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Law & Order: Is This Because I'm A Lesbian? Part 1
by A. Callen


Serena Southerlyn had just gotten home and begun undressing when her phone
rang. She checked the caller ID. It was Casey Novak, her friend from the sex
crimes division of the Manhattan district attorney's office.

"Hey Case," Serena said.

"Hey babe."

"What's up?"

"I need a girl's night," Casey said.

"You sound stressed."

"I am stressed. I just finished a three week rape homicide trial. I feel like
a train ran over me."

"Poor baby. OK, girls night out it is."

"Uh-uh," Casey said. "No clubs, no music, no guys. I just want hang out at
your place, have some margaritas, and watch, Christ, I don't know... 'Pretty

"And when we do this," Serena asked.

"I dunno. Friday night, maybe around 8?"

"Sounds good," Serena said. "The only thing is, I think my roommates might be
here. Would you mind if they hung out?"

"As long as they don't mind me getting drunk and bitching about their boss."

"Trust me, Connie and Alexandra will be just as drunk and bitchy, if I know

"Great. I'll see Friday."



Serena hung up the phone, and finished undressing, only wearing her blouse.
Her roommates -- both new hires at the DA's office who couldn't afford
apartments of their own -- all shared the same loose dress code, although
they had no idea how excited it made Serena. As far as Connie and Alexandra
knew, their apartment was a "just us girls," sorority type environment.

Plus, she had the place to herself for the next few hours. It would be nice
to spend some time with Casey, who had started with the D.A.'s office at the
same time as Serena. She envisioned a fun, relaxing night, the kind that had
become so rare as her star rose in the office. It would be nice. Then she
remembered FLIP.

FLIP was an acronym for a drug with a really long name. It was more powerful
than Ecstasy, and had an extremely powerful effect on the user's libido,
basically wiping out any inhibitions. It made the user extremely aroused, and
very friendly and affectionate, although many users, even the most reserved,
developed extremely foul mouths. In most cases, the user displayed no
aversion to engaging in homosexual/lesbian activity.

And the DA's office had just seized millions of the tablets in a drug bust.
She could lift a few...God, that would be so wrong...but she could take some,
and slip them into a pitcher of frozen margarita mix on Friday night.

Oh God...Casey, and Connie, and Alex...Serena sat on her couch and began
imagining the possibilities. Suddenly, she was more aroused than she had
ever been. She knew she'd be breaking the law, in more than one way, but
her conscience was no watch for the warmth between her legs.

Eventually her hand worked down below her navel, her fingers making their way
through her downy blonde pubic hair to stimulate her clitoris. Jesus Christ,
she thought, this would be soooo wrong, but I can't let the idea go. We could
just blame it on the alcohol...ooooh. She reached up to play with her left
nipple, almost sore with arousal. I've never been this wet, she thought.
God...I have to do this...I have to.


Serena couldn't believe how easy it was. She slipped into the evidence
locker, lifted out 10 tablets, slipped them into an envelope and walked out.
She couldn't believe she was going through with this.

"You could still back out," said the angel on her shoulder.

"Do you think Casey would use your strap-on on you?" asked the devil.

The night before, she'd driven into New Jersey to a sex shop, and purchased
several toys: two strap-ons, a double ended dildo, a few extra vibrators,
lubricant, and -- feeling especially wicked -- several pornographic movies.
The guy working the counter had raised his eyebrows. "It's a practical joke,"
she'd said.

At home, she'd put all the toys into a plastic container and slid it under
the sofa. Hopefully, Connie and Alex wouldn't look there. They were already
home when Serena got there on Friday night, in their lounging clothes: Connie
wore a big football jersey, curled up on the couch reading, Alex in pajama
pants and a tank top, sitting on the floor watching the news. God, they were
lovely. Connie was Latina, with short dark hair and eyes. Alex had the same
coloring, but with a slightly crooked nose and big wide eyes.

"Hey Serena," Connie said, looking up from her book. Alex smiled. "Need help
setting anything up?"

"I think we're OK. We have some hors d'oeuvres, and I'll make some

"Awesome," Connie said, raising her arms in the air in a salute.

Serena went to her room, slipped off her shoes, stockings and jacket. She
untucked her blouse and unbuttoned two buttons. She was unbelievably hot; she
had masturbated in one of the courthouse bathrooms this afternoon, the result
of taking one of the FLIP tablets herself.

Eight o'clock arrived, and Serena had a pitcher of frozen margaritas ready,
with an extra ingredient added. At 8:03, Casey arrived...with two guests.


Casey and Detective Olivia Benson had been worn out by the Robert Gallaway
trial. He had was on his way to prison for the rest of his life, but the
strain of three weeks in court had exhausted both women. Casey didn't think
Serena would mind Olivia tagging along for their "girls night."


Serena had had a crush on Olivia Benson for years. Dear god, she could arrest
me for this, said the angel on her shoulder. The devil was too busy drooling.
But who was the pregnant woman?


Olivia and Detective Alexandra Eames had gone through the academy together.
Now they were both fairly high profile detectives, Liv in SVU, and Eames in
the major case squad. But Eames had been confined to desk duty while
pregnant, having a surrogate baby for her sister. "I'm going stir crazy,"
Liv, she'd told Benson the day before. Olivia suggested Eames join her at
the party.


After awhile, it became clear they weren't going to watch a movie. Between
the six of them, there was too much to talk about, between telling stories
about work, gossip, politics, movies, relationships. All six of them were
single at the moment; work didn't leave much time for dating.

The atmosphere was super-cozy. Liv and Eames, despite being new to the
apartment, had taken their shoes off, slouched on the floor. Serena had
panicked when she saw the pregnant Eames, who had requested a non-alcoholic

Serena had given her an iced tea laced with FLIP. Thankfully, she had read
up on the drug, and knew its effects were mostly mental. Serena was doing
something very wrong, no doubt there, but harming the unborn baby would be
crossing a line.

She sat on the couch, squeezing her thighs together in excitement. How would
it happen?

Would anything happen?

She noticed Connie, Eames and Casey were both sweating, laughing louder and
more often. Olivia's eyes were darting around, as if she were nervous. Alex
kept biting her lips.

"I want to go get my pajamas on," Serena announced.

"Hey, we don't have Pjs," Casey, mock-indignant, pointing at Liv and Eames.

"Well, just...make yourself comfy," Serena said, and went to change.

God, she was dripping. Her panties were damp. She reached down to her cunt
and began rubbing, almost involuntarily. As she lay on her bed, manipulating
her clit, she heard more giggles from the living room, then music, loud dance
music. More giggling, then laughing, then some "whoooo"s that could have come
from spring break.

This might be it, she thought. She wrapped a towel around herself and peaked
into the living room. Sure enough, everyone had made themselves comfortable.

Alex was dancing with Casey. Casey had stripped off her jacket and pants, and
wore only a blouse, she kept running her hands through her strikingly red
hair, messing it up. Alex was teasing as if she were going to pull her top

Connie and Eames were sitting very close to each other, their heads almost
touching. Eames wore only a tank top and undies, her belly sticking out.
Connie was running her hand over it. Olivia approached Serena, still fully

"Hey," she said, her voice gentle and soft.

"Hey Olivia...I'm glad you could make it tonight."

"So am I," said the detective. "But I'm a bit worn out."

"Well...I was thinking about soaking in the tub. Wanna join me?"

"That's a great idea, baby...lead the way."

Serena put her arm back and took Olivia's hand. They went to the bathroom,
and let the tub fill up with hot water. Serena dropped her towel and stepped
in first, laying back to wet down her hair. Then she sat up, putting her
knees against her chest to give Liv some room.

"Uh-uh, honey," Liv said. "Scoot forward."

Serena did, as Olivia undressed behind her. Serena watched, and Liv didn't
seem to mind. Dear God, her body was perfectly toned, not too skinny, but not
butch either. She had lovely, short hair, a reddish blonde shade. Serena
quivered as she imagined those strong arms wrapped around her soft, farm girl

Olivia stepped into the tub and sat down, wrapping her arms and legs around
Serena. Serena leaned back into her, feeling the detective's firm breasts
against her back. It felt wonderful, being held by her crush. She closed her
eyes. She heard Connie yell something at her from the living room, but tuned
it out.

"Serena?" Olivia whispered.


"Do you think it's possible to feel really happy and really guilty at the
same time?"

Well, that question hit close to home.

"I...I guess so. Why?"

"It's how I feel now. Serena, do you know what FLIP is?"

Oh God.

"It's that club drug, right?"

"It is honey, and you took some earlier today."

"H-how did you know that?" Serena asked, sitting up.

"Because we gave it to you, silly. Casey and Eames and I put some in your
water bottle. We all took a tablet on the way over here."

"Liv, you didn't!"

"I'm sorry baby...this is really the worst thing I've ev--"

Serena cut her off: "No, baby. It's just that...I gave you some in your drink
earlier. All five of you just took a dose. And I had one earlier in the day."

"My God. So the four of us are doubly dosed."

"Well, one tablet seems to be enough. Did you see the way Alex and Connie
were acting?"

"Mmmm...I did," Olivia said. Serena had leaned back against her again. She
took Olivia's hand, and guided it between her legs. The detective's fingers
knew exactly how to touch her.

"So," Serena said. "You and and Eames?"

"No, sweetheart," Liv said. "But we've always been curious. We figured FLIP
would sort of...give us extra courage."

"This could be an interesting night," Serena said.

Alex's room was next door. Olivia and Serena could hear muffled giggles, and
some little moans, coming through the wall.


Normally, Casey didn't like rap music, but listening to Alexandra Borgia
chanting the lyrics had her incredibly hot. Alex was grinding against Casey's
bare hip, her hair flying.

"My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack," Alex said, repeating the
chorus over and over.

"God, this song is really dirty," Casey said, a little nervous. She had
never been with another woman before but knew things were in motion as soon
as Olivia left with Serena. From the look of things, Connie and Eames were
getting really close too.

Alex had taken her top off, letting her tits swing back and forth as she
danced. "My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack."

Casey swallowed. " that an invitation?"

"Maybe," Alex said. "I sort of feels like I can do
anything, you know?"

"I do know," Casey said. "I'm...I'm so hot down there now."

"I like you, Casey," Alex said, and giggled. "Everyone at work says your so

"Well, that could change," Casey said, and wrapped her arms around the back
of Alex's neck.


Eames had been feeling bad lately. The pregnancy had her behind a desk, and
she felt fat. Now here was this lovely Latina woman feeling her belly, and --
occasionally -- making out with her as they sat on the floor.

"What's this?" Connie asked, as her hand slid under the couch. She reached
under and pulled out a large Tupperwear container.

"Holy. Christ," Connie said as she opened it, and laughed. "Serena you
naughty bitch!"

They dumped out the contents, and Casey and Alex came over to look.

"We should try this one," Alex said, picking up one of the strap-ons.

Casey raised her eyebrows. "Let's go." Alex led her to her room.

"This must be a foot long!" Eames said, picking up the double-ended dildo.

"God, but feel it. It's like a real dick," Connie said. "At least from what
I remember."

They both giggled. "I guess we could..." Eames started.

"Yeah, I's not like we'd be doing things to each other."

They got undressed. Connie loved Eames' swollen tits, the thick patch of hair
between her legs.

"I'm worried about the baby though," Eames said. "I want to put it...up my

"You dirty girl," Connie said.

"The only thing is, I think you'd have to finger me there a little...loosen
it up."

Connie gave her a wicked smile, and grabbed a tube of KY from the box. "Roll
on your side, baby," she said.

Eames rolled over, began to rub her pussy lips. She gasped a little as
Connie's cold fingers hit her anus, and then gasped again as she was

"Is that good, honey?" Connie asked.


"Have you done anal sex?"

"No. You?"

"A few times," Connie said. "You need to relax, OK? Keep playing with your
cunny like that. We need to take our time."

Connie lay on the floor behind Eames. She kept moving her finger in and out,
and leaned over and began kissing her neck and shoulders. Every so often,
she'd whisper nasty (but sweet natured) things into the tiny detective's ear.

"You're making me so fucking hot," Connie said. "I can't wait to taste you,
that hot little twat of yours. I can't believe we're doing this. My body has
never felt anything like this. If you touched me right now, I think I'd

Eames took her up on it, and reached back between Connie's legs, slipping two
fingers into the attorney's moist folds.

Connie gasped, laughed a little, shuddered. She held Eames closer to her.
"Could you pull your finger out?" Eames asked.

Connie withdrew, and Eames rolled over. The two women kissed, then laughed,
their heads together. Eames big belly felt so nice against Connie's stomach.
She reached up, and brushed some of the mousy brown hair from Eames forehead,
staring into her adorable pixie face.

"I don't know what happened to me tonight," Connie said. "I feel like I'm

"Well..." Eames said, and told Connie the story.

"Jesus," Connie said. "I should be mad...but I'm too happy. And too fucking

"I know. You've been rubbing yourself this whole time we've been talking."

"Should we try the dildo? It bends into an L-shape. I think I could work it
into your ass, and then put the other end in my cunt."

"You don't talk dirty much, do you?" Eames asked.

"I'm still getting used to it. But I like it."

"I do too."

"Good," Connie said. "You'll hear a lot more."


Olivia's whole body tensed as Serena's tongue flicked back and forth over
her clit and two fingers rubbed at her G-spot. She was running her fingers
through the blonde lawyer's hair, gasping as she climaxed.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Serry. That felt so god damn good."

"Ih haze oo oooo."

"What was that?"

Serena lifted her head up. "It tastes good too."

Olivia lifted herself up on her elbows. "I've been dreaming about you eating
my pussy all week, ever since Casey came up with our little plan."

"So you decided to each pick one of us?"

"Oh no," Olivia said, and laughed. "There's six of us, dozens of
combinations. And that's just if we stay in pairs."

"Well, let's see if anyone wants to switch."


"How should we do this?" Casey asked. "Which position?"

Alex stepped into the strap-on harness. "Ummmm...all of them?"

"You can't stop staring at my bush, can you?"

"I've never seen a real redhead. It's so sexy."

"Let me get on top of you then. You can watch that big prick of yours going
in and out of my cunt."

"We're talking like sailors tonight, aren't we?" Alex said. "I got drunk on
spring break once, and did one of those wet t-shirt contests, but even then,
I didn't feel this wild."

Casey sighed, and told the story.

"Do you have any more?" Alex said, her hand on Casey's wrist.

"Ouch...let me go...yes...we do. But let this first dose run its course."

She pushed Alex back onto the bed, and kissed her. She parted her lips, and
let Alex's tongue slide into her mouth. She pushed back a little, and gently
lowered herself onto the dildo. She gasped, and started to rock against it.
Dear sweet Jesus this felt good. It must have felt good for Alex too, the
friction against her hairy cunt. She never wanted to leave this room.


Olivia and Serena didn't bother dressing. They walked to the living room and
found Connie pushing the double ended dildo into Eames' asshole. The FLIP
hadn't worn off, but Liv and Serena were exhausted, although still incredibly
aroused. She decided against playing the porn videos she bought. Connie and
Eames were a much better show for her and Olivia to masturbate to. They
slumped against each other on the sofa and began to finger themselves. The
performance Eames and Connie were putting on was supplemented by the sounds
coming from Alex's room, as Casey came closer to an orgasm. Apparently the
uptight lawyer had a nasty side:

"Jesus yes...fuck me...fuck my fucking feels so
goddman good. Oh you fucking bitch.....ow!!!...yes....spank my naughty ass.
Oh yes...oh yes...I'm coming...make me come...yes...fuck me...oh yes..."

Then came a low squeal, a gasp, and some giggling. After a few minutes, they
emerged, holding hands.

They all watched as Connie and Eames reached a climax, then the three couples
all laid down on the floor.

"So," Serena said. "Anyone tired?"


The next few hours passed like a blur for Olivia. In the future, she'd look
back and little scenes would play out in her mind:

-- Casey, Serena, Alex and Connie in a daisy chain on the living room floor.

-- Connie standing over her in the bathtub, pissing all over Olivia's tits,
stomach, into her hair. Olivia had been the guinea pig for watersports,
something none of the women had ever tried. After that, they all took their
turns. Serena even drank some of Casey's piss.

-- Eames straddling Alex's face, eating her asshole, as Serena rode the
dildo. Casey and Connie ground their pussies together, while Connie fingered
Oliva's asshole.

-- Olivia sharing the double ended dildo with Casey.

* * *

At dawn, they all slept in a little pile on the floor, cuddled together.
Casey woke her up around 6.

"I think this went well," she said. They kissed.

"So, what now?"

"I want to try this again. Maybe on someone else."


"We're doing a prosecution with U.S. Attorney's office in New Jersey. There
are some witnesses...a few mob wives, who want to get out of the life. I
think we should bring them in for an interview."

"You mean that Soprano case?"

"I do, baby."

To be continued...


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