Life Goes On: Only A Mother Could Love (m/F,inc)
by Uncle Mike

I should have seen it coming when my daughters started to complain about

Corky, that's my son. He's a husky teenager, friendly, happy, a really good
kid. But he has Down syndrome, so even though he's 18 -- an adult in the
world's terms -- he's like a younger boy. In some ways, like a much younger
boy, mentally, trapped in a man's body. Sure, it was hard on us at first,
when we found out, but life goes on, and so does Corky.

Like a man, he has urges. Like a boy, he has curiosity. I guess that's why I
wasn't surprised when Paige -- that's my husband's girl -- and then Becca,
our younger daughter, both came to me complaining that they suspected Corky
of peeking when they were changing or taking a shower.

Maybe I should have done something then, talked to Corky or let Dan do it.
But I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, or upset Corky. I just told
the girls to keep their doors closed. I thought that would take care of it.

But then there was that incident with Amanda.

She's the seven-year-old daughter of one of the families down the street.
Like all the kids around here -- well, like just about everybody, actually --
she liked Corky and he liked her. Sometimes I'd see him playing catch with
her and some of her friends, or they'd all be waiting for the ice cream truck

Then one day -- it was a Tuesday, I remember that clearly -- Corky had come
home from school and said he was going out to the back. I didn't pay much
attention; he's much more capable than most people with Down syndrome; he can
look after himself.

I was baking cookies and I had to slap his hand away when he tried to snatch
some of the raw dough as he went past. So a little while later, when the
first batch was done, I put a few on a plate and went back to give them to

I almost dropped the plate when I saw him with Amanda. He was standing next
to her, her in a pale pink jumpsuit with a grass stain on the left knee. I
can see it even now.

Corky's jeans and briefs were down around his ankles. His penis was sticking
out, right about the level of Amanda's mouth. Thank God, she hadn't sucked on
it. But Corky was guiding her little hands to his shaft and she was rubbing
it. It looked so obscene, his engorged cock waving in that little girl's
face. I could have screamed.

Luckily I didn't. In this neighborhood, one shout would have brought at least
a couple of heads out of windows and then God knows what would have happened
to Corky.

I don't know. Maybe it would have been better that way. But I'm his mother.
I couldn't let anything happen to my son.

But I couldn't let this happen to Amanda, either. I ran out to them,
whispering to Corky to pull his pants up. He blushed when he saw me.

Amanda didn't blush; she didn't seem to understand what was wrong. I sent
Corky into the house while I talked to the little girl. I pledged her to
secrecy, saying that she shouldn't tell her mommy or anyone or else Corky
might get into trouble. Maybe that was wrong, too, but even if the police
could understand, I didn't want everyone thinking of my son as the
neighborhood pervert.

I stood and watched as Amanda ran back to her house. On the way, she called
out to two of her friends across the street. They were just as young and cute
as she was. I think that's when I decided what I had to do.

Corky was in his room with the door locked, sulking. I tried tempting him
with the cookies, but he wouldn't open up. Luckily, we keep an extra key
around just in case. I let myself in and locked the door behind me.

I knew Dan wouldn't get home from work for several hours, and the girls both
had errands to run that should keep them out until late. That was good; I
would need this time alone with Corky.

He was sitting on the bed, scrunched into one corner. He ducked his head to
avoid looking at me as I sat beside him.

"Corky?" I tugged gently at his chin. "Come on, you can talk to me."

"Don't wanna," he said, turning away.

"Corky, we have to talk. What you did with Amanda... it isn't right."

"But she said it was OK. I asked her if she wanted to touch it, and she said
yes. And then she was gonna let me touch her."

I sucked in my breath. It was as bad as I had feared. "I'm sure she did,
Corky. But Amanda's too little to know what she was doing. She doesn't know
what's right and wrong. It's up to you to be responsible, not to ask her to
do things she shouldn't."

"But who can I ask," Corky spluttered, turning to face me. "The girls my age
don't want anything to do with me because I'm a dummy!"

I put my arms around him; he shrugged them off. "But you have lots of friends
in school, don't you? They don't call you a dummy."

"No, but they won't let me do things with them, either. I know 'cause I asked
one girl and she just laughed."

"Well, Corky, what you want to do... it's not something you just do for fun.
You have to really love someone."

"I know," he said with an exaggerated sigh. "That's what they said in our sex
education class. But lots of the other guys do it with girls, and they're not
married or really in love or anything. Besides, I gotta do it. My thing gets
hard and, I don't know, I just gotta."

We just sat there in silence for a few minutes. My heart was pounding in my
ears. I may have always known a day like that would come some day, a day when
Corky's body would demand things that his mind couldn't control.

But I couldn't just ignore it, not if I wanted to keep Corky in his family,
and I desperately wanted to do that. I fought when they said he couldn't go
to school and I fought when they said he couldn't cope with regular classes
and I would not accept that he could not function in regular society.

But how could he go on when his hormones were raging and he lacked
self-control? How could I avoid any more incidents like the one with Amanda?

I knew there was only one way, but while I sat there on the bed, in Corky's
room with the son I had burped and bathed and nurtured through his long
childhood, I tried to think of another solution.

There wasn't any. I lifted my head at last and looked my son in the eyes.

"Corky, I know that your body needs certain things. That's natural. Everyone
has needs like yours. But you're right, most of the girls your age probably
don't want to do those things with you. And it's wrong to do them with little

"So what am I gonna do, Mom?" Tears glistened in the corners of his eyes.

"We have to find another way to give your body what it wants," I said softly.
"And I only know one way to do that."

I stood up then and stepped back from the bed. My fingers were trembling and
they fumbled at the buttons of my blouse, but at last I got it off. When I
looked up, Corky was staring at me, mouth half open.

I have what I guess you'd call a lush body, at least if you were polite. At
my age you can't expect to be a bathing beauty unless you're Raquel Welch,
but I have curves in all the right places. My breasts are very large, and
they heaved against my bra as I stood in front of my son.

"Take your clothes off, too, Corky," I told him as I unzipped my slacks and
stepped out of them.

He was almost too shocked to move, I think, but he managed to undo the
buttons of his shirt while I stepped out of my shoes and slipped off my

I would have to help him. I stepped forward and unbuckled his belt, tugging
his jeans and his briefs down. His cock sprung out like it was propelled, fat
and long and hard.

This time I stared. Was I really going to do this?

"Mom," Corky said in a quiet voice, "would you... would you touch it?"

I put my hands on his shaft. It was warm. Before I knew what was happening,
I was rubbing it up and down, sliding my fingers all the way over the tip and
down. Corky lay back on the bed, moaning.

"Thank you, Mom," he said. "That's what I needed."

I knelt down beside the bed, my hands still stroking his cock. "It's better
than what Amanda did, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yesssss," he gasped.

"So from now on you'll never ask little girls to do this for you, will you?"

"No, Mom."

"Just your mother, right?"

"Yes, Mom."

"That's good, Corky. Because little girls don't know what you need. And you
should only do things like this with someone you love. You love me, don't

"Yes, Mom, I do!"

"And I love you, Corky." As I said that, I bent over his cock. A few drops of
white goo had oozed out of the tip. I rubbed it down over the shaft.

Then I parted my lips and brought them to his cock.

Inside my brain, part of me was screaming, "NO! You can't suck your own son's
dick! You're his mother!" But the rest of me knew that Corky needed an outlet
for his sexual desires. There was no other choice. I would have to be it.

I took his cock into my mouth. It was years since I had sucked a cock, but
the familiar taste of cum brought back the memories of back seats, secluded
picnic spots and empty balconies. I slid my lips down Corky's shaft.

"Ohhhh, Mom, that's wonderful!" he sighed, tangling his fingers in my black
curls. "I've never felt anything like that!"

I said nothing, just continued to suck on his dick, rubbing the shaft,
licking at the sensitive head.

In a few minutes I felt my son's rod stiffen and grow slightly larger. He
began to groan, louder and louder, and I knew it wouldn't be long. At last he
shot his cum into my mouth, a big burst that hit the back of my throat. I
swallowed his load and continued to milk his cock until the last drops were

"Thank you," Corky whispered as I crawled up on the bed next to him and took
him in my arms.

"You're welcome," I said. I hugged him tightly, trying to shield him from all
the bad things that the world might have in store. He hugged me back, and I
kissed him on the forehead. "You know I'll always love you you, Corky," I

"And remember, now, and don't ever forget. Whenever you have needs, you see
me. I may not always be able to help right away, but we'll find some time
alone as soon as we can. You'll remember, won't you?"

"Yes, Mom," he said with a shy smile. He looked sideways at me and I saw a
twinkle in his eye.

"What is it?"

"Um, well..."

"Go ahead, Corky, you can tell me," I urged.

"Well, I should see you whenever I have needs, right?"


"Well, I think I have them now." He pointed down, giggling.

I looked. He was right. His cock was standing almost upright again. Oh, the
vigor of youth, I thought.

I got to my knees on the bed and faced my son. With a snap, I pulled off my
bra, letting my big tits hang down. I'll confess, I had some needs myself at
that moment. My nipples were standing out stiff and hard.

"Touch my breasts," I told my son. "That's it. Rub them -- no, gently, like
this." I put my hands on his and showed him how to gently tease around the
outer edges of my dark aureoles, then move in and caress the nipples. I could
feel my cunt warm and juices flow as Corky massaged my breasts.

"Now suck on them, Corky. That's it -- no, don't bite, but you can nip at
them. Yessss. Oh, that's good."

It was almost too much to take. I bent down and pressed my lips to his. At
first he held them tightly closed, but I flicked my tongue out and he got the
idea. Soon our mouths were plastered together and our tongues were grappling
wildly. I pressed him back onto the bed, my heavy breasts rubbing against his
smooth, boyish chest. Just the touch of his skin against my nipples almost
sent me into an orgasm. I couldn't wait any longer.

As fast as I could, I sat back and pulled off my panties, then rose and
squatted over my son's hard, thick cock.

He looked up at me, and I saw love and lust in his eyes. He licked his lips.
"Will this be as good as the other time, Mom?"

I laughed. "I hope it's much better, Corky."

With that, I reached down and took his dick in my hand, guiding it to my slit
as I lowered myself onto him.

That instant may have been the last chance I had to redeem myself. A tiny
voice was still crying inside me. "He's your son! You're about to fuck your
own son!"

But by now a chorus was singing, "Do it! Stick that hard cock in your cunt!
Fuck your son!"

I did it. Big as Corky's cock was, it slid easily between my slick pussy
lips. As it slipped in, Corky's eyes got really big. "Oh, Mommy, are you
going to put all of that in you?"

"Yes, son," I said in a throaty whisper. "All of your big, hard cock is going
into your mother's hot, wet cunt. And then I'm going to slide up and down on
it. And it's going to be the best feeling you've ever had."

As I spoke, I let Corky's shaft into me, inch by inch. It was a tight fit,
even in my well-used cunt, but he filled me easily. When I had finally put it
all the way in and I was sitting on his crotch, I looked down and saw Corky
smiling up at me, eyes closed.

I began to ride him and he opened his eyes in surprise. "You were right! It
is the best I've ever had," he said.

Soon he began to get the idea and started bucking up at me. "Yes, Corky," I
urged him on. "That's it! Fuck your mother! Fuck me good! Oh, God, that's

"I love you, Mommy!" he shouted as his hips pushed against me.

I pulled his hands up to my breasts again, mashing them together. The bed was
creaking underneath us as we pounded away.

Maybe you think I'm a slut or a whore or an evil person, but at that moment
I knew that what I was doing was exactly right. My son's cock was shoved up
my cunt and it felt perfect. Sex with Dan had been good in the beginning,
before it got boring, but this was better than anything.

Corky's dick felt so good inside me that I didn't want to let it go, not even
after two orgasms shook every bone in my body. But my muscles were becoming
too weak to hold me up, so I lay back and had him kneel and enter me that

It wasn't long then before I felt the load building in him again. "I think
I'm going to shoot again, Mom," he whispered in my ear. "I think...

"Yes," I screamed, my legs wrapping around my son's waist. "Yesyesyesyesyes
Oh God Yesssss!" A third orgasm! That had never happened before. A third
orgasm ripped screams from my lungs as I felt my son's hot cum fill my cunt.

When at last Corky slumped onto me, exhausted, I rolled him over and licked
his cock clean. I smacked my lips at the taste of his cum blending with my
own secretions.

We cuddled on the bed for a while. Then I helped him change the sheets, which
were soaked.

And now Corky and I fuck almost every day, whenever we can sneak a moment --
sometimes just a quick feel on the stairs, or a blow-job in the bathroom. So
call me a slut or call me evil -- but never call me a bad mother.


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