Liv ran with a bad crowd during that last season. She was 16 and a bit of a bad girl, luckily, the producers were able to keep it out of the tabloids. Now that Liv and her Family had moved out to California following the destruction of their home in Wisconsin, Liv hooked up with some of her old friends and fell right back in with them and their lifestyle.

About a week after she moved back, Liv ran into one of her old friends who invited her to a party in the Hollywood Hills that Friday. When Liv arrived at the house, she was greeted by none other than Miley Cyrus. She was awestruck, of course. Miley was one of her idols having been a teen TV star and now a very popular singer. Miley walked her into the large living room and introduced her to everyone. Miley leaned in and kissed Liv on the mouth and told her to have fun. As Liv greeted everyone and mingled, someone handed her a drink. Liv took a sip and immediately recognized the taste of Tequila. She knew she should have put it down but instead, she finished it quickly and asked for another. The music was playing loudly and some of the guests were dancing so Liv joined them. She was soon sandwiched in between two very large black men. They were bumping and grinding against the cute blonde 18 year old and it didn't take long before one of the men ran his hand up under her short skirt. By this time, Liv was feeling the effects of the Tequila and let him grope her tight teen ass.

When the song ended, the men led her over to one of the large couches in a dark corner and sat her between them. In front of her was a mirror with several lines of coke. One of the men handed her a rolled up hundred dollar bill and Liv bent over and snorted down the lines. They were immediately replaced by two more and Liv did those as well. She sat back and rubbed some of the power on her gums and smiled. It had been a long time since she did coke and she immediately remembered why she loved the drug.

Within seconds, all her inhibitions were gone and she found herself rubbing the men's crotches with her perfectly manicured hands. She looked around the room and saw some of the female guests on their knees sucking cock. She was watching a cute black girl getting fucked across the room when one of the men unzipped his fly and allowed her to pull his big black cock out. He put his hand behind her head and pushed her down on him. Liv opened her mouth and eagerly started to suck him. The big black cock slid easily down her throat and Liv began to bob her head up and down on the man's ten inch cock. After several minutes, he shot his load and Liv swallowed it all down as she had so many times before. It had been so long since she gave head and the memories came rushing back into her head.

Liv leaned down and snorted a couple more lines of coke and then leaned over and sucked the other man's cock between her glossy pink lips. She was deep throating the massive cock when she felt a hand pull her panties to the side. The man pushed his finger inside her tight little asshole making her jump. He was pumping her ass as she sucked the big cock down her throat. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the cock, forcing her to suck his finger. She tasted her ass and then went back down on the other man. When he started to cum, Liv pulled her mouth off and let him cum on her face. She sat up and used her fingers to scoop the tasty treat into her mouth and licked her fingers clean. Someone passed her a joint and she took several hits. She'd only been at the party for an hour and she'd already sucked two cocks and she was totally fucked up from the alcohol and drugs. It was as if the last two years in Wisconsin had never happened.

Before she knew, she was being led upstairs to one of the large bedrooms. As soon as the door closed, the two black men undressed her and pushed her on the bed. One of the men spread her legs and started to fuck her while the other guy pushed his cock into her mouth. Liv hadn't been fucked since she left Hollywood and she soon started to cum all over the big piece of meat slamming her wet teenage pussy. The man fucking her grabbed her and rolled over, keeping his cock buried balls deep inside the gorgeous blonde's snatch. He pulled her tight against him as the other guy got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass. Liv was no stranger to getting her ass fucked and her tight hole soon gaped open, allowing the 12 inch cock deep into her bowels. The two men DP'd Liv for several minutes and then, they turned her around and the man beneath her took her in the ass. The other guy stroked his cock as she got sodomized. She screamed out as he pushed his cock into ass, alongside his friend. They double fucked the tiny girls gaping ass for almost ten minutes until they filled her with their hot loads. Liv rolled off their softening cocks, allowing them to slip out of her ass and let their nasty cum pour out all over the sheets. One of the men fed her his cock and she licked him clean.

Liv was just starting to get dressed when the door opened and Miley came in. She told the two men to get out and as soon as they left, she went over to Liv and kissed her again, only this time, her well photographed tongue found its way into the Liv's mouth. Miley pulled Liv's unbuttoned blouse off and started to suck her nipples. Liv ran her fingers through Miley's short blonde hair and started to moan. Miley quickly took off her clothes and pulled Liv back onto the bed. The two made out for a few minutes and then Miley got up and pulled leather straps out from under the mattress. She had Liv lay on her stomach and then she secured her wrists and ankles to the four corners. Miley slapped Liv on the ass and excused herself. A few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom wearing thigh high black leather spiked heels and huge strap on dildo. Miley came over and told Liv to open her mouth. She gave Liv a tab of ecstasy and told her to swallow. Liv closed her eyes and soon the drug, combined with the alcohol she drank, began to takes its effect.

Miley climbed up behind the young blonde teen and slid the dildo into her wet pussy. Liv was so fucked up she started to beg Miley to fuck her harder. Miley began to slam Liv's gaping hole with the strap on and made her cum several times. She pulled the toy out of Liv and then reached over and took out a bottle of lube from the nightstand. As she squirted it on Liv's asshole, she told her how she used to fuck Selena Gomez in the ass before that slut Taylor Swift stole her away from her. Miley pushed the dildo all the way into Liv's well fucked asshole and then she pulled her head back by her hair and asked her if she wanted to be her fuck toy. Liv began to beg Miley to use her like a whore and use her she did. Miley fucked the blonde starlet hard, ramming the strap on deep inside the young girls asshole, making her scream out. Miley told her to squeal like a pig and started to laugh as Liv did what she was told. Liv squealed and grunted with each thrust of the big rubber cock up her ass. By the time Miley was finished with her, she was a sweat covered mess lying in her own pussy juices.

Miley took off the strap on and then released Liv from her bonds. She pulled Liv's face onto her bald pussy and made the pretty girl lick her hole. Liv licked and shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Miley's pussy and soon had Miley cumming over and over again. Miley got on her hands and knees and made Liv eat her asshole. Liv was no stranger to licking ass and she soon had her tongue buried deep inside the former Hannah Montana star's hole. When Miley had had enough, she got out some more coke and the two snorted down several fat lines. Miley grabbed a dildo out of the nightstand and had Liv get on her hands and knees. She rubbed some of the coke around Liv's asshole and then shoved the dildo in. She fucked Liv with the dildo as she licked her pussy. Liv squirted several times all over Miley's face and then collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Miley took out a butt plug and shoved it up Liv's ass and then got dressed. She left Liv passed out on the bed and went back down to her party.

Over the next two days, Miley and her friends used Liv as their fuck toy. They had her do things she'd never dreamt of doing before. By the time she left, her nipples had been pierced as was her clit and one of the men had tattooed the word SLUT across her lower back. When she finally stumbled into her Aunt's house, she looked like hell. Her family was shocked to see how she looked and started to ask her where she was. Liv could hardly walk and winced in pain when she sat down. Everyone could see the metal bars in her nipples through her shear blouse and she still had dried cum in her hair. After several minutes of yelling, Liv got up and went to her room. She stripped out of her clothes and got into the shower. When she came out, her twin sister Maddie was waiting for her. Maddie looked at her tattoo and piercings and told her how disappointed she was. Liv told Maddie to fuck off. She quickly got dressed and ran out of the house, jumped into her car and drove back to Miley's. She begged Miley to let her stay with her. Miley told Liv she could stay but only if she became her sex slave.

As few months later, Maddie and Willow went to a Miley Cyrus concert. They were both taken by surprise when they saw one of the backup singers. There, standing behind Miley was Liv Rooney. She was dressed in a white lace teddy, white leather boots and she was wearing a pink leather collar with the word WHORE on it in metal studs. Several times during the show, Miley simulated sex with Liv as did many of the male dancers. Liv Rooney had finally made the big time.

The End


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