The following story contains sex between adult women and very young girls.
This story will have a number of well known celebrities and no one should
consider what these celebrities do in this story to be that celebrities true
sexual nature. The story is purely a work of fiction folks.

The characters of Serena Southerlyn and Jack McCoy are from "Law and Order"
which is copyrighted to Wolf Films Production in association with Universal
Network Television.

The following celebrities will make an appearence in this story: Elisabeth
Rohm as Serena Southerlyn, Catherine Bell as Aunt Carolyn, Jessica Alba as
Aunt Amy and Dakota Fanning as Sally Fredericks. A fictional character,
Veronica Randolph, from my earlier story "Sarah the Little Girl Layer" will
be starring in this story as well.

Let me know if you liked this story and if I should continue telling more
Serena Southerlyn stories.

Send your comments to: [email protected]

Hopefully these warnings will be sufficient. Now on with the story.

Law And Order: Serena Southerlyn's Lust For Young Girls Part 1
by SUVYankee

A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn stood in the office of her boss Jack McCoy along
with a beautiful little girl named Veronica Randolph.Serena had been
investigating Adam Perve's child porn film ring for sometime and Veronica
was one of his stars. "Jack I can't watch Veronica couldn't you get someone

Jack looked at Serena and said, "No Serena you have built up a nice
friendship with Veronica and she feels safer with you. I want you to watch
out for her and while you're at it watch some of her films, you might find
out who some of Perve's other associates are."

Serena looked at Veronica and smiled, "Well it looks like it's you and me

Veronica smiled and said, "Let's go to your place Serena."

After getting to her place, Serena cooked some dinner and put Veronica to
bed. She then fixed herself a drink, took off her 5 inch high black patent
leather shoes and relaxed. She put the first video in, the film starred
Veronica and her mom, Elizabeth.

At first she thought how disgusting the film was, it showed the mom french
kissing her daughter who was only 6 at the time. Then the mother proceeded
to eat her daughter and piss in her mouth then made her daughter clean up
her piss soaked cunt with her tongue. As she continued to watch the film
Serena found herself getting incredibly aroused.

"Why am I getting so horny. I know I haven't had sex in a while but
Veronica's only 6 in these films and now she's 7, but she's so sexy. Look
at that black hair going below her ass."

By this time Serena was drunk and fingering her cunt. She took one of her
shoes and after sucking the heel, giving it a blow job old Jack could only
dream of getting she shoved the heel in her cunt and fucked herself. By the
end of the film Serena was DPing herself with both heels.

"Oh I have to get me some of little Ronnie's pussy mmmm yea."

Serena had started calling Veronica Ronnie after they first met. Serena knew
Ronnie's Aunts were going to pick her up in three days so she only had a few
days for fun. After that though there were more than enough little darlings
for her to have fun with like that adorable Sally Fredericks from next door.
Sally was only 10, but oh so fuckable. As she made her way to Ronnie's room
Serena still couldn't believe she was a lesbian pedophile. She had a number
of lesbian affairs in high school and college but never with a little girl.

"Well there's a first time for everything."

When she got to Ronnie's room she couldn't believe how sexy Ronnie was. Long
black hair and such a hot body. The little slut slept in the nude. That made
Serena even hornier. Serena kneeled down looking at Ronnie's hairless slit.
She stuck her tongue out and began to lick up and down the sweet pussy lips.

Ronnie's eyes sprung open when she felt a tongue on her pussy. She had hoped
Serena would do her. Since her mom's arrest little Ronnie hadn't had any
older women to play with. Ronnie moaned, "MMMM Serena your tongue is great."

Serena smiled and said, "Glad you like it Ronnie darlin'."

She began to tongue fuck the little girl and to finger her ass. Ronnie loved
having her ass played with and even fucked. Serena knew Ronnie had been
fucked with a strapon in both her holes. So after a little more tonguing, she
stood up and striped.

Ronnie said, "Oh Serena your body is so hot. Have you ever done a girl my age

Serena blushed at the compliment. "No but while you're the first little girl
I've ever done, you won't be the last. There are a shit load of little girls
in this neighborhood and I'm sure they'll all enjoy the attentions of a horny
older woman."

Serena strapped an 8" long dildo to her waist and slowly entered the sopping
wet seven year old pussy in front of her.

Serena and Ronnie frenched kissed as Serena fucked Ronnie. Their tongues
twirled in each others mouths. Serena loved fucking Ronnie and couldn't wait
to pluck the cherries,both vaginal and anal,of every underage girl in the
neighborhood. When she thought of how many girls there were, it made Serena

She made Ronnie cum real hard, "OOOHHHHH Serena MMMMMMM. FUCK MY ASS

Well Serena couldn't resist that plea and turned Ronnie over. She began with
a tongue fucking of the ass as well as fingers. Then Serena shoved the dildo
into Ronnie's tender asshole and began fucking.

"You love having an older woman fuck your little ass don't you bitch? You
love getting older women so hot they turn into lesbian pedophiles don't you?"

As she said this she fucked Ronnie's ass harder. Ronnie turned around and
smiled an almost evil smile,she said, "Yes I do love making older women want
me and every little girl they see."

The next three days were filled with nothing but sex and drinking and then
more sex. Ronnie introduced Serena to the pleasures of both drinking piss
and even eating shit. Serena couldn't believe how much she loved doing both
disgusting acts. She especially loved having Ronnie squat over her face and
slowly release her shit. For her part, Serena tought Ronnie how to drink
without getting falling down drunk and how to smoke cigarettes. She couldn't
get over how cute and sexy Ronnie looked as she smoked. Serena could hardly
wait to get little Sally Fredericks from next door hooked on cigarettes,
she'd look so adorable and slutty smoking.

"Well Ronnie your aunts will be here in a few minutes. Are you anxious to see

Ronnie looked at her and said, "Yes I want to see them and do them."

"Oh really now are they that hot?" Serena said.

"Just wait and see. You did stock up on Spanish Fly didn't you?"

Ronnie's aunts drove up to Serena's house. Carolyn was a 36 year old child
psychologist and Amy was 21 and had just graduated college with her teaching
certificate. Both ladies were very hot to look at, Carolyn was tall at 5' 10"
and she had incredible 36DD tits. Her sister Amy was shorter at about 5' 5"
with 34D tits. Despite their looks neither had time for a social much less
sexual life due to their careers. All that was about to change very shortly.

They had both been shocked at their sisters arrest and what she'd been doing
with their niece. All three sisters had been raised to be proper ladies.
Neither Carolyn nor Amy had ever engaged in lesbian sex,so to have their
sister arrested for doing things to Veronica, horrified them. Carolyn had
brought her German Sheppard along, Veronica had always enjoyed playing with

Serena went to the door and was pleasantly surprised at how sexy Ronnie's
aunts were. "Please come in I'm Serena Southerlyn." Seeing the dog, Serena
said, "You can put your dog in the backyard."

The two aunts introduced themselves and Carolyn thanked Serena for the use
of her backyard. Once Carolyn had come back, Ronnie appeared and hugged her
aunts. Serena offered the ladies drinks which they both accepted.

Carolyn said, "I find it hard to believe Veronica or her mother would do the
films you accuse them of making Ms. Southerlyn."

Serena smiled. She had laced their drinks with Spanish Fly and once that took
effect the fun would begin. "Would you like to see one of Ronnie's movies?"

Carolyn agreed, "Yes we would."

After putting a film on Serena left the room but stood outside the door

As the film progressed both Amy and Carolyn were getting hornier than they'd
ever been.

Finally, Carolyn stood up and said, "Veronica it's so hot in here, I just
have to take my clothes off ok?"

"Sure Aunt Carolyn it's ok." said Ronnie.

Carolyn stripped and played with her jugs, sucking her nipples, biting them
as well as fingering herself. Amy was so hot from seeing her big sis play
with herself that she grabbed Ronnie and french kissed her. Carolyn moaned
and went to Ronnie, she pulled her panties off and started tongue fucking
her. Amy got behind Carolyn and started to eat her as well.

Serena came in wearing a strap-on and nothing else. She fucked Amy's dripping
pussy very hard. Carolyn and Amy switched positions so Carolyn could be
fucked and eat Amy while Amy ate Ronnie. Serena took off the strapon and
handed it to Carolyn.

"Fuck Ronnie with this." Carolyn smiled and put the strap-on around her

She did as Serena told her to, fucking Ronnie good. Amy meanwhile was
learning the joys of drinking piss from Serena. This sight made Carolyn even
hornier and she said, "Ronnie you'll piss in my mouth if I make you cum won't

Ronnie smiled and said, "Sure Aunt Carolyn."

Of course Carolyn made Ronnie cum and Ronnie used her sexy aunts mouth as a
toilet. She made sure to shit as well as piss in Carolyns mouth,some of the
shit went on her huge jugs and Serena along with Amy ate it off her tits as
Ronnie ate Carolyn to a mind shattering orgasm.

When everyone had calmed down a bit Serena took out some cigarettes and
offered them to the aunts first .Carolyn accepted but Amy a non-smoker was
reluctant. That is until she saw Ronnie light up. This surprised Carolyn and
Amy. Serena told them how she taught Ronnie to smoke. They both said how
grown up and sexy Ronnie looked as she smoked. Amy asked Serena to teach her
how to smoke and Serena did so.

As the ladies relaxed and smoked, Wolfie had found a way in. Smelling all the
pussy juice had given him a huge hardon. So when Carolyn saw him she was both
surprised and aroused. Carolyn said, "Ronnie dear, did you in any of your
films uh mm have sex with a dog?"

Ronnie looked at Wolfie and said, "No Aunt Carolyn I never did a dog in any
of my films. Mr. Perve had mentioned it was a possibility though."

Carolyn said, "Well Ronnie it isn't nice to get Wolfie horny then do nothing
for him. Why don't you go over and suck his cock. He...he may even be willing
to fuck you." Carolyn moaned and the other ladies licked their lips at the
thought of Ronnie being fucked by a dog.

Ronnie smiled and went to Wolfie. Gently playing with his cock, she rubbed
her hands up and down the shaft. To the young girl the cock was just so long
and thick and hard, that it was a thing of beauty. She licked it going up and
down, sucking it making it harder.

Serena said, "Get on all fours Ronnie and he'll fuck you."

As she said this she shoved the strapon dildo into Carolyn's sopping wet
cunt. Serena was lying on her back with Carolyn on top of her riding the
cock. They did this so they could blow smoke in each others face and still
see Ronnie being fucked.

"Amy help Wolfie put his cock in Ronnie." Carolyn said.

Amy got up and ran her hands along the cock shaft then shoved it into
Ronnie's pussy. As the dog began to fuck Ronnie like a jackhammer, Amy
smoked fingered herself and daydreamed. Their was a Golden Retriever in
her neighborhood and everytime Amy went for a jog this dog would chase
her. After the first couple times, Amy noticed why the dog was chasing
her, it had a huge hardon. Amy guessed her sweaty body must have gotten
the dog horny as she was running. When she got home she would definitely
let that dog catch her.

Wolfie shot his load into Ronnie who was really enjoying being fucked by a
dog. "Ohhhh mmmm I wish Wolfie could fuck my ass. It needs a good hard
fucking so bad." Ronnie said.

Since the cock was still semi hard, Amy sucked it till it was rock hard
again. She loved it and couldn't wait to have sex with that Golden retriever.
Amy shoved the cock in Ronnies ass and Wolfie fucked her so hard he knotted
in her ass. Everyone knew they'd have to wait for the knot to go down before
the cock could be removed. So in the meantime they took photos of the hot
scene in front of them.

Once it had gone down,Amy removed the cock and gave it a lick. She tasted a
mixture of juices and shit loving every bit of it. Ronnie fell into an
exhausted sleep as did the ladies.

During the night each lady was able to sample Wolfie's amazing cock. Carolyn
vowed she'd only do Wolfie and her young female patients from now on. Amy
told everyone of her desires for the dog who chased her and that when she
got a teaching job, she'd be teaching the little darlings something besides
reading writing and arithmetic.

Serena said she'd go to the pound and buy a puppy she could teach to do
naughty things and as a way to attract the neighborhood girls. She also
vowed to lose the case against Ronnie's mom so the two could be together

Ronnie said, "Oh thank you Serena. You should talk to Mr. Perve, maybe you
could be his lawyer."

Serena smiled and said, "That's a good idea Ronnie. I'll do that."

True to her word after Ronnie and her aunts left, Serena called Adam Perve
telling him not to worry about the case against him and offering her legal
services. Then she went and got a German Sheppard puppy.As she pulled into
her driveway Serena saw Sally Fredericks.The girl waved at her and Serena
waved back. She smiled at the thought of what nasty sexy things she was
going to do to Sally and then every underage girl in the neighborhood.


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