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Liv And Maddie: Joey Makes Some Home Movies (mf,mff,mf-solo,oral,anal,bond,cons,ncon,voy,toys)
by Tori ([email protected])

Joey Rooney sat at his computer and clicked on the live feed coming from his 16 year old twin sister's room. He installed the hidden camera right after Liv came home from Hollywood. Liv had been gone for five years doing a TV show and now that it ended, she moved back to Wisconsin and started attending high school with his other sister, Maddie. Joey hadn't thought much about her while Liv was gone but once he saw how obsessed all the guys at school were with her, he decided to make a little money. He started filming Liv in her room. The guys paid big bucks for video of the gorgeous blonde getting naked.

A few nights ago, he had hit the jackpot and filmed her masturbating on her bed. The video showed her completely naked with her legs spread wide open while she fingered her shaved pussy. Even he got a hard on watching, which, surprisingly, didn't creep him out as much as he thought it would. After all, she really was hot and watching her was like a dream come true for a nerd like Joey.

He sat there waiting for Liv to come in and was slightly disappointed when Maddie came in instead. Maddie might have been the identical twin of Liv but she was the complete opposite. She never wore makeup and had thick framed glasses that hid her pretty face. She usually wore jeans or some type of workout clothes and always had her hair in a ponytail. Tonight was no different except that when she came in, Joey saw that she wasn't alone. Her boyfriend Diggy came in right after her and as soon as he shut the door, Maddie pulled her t-shirt over her head and took off her bra. When she got down on her knees, Diggy walked over in front of her and pulled out his cock.

Joey couldn't believe it. Here was his sister about to suck off her boyfriend in her room. Joey quickly hit record right when Maddie took Diggy's cock into her mouth. Joey got hard immediately and soon found himself jerking off. He was so turned on watching Maddie taking Diggy's cock all the way down her throat like a porn star, that it didn't take Joey long before he blew his load. He was still cleaning up when Diggy came on his sister's face. Diggy pulled his sweat pants up, kissed Maddie on the forehead and left. Maddie quickly got up and went into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later in her pajamas and went to bed. He turned off the camera and pulled up the video he just made. He watched it over and over again, jerking off until his cock was sore.

* * *

The next morning at breakfast, Maddie caught him staring at her and punched him on the shoulder. He couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have his cock in her mouth. That day at school, he sold copies of the clip to about twenty guys for $20.00 a piece. When he got home, he quickly turned on the camera and waited for one of his sisters to come home. It wasn't long before Maddie came in the room and took off her workout gear and went in to take a shower. When she came out, she was still drying her hair with a towel when Diggy came in. He watched as Diggy locked the door and took off his clothes. Maddie laid down on her bed and Diggy got on top of her. Joey saw Maddie grab his cock and guide it into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back and Diggy started to fuck the shit out of her. He slammed in and out of the pretty blonde's cunt and then pulled out and came all over stomach. Maddie went down on him and licked him clean before she laid back down on the bed. Diggy got dressed and left a few minutes later. Maddie also got dressed and left shortly after that leaving Joey sitting at his computer with a handful of cum.

He was just about ready to turn off the camera when Liv came it. He hit record again and watched her start to dance around the room, taking off her clothes. As soon as she was completely nude, she pulled out a huge dildo from under her mattress and started to shove it in and out of her pussy. She fucked herself for several minutes and then Joey saw her start to shake from her orgasm. Liv pulled the big toy out of her gaping hole and sucked it, licking up all of her sweet pussy juice. She hid the toy back under her mattress and then went in to take a shower. Joey shut the camera off and sat back in his chair. He couldn't believe what a couple of major sluts his sisters were. Maddie was fucking her boyfriend in her room and Liv never stopped playing with herself.

* * *

That evening at dinner, both Liv and Maddie caught him staring at them. They knew he was weird, but this went way beyond his normal level of weirdness. After dinner, they went into their room and talked about him. Joey had a meeting with his chess club that night so after he left, Liv and Maddie went into his room to see if they could find out what he was doing. It didn't take them long before they discovered the videos on his computer. The nerd had forgotten to lock it when he left and there on the screen was the paused video of Liv fucking herself with her dildo.

Liv was mortified. She swore she was going to kill the little creep right when Maddie pulled up the video of her giving head to Diggy. Liv leaned over and watched Maddie start to fume. She saw her sister clench her fists and had to calm her down before she threw the computer across the room.

After she calmed down, they went through his files and found all the other videos he had made and decided to get revenge. They also found a spreadsheet with a complete list of names and the money he made from selling the videos to the guys at school. Both of the girls started to feel a little sick. Liv finally realized why everyone looked at her the way they did and Maddie knew then and there why guys that never gave her the time of day had started saying hello to her.

They went back to their room and searched for the camera. From the angle on the video, it didn't take them long before they found it. Maddie was going to destroy it but Liv stopped her. She had a plan and after she told Maddie about it, the two sisters decided to put it into play the next day.

* * *

That night, Joey turned on the camera but the girls never got naked. They went into the bathroom in their clothes and when they came out, they had their pajamas on. After they went to bed, Joey turned off the camera. He sighed and figured he'd be able to get more video the next day.

* * *

The following morning at breakfast, Joey was sitting alone eating his waffle when Maddie came down and sat next to him. She usually sat across the table so he thought it was a little strange. He nearly jumped out of his chair when he felt her place her hand on his thigh and start to rub it. She squeezed his thigh and then, she grabbed his cock and started stroking it through his jeans.

Maddie was still playing with his cock when Liv came down and sat on the other side of him. She reached down and took his hand and pulled it over to her crotch. Joey almost choked on his waffle when she pushed his hand under her skirt and started to shove it against her panties. The two twins pulled their hands away as soon as their parents and little brother came down to the kitchen. Joey quickly got up and ran out of the house. Liv and Maddie just giggled and finished their breakfast. Their parents looked at each other and shook their heads. They had stopped trying to figure their kids out years ago.

* * *

Joey avoided Liv and Maddie all day at school. He had no idea what had happened at breakfast but it turned him on so much that he had to jerk off in the boy's room after lunch. He had a meeting with the computer club after school and got home just before dinner.

Dinner was the usual boring event that it always was with their parents asking them what happened at school that day. Joey mumbled something about computers and chess and then excused himself and went up to his room. He was just about to turn on his computer when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it a found Liv standing there. She said there was something wrong with her IPad and asked if he could come into her room and look at it.

Joey followed his sexy sister into her room and walked over to her desk. He picked up her IPad to look at it when Liv came over and stood behind him. She reached around him and started pulling his zipper down. Joey froze and asked her what she was doing.

Liv told him to shut up and enjoy it. She pulled his jeans down and then his underwear and started stroking his cock. He thought he was going to cum right then and there but she suddenly stopped and let him go. When he turned around, he watched her take her clothes off and hop onto her bed. She pulled her dildo out and asked him if he wanted to watch her fuck herself with the toy. Joey could only nod. Liv slid the toy into her pussy and watched Joey start to get hard.

Just as she started to fuck herself, Maddie came in. Joey looked over and saw his other sister take off her clothes and get on the bed with Liv. Maddie took the toy from Liv and started to fuck her sister with it. Joey grabbed his rock hard cock and jerked off. It only took him two minutes before he shot his load on the carpet.

Liv used her finger to motion him over to join them on the bed. Maddie pulled the dildo out of Liv's pussy and Joey got between his sisters. Liv took hold of his still hard cock and started to stroke it again. Joey laid back and closed his eyes. He felt Maddie squeeze his balls and then she did something he wasn't expecting. She took the dildo and shoved it up his ass. He sat straight up in the bed and screamed like a little girl.

Maddie pushed him back down and Liv climbed on top of his chest. Maddie told him this is what happens to nerdy little creeps that sell videos of their sisters. Maddie shoved the dildo in and out of his ass, eventually impaling him with the entire 12 inches. His asshole was torn and bleeding but she didn't stop. She pounded him for several minutes until he passed out.

When he woke up, he was tied to Liv's bed on his stomach with the dildo still up his ass. Liv and Maddie stood on either side of the bed and laughed at him. Just then, he looked up and saw Diggy standing there. He had a look of hatred on his face that Joey had never seen before. Diggy grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head off the pillow and told him that if he didn't get back every copy of the videos he sold, he'd beat the hell out of him. Liv put her IPad in front of his face and showed him the video they'd made of him getting ass fucked by his sisters. They told him if he ever did anything like this again, they were going to tell their parents.

They untied Joey and laughed as he slowly pulled the toy out of ass. Liv told him he could keep it since she really didn't want to use it again. Joey got dressed and walked, gingerly, back to his room. He saw his computer on his desk, completely smashed to pieces, with a note that told him all the videos had been erased.

The next day he paid double for all the discs he'd sold and turned them over to Diggy after school. Diggy beat the shit out of him anyway and left him lying on the floor of the boy's locker room.

When he got home, his parents looked at him and asked him what had happened. Liv and Maddie stood next to them with their arms crossed and smiled. Joey told them that a gang of thugs beat him up and stole his laptop. He went up to his room and locked the door. He laid down on his bed and thought about the past couple of days and felt his cock getting hard. He pulled his jeans down and reached under his pillow and took out the dildo. He started to jerk off and then he pushed the toy into his ass. He had the most intense orgasm he ever had. He jerked off a few more times until he eventually fell asleep and dreamed about his sisters and their tight little bodies.

The End


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