Little House On The Prarie: A New Beginning (MMMF,MMFF,MF+,MF,inc,exhib)
by Spyder

It is now 10 years after Laura and Manly have been divorced. Charles and
Caroline have moved to the state capital and Charles is now the State
Senator. Laura, Mary, Grace and Albert now own the little house. Many things
have changed in the town of Walnut Grove, as Mary has miraculously regained
her eye sight after being raped by a crazed Mrs. Olsen, Mrs. Olsen is now in
the state mental institution, Mr. Olsen runs the store with the help of
Carrie Ingalls, Mr. Edwards has died of cancer, Nellie Olsen is sole owner
on the restaurant as her husband left her for another woman.

At the Ingalls home Mary and Laura await the arrival of their beloved parents
for their annual vacation. In the barn Albert is laying new hay with the help
of Willie Olsen. This is not the only thing that is being laid. Nellie has
quietly walked into the barn and whistles at the hard working pair. While she
walks to the area the boys are now standing and removes all of her clothing.
They watch as Nellie lowers her dress, panties and bra. On this day Nellie
decided to not wear a lot of clothing. She now stands before her brother and
Albert. "Hey boys, Why don't you take me all the way today. I feel the urge
to be fucked hard and long." she says as she unzips Albert's pants and
proceeds to suck the cock of her first lover since her divorce.

Albert removes his shirt, while he enjoys the only lady he has wanted to suck
his dick. Meanwhile at the other end of the white ass of Nellie, Willie, who
has jerked off until he is hard and ready, enters Nellie's ass to do a new
lesson he learned from Grace Edwards. A short time later Nellie takes hold of
her brother's dripping cock and licks the cum from his shaft and them begs
Albert to fuck her hot, pink pussy, covered with a blonde thatch of hair. She
moans in delight as her lover prepares to cum deep in her cunt.

Meanwhile, inside the house Mary and Laura have welcomed the visit of Mr.
Olsen and Doc Baker. The young women have invited the two older men to have
their sexual need tended to. Mary reaches for the hand of Mr. Olsen and asks
him to kiss her full lips. He obliges her by kissing her softly and unzips
her dress as he realizes that Mary has no underwear of any kind. Mary
whispers for him to eat her pussy and enjoy the fullness of her breasts.
Olsen undresses himself and reveals to Mary a hard cock of eight inches. As
this is going on Doc Baker has taken the initiative and undressed Laura and
himself. Laura strokes her older lovers dick and licks the head as she leads
him into a blowjob. Her full breasts rise and fall as Baker continues to fuck
the lady after the blowjob.

Laura moans in ecstacy as she says to Baker; "Oh my God, You are a very
strong and hot man to fuck."

At this time, Mary has cum multiple times and awaits a load of Olsen's cum
all over her face. She says, "Oh Fuck, Mr. Olsen you haven't been involved
for a long time."

After Olsen answers the question, he rolls off Mary and notices that Carrie
and Grace have begun to fondle each others tits. Doc Baker has grabbed his
clothing and headed towards the creek. The ladies have realized their
inhibitions have been cleared and help Mr. Olsen feel well fucked. He bangs
each of the four ladies and smiles at the luck he has today.

Outside Caroline and Charles have pulled up to the property and prepare to
find everyone. Caroline goes to the creek to freshen up as Charles takes the
horses over to the barn, where he sees the still naked and sexually involved
people in the barn. He stops where the three fuck, as Nellie says, "Don't
stand there with that hard-on," almost ripping the zipper out of your pants.

She immediately grabs the throbbing cock of her first lover ever. She thinks
back to when she saw a nude Charles in the barn and he decided to pluck her
cherry. Charles stands while Nellie sucks on his hard cock and she drinks the
load as he explodes into her mouth. Nellie has decided to include her brother
and Albert as she takes the cock of Albert in her tight ass and asks Willie
to fuck her pussy. The four of them continue the sex and relax afterward.

By the creek Doc Baker is still naked as he bask in the warm sun, Caroline
walks upon the scene without any clothes on. Startled she sees Baker and
kneels down beside him to stroke the cock of the man who she has been fucked
by many times before she and Charles moved to the capitol. Many of those
times she remembers a threesome happening. As a matter of fact she once
walked in on a 14 year old Laura giving him a blowjob. Once she sees her
lovers cock is solid, she places her mouth over it and licks down and up and
the deep throats this man's prick. He unloads all over her face and large
breasts. He clears his throat, licks his lips (which has just eaten a hot
tight pussy) and says, "It's fucking great to lay you one more time,
Caroline. I've just fucked your daughters and noticed that all of you have
such incredible tits, large with huge nipples."

Caroline blushes a tiny bit and excuses herself after he has sufficiently
fucked her.

Back in the house the Ingalls girls have returned to the chairs they sit
on at dinner. Olsen has redressed and smiles as Charles, Caroline, Nellie,
Albert and Willie walk in together. Everyone knows what has gone on and
Nellie walks over to lap up the cum off the tits of Laura, Mary, Grace and
Carrie. Charles and Caroline are visiting for a month and this will be


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