[Name of the Story:] Family Fun - A Little House on the Prairie Story

[Author:] Storyteller23

[Type:] father/daughter

[Disclaimer:] [Please note, this story is about incest. It depicts sexual intercourse
between family members. If you are offended by such tales, please, do not read any further.
Thank you]

It was a hot day, and Charles Ingalls just finished plowing the fields and
drove home. He walked
to the door of the barn and hears a bit of splashing and he knocks on the
"Caroline? Is that you?"
A small voice replied, "No Papa, it's Laura."
Charles' face breaks out in a grin and he pushes the barn door open and
walks inside, closing the
door behind him.
"Hello Half Pint..taking a bath?" His eyes roaming over her 13 year old
body, his crotch
beginning to make a tent in his pants.
"Yes Papa..would you like to join me? I'm sure that I can take care of
that hard cock for you."
He grins and takes off his clothes and walks closer to Laura, his hard cock
bobbing up and down
as he walks and he gets to the tub and climbs in.
"Ahhhhhhh, nice! Charles sighed.
Laura smiles at him and moves closer to him, leaning up and kissing him
deeply, her small tongue
pushing past his parted lips, seeking out his tongue and swirling around it
in an erotic dance of passion. As
she kisses him, she reaches down and takes his big, hard cock into her hands
and starts to stroke it up and
down slowly.
Charles moans into the kiss, his tongue fighting with his daughters and he
moans again as he feels
her small hands on his cock, stroking it and he puts his arms around her
tiny frame and pulls her closer,
breaking the kiss.
"How do you want to be fucked Half Pint..slow or a good hard fuck?"
She grins at him and purrs, still stroking his cock. "Hard Papa...I want
to feel every inch of your
fat prick fucking my cunt!"
He grins at her words and turns her over, putting her on her hands and
knees, her ass thrust up into
the air. He takes his cock into his hand and runs the tip up and down her
pussy lips for a moment before
sliding into her tight little pussy to the hilt and thrusts into her hard
and fast, moaning.

Laura moans as she feels his cock sliding into her tight pussy, pushing her
hips back against him.
"Fuck me Papa...fuck me hard!" she moans out.
He grins and grabs her hips and rears back, slamming his hard cock into her
pussy, moaning at the
tightness. He reaches under her and rubs her clit slowly, in small circles.
Laura, feeling his cock slamming into her, slams her own hips back against
him, her head in the
air, crying out in pleasure. She gasps as she feels his fingers on her
sensitive clit, moaning deeply, her
breasts bouncing around underneath her body.
"Yesssssss my slutty daughter, you like when Papa fucks you like this don't
you?" He grins and
drives his cock deep into her tight, young pussy, his body shuddering at the
pleasure that her pussy is
giving him.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD Papa, I love it! Fuck me...FUCK ME!!!!!!!!" she
moans out.
He shudders, driving into her pussy faster, harder and deeper, shuddering
more and groaning, his
cock buried within her and his cock erupts, filling her young cunt with his
hot cum. Laura feeling him cum
into her tight cunt, throws back her head and shivers and shudders,
screaming out in pleasure as she cums,
coating his cock and balls with her juices.


"OHHHHH MAMA, LICK MY CUNT! Mary Ingalls cries out. Her mother Caroline
Ingalls is
between her daughter's legs, whipping her tongue across Mary's pussy lips.
" daughter has such a tasty pussy..oh how I wish I could have
tasted this a
long time ago."
Mary arches her hips and screams as Caroline rams her tongue into her
daughter's pussy, licking
around inside Mary before pumping her tongue in and out of Mary slowly,
prolonging her daughter's
"FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO CUM MAMA!" Mary cries
out and she
shudders, arching her hips up and cumming hard, her cum running over
Caroline's tongue and coating her
face. Caroline licks at her daughter's pussy, cleaning her up and the sound
of clapping comes from the
"Bravo! Encore!!!!!" Charles stands there, along with Laura, clapping his
wife and daughter's
performance and Caroline looks up at them and grins, licking her lips.
"Charles, come here, fuck Mary..she's been begging for your cock for a
while now."
Charles grins and strips out of his clothes, his cock hard again from
watching Caroline and Mary
go at it, and he walks over to Mary and climbs onto the bed and looks into
her daughters eyes.
"Papa's going to fuck you good want that don't you?"
Mary, breathing heavily from her orgasm just nods and smiles, looking up at
her father.
Charles slides the tip of his cock into Mary's tight cunny and slides in
until he hits the barrier of
her virginity and he grins and pulls out a bit and thrusts his cock through
her hymen and deep into her
Mary, feeling the tearing of her hymen, screams out in pain and starts to
cry a bit, looking up at
her father and smiles, the pain disappearing and nods to him.
"Please Papa, fuck me...cum in my tight cunt!"
Charles leans over and kisses his daughter deeply as he starts to thrust
into his daughter's pussy,
moaning deeply at the pleasure. Mary moans with her father, feeling his
cock fill her like nothing else in
the world has ever filled her and arches her hips up, meeting her father's
every thrust.
"Ohhhh Papa, this feels good! Fuck me faster! Please!"
Charles just grins and caresses his daughter's breasts, his cock slamming
into her deep and fast,
making both him and Mary moan. Charles pinches his daughters nipples before
bringing his head down
and licking at them, sending shivers throughout Mary's body and she arches
up and cums. Her juices
rushing out of her pussy, coating her thighs and asscrack along with
Charles's cock, balls and thighs and
Charles gives on last plunge into Mary's cunny and cums, shooting string
after string of his hot, creamy
cum into her.
"Ohhhhhh FUCK!!!!!" They cry out at the same time, Charles collapsing on
his daughters body,
his arms wrapping around her slender waist and holding her close, and
Caroline and Laura join the pair on
the bed and snuggle close, each of them exhausted and they fall asleep,
until next time they have their
family fun.

The End

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