The following story contains sex between adult women and very young girls.
This story will have a number of well known celebrities and no one should
consider what these celebrities do in this story to be that celebrities
true sexual nature. The story is purely a work of fiction folks.

The characters of Serena Southerlyn and Jack McCoy are from "Law and Order"
which is copyrighted to Wolf Films Production in association with Universal
Network Television. The following celebrities will make an appearence in
this story: Elisabeth Rohm as Serena Southerlyn, Catherine Bell as Aunt
Carolyn, Dakota Fanning as Sally Fredericks, Elle Fanning as Mary Fredericks
and Nancy Grace of CourtTV as Joann Fredericks the mother of Sally and Mary,
Daveigh Chase as Laura Richards the babysitter. Nikki Cox as Shauna Finnegan
the office hottie Kim Fields as Peggy Bartel Sally's 5th Grade teacher, and
Jennifer Connelly as Sarah Richards Laura's big titted mom.

Law And Order: Serena Southerlyn's Lust For Young Girls Part 3
(Fgg, FF, fgg, Fg, Ff-mast, inc, fist, exhib, drugs, mc)
by SUVYankee

After thoroughly fucking Sally's asshole, Serena pulled the dildo out. "We
better get dressed Sally before Mary gets home."

By this time Sally's school uniform was clean and dry.

"You're right Serena. Oh that was so much fun Serena. It felt great having
that dildo up my asshole."

Serena smiled and said, "Well that's good. I'm sure Mary will enjoy being
fucked too. What do you think of that Sally?"

Sally thought a bit and said, "Yea she would but you'll have to use something
smaller on her."

Serena said, "I thought I'd use a carrot or a banana on her. Which does she
like more?"

Sally put her index finger on her chin and thought before saying, "She loves
both but I'd use a carrot on her."

Serena said, "Ok a carrot it is then."

Mary rang the bell and Serena answered the door. "Ms. Southerlyn is Sally

Serena smiled, "Why yes she is come in Mary."

Mary stepped in. She blushed looking at Serena.

"Why are you blushing Mary? You know you can call me Serena and tell me

Mary said, "Serena I saw you and Sally making love earlier."

Serena's cunt started getting wet as did Sally's. "Did you like what you saw

Mary sheepishly said, "Yes I ..I uh fingered myself watching you."

Serena and Sally both were pleasantly surprised by Mary's answer. "Would you
let me fuck you Mary?" asked Serena.

"Sure uh Serena." Calling Serena by her first name was new to Mary but she
liked it.

"Sally take your sisters panties off and finger her good."

Sally did as she was told. She took her sisters panties off and fingered her.
As she fingered Mary, Sally french kissed her sister. Serena came back with a
carrot and couldn't believe how sexy it was to see two sisters in Catholic
schoolgirl outfits fingering and frenching each other. Serena got on her
knees and placed the larger end of the carrot at the entrance of Mary's
tender cunt. "Are you ready to become a woman Mary?"

Mary nodded and Serena shoved the carrot in. Mary's mouth became O shaped
and she cried but then it felt so good. Mary moaned in sheer ecstasy as
Serena and Sally took turns frenching Mary and blowing smoke in her face.
Finally she begged to be allowed to smoke and Serena gave her a cigarette
which little Mary smoked. While this was a nice surprise to Sally, it
wasn't a surprise to Serena who was sure that Carolyn had something to do
with Mary's desire to smoke. Pretty soon all three ladies came. Little
Mary cumming hardest of all.

* * *

Laura Richards finished fingering her still hairless cunt after cumming quite
hard. "Oh shit I better get cleaned up before mom gets home with dinner."

She undressed and admired herself in the mirror. Her long, thick brown hair
went below her shoulders and her boobs were a nice 32c. Laura hoped they'd
get as big as her mom's tits. The only thing that bothered Laura was her
lack of pussy hair.

"I don't even have peach fuzz" she'd complain to her mom.

Sarah would just tell her it'd grow in next year. After showering Laura put
her cheerleader uniform back on. Laura was captain of the junior varsity
squad and was very proud of that fact as was her mom. Laura surprised her
mom by cooking dinner. Sarah had had a rough day at work. The long hours
working as a nurse in the emergency room and always having her husband away
on his business trips was getting to her.

"Mom I'm off to babysit the Fredericks girls. I may have to stay overnight

Sarah smiled and said, "Ok dear. What's that package on the table?"

Laura looked and said, "Oh that came for you today. I don't know what it is.
It doesn't have a return address on it. See ya later mom."

As Laura left Sarah poured herself a drink and opened the package. Inside
there was a DVD marked "The Young Cheerleader and Her Mom." Sarah thought it
must be a motivational film and put it in her DVD player.

The movie opened with the title credits. Sarah thought that's odd I never
heard of Adam Perve Productions. She saw a beautiful young cheerleader her
own daughter's age and a woman her age on screen. The two were getting a
little too friendly with each other, touching and stroking each others body.
Sarah without even realizing it had started rubbing her cunt and then
fingering it as she saw the mom finger her daughter in the movie. As the
sex onscreen got hotter, so did Sarah, who by now had three fingers in her
cunt and three in her ass.

"Why is this making me so horny? I'm not a lesbian or a pedophile."

Even as she said this Sarah couldn't help thinking of her daughter and what
it'd be like to do her. As she came hard, harder than she ever had in her
life Sarah couldn't help but think of a beautiful little hispanic girl who
had been brought in after a car accident. The girls leg was to be put in
traction thus forcing her legs to be spread wide.

"MMMM Daniela I want to eat you sooo bad. I don't care if your 8 years old
or not mmmm."

Neither Sarah nor Serena realized it but the reason women got so hot watching
an Adam Perve Production was not only due to the content of the film but also
to a little subliminal message that would flash across the screen. It was
just a quick but oh so effective five word message. That message was, "You
are a lesbian pedophile." By the end of viewing just one of his movies, a
woman who in all likelihood had never had a desire for an underage girl, was
a confirmed lesbian pedophile.

* * *

At the studio Joann's work seemed to never end. Finally she took a break and
went to her office. Shutting the door, she sat in her chair and fingered her
cunt. Joann had a lot of trouble concentrating on work what with that Shauna
Finnegan running around the studio. 'MMM that girl was so hot thought Joann.
That tight white t-shirt showed off those massive jugs and that green
mini-skirt with 5 inch black patent leather shoes showed off that great ass,
I want to eat and fuck her so bad,' thought Joann.

Shauna Finnegan had been running around getting coffee for everyone and doing
errands. Shauna was a real hottie with long reddish brown hair and brown
eyes. Her best features were huge jugs and gorgeous ass. She had used both to
her advantage in the past with guys but she wasn't really into girls. When
she walked into Joann's office unannounced she saw Joann masturbating. Shauna
started to excuse herself. "Oh Mrs. Fredericks excuse me I uh."

Joann looked up at Shauna and almost drooled at the sight of Shauna's natural
38DD's. "Shauna come over here girl. What can old Joann do for you?"

Shauna walked over and saw Joann's fingers going in and out of her cunt. For
some reason she couldn't help staring at it.

"Like what you see Shauna? I know I like what I see." Joann licked her lips.
"Why don't you take off those clothes and show me those gorgeous jugs

As if in a dream Shauna stripped, she couldn't explain why she was so hot for
Joann but she was.

"You want to know what I want darlin'? How about you get on your knees and
eat my cunt? Then I'll see what I can do for you."

Shauna got on her knees and began eating Joann's cunt. She had never done
this before but she was a quick learner. Shauna sucked the lips and bit
Joann's clitty. Joann couldn't stop moaning and running her fingers through
Shauna's hair. When she came she squirted juice in Shauna's mouth and on the
hottie's face.

"Get up on my desk honey and I'll do you."

Shauna got up on the desk her huge jugs falling to each side of her chest as
she laid down.

"MMM I love a slut with a shaved clean cunt," said Joann.

Then she ate the hottie and squeezed the huge jugs mauling them with her
hands. When Shauna came, Joann smiled and strapped on a 10" dildo. She shoved
the dildo into Shauna's cunt and began blowing smoke in her face. Shauna was
loving it.


Joann did so. Then she flipped Shauna over and began to fuck her asshole.

As she fucked Shauna she whispered to her, "So darlin' ya want to be my
girlfriend from now on?"

Shauna thought a while as she moaned and enjoyed the fucking. 'This woman is
fucking me and loving me better than any guy ever has. I can't get enough of
her.' "Yes Joann I'll be your girlfriend."

This made Joann smile and she thought I can't wait to introduce Shauna to my
girls and watch as she does my little ones. She won't be able to resist them.
They both came hard and falling into each others arms, the french kissing

* * *

Laura rang the Fredericks' doorbell and little Mary answered the door. Serena
had given the girls instructions on how to spike Laura's soda with Spanish
Fly and to have her watch a naughty DVD but that they mustn't watch it, it
was for Laura only.

"Hi Laura how ya doing?"

Laura entered the home and shut the door. "I'm fine are you and Sally all
ready for bed?"

Mary said, "Yes Sally's upstairs in her room. Oh we have a neat movie for
you to watch tonight. Mommy said to help yourself to the sodas on the second
shelf in the fridge."

Laura smiled and said, "Ok Mary you go up and I'll check in on you after the

Mary smiled and ran upstairs.

Laura thought, that Mary was so cute what with that pink see through nightie
and Winnie the Pooh panties on. Laura went and got a soda then sat down after
putting the DVD in. She pressed play and saw the film was probably X-rated or
something. It was entitled, "The Babysitter" and this shocked Laura. "Where'd
they get this from?"

She watched anyway. The film was about a babysitter her own age it seemed and
her lustful need for sex with younger and younger girls. There were of course
subliminal messages on this DVD as well. There was the standard, "You are a
lesbian pedophile" and on this film the second message read, "You are a chain

Laura was being affected by the Spanish Fly, she was fingering herself good.
Wow this is sexy she thought, mmm I think Mary is so hot I wonder if she'd
mind my eating her. She shook her head and said out loud, "Where'd that
thought come from? Oh good Joann left me some cigarettes."

Laura lit up and smoked as she masturbated. She'd never smoked before but
now she was smoking like she'd been doing it for years. Laura liked the scene
where the babysitter did the six year old with an inflatable dildo. It made
the girls holes so wide, she could be DP'd by large objects with no problem.
By the end of the film Laura was of course a confirmed lesbian pedophile and
a chain smoker, who had absolutely no sexual desires for boys. She only
wanted younger girls cause they were so hot and of course if an older woman
say Joann or that hot lawyer next door, Serena or hell even her mom wanted
her she'd let them do whatever they wanted.

As she made her way up the stairs her thoughts centered on a couple things,
having sex with Mary and Sally and on Monday doing this little hottie on her
cheerleading squad. Karen was not quite 12, the minimum age for the JV squad.
Her aunt a real hot teacher got her on the squad. 'MMMM maybe her aunt will
catch us doing it and want to join in,' thought Laura.

Laura found something in Joann's room that surprised her,it was an inflatble
dildo like from the movie. She stripped and put it on, going in Mary's room
she kneeled down and pulled off the panties. Laura's tongue swirled in the
pussy of the six year old. Sucking the lips and tongue fucking her till she

"Oh Laura that's great."

Laura smiled and inserted the dildo, inflating it gradually as she began to
fuck Mary, blowing smoke in her face all the while. Mary loved the feeling of
her cunt getting bigger. Laura was in heaven and couldn't understand why
she'd been masturbating and thinking about yucky boys when there were so many
hot little girls to do. "Turn over Mary I'm gonna fuck your asshole."

Mary turned over and Laura started by tongue fucking and fingering the ass.
Then she inserted the dildo and again gradually inflated it. Mary was loving

Laura did so. Sally ran in and when she saw Laura doing Mary's ass, she went
behind Laura and began to eat her ass and finger herself. When Mary came
again Laura deflated the dildo and took it off. She then gave it to Sally,
"Here baby fuck me with this and even though I'm a virgin, don't be gentle."

Sally shoved it in Laura who cried but loved it. Sally lit up and blew smoke
in Laura's face as she fucked her. This surprised her, Sally said, "Yea Mary
and I both smoke now. Serena taught us how. Ya think it makes us sexy?"

Laura smiled and said, "Oh yes baby it does. Now fuck my brains out. I want
to be able to take a rolling pin in my pussy and ass by the time this weekend
is over."

As she said this Laura was fist fucking Mary whose holes were huge and
inviting, Mary loved it as she smoked.

* * *

When Joann and her new girlfriend Shauna had arrived home they went upstairs.
Joann was shocked and aroused by what she saw. All three girls were asleep,
their holes were huge and their hands were in various holes. Shauna
whispered, "What went on here?"

Then she began to finger herself. After their office encounter Joann wanted
to do a young girl and wanted to watch Shauna do one too. They had gone to an
all night arcade where lots of young kids hung out on the weekends. As the
two horny ladies walked around looking for some young girls to do, two young
babes walked into the arcade. They were Kelly a beautiful red haired ten year
old and her new friend Keiko a cute 8 year old with long black hair.

Joann spotted them first and told Shauna, "I'll do the redhead you do the
other one."

Shauna was still confused about her new sexuality. "I don't know Joann I mean
I uh."

Joann said, "Oh come on she's cute and I saw you staring at her when you
thought I wasn't looking. I know you love underage girls as much as I do.
Yesterday I saw you give a tour of the studio and you were practically
shoving your tits in that little girls mouth. Now let's see if they

Shauna almost cried over the mention of the tour. The little girl was only
seven and so sweet. Joann was right I did almost shove my tits in her mouth,
mmm I wish now that I had done just that thought Shauna.

Fortunately for Joann and Shauna the two girls seperated. Kelly went to the
bathroom and with a wink so did Joann. Once in the bathroom Joann locked the
door after seeing no one else in the room. Kelly was pissing in the only
toilet stall. It didn't have a door on it, so Joann saw it all. "They don't
give you any privacy here do they? My names Joann by the way what's yours?"

Kelly looked up and said, "I'm Kelly. No they don't."

Joann said, "Ohhh I have to go so bad I can't hold it."

Joann began to piss on Kelly's exposed hairless cunt. This both shocked Kelly
and aroused her. "Oh that feels kinda funny Joann."

Joann was turned on too. "I'm sorry Kelly let me clean it up."

Instead of using toilet paper, Joann got on her knees and began eating Kelly.

"OOOH Joann mmmm feels good."

Her tongue went in and out of the girls cunt, she sucked the lips and made
Kelly cum. Joann took Kelly off the toilet, she laid her on the floor and
revealed she had a strapon dildo around her waist. "Oh Joann what are you
going to do to me with that?"

Joann smiled said, "I'm going to fuck you with it."

She covered the girls mouth up and shoved the dildo in her cunt. Kelly cried
and moaned. Joann blew smoke in her face and tried to get Kelly to smoke too.
As Kelly started to love what Joann was doing to her, she began to accept the
cigarettes and loved them too. After giving Kelly a very hard and thorough
fucking, Joann and Kelly smoked and kissed.

"I bet Keiko is worried about me."

Joann smiled and said, "I don't think so Kelly."

Kelly looked at her and said, "Why not?"

Joann said, "Cause my girlfriend Shauna is probably fucking her brains out
right now. Would you like to see if we can find them? If we do who knows? I
bet I know a little redhead who's gonna want to taste some asian cunt juice."

Kelly smiled and said, "You're right Joann let's go."

* * *

As soon as Joann left, Shauna approached Keiko. Bending over to make sure
the girl couldn't miss her big jugs, she said, "Hi I'm Shauna what's your

Keiko looked up from the game she was playing and her face brushed Shauna's
nipples sending a charge through the tits. "I'm Keiko."

"Would you like a coke Keiko?"

"Sure Shauna."

After getting her a coke Shauna said, "Let's go outside and talk."

Keiko followed her to a secluded park bench where they sat down. As the girl
drank her coke Shauna lit a cigarette and offered it to Keiko.

"I don't smoke Shauna."

Shauna smiled and said, "All young girls smoke Keiko. How else do you think
my tits got so big?"

Keiko looked at Shauna's jugs and said, "Could I see them?"

Shauna smiled and took her t-shirt off and took the girls hands and rubbed
her tits with them. "See if I hadn't started smoking when I was your age,
they wouldn't have gotten so big."

Keiko said, "Teach me how to smoke. I'm only eight and I want big uh tits

Shauna taught her how to smoke.

"You know what else helps tits grow Keiko?"

"No, what?"

Shauna smiled, "Well letting a big girl with big tits make a little girl like
you feel good. Why don't you take your clothes off and I'll make you feel

Keiko said, "Ok."

The girl stripped and laid on the bench. Shauna went down on Keiko's hairless
cunt. She licked and sucked on the lips then she fucked her with her tongue
and fingered her little asshole. Keiko was smoking and going crazy with lust.
After she came Shauna reached in her purse and got her strap-on dildo putting
it on she eased the head in Keiko's cunt. Placing her hand over the girls
mouth she shoved the dildo in and began fucking Keiko and blowing smoke in
her face. Keiko cried and whimpered but slowly she bucked up to meet Shauna's
thrusts and she really loved having smoke blown in her face. As she fucked
the pussy she kept putting more and more fingers in Keiko's asshole then
after she made Keiko cum she turned her over and started to fuck the little
girl's ass.

It was then that Joann and Kelly found them. Kelly was so turned on she
fingered her cunt as she smoked. The two watched till Shauna had fucked
Keiko's ass real hard and good. Then after getting dressed the two ladies
left. Shauna looked back to see the two friends in a tight 69. This made
her smile that she and Joann had introduced two little friends to the
wonderful world of smoking and hot lesbian sex. Shauna couldn't wait to
do another little girl, any little girl.

* * *

Arriving home from the arcade, Joann and Shauna were surprised to find Sally,
Mary, and Laura in bed nude. The girls hands were in each others by now huge

Shauna said, "Joann are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Joann just smiled, took her clothes off and started to eat Laura's cunt.
Shauna removed her clothes and went down on Mary while fingering Sally. The
girls were wide awake and moaning.

Sally said, "Oh mom who's your new friend?"

Joann said, "This is Shauna Finnegan and she's my new girlfriend."

Sally smiled and said, "Oh mom that's great. Can we invite Serena over?"

Joann said, "Sure if she loves underage pussy like Shauna and I do."

Sally went and called, Serena and invited her over then she called Sarah and
told her Laura would be spending the weekend at their place. Both ladies said
ok, Serena was over in no time, Sarah said ok too in between moans. Sarah had
kept watching her new DVD over and over again. She just couldn't stop having
naughty thoughts about her Laura and that adorable patient Daniela, so she
continued masturbating most of the weekend.

* * *

That Monday when Sally went to school in her sexy school uniform, she didn't
wear any panties. While her holes had almost returned to normal, they still
ached but in a good way. Peggy Bartel arrived at school very frustrated
sexually. Her divorce had been bitter and she hadn't had sex in awhile.
Peggy was a gorgeous black woman.

She was only five foot tall but had a bubble butt and huge tits that looked
even bigger due to her short height. They were 34DD but looked more like
38DD's. Peggy wore a tight white blouse and a short, sexy red skirt with
four inch black patent leather shoes. The school had told her to wear more
reserved clothes but she had said no and since good teachers were hard to
find they let her dress as she wanted. As she sat behind her desk and began
the day she noticed little Sally Fredericks in the front row. The girl was
opening and closing her legs and most shocking of all thought Peggy, she
had no panties on. 'Was she intentionally flashing me,' thought Peggy, 'no
she couldn't be.' "Sally will you stay after school today?"

Sally said, "Sure Ms. Bartel."

At lunch Sally made sure to put some Spanish Fly in Peggy's coffee. Sally
giggled and thought this is going to be fun.
_ _ _

Well this ends Part Three. I hope you liked it. Drop me a line if you liked
it at [email protected] You can look forward to Part Four very soon.


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