Law and Order Special Victims Unit: The Downfall of Olivia Benson Part 1 (F-gang,humil,inter,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

Detective Fin called out across the squad room of the Special Victims Unit, "Yo! That loser Doughboy has gotten out of jail and he wants to meet with you Olivia."

Olivia Benson and her partner Elliot Stabler laughed; they remembered the fat albino pervert. They nailed him on the rap of selling Euro Porn that was restricted in this country. He had only one disk, but he still got a three years sentence. Word was he was the jailhouse punching bag.

Olivia stopped laughing long enough to dry her tears. When they found the evidence he tried to escape and split his pants going out the window onto the fire escape. They had both wished they had a tape of his "escape" to put on line.

"I'll go see him." Said Olivia, "Maybe I will even buy him lunch!" she said starting the squad room to laugh again at his expense.

Olivia went to the apartment of Doughboy. When the door opened she wondered what were the odds of two Albino's living together. The man at the door was the same height, but about one hundred and fifty pounds slimmer. His face was hardened with none of the fear she saw the last time, and he had a scar that ran from his left eyebrow down to the right side of his chin.

It had to be him. "So Doughboy? What can I do for you?" She said.

He asked her to come inside. She took out her radio and made sure to call in her location so he knew that others would be aware of where she was at. Should she have went inside? She did so in the hopes of busting him again on something else. Criminals could be stupid that way.

"Well prison life seems to have suit you Doughboy." She said taunting him, "What is this about?"

He gave her a long slow look over, she was wearing that sweater, the black one that made her breasts look so suckable. He paused a moment and tried to act like his former meek self.

"You remember when you and your shithead partner busted me? Well I forgot my web camera was on when I tried to run out the window. And I got the footage. I made you a copy."

Olivia could not believe her luck. Elliot would get a kick out of it. But she was still wary; maybe she could nab him on something else. Keep him talking...

Olivia's personal life was in shambles, what little sex she got was from her vibrator at home. There was that one drunk sleep over with Alex the assistant DA but that time things just almost happened. She had trouble dating, every man she saw as a potential perv. She knew she ought to seek help but then she risked her position or even her badge.

"My sister had to come over and shut down the computer. She died along with my mom in a car accident while I was in jail." He said bluntly.

He handed her the disk, she made a mental note to voucher it in case there was something incriminating on it.

"Anyway let me show you something." He said as he went over to his computer. The movie from the web camera went backwards and there was Elliot just before the bust. She was talking to the fat version of Doughboy from three years prior.

Elliot took out a DVD package from his coat, he looked around and slipped it into the pile on the floor. Then when Olivia turned towards Elliot again he picked up the same disk, the one that was used to convict him.

"I have an enhanced copy made by an organization that helps people that are entrapped."

The room started to spin. There was no denying that Elliot actually did that. She knew they had had problems with the case, and he was having a problem with his wife at the same time, but to do this? Olivia's impulse was to grab it but he must have another copy. Hell! The group must have another copy! Somewhere..."

She knew Elliot's career would be over. How many other cases had he done this at?

"You know between lifting weights in the yards and fighting off the daily beat-downs and shower rape attempts I had time to think this over. First thing, should anything happen to me. Oh I don't know? Some other cop shoots me or something like that this little movie goes public on every video and file sharing site on the internet."

"What do you want?" Olivia said hoping it was money. If she had to barrow her whole pension to save El she would.

"Hmm! What I want?" He said pacing around her and looking her over. "Well it is an answer to a question. A philosophical one. Can you give me my three years back and my mother and sister?" He looked around as if searching for something to appear in his apartment. "No poof? Okay then, I need the answer to another question, which is: Whose career do you love more? Elliot's or your own?"

He undid his belt slowly and unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock so big she thought it was fake. She looked at him in terror. She reached for her radio. Even if she busted him on exposure or lewd behavior the rest of the story would still come out.

"I want to see that pretty little mouth of yours wrapped around it now." He said.

She started to say something and she knew she was trapped. "To save Elliot." She said to herself.

She awkwardly got on her knees, he looked down at her. Tears welled in her eyes, as she would expect no mercy, for had she ever given any of the suspects some? He put it near her face. Her mouth opened as wide as it could as she took it in.

"I haven't got myself off in three years so you'd better be ready. That's it! Suck on it." He said as he ran his hands through her hair. He reached down to squeeze her large, fat, solid tits. Then he placed his hands on the back of her head as he forced this cock nearly all the way down her throat until she gagged. He barely allowed her to stop coughing before he repeated his violation of her mouth.

"Oh yes! I have thought of this for years. Now close your eyes and keep your mouth shut. He took his cock and slapped her across the face leaving red marks on her cheeks. Then he slapped her fat tits with his cock, feeling with pleasure how solid and dense they felt as they rippled. He told her to keep her mouth wide open. He teased her putting his head closer and closer to her mouth until she could feel the heat radiate off of it. He gently circled her lips then pulled it away. With a sudden thrust he slammed it down her throat again.

"Use your hands to jack it off. That's it." He reached into a nearby draw and pulled out a small purple vibrator. "I want you to open those pants and put this against your pussy now."

She protested but did what he said pulling opening her pants while remaining in the kneeling position. She turned on the vibrator and placed it against herself and came almost instantly.

She started to lose herself in the moment. Doughboy put on some gangster rap as she sucked on his cock. Hoping to make him come quicker she lifted up and sweater and played with her tits with her left hand while the right one used the vibrator. Images of Alex floated into her mind, and of Fin. She had fantasized about them every now again. Perverted fantasies.

She felt a hard slap across her face which brought her back to moment, "Focus on me. My dick!" he said laughing. He got behind her and twisted her head so she looked straight up. He stuck his cock straight down her throat warning her not to gag. He told her that the time she remained as a police officer was at his whim. She was going to be turned into a perverted whore. Somehow this made her quiver.

Olivia tasted his precum and knew he was about to blast his load. He warned her to take every drop. Part of Olivia wanted to bite him, and yet another was glad for the release. He blasted his cum deep down her throat. He had her milk his cock with her hands until she had sucked and squeezed every last drop out of him.

As she got up he went to the fridge and got out a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. She refused but he insisted telling her he wanted her mouth nice and clean.

As her head was spinning from the wine, she had not had lunch, he kissed her as he squeezed her tits. "You act like you are going to leave. Can't do that, the show is just about to get started."

"What do you mean started?" She said as he went to a drawer and opened it. He took out a pair of thigh high PVC boots, a black leather collar with spikes and lastly, and most troubling, a black leather bondage hood that laced from the back.

"You want me to put these on?"

"I am having company over and do you want to be recognized. As I said before your career as a police woman is over, done, finished. You are going to service my friends, but first you are going to service me."

Olivia stopped, she thought about it and realized what he said was true, there was no way out for her. For a moment she entertained the thought of shooting him, but she remembered that that would not end it, that the video will still get out. She reached around and pulled off her sweater, Then she undid her bra letting her fat tits bounce out into full view as Doughboy stripped naked.

"Come here!" He said sitting down on the couch. He had her get across his knees. One hand held her across the waist then SMACK! She felt his hand slap her ass. She struggled a bit. He let her feel the sting before slapping her as again, and again. Her ass stung and turned red. Then he took his fingers and stuck them into her pussy wiggling them until she came, after which he let her stand up.

He licked his fingers as she put on the gear that he had laid out for her. The boots, fit perfectly, she locked the collar around her neck and lastly she pulled the hood on over her head, he went behind her and laced it up tightly. Then when he was done he turned her around to face the mirror. He had made her put on some cheap bright red lipstick as a finishing touch. She felt she truly looked like a perverted whore.

She was led to the bedroom and told to get on the bed on her hands and knees. To her surprise Doughboy gave her pussy a few licks, then as he held her hips he slowly pushed his cock into her. Olivia trembled, it had been years since she had been fucked, not counting her sex toys.

He took his time fucking her "You like that little ho? I am going to turn you into the sort of slut you used to bust." All Olivia could do was moan.

He pulled his cock out of her all the way then slammed it back inside of her. Then he settled into a steady rhythm of fucking her. It seemed to go on for hours.

The door opened and another man came in. Olivia turned slightly to get a better look. He was well dressed with glasses, she thought he might have been Doughboy's lawyer. "So you got her in training, did you mark her yet?" He asked, Olivia got scared by what that might mean. But then she heard him unzip his pants. He took his slowly inflating cock and put it in her face. Olivia knew this was another line she must cross and opened her mouth and sucked on him.

"Not bad! Not bad at all!" He said.

Doughboy slammed her even harder making her tits slam back and forth. The new man looked her breasts over, no nipple rings or tattoos. So you did not brand her yet."

"Yeah well she has a whole lot more training to do. But I think I can make it work." He said pulling out of her again.

He sat on the bed and held his cock up. "Come on sit on this cock with that nice fat ass of yours. Oh yeah." While she rode Doughboy the other man stripped slowly.

"I heard you wanted to adopt. Yeah I heard about that mess you went through. Well maybe I will breed you. You'd like that too." He said as he sucked her tits. He put his hands around her hips and thrust deep and hard into her until he came. Then he dumped her off the bed as she got up while his cum dripped onto the floor. The lawyer put his cock in her face and she started to suck on it.

"Oh I am going to spray my wad all over that mask of yours." He said. When he did cum his spunk coated her hood leaving white spots and wet dark marks all over it.

"You both know who I am? Why the mask?" She asked.

"Oh it ain't for us. It's for our friends." Said Doughboy leading her back into the living room where four naked men waited. One of them was adjusting a camcorder. "You see you are going to party with them while I tape. It's what I would call poetic justice. Your friend framing me and all. Except these guys are man enough to do what he is too chickenshit to do. Oh yeah! I saw him looking at that fat behind of yours. Now get over there."

The four men surrounded Olivia kissing her and feeling her tits. One put his hand between her legs. A gentle push down on her shoulders got her onto her knees. She kissed all the cocks in front of her. She had fantasized about Fin, the black officer she worked with. There was the one time they posed as swingers when she really thought about having sex with him. But then there was Elliot, her partner. She never did it with him. She had seen too many partnerships on the job get screwed up by romances. And she knew his wife. Most importantly he never tried.

Her hands encircled two cocks while she sucked the third. One of the men got down on the floor and pushed a small vibrator up her asshole promising something bigger latter on.

The fucking was long and hard lasting for what seemed hours as the men switched off to keep up their collected "staying power." When they were done Olivia could feel their sticky seed drying all over her sweaty body. But there was one last humiliation.

Doughboy got behind her and lubed his cock. All the men but one had left. Then she felt his finger, full of the slippery gel slide into her asshole. "No! Please! No!" she begged.

"When you go home tonite remember who owns you." He said. She felt the pressure and tried to relax, slowly she could feel him entering her, it felt like she was taking a crap in reverse. He stopped and let her adjust and then pushed some more. Finally he slid all the way in to her. He did not move for a moment then slowly started thrusting into her.

The remaining man took out of his bag a rolled up piece of plastic held together by a strap and opened it. He grabbed Olivia's left tit. A white powder was rubbed onto her nipple making it hard but numb. Then he took out the needle. She wanted to get up but Doughboy buried his cock deep in her ass and held her by the shoulders. With one move the needle pierced her nipple followed by a heavy steel ring that locked in place. Only cutting it would remove it. The man then cleaned her nipple of the blood and got dressed to leave.

"Now you got my mark!" he said. He kept thrusting until she could feel his cum shoot inside of her.

She was not permitted to shower and the clothes she came in in were missing. Doughboy acted all surprised, he said he had some stuff from an old girlfriend she could wear. She was given a tight vinyl skirt that barely covered her ass. A pair of bright pink panties, a tube top and a ratty fake fur coat. She could feel the cum drip into her panties from both her hole. She looked at her gun as she strapped it back on. She was tempted. But the threat of the video going out on the internet; and worse yet and part of her wanted this life. A freedom from always hunting for pervs.

Doughboy kissed her as he squeezed her tits. He handed her a pager, a clear sign that the communication would be one way. He said he wanted to add Alex, the blonde Assistant District Attorney to his stable next. And part of her, to her shame, wanted it also.

The next day she saw the captain and asked if she could rotate around a bit partner wise. The captain was relived as there had been talk concerning the two officers. Elliot tried to talk to her but Olivia brushed him off. He tried to get an explanation but she would offer none. She now had no respect for him, not only for what he had done but for him not being man enough to take her.

Things were quiet for the next few weeks. She wondered one thing. With Doughboy in jail, and his mother and sister dead, who had looked through the computer? Who made him aware of the files? It was standard procedure to take the suspect's computer and go through it to see if there was any other contraband porn, but usually a warrant is needed. Olivia's chain of thought was interrupted by the buzz of the pager in the bottom of her bag. She had to go to her master's apartment.
To be continued...


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