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Date: 08/18/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, voyurism, BDSM, male solo sex, female
solo sex, graphice violence, rape, male/female sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairings: Olivia/m/f, m/f

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Other Notes: This AU story is based on an article from the August 17th
edition of a Cleveland, Ohio newspaper known as The Plain Dealer and on
the Playmate of the Month pictorial in the November 1983 issue of Playboy

Summary: After she reads a newspaper article that Elliot's cousin has faxed
to him from Cleveland, Ohio, poor Olivia steps into another room and starts
to cry and its because of what has happened to her when she was 15-years-old.

Dedications: None so far.

Law And Order - Special Victims Unit: The Right Thing
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began like any other day on August 18th within the City of New
York for each and every working stiff who happens to be living within the
Big Apple and that includes those dedicated detectives of the New York
Police Department under the command of Captain Don Cragen known as the
Special Victims Unit.

You see, the task of that particular unit is to investigate the
sexually-based crimes that all of the United States of America -- and that
includes New York City -- are still considering to be known as especially
heinous but of course, I do believe that each and every member of that
particular unit has any idea as to how deep the pain and suffering that the
victims of those sex crimes had gone through actually goes.

For example: Let's allow ourselves to take a good long look at one of the
members of the Special Victims Unit known as Detective Olivia Stabler, who
had arrived at the station house like the rest of the NYPD officers who are
assigned there to start yet another day of work just in time for her to
discover that two of her fellow SVU detectives known as Elliot Stabler and
John Munch were reading an article that Elliot's cousin in Cleveland, Ohio
has clipped out of the August 17th edition of the newspaper known as The
Plain Dealer and faxed it over to him.

And as soon as a curious Olivia has walked herself over to both John and
Elliot and asked, "Say, Guys?What is it that you're reading?" her SVU partner
has placed the front end of the faxed article up to his chest, looked at
Olivia with wide-eyes and answered, "Oooohhhh, it's nothing, Olivia. Nothing
at all."

That was before the former homicide detective from the City of Baltimore,
Maryland had let out a small chuckle and said, "Oh, yeah. Sure. It's nothing,
alright. Just an article about some couple in North Royalton, Ohio getting
both of their asses slammed into a jail-cell for luring 15-year-old girls
into their house and forcing those girls to have sex with them!"

And after Elliot has turned his eyes toward John and looked at the
big-mouthed SVU detective like he was going to ask, "Would you please do us
a favor and shut the fucking hell up?!" Olivia has pulled the Plain Dealer
article away from her partner and began to read it.

And then, after she had noticed that both William Blanchard and Vina Reed
had been arrested and led out of their York Road house by North Royalton
Police for committing lewd acts with children within their plantation-style
home, a single tear has suddenly ran down a suddenly-saddened Olivia's cheek,
which -- in turn -- has caused a concerned Elliot to place his gentle hand on
her shoulder and ask, "Say, Olivia? Are you okay? Is there something wrong?"

But the answer that he had recieved from Olivia to that question were these
words, "I'm sorry, Elliot. I... I... just need... to be alone... right now."
just before she had handed the article back to Elliot and quickly stepped out
of the room just in time for another SVU detective known as Fin Tutuola to
step into the room, point his thumb towards the door and ask, "Say, Guys?
What's with Olivia?"

Just then, after she had stepped inside an empty interregation room, sat
herself down, placed her hands and forehead on the table and began to cry,
her mind has started rewinding itself back to the time in which a young
15-year-old girl named Olivia Benson and her best friend, a young
strawberry-blonde maiden known as Connie Waterston had joined some of the
other high-school students at the New York City chapter of the Young
Explorers Club, where the only two adults -- who were present at that
time -- were known as Adam and Michelle Hargitay, who was bearing a striking
resemblance to Buenos Aires, Argentina-born babe named Veronica Gamba, who
has allowed herself to become Playboy Magazine's November 1983 Playmate of
the Month.

Anyway, as soon as that entire chapter has finally adjourned that day's
meeting and all of the group's young members had started walking towards the
exit door, both Adam and Michelle had walked themselves over to both Connie
and Olivia and invited the two young girls over to their place for a soda.

And after they had given the whole idea some thought and agreed that the two
adult members of the group were safe enough to be trusted, both Connie and
Olivia had decided to accept Adam and Michelle's most generous invitation
just before the four of them had left the meeting place of the Young
Explorer's Club and went over to one of the houses on Belzer Street.

And then, after the two adults and the two young girls had stepped into the
house, Adam has sat himself down on the living room sofa with Connie and
Olivia and have a nice present conversation with them, while Michelle was
in the kitchen pouring some soda in each of the four cups and mixing a small
doze of cocaine into the two small cups.

And after she had walked out of the kitchen and into the living room and
handed one of the big cups to Adam and the two small cups to the young girls,
a small-smiling Michelle has taken the second big cup, lifted it up and said,
"Well, I guess that there's nothing else to say, except 'bottoms up'."

But then, after the four 'good friends' had shared a small chuckle between
them and gulped down the soda that was inside those cups, both Connie and
Olivia had suddenly began to feel sick and like they had better get
themselves home, but as soon as they had taken at least three steps towards
the front door, something inside their heads had became so bad that they had
no other choice but to drop themselves down to the living room floor and
become unconscious.

That was before Olivia had finally opened her eyes and discovered that both
she and Connie had been stripped bare-ass naked and that she has strapped
down tightly to the living room coffee table and her poor best friend has
been tied tightly down to a chair that has been taken out of the kitchen.

And of course, after the two frightened young girls had tried as hard as
they had possibly could to free themselves from their bondage without any
success, both Adam and Michelle had walked themselves back inside the living
room just in time for the handsome adult male with dark-brown hair and beard
to let out a small chuckle and say, "Well-well! Guess what, Michelle? Our two
little slave-bitches are finally awake!"

And after Olivia has turned her head over to the two adults and shockingly
discovered that Michelle was pumping two of her fingers in and out of her
hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand and Adam was
stroking his stiff cock right in front of the two helpless young girls, she
had said, "Oh, my God!"

That was before Adam has moved himself over to a helpless Connie, pulled
really hard on her hair and yelled, "GO AHEAD, BITCH! DO IT! SUCK ON IT! SUCK
MY DICK RIGHT NOW!" only to have Connie look at Adam straight in the eye and
yell, "NO!" which has caused an angry Adam to give his helpless captive a
hard smack across the face, grab another firm hold of Connie's hair and

And then, after she had suddenly realized that she has no other choice but
to do exactly what he had demanded, poor Connie has allowed Adam to place
his stone hard dick inside her mouth and began sucking on it, while he had
started pumping two of his fingers in and out of her exposed pussy.

And while that was going on, Michelle has moved herself closer to Olivia,
placed her lips close to the helpless teen's ear and whispered, "Look,
Olivia. I really am sorry about this, but you really must understand that
it was all Adam's idea and that if we don't allow ourselves to go through
with it, he'll kill us both. And besides, we should at it this way. At
least, we would be able to really enjoy it. "

And then, after she had suddenly realized that she has no choice but to go
through with it in order to make sure that nothing really bad happens to her
best friend, Olivia has allowed Michelle to kiss her ever so passionately on
the lips and start licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her
hot, moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts before Adam has turned his
eyes toward both his wife and their second helpless captive and allowed a
large sinister smile to appear on his face.

And after he had his stiff cock out of Connie's mouth, released his grip on
her hair and said, "That's enough for now, Bitch!" Adam has moved himself
closer to Olivia and Michelle, placed his hands on the helpless young
captive's bare shoulders and began slamming his stone hard dick in and out
of his wife's asshole.

And then, after he had looked at the helpless teen with a crazed look in his
a sexually-energized Olivia has looked at Adam straight in the eyes and
yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! I DO WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!

Then, after both Adam and Michelle had started moving themselves harder and
faster and their lovemaking has finally made its way back into the center of
the Big Apple, Olivia and her adult captors had came and both Adam and
Michelle had collapsed due to exhaustion.

Just then, after both Adam and Michelle had released their young captives and
Michelle has placed her gentle hand on Olivia's shoulder and thanked her for
going through with it, both Connie and her best friend had ran themselves
over to her house, where she had told her father -- a patrol-officer for the
NYPD -- the whole disgusting thing.

That was before a few weeks later, when Olivia has taken a peek at the daily
newspaper and discovered that Adam Hargitay has escpaed from prison and that
a dead woman's bare-ass naked corpse has been dragged out of the Hudson River
and her name was Michelle Hargitay.

Just then, after her mind has fast-forwarded itself back to the present and
she had suddenly felt someone placing his gentle hand on her shoulder, SVU
Detective Olivia Benson has lifted her head up and noticed that it was her
SVU partner known as Elliot Stabler who has also said, "Look, Olivia. About
what has happened to both you and Connie, that's all in the past. And
besides, if you hadn't gone through with it, you would be dead right now."

That was before a saddened Olivia has wiped the tears from her face, let out
a sigh and said, "I know, Elliot. I know. It's just that even though I done
that in order to stay alive, I just can't help wondering was I really doing
the right thing or not," just before she has wrapped her arms around an
understanding Elliot and allowed him to give her a big friendly hug.



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