Left 4 Dead: Zoey's Out Of This World Spanking Part 4 (F-machine,spank,drugs)
by BrotherAntroz

When Zoey opened her eyes again, she was in a different room: larger than the last, and quite a bit more in it. There was a large chair in front of her, with several buttons and dials on a panel behind it. A large monitor to the side displayed the laboratory she had been in previously, which was now empty apart from the table in the middle. It was so dark, however, that she could barely see what was sitting in the chair. She was, however, a big fan of the Christmas lighting the control panel behind it used. "More people need to use blue in their holiday decorations." she thought to herself. She also realized she was standing up, with the appendages supporting her.

The strange voice she'd heard after the machines spanked her spoke again. "The predictions made of Subject 67409 proved accurate. With the exception of previous behavior, the female was a perfectly adequate test subject. This unit now recommends similar experiments to be carried out upon the male of the species."

"Adequate?" she said in disbelief, putting her hands on her hips. "I came my ass off in there and all you have to say is that I'm 'adequate'??"

Silence. The shape in the chair seemed to be waiting for a translation, which she now realized came from the console.

"Subject 67409..."

"I have a NAME, you know."

"INSERT SUBJECT NAME seems to be requesting a higher grade than was originally awarded. ...After due consideration, INSERT SUBJECT NAME's request may be fulfilled if she consents to another study."

"Uh huh, and what kind of study would THAT be? Wandering your ship for an hour? Or how about an obstacle course, with lots of slow-motion replays for the SCIENTISTS to gawk at? Ooh, I know: how about giving me my damn clothes back??"
"INSERT SUBJECT NAME has made three estimations of the trial, all of which were incorrect. INSERT SUBJECT NAME must advance to the seat and proceed to recline over the captain's leg-structures, after which another session of spanking shall take place."
"How did I know it would involve getting my ass blistered again?" Zoey sighed, running a hand over her bottom thoughtfully.

"The blistering INSERT SUBJECT NAME speaks of will not be of issue. The med units aboard this vessel have produced a cream-like substance, which shall be applied once the study has concluded."

"Well, at least I don't have to worry about the next pair of jeans I run across chafing my butt." she said, turning the question over in her mind. "What the hell. As long as the captain isn't some big slavering mutant with hands as big as my head, I'm game."

The console emitted a series of low beeps, and the appendages released her one by one. She stepped forward hesitantly, and the lights came up. On the bright side, the captain was only about a head and a half taller than her. Unfortunately, he was also a reptile with blue skin and one hell of a neckfrill. He watched her unblinkingly as she came forward and lay down awkwardly over his lap.

"Oh Mr Principal sir, I'd do ANYthing for a better grade!" Zoey giggled as she tried to get comfortable. As she stopped squirming, she remembered what effect a shapely young woman with no clothes on tended to provoke in men. "Maybe you should've just kept still and thought of England..." she worried to herself. Sure enough, something began to poke at her stomach as the reptilian creature raised its hand. "Not much for foreplay, are you big guy?" she said, tensing herself in preparation for the incoming slap. What followed however was much nicer than what she was expecting: he cupped one of her upturned cheeks. "W-what's the matter, never seen an ass before?" she said uncertainly, turning her head to look him in the eye. He held her gaze for a long long moment, running a thumb gently over her bottom as he did. "You're kinda good at this. For a giant alien lizard. Who had his machines stick things up my butt..." she sighed, relaxing slightly.

The voice spoke again. "INSERT SUBJECT NAME spoke of a practice called foreplay. In this vessel's studies of human culture, this term is used to refer to erotic activities preceding the act of sexual reproduction. The captain is attempting to recreate such a procedure." The captain grasped her other buttock with his other hand and rubbed his palm over it, squeezing it gently. His skin was surprisingly pleasant, somewhat scaly and rough, but not irritating as she'd feared. "As far as I'm concerned, we could do this all day." Zoey murmured, closing her eyes and deciding to enjoy the attention while it lasted. She was only able to savor it for a few more seconds. Before long, he stopped massaging her butt and instead gave it a soft pinch. She squeaked and opened her eyes, looking up at him in surprise.

"Done so soon?" she asked and pretended to pout. He continued to stare at her, and abruptly gave her a quick spank.

"Yowww! I wish you'd forgotten about that!" she gasped as he raised his hand again and another slap followed on the heels of the first. She flinched and turned her head away,vowing to keep her cries of pain to herself. Her resolve was tested as not one, but two blows came down, but all she let out was a small grunt. As if noticing this, he picked up the pace, raining down spank after spank, as she gritted her teeth against the stinging pain. Soon enough though his reptilian strength began to be too much for her. At first, it was just a grumble or two, but then, the noises grew louder...and louder...and louder. Until finally, she could hold back no more and as a particularly hard slap arrived, "Ah-howw!" she screamed, her eyes open wide in shock. Satisfied she was feeling it, the captain slowed down somewhat, making up for his lack of speed with increased power. "Ow! Eeh! Wow! Knock it (ow) off!" she cried. He let out a guttural noise which might have been a chuckle, but continued the assault. She pounded on his leg with her fists, she kicked her feet furiously, and in frustration and pain, she even used a couple curse words in her pleas for him to stop. When she did that, he stopped for a moment as if amused, but the voice said, "Such language is considered vulgar on the subject's home planet. In light of the crimson hue her derriere is developing, however, the captain is advised to restrict himself to the following number of further spanks: ten. Subject 67409 shall count them as they come, or the captain will be permitted to start over."

"You can stick your 'adequate' grade right up your tailpipe; I am outta here!" Zoey yelped, wiggling off the captain's lap. Stumbling to her feet and rubbing her butt, she made for the door as the lizard stood up behind her. In three quick strides, he was in front of it, with his arms spread wide. She feigned a move to the left, then to the right, but he didn't fall for either of them; he just stood there, grinning at her.

Glaring daggers at him, she dove right between his legs and was almost home free when a hand closed around her ankle. "Let me go! You had your fun!" she yelled as she tried to shake it loose. Another chuckling sound as she was pulled back in the room, and then hoisted up into the air. The blue-skinned reptile looked at her curiously as she dangled upside-down in his grip, swinging her fists at his face impotently. He shook his head as if to say "What fools these pink-skinned apes be" and tossed her over his shoulder.

"Subject 67409's attempt at escape has been noted. This unit recommends the exit be sealed prior to any such additional tests on other subjects. Subject 67409, prepare to count."

With nowhere else to run, she growled angrily and hung her head, waiting. *SLAP* "Gnnf, one!" *SLAP* "Unnnh, two!" *SLAP* "Owww, three!" *SLAP* "Hahh! Four!" *SLAP* "Ffffive!" *SLAP*"Six..." *SLAP* "Seven..." *SLAP* "Eight!" *SLAP* "Ninnnne!" *SLAP* "TEN! Fuck!"

The captain made another noise and the computer translated. "The previous ten blows were delivered in an attempt to correct the subject's foul language. 'Fuck' is deemed the worst word to use in civilized company, and thus, Subject 67409 will receive one more."

Before Zoey could even process that, the lizard had spanked her one last time. "ELEVEN??" she wailed, covering her bottom on the off chance they might find something else to punish her for. "You guys have been watching the wrong damn movies up here!"

The reptile put his arm around her torso, lifted her off his shoulder and set her down. She was a bit unsteady on her feet after the last thirty seconds, and he quickly placed his hands at her waist to steady her. As she tried to get her breath back, she looked up at him. She wasn't the best judge of alien faces, having only known this one for a few minutes, but she was pretty sure there was an expression on his face that he hadn't had when she had gotten over his knee earlier...

He abruptly pulled one of his hands away and did something to his uniform. She couldn't tell what, but the effect was very clear: his pants seemed to just drop away. Her jaw dropped a little as she saw his erection. "That thing's got to be at least eight inches!!" she thought. "What does he expect me to do with it?" The answer was quick to present itself: he grabbed her by the hips and hoisted her up into the air with little effort at all. "Does he really think I can fit all that down there??" she worried to herself as he drew her closer. "Doors are sealed. P minus 5, 4, 3, 2...oh. Oh. Oh wowwww." He had only inserted the tip into her and she was already feeling strangely exhilarated. As he pushed it further in slowly, Zpey put her arms around him and smiled. "I take it back; I guess you guys do know how to show a girl a good time!"

With a low hiss, the captain buried himself up to the hilt in her and her eyes widened. "Oh yeah, OH YEAH. You can just keep it right there and I'd be done in like ten seconds." she murmured, leaning her head against his chest. The captain began to thrust in and out steadily, holding her by her ass as he did so. "That works too. Oh man, does that work." Despite the reputation lizards had on Earth, and how firm he'd been when giving her the spanking earlier, he seemed perfectly content to take this part nice and easy. Briefly, he let go of her buttocks and took hold of her legs, wrapping them around him so he could penetrate her more deeply. She practically cooed as he eased back into her. "This more than makes up for those arm-things you had spank me earlier. Buuuuuut, the way I see it, you still haven't apologized for bringing me up here in the first place." She pulled her head back and looked him right in the eyes as he was in the middle of a thrust. "If you wanna make up for THAT, you'll have to fuck me a whole lot harder than this." He looked confused at this, and glanced over at the control panel, which had begun beeping insistently.

The beeping stopped, and the voice spoke up again, sounding somewhat put-out. "Subject 67409 has requested the captain to begin a quicker and more thorough rhythm of what some on her planet refer to as 'lovemaking'."

He growled understanding of this and started moving faster inside her. "Oh-ho yeAH! That's more like it!" she yelled, throwing her head back in delight. As she exposed her perky breasts to him, he snaked his long thin tongue out and lapped at her nipples. Zoey giggled slightly and tugged his head closer. The captain obliged and nestled between her breasts, still rocking his hips into hers. As if to imitate what one of the arms had done earlier, he growled, sending more shivers down her spine. "Mmmmmmmmm, yes. Juuuust like that." she groaned, curling her toes to try and stave off the climax that had begun to build in her stomach. He began pounding her faster and faster, threatening to undo the work she was doing to fight it off. Still, she urged him on with little murmurs and whimpers, not trusting what her lips would say right now. The pleasure was getting to be too much though, so she had to risk it. "I think I'm going to cum..." she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut in delight.

The console had started beeping again almost as soon as he had looked away and the voice had taken on a whole different tone. "Subject 67409 is approaching an orgasm. The captain would be well-advised to cease and desist and allow the appendages to finish this task."

The captain carried Zoey over to the control panel, and set her down on it. Her bottom ended up pushing a large silver button, which stopped the beeping, much to their relief. Her legs were shaking slightly from the fast-approaching orgasm, and she draped them over his shoulders. "They're going to have to break that door down to stop us." she muttered.

The large blue lizard was panting almost as much as Zoey was now, his thrusts almost faster than the machine's had been. "Come on big guy," she gasped. "Just a bit more. Just a bit more..." He slammed into her one last time and she felt him erupt inside her. The sensation of his thick alien cum filling her up was just what she needed to send her over the edge. She finally came with a loud moan, squeezing him tightly with her legs and her arms and her vagina. Her whole body was trembling, and she leaned back against the panel, staring at the monitor without seeing any one of the messages flashing on it. Finally, his orgasm subsided as well. He stood up, easing himself out of her with one hand and somehow pulling his pants up off the ground without even reaching for them. "Huh...huh...huh..." She was panting furiously and struggling to get up off the panel. The captain looked at her blankly for a moment before helping her up. He searched through the buttons for a moment before pushing several in sequence.

A new voice spoke up, one which she assumed was translating directly for him. "I shall see that you get very high marks for this. You should leave, however, before they attempt to enter with force."
"Uh, yeah... Didn't you say something about some cream before? I know I just got a lot, I can still feel it; I mean for my butt..." Zoey said, turning around and showing it to him again. He smiled and patted it approvingly.

"I had forgotten. I will arrange for a transport for you from this room, and summon a container of the cream. It will not take long." He fiddled with the console for a few seconds. A strange chiming noise announced the sudden materialization of a nondescript white carton on a small raised section of the control panel. "Do you wish to apply it yourself or will you allow me the honors?" he asked as he picked it up and offered it to her.

"I can do it, but only if you watch and learn..." she grinned.

"That would be my pleasure." the machine responded, as the captain laughed.

She took the container and bent over, under the pretense of attempting to pry the lid off. The captain took hold of one of her cheeks and gave it one last squeeze. She smiled at him from between her legs and managed to get the lid off. Zoey dropped it to the ground, dipped her fingers in it, reached back and applied it generously over her other cheek. She began spreading it around slowly, rubbing the skin with the tips of her fingers to bring some circulation back. The lizard, no doubt wishing he had a recording device nearby, stared intently at her as she finished massaging that cheek and dipped her fingers in the container again for the other.

"Do I get my clothes back or are you going to be keeping them? I know my underwear's lost and gone forever, but I kinda like that jacket."

He shook himself out of his reverie and switched the translator back on. "Your coverings are in storage. They will be sent down with you."

"Hell yeah! Now I just have to hope those Hunters don't develop a taste for denim, or I'd have some explaining to do..." She straightened up and handed the tub of cream back to him. "Alllll done! Sure I can't give you a little good-bye kiss?" She squeezed his crotch in case the innuendo was lost in translation. He shifted in place awkwardly, but shook his head.

"You should hurry and take the transport. If the probes arrive, they will keep you here for a long time."
"Don't worry; I can tell when I'm not wanted!" she pouted. "Oh, one last thing. Do I...have to worry about getting alien-pregnant or anything?"

He frowned. Clearly the translating program did not understand the rich nuances of 'alien-pregnant'. "If you are worried about my semen taking hold, worry not. Our species are not compatible in that manner."

"Okay, thank god for that! To be honest, I was kinda worried you were going to have to put something in there that was going to make it feel like my vagina had died." She noticed a circle of strange symbols lighting up on the ground behind her, and took a step back into it. "Maybe I'll see you around sometime? And uh...thanks for the spanking." she said, blushing. The light brightened and extended to the ceiling, and when the glow faded, Zoey was nowhere to be seen.


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