Little House On The Prairie: Mrs. Olsen Teaches Albert (bF,bF-mast,voy)
by Spyder

Welcome to Walnut Grove, a quiet little community of very few people. The
main street is slowly filling with visitors and town folk. It is summer and
the Olsens have sent their children to the aunt's place for two weeks and
Nels is picking up orders for the store. Mrs. Olsen is left alone and some
would say with good reason, as she is known to be the town crank. She looks
high and low for someone to help her lift boxes into the storage room and
settles on the adopted son of the Ingalls, Albert.

His father Charles, who tells him that he, will pick him up at four, drops
off Albert at the Mercantile. Albert enters the store and reports to the
wily bitch and awaits instructions. Harriet welcomes the young Ingalls and
leads him to the room he will be working in. She tells Albert to sort out
the cans in order of the type of contents and then report to her once he is
done the task. Albert says quietly that this will be the easiest five dollars
he has made since arriving in Walnut Grove. Albert happens upon some nude
photos as he stacks the cans on the shelf, removes them from the envelope
they are in and sees various pics of naked girls, he assumes that Nels must
hide them when he needs to release some tension. He sits there wondering why
his dick is responding to such filth and realizes that unless he does
something quick he will have something hot and gooey in his shorts. Albert
lowers his trousers and begins to pull on his hard cock.

A few moans of delight and Mrs. Olsen interrupts by wondering what he is up
to at only twelve years old. Seeing the pictures that she has caught Nels
with, she understands the situation and sits there wondering if she should
help Albert understand sex. She leaves, feeling a tiny bit horny at the sight
of a young boy masturbating she heads to the office to relieve some tension.

Albert goes back to work stacking, sorting, and pricing cans of goods for the
store. He sees the white ooze he shot on the floor and finds a mop to clean
it up and then relaxes for a short breather. Fifteen minutes later the young
Ingalls is working at the task set before him. It is nearly lunch hour as he
seeks out Mrs. Olsen to ask for his lunch break. Finding her in the office
Albert catches a glimpse of her naked body. A little chunky, with over sized
breasts and a hairy patch between her legs; Albert gets another twinge in his
pants and wonders if he is old enough to be taught how to fuck as he has
heard the older people say. Mrs. Olsen sees him and asks what he is doing
there staring as she is fully undressed before him. Albert asks if he can
take his lunch break before starvation sets in. Harriet says that is okay and
that she will make it for him. She forgets that she is naked and heads to the
kitchen to make Albert a sandwich. Albert follows her watching her large ass
wiggle and jiggle up the stairs to the kitchen.

She turns to him and smiles at the thought that he didn't run away and
prepares some food for him, but Albert has other thoughts as he gently rubs
her ass while stroking his bulge. Straightening to talk to him, Harriet
decides that if he is willing to rub her ass, he must be willing to learn
how to fuck a woman. She puts knife down, slowly lowers his pants and
underwear and then strokes the cock she saw only an hour ago. Albert becomes
excited and asks Harriet is he can kiss her tits. Olsen is shocked at the
request of this young boy and yet is intrigued by the thought of teaching
him how to please a horny woman of any size and age.

Soon, she obliges him by lying on the vast table and tells him to enjoy.
Grasping the huge mounds of flesh, Albert licks them while he hears her
whisper to bite the nipples. She squeals and rises slowly, and then she
places Albert on the table and says that she is going to suck his cock.
Albert finds this kind of gross, as even though he has seen his mom and
dad fuck, he has never witnessed a cock being sucked. He wonders if Nels
has had this treatment from this woman. Harriet takes hold of the boy's
fully erect six-inch penis, strokes the length of it, and whispers that
he is about to feel something new. Shortly after a few well placed strokes,
she licks the head of Albert's dick, peeks at his smiling face and then
slowly moves her lips all over his cock. Albert's nerves are jumping at
the thought of having sex at such a young age, he knows that he will be
ahead of other boys his age unless Mrs. Olsen has done this kind of thing

Feeling his load well up inside the shaft of his cock, he watches in horror
as Harriet swallows the hot sticky goo and returns to sucking his balls.
Harriet stands before the lad, asks him to stand up as she lies on the table
and then tells him to lick her hot cunt. Albert has seen his father eat pussy
before and asks if she wants her pussy totally wet when the finale comes.
Harriet smiles and says, yes he should devour her twat, and then she will
help him enter her already dripping box.

Albert drives his tongue slowly into the dark cavern, full of thick black
hair, he finds her sweet spot, licking her clit while jamming his fingers
deep inside. Harriet moans, as she is surprised that such a young boy can
do this so well. Albert sees that wonderment in her eyes and tells her
that Nelly has allowed him to finger fuck her young pussy many times and
occasionally lick it as well. Mrs. Olsen smiles and then says like mother,
like daughter and realizes that Nelly might be turning into a slut too soon.
Harriet widens her thighs as she pushes her pelvic region into Albert's
face; she orgasms multiple times as her cum touches Albert's tongue. He
licks his lips and swallows hard.

Harriet slides off the table, walks to the living room from the kitchen,
leads the young Ingalls lad to the couch lies spread eagle and asks Albert
to lie on top of her. Doing as she asks, Albert lies with his stiffened rod
piercing her slit. She takes hold of it and puts his cock in her gaping
pussy, then she tells him to gently pump up and down in her cunt. Again
Albert follows orders and finds rhythm in fucking this wanton slut. She
moans in ecstasy, as she knows that Albert will be great for a few more hot
lunches with her in the future. Albert cums very quickly and he backs away
after his load has filled the ladies hole. She gets up, looks at the clock,
bends over to pick up her daughter's shoes, and is shocked as Albert uses
the opportunity to enter her large ass. She screams as she knows that her
ass has never been fucked by any man and knows that the unsteady movements
of Albert leads her to believe that he is in his first ass. From the door,
they do not realize that Nelly is watching the lesson and hopes that the
next time she and Albert are alone that he will help her become sexually
active. Once he has cum on her bubbly ass cheeks, Albert returns to where
his clothes lie and decides to return to work without lunch. Harriet brings
him a sandwich and water a short time later.

His work completed, Charles and Albert head home, he doesn't discuss what
Mrs. Olsen taught him and is quiet on the way home pick up Albert. He dreams
about having his cock inside Nelly before to long.

The end


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