Little House on the Prairie: The Deflowering Of Laura (MF)
by Sarah Twoshoes

Laura finished straining Fawn's new milk and set the pan aside. It was only
five o'clock, but the day had been so full that she felt somewhat tired.
There was the hurried preparation for the drive to Reverend Brown's, and then
the celebration meal at home. Finally, Ma and the girls had helped her pack
up all of her things to take to the new little house that Manly had built for
her. After doing the chores and putting everything in its proper place,
Laura felt estranged.

She wiped her damp palms on her calico work-apron and recalled the night
before. Ma had taken her aside to explain to her about married life. Her
"marital duties", Ma explained, were an unpleasant but necessary obligation
that she must fulfill without question.

Laura was so lost in thought that the bottom dropped out of her stomach when
Manly came up behind her. "Oh, Manly!" she gasped in surprise.

He felt her tiny waist in his hands and he gave her a little squeeze. Laura
was so nervous that her corsets felt far too tight. In the August heat they
nearly suffocated her.

"I've got threshing to do tomorrow at the Webbs'," Manly said quietly, "so I
think it best that we get to bed early tonight."

Laura quailed at what lay ahead. Ma mentioned that it would hurt terribly
but there was no help for it, that was how babies were made. Laura's tongue
was so dry in her mouth that she could hardly speak, but somehow she choked
out, "Do we have to?"

Instead of answering, he led her by the hand to the back bedroom. There
stood the wide bed, all fresh and crisp with its plump goosedown pillows and
the Dove-in-the-Window quilt she had made as a girl, spread upon it. Her bed
had always meant sleep to Laura before, but tonight she knew it would mean
something terribly different, and tomorrow she would have to wash the
bloodstains from the snow-white sheets. She longed to run to the linen
closet and at least put a towel down, but Manly would know why she did that,
and it would just be too embarrassing. She would rather do the extra work.

"It's strange to be going to bed while it's still light out," she offered,
not quite knowing what to do.

"I expect we'll be going to bed later on, most days." Manly sat carefully on
the bed and removed his boots. They made a thump, thump sound as they hit
the floor.

"You're not getting undressed in front of me, are you?" Laura was shocked.
Manly stopped what he was doing.

"Of course I am, Laura. We're married now, we're husband and wife."

As his shirt came off she saw the hard-muscled chest and arms. They were
tanned and had little golden hairs on them. Laura wanted to touch him, to
feel the smoothness of his skin under her fingertips. The boldness of her
thoughts embarrassed her. She blushed and turned her back.

Laura unbuttoned the front of her dress and stepped out of it. She let the
silky thickness of her long brown hair slide past her shoulders, grateful for
the screen it provided.

Manly watched as she undid her corset and quickly reached for her bleached
muslin nightgown. She slipped it over her head and only then did she remove
her shoes, drawers and petticoats.

Manly didn't bother putting on his nightshirt. He loved Laura, ever since he
had seen her as a girl of thirteen. She and Carrie were lost among the tall
grasses of Big Slough and just happened upon him and Royal, mowing hay. He
knew right then when he saw her blue-eyed merriness that he wanted her for
his wife. That was five years ago, thought Manly, and she sure doesn't look
merry now.

Laura could feel his gaze at her back. She could hardly bear the strain of
it all. She dreaded getting into that bed but she knew she must. Quick as
a flash she was there beside him. And then Laura saw that Manly was
completely bare as she lifted the quilt to get in. A lump came to her throat
when she saw how big he was. "I don't want to do this!" she blurted.

Concerned, Manly asked, "But why, Laura? Don't you love me?"

"Of course I do, but I don't want you to hurt me and Ma says there's no other
way!" She was almost in tears as she sat limply down on the bed.

"Laura, I promise that I will do my best not to hurt you." Manly was very
earnest."And if I am doing something you don't like, I will stop if you ask
me." He took her small hands in his, and she relaxed a little.

At Manly's request she took off her nightgown. They snuggled down together,
and to Laura it was strange to feel his bare skin against her own. Deep
inside she felt a wobbly little tingle.

As for Manly, the feel of her against him inflamed his desire more than he
ever knew possible. He touched her glossy hair and buried his face in the
smoothness of it. He gave tender little kisses to her white neck. Laura was
so small, so delicate and perfect, that he was afraid he'd break her.

Manly's large, strong hands gently stroked her, as he would a cat. A sound,
like a purr, came from deep inside her throat. He stopped, surprised.

"I don't know where that came from," she made apology.

"I don't mind, Laura -- whatever you do is fine with me."

Strangely the sound had increased his need for her. The sounds increased as
Manly continued to knead and stroke her beautiful body. Laura moaned and
gasped, she writhed under his touch. She felt a warm dampness between her
legs as his lips met her nipple. She dared a kiss to his salty neck, and
then opened her mouth to tease him with her tongue.

"Oh, God!" Laura's tender advances made Manly ache with hunger. He took her
hand and placed it for her on his hard erection. At first she pulled back
and then, intrigued, she tightened her grasp.

The smoothness of his sex surprised and delighted Laura. The way Ma had
described it she expected it to be rough and sharp. A clear drop of liquid
rose to the top and perched on the tip. Without thinking, she tasted it. It
was salty. Manly groaned a deep groan and then gasped as she sucked on the
head. My God! Where had she learned to do that?

Laura was really only satisfying her own forbidden yearnings. They had begun
just three years before when Manly first gave her a ride to school in his new
buggy. She didn't know that he'd had his eye on her for some time, but his
friendly manner and rugged good looks had opened a place in her heart that
she had not known was there.

The wetness between Laura's legs continued to grow as Manly firmly stroked
and massaged all of her backside. He snaked his hand between her legs and
gently rubbed her there. The force of her reaction both startled and aroused
him even more. Manly could smell her clean perspiration and something more
that drove him wild.

He licked and pawed her breasts, thighs, navel. Then he smelled her
fragrance most strongly. It came from between her legs. Irresistably Manly
was drawn closer. Suddenly he was licking the soft folds of her sex and
tasting of her erotic flavor. The incredible tightness in his groin was
almost more than he could stand.

Laura lost herself in the smooth, buttery feeling that came from down there
and spread all throughout her body. Strangely, the bottoms of her feet felt
hot and her face was flushed. Her erect nipples were like roses on the white
of her breasts. Manly reached up to caress one and rapidly lapped back and
forth with his tongue.

"Oh, Manly! What are you doing to me?" Laura wanted to laugh and cry and
sob with pleasure all at once.

Manly knew he could hold himself back no longer. "Laura, I'm coming inside
of you now, okay?" His breath was rapid and he could hear his heart pounding
in his ears. Laura spread her legs wider, feeling a squirmy ache within her
that longed to be satisfied.

Manly guided his swollen cock-head into her untried sex. With one hand he
held himself up, fearful of putting too much weight on her, and with the
other he stroked and massaged the button at the top of her silky petals.

He went in carefully, inch by inch, knowing he must do it right, for Laura's
first time. She gasped and writhed beneath him. Droplets of sweat
delicately beaded her forehead. He felt how close and hot she was, and he
almost lost control of himself. Manly saw some blood but Laura made no
mention of pain.

She felt a small amount of discomfort but it almost went unnoticed as she was
carried away by wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure. She clenched every
muscle and cried out when the orgasm hit her.

Manly thrust firmly and deliberately, barely holding on, but her obvious
climax so inflamed him that he came just as her's was winding down. The
fiery joy that washed over him was beyond anything he had expected. His
cries joined Laura's own and then he collapsed on top her, drained, panting
for breath.

They lay there in a tangle of arms, legs, and twisted sheets. Only their
heavy breathing and the nightbird's song were heard. They had filled each
other with a kind of love that was so rare, so new, that to speak would seem
to burst its delicate shell.

The sun set just beyond the little house on the hill. Laura and Manly sank
into sleep right along with it, knowing that the morrow was a new day for


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