This story is based on the characters from the show "Law and Order", which
is a personal favorite of mine. The main character in this story is Claire
Kincaid, the young assistant district attorney played, until this year, by
Jill Hennessey. Unfortunately, Claire's character died at the end of last
season, but this is a retrospective to an earlier time.

Law And Order: Retribution (FF,ncon,spank,pain)
by Karens Oh

"Thank God for Friday!" Claire Kincaid was certainly happy this week was
over. As she left the bar near the Criminal Justice Building, she reviewed
in her mind the events that took place during the Jason Mackey trial. It
was a case that felt so good to win, because the defendant was so utterly

Jason Mackey, the eighteen year old son of a wealthy New York businessman,
was charged with the brutal assault of another boy at his exclusive, private
high school. Jason had been running his own little syndicate at the school,
not for the money (he had plenty of that already), but for the feeling of
power and control it gave him. He and his friends, including girlfriends,
extorted money from their classmates and were quite ruthless with those who
declined to pay. Beatings and vandalism eventually lead to the incident that
proved to be Jason's undoing. When one particular classmate continued his
refusal to pay, Jason pushed him out a second-story window. The poor kid was
now a paraplegic.

Jason's father, of course, hired the best lawyers around, who used every
trick in the book to circumvent the system. And Jason's friends were always
in the courtroom, staring trying to intimidate the jury and the prosecution
team with menacing stares. Claire even got some threatening calls, a girl
telling her to "back off, or be very, very sorry." She thought they came
from Jason's girlfriend, Delia Hollis, but she couldn't be sure. She had to
admit, they rattled her.

All that may have worked, too, had a certain assistant DA not held her
ground and played the jury so well. Claire's boss, Jack McCoy, had given the
summation to her, and she did, frankly, an absolutely magnificent job,
persuading the jury that the boy was not only guilty, but evil. They couldn't
get the boy for attempted murder, but they did get felonious assault and
conspiracy and twelve years in prison.

So Claire and Jack went to their usual spot for a few celebratory drinks
after the big win. She had stayed a little longer and drank a little more
than she had planned, and now she noticed it was starting to get dark.
She sped her pace a little, wishing she had parked in a less isolated spot.
Placing her key in the car door, she heard a noise behind her. Suddenly,
hands grabbed her. Before she could look around, a blindfold covered her
eyes. Duct tape was suddenly on her mouth, suppressing her scream. She
knew she was in trouble.

A girl's voice whispered in her ear, "I told you you'd be sorry, bitch."
Claire was scared. She could tell there was a larger group surrounding her,
but couldn't tell how many. Then she was pushed into the back seat of a
car, and sped off to parts unknown.

About twenty minutes later, the car came to a stop. The girl in the back
with Claire pushed her out. From the sound of shutting doors, Claire could
tell there was at least one other car. The whole group began walking,
pushing Claire along in front of them.

Metal doors opened and closed. The sound of their "clank" reverberated
through what seemed to be a large open space. Claire was led for some ways,
until the group stopped. As the blindfold and tape were removed, Claire saw
the deceivingly sweet-looking face of Delia Hollis, obviously the ringleader
of this group. The large room was empty except for a padded chair.

There were five other girls, all similar in age (17 or 18 was Claire's
guess) and looking just as well-bred and clean as Delia. Oddly, they all
wore skirts, which not only was unusual for any group of teenage girls
these days, but was inconsistent with the tougher outfits she had seen in
the courtroom. Under normal circumstances, Claire would have thought these
were just some nice kids on their way to the mall or something, but from
what she had seen and heard during the recent trial, she knew that was way
off base.

She tried to reason with them. "Look," she said, "this is crazy. What do
you think will happen when they find out you kidnapped an assistant district

But Delia was not at all concerned. "They aren't gong to find out," she

A feeling of horror stirred in Claire's chest. "My God," she thought, "are
they going to kill me?"

Then Delia continued, "There's no way you're going to tell anybody what
happens here, Miss District Attorney. Because you'll never want anyone else
to know about the things we're going to do, you and us."

Claire's breath was uneven now as her fear and apprehension grew. "What are
you going to do to me?" she asked finally, hardly wanting to hear the answer.

"You'll find out soon enough. You see, Ms 'KINK-AID', I'm pretty upset that
you sent my Jason away in prison. That wasn't very nice, you know. Now I'm
without a boyfriend, and he's locked up with a bunch of prevert convict."

"Look, I was just doing my job ..." Claire interrupted.

"Shut up! You know what it's like in prison, don't you, Ms Kink-aid? But you
didn't give a shit! You put him away because it was 'justice'! Well, we're
going to get a little justice of our own now. Okay, ladies, strip her."

In a flash, the other girls were pulling off her clothes, popping buttons,
tearing her suit. In short order, Claire stood among the six girls, naked
except for her panties.

"Put her over the chair," came the next order.

Claire's head was spinning. This was all happening so fast, so strangely.
She tried to think ... what could she do? Before she could react, she was
bent over the back of the chair, her wrists tied to the front legs, her
barely-covered buttocks jutting out behind her.

"Okay, Ms Kink-aid," Delia taunted, "now we're going to get our justice.
Only we don't have any prisons or jails to send you to, so we'll have to
use a different style of justice - Singapore style."

Claire started to panic as she understood the true meaning of Delia's words.
They were going to cane her! After pulling unsuccessfully on her bindings,
she tried to use her skills, arguing with them, "Hey, come on, we don't need
to do this..."

Delia laughed at her. "No, you don't need this, do you? But we do. And we're
going to get it."

Claire heard a swooshing noise and looked up to see one of the girls holding
what was to be the instrument of her punishment. It wasn't a cane, but a
large, evil-looking paddle, about eighteen inches long and three or four
inches wide. Five holes were drilled out of its center to cut wind
resustance, and these created the whistling sound as it swept through the

"So let's see, what did Jason get, Ms Kink-aid," Delia continued, "twelve
years? I think the payback calls for at least a three strokes for each year,
don't you girls?"

Claire heard the other girls mutter their agreement, but her mind was racing
now. "Twelve ...three ... thirty-six! My God, ....there's no way I can take
that!" she thought. Claire knew her own tolerance for pain, and it was
definitely low. A simple paper cut would cause her severe discomfort for
days. She couldn't imagine what that vicious paddle would feel like when it
slammed into her backside.

Claire was immobile, stunned, as she heard Delia command, "Take down her
panties. Just to the knees."

Two hands gripped the waistband of Claire's bikinis and lowered them to
just above her knees. She was fulling exposed now, her pale white cheeks
completely accessible to them, her panties pulled down like a naughty

"Look, can't we talk about this?", she asked hopefully.

"You did all your talking in court, bitch. Now it's time to pay for it."

Suddenly Claire heard that noise again, followed by a loud "WHAP!" It took
a second or so for her to actually feel the result, but it came with a
startling, searing heat through both buttocks. A scream sprang from her
lips as she jerked involuntarily against her restraints. Her eyes were
wide with the shock and pain of the paddle's impact. The paddle hurt even
more than she'd ever imagined it would. She struggled for control, trying
to maintain some dignity despite her position. Her breath came in short,
desparate gasps.

She heard the girls taunting her, commenting on the paddle's effects, the
deep red blotch it had created on her sensitive skin. Then there was that
awful swoosh and another wave of stinging pain shot through her. This
time it drew just a short shriek as Claire clenched her teeth to suppress
anything more. Her eyes shut tightly and her whole body shivered as she
tried to remain quiet despite the pain in her backside.

Claire stared intently at the floor. She heard shuffling behind her as
Delia passed the paddle to someone else. She heard the swoosh and tensed
up, but felt nothing. Then she heard it again and realized the girl was
practicing, warming up. A short silence, then that dreadful sweep and
"SMACK! .....SMACK! .....SMACK!!!!" in quick succession. Unable to hold
back anymore, Claire lost her compusure, howling in agony.

A couple of the girls whooped in appreciation of Claire's reaction. "Nice
job, Mara!" they said with a laugh. "Hey, lady, how's your butt feel?" they
taunted, "Getting a little hot back there? Wow, look at her ass!"

Tears filled Claire's eyes now. "Why are you doing this to me?" she sobbed.

Delia's voice was filled wth hate. "Because you deserve it, you bitch! You
deserve a punishment you'll never forget. And I'm going to make sure you get
it. I'm going to enjoy listening to you scream."

Claire couldn't believe this was happening to her. Surely someone would stop
it, would come through the door and rescue her from her tormentors. But her
reason told her that no one was around, that no one knew where she was, that
no one would hear the screams that she knew were inevitable. She was at the
mercy of these ruthless young women. Her only course was to endure it and
hope that they were not crazy enough to kill or maim her.

"Who's next?" she heard Delia say. From the sound of her voice, Claire could
tell that the girl was stimulated by seeing her punished. That sent a nasty
chill up her spine.

"Me!" came an enthusiastic reply. Another girl stood behind her, anxious for
her chance to blister the young lawyer's tender derriere.

"No, wait a minute," someone said. "Just a second..." Then softly, almost
sweetly, "Say, Claire."

Startled at the near-friendly use of her given name, Claire looked over at
the speaker. A sudden flash of light filled her eyes. Then she realized -
they had taken a picture. They had a photograph of her, bound over the chair,
panties down, her bottom crimson with the effects of their labor. And since
she had looked over at the camera, the photo would clearly show who it was
in this demeaning position.

Claire just dropped her head. A groan of defeat fell from inside her, ending
in a hopeless sob. The girls laughed at her despair.

"Sssswack!" Another jolt of pain filled her throbbing hindquarters. More sobs
escaped her lips as the girl behind her paused to admire her handiwork. She
couldn't believe how Claire's previously milky white cheeks had been
transformed into two fiery red orbs. It was a very arousing sight. Unable to
contain her excitement, she gave Claire three more hard and fast swats.

"Aaaaaaaaaa ...AAAaaaaiii ...AAAAAI I I I I I E E E E !!!!!!!!" Claire's
screams echoed through the empty building now as she began to cry
uncontrollably. "....P-P l e e e e a s e...." she begged.. "Stop. ....I can't
take any more!"

Delia was high on the spectacle before her. She had reduced this proud,
sophisticated woman to a pitiful mess, blubbering like a baby, pleading for
mercy. "Ahhh, Ms. Kincaid, of course you can," Delia said in mock sympathy.
"And you will. After all, you wouldn't want these other girls to miss out
on their fun, would you?"

The other three girls did have their "fun", each paddling Claire, giving the
poor woman several good smacks on the ass, until she had endured more than
she thought possible. Then Delia took the paddle again and, with renewed
enthusiasm, gave Claire five more hard ones, covering every inch of her
already burning globes. The last, momentous swat covered both cheeks, driving
the chair and Claire's body forward a good six inches.

By now Claire had lost all control and was crying out in one long, continuous
wail. Her butt felt like someone was holding a hot iron to it. In her urgent
need to relieve the pain, she shifted around, wiggling her tail frantically.
First one leg, then the other raised up toward her abused bottom in a
desperate attempt to relieve the stinging heat. Several more flashes filled
the air as the girls recorded their handiwork. Between frantic gasps and
sobs, Claire began to beg, "Please...oh God, please ....stop... no more ...
...please....anything ...I'll do anything... just please stop ...please!!!"

"Say, 'Please stop spanking my butt, Delia'," Delia said. "Say it!"

"P-p-please s-stop spanking my butt, Delia," Claire dutifully repeated.

"Say, 'Even though I deserve it.'"

"Even though I deserve it," Claire sobbed.

"Say, 'And everything else you're going to do to me'"

A new fear gripped Claire at these words, but she had no choice. "And .. and
everything ... else ... you're going to do to me."

"Good girl," Delia said sarcastically, as her hand gave Claire a playful, but
painful smack on the rear. "We were ready for the next event anyway."

Claire thought they might untie her, but they left her there, over the chair,
wondering what would happen next. She heard some activity behind her, but
couldn't tell what was happening. Then she felt Delia standing directly
behind her and heard her say, "You know what nasty things happen in prison,
don't you, Ms Kink-aid? Do you know what can happen to people when you send
them away? Well, you'll see."

In horror, Claire felt something cool and wet being pushed between her
buttocks, then Delia's hands on her hips. "Oh my God, no!" she cried, "please
... not that ... don't.... "

The other girls began to low, taunting chant as Delia held the fake penis
against her entry point. "Rape her! ... rape her!... rape her!... rape
her!... rape her!......" They smiled at one another, thoroughly enjoying the
complete humiliation of the young district attorney. Claire continued her
pleas, straining to see behind her, "No... come on, ... please don't ..."

Delia cut her off, "Say, 'Please don't rape me Mistress Delia.'"

Claire started, "Please don't rape me, Mistress Delia."

"Say, 'Please don't put that up my butt!'"

Claire sobbed, "Please don't put that up my bu..uunghhAAAA!!!!!"

Before Claire could finish the sentence she felt the pressure on her anus,
then felt herself opening up as the long, hard object began to enter her. It
moved an inch or so and then, with a sudden, savage thrust, split her cheeks
and jammed all the way inside. Another squeal filled the air as the stinging
on the surface of her bottom was augmented by a stabbing pain deep in her
bowels. Her tender rectum was filled to capacity with the girl's evil tool.

As the other girls cheered her on, Delia began to enthusiasticly pound
Claire's backside, hammering into her for all she was worth. Each time the
fake penis was rammed up her ass, Claire responded, so that a rhythmic
"Ow...ow..ow..ow..ow..owwwwww!" reverberated through the empty room.

As the onslaught continued, Delia enjoyed making her suffer, thrusting harder
and harder into the increasingly raw flesh of Claire's asshole. Overwhelmed
and broken, Claire's outcries gradually dimished until they were finally
reduced to quiet grunts and whimpers.

"Hey, I think she kind of likes this," Delia said to her friends. "Maybe we
should all give it to her."

Hearing this, Claire managed to respond with a woeful, "Noooooo! Please...",
but Delia was only playing with her. She already had other things in mind.
Roughly pulling out of Claire's ass, she had her friends remove her from the
chair. "Tie her legs to those pipes," she said, pointing to two pipes about
four feet apart.

Soon Claire was lying face up in the floor, her ankles tied securely to the
two poles. The rough floor of the factory hurt as it rubbed against her
tender bottom. Her hands were loose, but she knew it was useless to do
anything. Her ankles immobilized her, and there were still six of her
captors. Her only wish was that this ordeal be over.

Now Delia spoke again, her voice seething with contempt. "So... now you know
what it feels like to be raped in a men's prison. I hope you appreciate the
experience. But we want to give you the other side, too. You need a taste of
women's prison."

One of the girls, a pretty strawberry-blonde that Claire recognized from the
courtroom, stepped over close to her. Now Claire understood why they had all
worn skirts. The girl raised her garment, revealing that she wore no panties
underneath. Placing one leg on either side of Claire's head, she she knelt
down and began lowering herself onto Claire's face.

Claire's stared up at this latest horror. She had never been with a woman,
never even thought about it, and the thought of placing her mouth on this
girl's sex organs made her skin crawl. The girl was holding herself just
inches from Claire's face, watching her reaction. Claire could see and smell
that she was already very excited. The girl spread her lips so Claire could
see how wet she was inside.

"Here it is, Missy," she said. "You're gonna eat it, you know. You're gonna
eat it until I come on your face. And then your gonna eat all the rest of
us. I sure hope you like pussy, lady, because you're gonna have it in your
mouth the rest of the night."

Now the girl grabbed Claire's hands and pinned them above her head, making
her completely helpless. The she lowered herself, placing her wet parts right
onto Claire's mouth. At first, Claire did nothing, having no experience at
this. The girl started moving back and forth over Claire's lips, saying
"Come on, bitch, do it." Finally, Claire began to use her tongue on the girl,
licking at her wet pussy as best she knew how. At first the taste and smell
were almost too much for her, but luckily, she soon got used to it.

Claire decided to try to please them as best she could, figuring that the
quicker she got each of them off, the sooner it would be over. She started
to lick all over the girl's pussy, pushing it inside, noting the girl's
reactions and returning to the places she seemed to enjoy the most. It took
maybe ten minutes for that first girl to come, grinding herself frantically
into Claire's face. The back of Claire's head hurt from the pressure of the
hard floor.

One after another, the remaining five girls sat on Claire's yielding face,
pasting their wet nether lips to her delicate mouth. And as each girl climbed
onto her, Claire dutifully tongued and sucked her until she was thoroughly
satisfied. Wanting to degrade the young woman as well as be pleasured, the
girls rubbed themselves all over her pretty face, spreading their viscous
fluids from her chin to her forehead. Several even pushed themselves down
on her nose, forcing it deep inside them, filling Claire's nostrils with the
pungent scent of their arousal. They took several photos as she worked on
them, making sure to clearly show her face as her tongue tasted each girl's

At last, it was Delia over Claire's tired mouth, and she knew this was the
sixth and final girl. But after Delia extracted first one and then a second
orgasm from Claire's now rather experienced mouth, Claire found to her dismay
that her plan had not worked. For while her enthusiastic tonguing had sped
up the string of girls' orgasms, it had the added effect of stimulating the
girls as they watched. So now, as Delia climbed off her quite satisfied, the
first girl said, "I want to do it again."

Despairing, Claire just lay there now. She could not respond, but lay limp
as the girls simply grabbed her head and used her face to masturbate. A
couple got themselves off that way, and a couple gave up, until finally, it
was Delia's turn again.

Not content to accept Claire's total submission, Delia wanted another active
tongue session. But Claire was spent, hopeless, and nothing Delia could do
would revive her. Frustrated, Delia said, "All right, bitch! If you're not
going to eat me, then you're going to do something else!"

Claire was only half aware of what was happening as Delia grabbed her hair
and pressed her open pussy into her mouth. Then she felt a shot of wet heat
and realized that she was tasting the girl's urine! She tried to turn away,
but Delia held her in place, screaming, "Swallow it, bitch! Swallow my dirty
piss and love it! You cunt! Drink it!"

With the choice of swallowing or drowning, Claire began taking the salty
liquid down her throat as this demented girl used her mouth as a public
toilet. She heard the other girls commenting, in awe of what was happening,
and heard more clicks of the camera.

At last it was over, and Delia rose off the sloppy mess of Claire's face.
Pulling her up off the floor, the vengeful teenager placed her agains the
pipes and administered a final, spirited spanking with her bare hand. Claire
burst into tears, not from the spanking itself, which was tame compared to
her earlier trials, but from the sheer humiliation, the final shame of being
spanked like a child, knowing that this girl had done anything she wanted to
her with no fear of reprisal.

Well, Miss DA," Delia said sarcastically, "Looks like we mussed your make-up
a bit. I hope you enjoyed our little time together. I know I did. Maybe we
can do it again sometime. We have to go now, but we'll leave you here to get
yourself loose. By the time you do, we'll be long gone. Ta ta!" With that,
the six girls walked out the door.

After they left, Claire did manage to untie the bindings around her ankles,
but then she just lay there for some time. They had left her clothes,
probably realizing that this would allow her to cover herself up and minimize
any questions as she found her way home. They had left her purse, too, so she
could get a cab, as soon as she figured out where she was. But she knew there
was one thing she had to deal with before she worried any of that.

Lying there naked on the factory floor, her rear end raw from being paddled,
her face and hair soaked with Delia's urine, Claire moved her trembling hand
slowly down her body ... and began to masturbate.



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