Little House Of The Prairie: Laura's New Experience (MF,oral,voy)
by MB

Laura had been in love with Almonzo Wilder ever since she met him. Now, finally, he said he loved her, too. But Pa said they had to wait a year and a half before they married.

Ma was worried. She knew Laura was a "good" girl but she knew waiting would be hard for her. The months crawled by.

One day Laura was in the Mercantile looking at fabric. Nelson Olesen called Harriet back to the storeroom. Laura said she would keep looking while Mrs. Olesen was gone. Laura could hear Mrs. Olesen squawking about something but couldn't make out what she was saying so she tip-toed over to the entrance to the storeroom to listen better. When she was close, Laura looked through the opening and was shocked!

Mrs. Olesen was on her knees and Nels Olesen was standing in front of her with his "thingy" in her face. And she put it in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. Laura was mesmerized by what she was seeing. She knew how babies were made. After all, she was a farm girl. But this, this was different. After a few minutes Mr. Olesen grabbed Harriet by the back of her head and Mrs. Olesen ended up with a mouthful of his stuff.

Laura quietly and quickly exited the store. She went and sat under a tree to think about what she had seen. She needed to talk to someone, but who? She couldn't talk to Ma about this or even Mary. She looked up and saw the school down the way. Maybe Miss Wilder was still there.

Laura walked into the school and found Eliza Jane Wilder at her desk. "Miss Wilder?"

"Well hello Laura. Now we are going to be sisters soon. You must call me Eliza Jane".

"Eliza Jane, I need to talk to you about something embarrassing."

They began talking and finally Laura asked about when a woman puts a man's thingy in her mouth. Miss Wilder kept saying that Laura should talk to her mother about it. But Laura kept saying she couldn't. Finally Miss Wilder said that yes, most men really like that but a young lady must be very careful because boys talk and if a girl got that reputation she would have to leave town.

On her way home, Laura's head was still spinning. She could feel how excited she was. Finally, she hit upon a plan.

Almonzo was taking her on a picnic tomorrow. She would find out for herself if men like this.

It was a warm spring day and Laura had fixed a wonderful meal. She knew Manly, as she called Almonzo, enjoyed it. They were at Laura's favorite fishing spot, sitting under a big tree. Manly leaned back and closed his eyes. Next thing Laura knew, he was asleep. She decided this was her chance. She gently undid his pants and, in a flash, she wrapped her lips around it. He got hard immediately and started moaning. Laura started bobbing her head like she'd seen Mrs. Olesen do.

* * *

Mr. Olesen had lots of stuff in the mercantile. His latest favorite was a telescope. He was taking it out to the woods to look at birds. Almost a thousand yards away he could see something. He took out the telescope, extending the tube, and was shocked! That was Laura and Almonzo! Wow! How long had this been going on? Laura sure looked like she knew what to do!

* * *

Almonzo awoke abruptly. "Laura?! What, what are you doing?" That's all he had time to say before...Laura was swallowing his stuff! "Oh Manly! Did you like it? Did it feel good?" He pulled his pants back up, his mind reeling. "I want to make you feel good. I want you to be happy!" Laura said. Yes Manly liked it! And yes she would do that again!!

The next day Laura was back at the Mercantile. Mrs. Olesen wasn't feeling well so Nels was running the store alone. When Laura walked in, Nels got a hard on. "Well Laura, how was your picnic yesterday? I didn't know you were a fellatrix!" Laura looked at him puzzled by the statement. "I saw you and Almonzo! What do you think your Pa would say if he found out?"

"Oh, please Mr Olesen, don't tell him!" Mr. Olesen said he wouldn't ever say anything IF she would come by the store once a week for ten weeks and do that to him. Laura felt trapped. Finally, she said okay and ran out of the store.

After a few minutes she decided to tell Mr. Olesen she wouldn't do it. She walked in the Mercantile but Mr. Olesen wasn't there. He must be in the storeroom she thought and boldly walked in.

Mr. Olesen again was standing in front of Mrs. Ol-wait! That's not Mrs. Olesen! That is Eliza Jane! Laura walked in and said, "Mr. Olesen, I don't think your wife would like this! I think the three of us will just agree never to speak of this again!"


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