Little House On The Prairie: The Enslavement Of Nellie, Harriet, And Laura (MF,Mf,MMFf,Ff,FFff,inc,inter,exhib,reluc)
by Dr. Bone.

In 1977 my father spotted a box of old photographs at a garage sale. The people who had bought the home had obviously not looked through what was there and had just sold the contents out.

Years later I inherited my dad's house and with it the box of photographs which he had kept hidden. Some were really old, done on glass plates. But it was the three photographs in the bottom of the tin box, inside a worn yellow envelope that really caught my imagination.

One was of an older plump woman, fast asleep in her bed. The blanket was half on her but she was obviously naked. What made it unusual was there was a black man next to her. He was a large fellow, well muscled and was cupping her left tit while she slept. Was it an art photograph? Was she drugged? I did not know.

The next photograph was of another lady asleep. She was blonde, in her late teens or early twenties, her hair in curls (and no it was not Cindy Brady). She two had a black man next to her while she slept. He was older than the first man, naked in the bed except for a derby hat and a cigar. Her hand rested on top of his cock.

The third photograph was the most striking of all. It showed a small brunette girl. Nice tits, her hair done in pigtails. Each of the aforementioned men stood on either side of her, their cocks in her face as they each held up a pig tail in their hands. She seemed to have a tear running down her eye. The location for this one was some sort of general store.

I kept the photos for years. Then in 1998 I bought my first computer and began to do a search to see if I could find who these women were. I hit many dead ends. But as the internet and my own detective skills grew I had my first break through. The younger man was a famous bare knuckles brawler. Scanning the photos and enhancing them helped even more. A small bit of stationary visible in the third shot gave me my most valuable clue. I had a location.

Piecing together town records I was able to locate where these men stayed. And then I had a bit more luck, at ironically enough another estate sale I found the diary, that along with the other documents I collected told the full story. I shall tell the story not in dry facts but as a narrative. The supposition is purely in the interest of good story telling with none of the facts being altered...

Nels Oleson had to leave Walnut Grove. He had been drafted by his brother to help with the Chicago Democrats Campaign for the presidential election of 1884. His wife Harriet, who ran their general store protested.

"But Nels, I will miss you. Who will take care of the store? Albert is going off to college this year." Mrs. Oleson protested.

"Don't worry, I have made arrangements. Big Joe and his friend Gregory Washington are going to watch the store and help out.

Harriet made a sour face. "Nels, those men are..." She looked at husband's disapproving face, "Well you know they are..." He waited for her to get it out "...Negro."

"And what is your problem? You know me going to do this will lead to better things. The people I will meet at the convention will help us in our business, maybe even get Albert a scholarship for a better college." Harriet started to open her mouth but realized the matter was closed.

The two men came to see Nels off to the train then they went to work in the store and hotel. At first Harriet watched over them like a hawk, but soon found them to be hard workers. They worked longer than many of the whites they had used throughout the years.

Oh Harriet tested them, putting extra pay in their envelope one day, only to have it returned the next.

Nellie, on the other hand needed more convincing. She took one of Willie's "penny-dreadful" novels. "Here it is. The natives in the jungle, all they want are the white women. I am sleeping with my door locked. The story was accompanied by such a dreadful illustration that even Mrs. Oleson had to wrinkle her nose in disgust at it.

The men, however, were perfect gentlemen. Though there was one incident that unsettled her mind. One day both men were leaving the school house. The two school teachers Miss Eliza Jane Wilder and Miss Eva Beadle (who had to come back to teach again due to Walnut Grove's expanding population) were seen waving goodbye to the men and it was said that Mrs. Beadle was blushing while Mrs. Wilder was adjusting her skirt and petticoat. "Maybe locking the door at night was a good idea." Though Harriet.

But as the weeks wore on she started to feel comfortable again around them even joking with them sometimes. Then there came the day some invoices came in for so cloth that Mrs. Oleson had bought from France. Big Joe went over to her and took the receipt out of her hands. He squinted a moment as she went "Tsk! Tsk!" He then translated what was written on the invoice, pointing out a mistake in her favor.

Harriet did not believe it, thinking he must have guessed at what was written. The next day she brought it to the school teacher, Miss. Wilder who said indeed it was what he said it was. Mrs. Oleson before leaving had meant to ask her about that day she saw her and the two men but decided against it.

Harriet later swallowed her pride and said thank you for the help. He smiled slowly saying that he had been in Paris. She looked surprised but did not scoff. He told her some tales of his bare-knuckled brawling in Europe.

A few days later came a storm. The hotel the Olesons ran was empty except for two people. I know one for a fact was Frederick Hans a famous photographer of the day who made his reputation taking photographs of the aftermath of Civil War battles. I learned this from a hotel register I found; he was undoubtedly the photographer that took the photographs.

Later that afternoon the sky grew darker until it looked like night had fallen in the middle of the day. Joe and Gregory helped the Olesons secure their store and hotel. Normally the two men slept in the shed in back of the store but that night Harriet was feeling charitable, plus she hoped later to take the rooms she provided out of the men's pay; at a discount of course. The wind preceding the snow was fierce. A branch had broken the main bedroom window. Joe had hammered a board in place which the wind and snow at bay, at least until new glass could be ordered.

That evening Mrs. Olson thought she heard the door of her bedroom open, she lit the lamp on her bedside table. She saw a figure and thought it was Nellie until the light revealed that it was Joe. "I just wanted to make sure the boards were holding up okay."

Mrs. Oleson snapped back that the boards were okay and that she would like it if he left her bedroom.

Joe chuckled he would... "for now." he chuckled under his breath.

The next day the storm grew still bigger and the town of Walnut Grove ground to a halt. Mrs. Oleson busied herself the best she could tidying up the shop. She found a package addressed to her. She grew excited, it was from Paris. Maybe Nels had ordered it for her.

That night she made sure everyone was asleep only then did she unwrap the package. "Why that naughty..." She said. It was one of those corsets she had read about, and not the one that was usually worn under a dress. And stockings, black ones along with a garter belt. "What does he think..." She started to say. But then again he was in the big city, with all those loose women and all. And he was going to come back with some power." She realized she would have to please him to keep him.

The corset laced up from the front, and as she did it she thought of Nels getting an office, or even being elected. She'd have to make sure his secretary was a man or an older woman. She slipped on the garters and stockings. She took stock of herself in the mirror. A little heavy but she only seemed to notice her fat soft breasts, which were now pushed up and together from the corset.

Just then the door opened. She had thought she had locked it. It was Big Joe, dressed only in his nightshirt. Harriet covered her breasts with her hands and yelled out in shock. "What are you doing in here?" Even as she saw his male member tent up the front of his nightshirt.

"I just wanted to see if you enjoyed the present I got you, and it seems that you did. Didn't you see the note?"

"What note?" Then she remembered the pink piece of paper. Covering her breasts with one hand she reached to the floor to pick it up as she did Joe quoted it word for word. The date on the package was after Nels had left for Chicago.

Joe turned around and locked the door behind him. Harriet asked him what he was doing. He chuckled and pulled off his nightshirt and was standing in front of her naked. Despite herself Harriet gawked. She had never seen such a muscular man, and his member was huge, like something out of those "penny-dreadfuls" where the natives take the white women and... She stopped that thought. Joe walked towards her.

"Look I've cleaned the store, painted the barn, stocked the shelves, but this is what you really need done."

"Look I...I..." she said stunned.

He took her wrist in his powerful hand and guided it down to his cock. Even as she protested she grasped it her eyes going wide at how solid it felt. Joe then leaned forward and kissed her.

"You shouldn't..."

"You are saying that dressed up like a French whore." He said then giving her ass a hard slap. He pulled her in and kissed her again. She pumped him up and down, and to her surprise his cock got still bigger. He reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy finding it surprisingly wet. He started to walk towards the bed making her walk backwards until she fell onto it. Her legs spread wide as Joe got onto the bed with her, her eyes seemed only to be able to focus on that massive cock bouncing towards her...

* * *

Nellie heard a knock on the door, she took the magazine that Willie had given her and threw it clumsily under the bed. She had been fingering herself reading about the brave white explorers wives being in peril as they were captured by the jungle natives. She did not know exactly what had excited her. "Who is it?" She asked, then the door opened, it was Washington, clad only in his nightshirt and his ever present derby.

"What do you want?" Nellie said trying to sound as bossy as ever.

"The storm is pretty strong out there, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay, do you need tucking in?" He said mockingly. "Maybe a warm glass of milk? Or do you need me to read to you from that nasty magazine under your bed?"

Nellie blushed then got angry getting out of bed she snatched the magazine up and threw it into a draw in her dresser locking it. Then she noticed he had a package in his hands. "What is that? Is that for me? Did you steal it?"

"No I did not. It was a present for you. But now I am not going to give it to you." He said lying to her, "Not unless you take out that magazine for me to see. Come on don't be embarrassed. If you want your gift you will do it."

Nellie took the magazine out of the draw saying it was Willie's anyway. Washington thumbed through it laughing at the crude illustrations of white women imperiled by "black-savages." "Why are you reading such junk? Unless..unless you like it?"

"Please give me my present." Nellie said; the unsaid part was of course "Then get out." He kept the box from her. She noticed the bulge in night shirt, but tried to ignore it. "Come on give it to me." She said snatching it out of his hands. She ripped the brown paper off of the package revealing the fancy French store box. She opened it and found an outfit that was identical to the one her mother had on.

"Well this is nice, is there a dress with it?"

"Only if you play your cards right." He said pulling his nightshirt off. Somehow his derby stayed on the whole time. She was surprised at how muscular he was. He advanced towards her. She had once given one of the farmer boys a hand-job but his cock was nowhere as big as the one she saw in front of her.

"You want me to be like one of those savages you read about? Okay! Arghh!" He said making his eyes all wide.

"You are scaring me! What do you want?"

Washington laughed. "What I want? I want to stick this in every one of your holes all night long you little racist bitch." He took a step towards her, she was backed against the bedpost. He reached out squeezing her tits through her nightgown.

"Stop or I'll...I'll scream." She threatened. He said she would scream, all night. He grabbed the collar of her nightgown and with both hands pulled it apart. Her ripped nightgown fell to the floor, within a minute she was naked. He pulled her over his knees as he sat down on the bed. His cock pressed against her stomach. She felt his hand come down on her ass with a hard slap followed by another and another and another. She struggled to get loose but he was too strong holding her in place. "When I tell you to do something you do it. Understand me!" Her ass stung from the spanking but there was an erotic element to it. She felt herself getting wet.

"Now you can put that stuff on later I am going to teach you how a French whore does it. Get on your knees. Now rub yourself. Don't act like you don't do it! Rub yourself. That's it rub that little bump on it." Nellie rubbed her clitoris making herself cum. Washington moved closer and closer to her, his cock was inches from his face, and then he moved it still closer. She pressed her lips closed tight, as if that would stop the inevitable...

* * *

Joe stood over Harriet for a moment, he grabbed her ankles spreading her legs into a wide "V" then lining up his cock pushed it into the store keeper's cunt.

"Oh my! Oh! Oh!" was all she could say then, "If this got out I'd be ruined the neighbors."

"You'd be surprised how many of their wives I've been with." He said thrusting into her deeper and deeper, as he kissed and sucked on those huge tits of hers.

He rolled them over on the bed so she was on top of him, something her husband Nels never allowed. He watched her tits slam up and down as she bounced on top of him.

A third change of position had her on her hands and knees as she stood at the foot of the bed now in total control of her with his hands holding her hips. She had never been with a man so long, ever...

* * *

Washington had his cock lying across Nellie's face, her lips were still slightly closed as she continued to rub herself. The tension was getting too much for her. "Come on. Just like in the books. I have tied up now I am going to have my way with you. Kiss it." Nellie could feel herself get wetter at the dominant way he talked to her, and her mind brought up the images of those forbidden stories.

"Promise you won't harm my husband." She said role-playing. He said he would not. She leaned forward and kissed his cock, surprised at how solid it felt. He grabbed her free hand and had put it around his shaft telling her to open her mouth and take his savage cock into it.

Nellie opened as wide as she could and took his shaft into her mouth. She looked across at her image in the mirror, she felt incredibly ashamed and sexy at the same time. The man groaned in pleasure making her feel like she knew what she was doing. Her mouth formed an airtight seal over his penis. He took his cock out of her mouth and told her to spit on the head. She did not know why she was doing it but she obeyed. Her hand stroked the huge part of the shaft that was still outside of her mouth.

"Yeah! That's good! I think you earned something." He said getting her onto the bed. He spread Nellie's legs apart and pushed his cock into her. Her pussy was so tight that his shaft actually bent as it struggled to push itself in. Nellie made one big groan. He kissed her and sucked her tits as he pounded her...

* * *

Harriet got off of Joe's shaft she could feel his seed drip out of her pussy. If she had a second to thing about the enormity of what she had done she was not given time. She wanted to go to the bathroom to clean herself up, but Joe would not allow it. Usually her husband would be asleep by now but Joe directed her to kneel before him and suck his cock. Now, unlike her daughter Mrs. Olson had done it before, but never on a cock so big, or one that had been inside of her still covered with her juice. She usually made her own husband wash himself off. He playfully slapped her face with just enough force to show he was not to be denied this pleasure. She kissed his cock head nosily then straining her mouth she took him into it. His hand grabbed the back of her head and progressively forced more and more of his shaft down her throat with each head bob.

He told her to rub her pussy as she sucked him off. When he was hard enough he laid down on the bed and had her get on top of him letting her bounce up and down on his cock as he enjoyed the sight of her fat tits jiggle. He bragged about all the women in town he had screwed including, to her shock, Mrs. Ingles. He said how he helped out in their farm and one day while her husband was in town she called him into the barn, and when he got there she was totally naked.

Mrs. Olson could hardly believe that Caroline would do such a thing, but then again, neither could she believe that she would do it either. The fucking went on well into the night. When finally the exhausted mother and daughter fell asleep Frederick Hans crept into each room and took photographs of the women as they slept. These were the same pictures my father would find at the yard sale nearly a century later.

* * *

The next morning both Olson women got up early to clean up. There was a break in the storm and some customers trickled into the store to stock up while Joe and Washington cleaned up the place the best they could. Later there was a resurgence of the storm, but this time mostly wind blowing the snow which forced them to close up a bit early. It was with both dread and anticipation that Harriet waited to hear that knock on her door again.

When George came into the room he greeted Harriet with a big deep kiss as he fondled her through her nightgown. This time he stripped her naked, and then himself letting her play with his cock. Harriet knew if this got out it would destroy her family's reputation but she did not care.

A few rooms down Nellie was already naked, except for a blindfold as Washington, still inside of her, picked her up and fucked her hard standing up with her legs wrapped around him. He spun around a few times to disorientate her then took her out through the room's door and down the hall.

Mrs. Olson jumped up when she heard the door swing open but George held her down cramming himself deep inside of her.

Washington threw Nellie onto the bed next to her mother as he took off the blindfold.


"Nellie!" The two women screamed at each other, now they knew of each other's indiscretions.

Both women were about to run out of the room when George went into his draw to show them the "parting-gifts" he had for each of them, the photographs.

"And we have other copies even if you destroy these." Said Washington.

"Look this will give you two the excuse, the justification you need for doing what you are going to do tonight." George said.

"What is that?" Harriet said suspiciously.

"Well before we get to that I will tell you what, if you do what we say, how about we add a third picture to this set?"

"Of what!" Said Nellie sounding a bit more like her old bitchy self.

"Of that Ingles girl, Laura."

Both women smiled at that, while not exactly an enemy Laura had interfered in both of the Oleson women's lives enough that a bit of comeuppance might be nice.

"Well what do you ladies think?"

They both smiled and agreed, Nellie was about to sit on Washington's cock when the younger George grabbed her and pulled him on top of his, Harriet sighed a bit of disappointment, but for only a second or two as she was soon sitting on Washington's cock.

The two women fucked and switched men several times during the evening.

Then George asked if Nellie was ever breastfed. Mrs. Oleson thought it an odd question but said she had.

"Well I'd like to see it." Said George as he fingered Mrs. Oleson while Washington did the same to Nellie.

The women were sitting next to each other, their bodies quivering. Slowly Nellie leaned forward, and then she took her mother's nipple into her mouth and started to suck on it. Harriet in turn sucked on her daughter's firm tits.

"Now..." George said with a pause, "kiss each other." The two women paused then leaned towards each other and kissed on the lips. Lightly at first but the two men, their masters, told them to continue as they fingered the women. Then they had the women finger themselves as they kissed. After a bit the men put the mother and daughter's hands by each other's crotches, there was hesitation for a moment but then they slowly started to rub each other. Mother and daughter brought each other to an orgasm.

"That's so good." George said as he had Harriet lay down on the bed. Then Nellie was guided to lay down the opposite way on top of each other. "Now rub each other again." The women obeyed as George took his position at the foot of the bed pushing himself into Harriet while Washington pushed into Nellie. He told Harriet to lick his balls as he fucked her daughter while George told Nellie to lick his shaft.

As the men fucked the two women they encouraged the women to lick closer and closer to each other's pussies. Harriet finally told her daughter to stop licking that she was getting to close to her. Nellie, ever the spiteful, licked down the shaft thrusting in and out of her mother and then licked her mother's clitoris.

"Nellie stop!" she screamed but Nellie continued faster and faster until her mother came so hard they had to stop for a moment until she recovered. Then in an effort to reestablish her dominance over her daughter she kissed her daughter's blonde pussy and licked it faster and faster until it was Nellie who lost control. Both men, not made of stone applauded the effort of the two ladies by filling them with a generous load of cum as they withdrew. They encourage the mother and daughter to continue, which they did for such a long time and with some vigor that these two unflappable men stood there stunned.

Eventually the two women laid in each other's arms exhausted. George made them smile by saying, "If you think that was good wait until you get a chance to train little Miss Laura Ingles."

* * *

The next day both school teachers came over to help launch the plan. But things had to wait until far later as the two men had sex with the Oleson women and the teachers. By morning the Oleson women had had several lesbian entanglements with the school teachers including a very arousing spanking performed on Nellie's behind by Miss Beadle.

Over breakfast they discussed how to ensnare Laura.

"You know there is that one time I found that she cheated on an essay. I did not say anything at the time as her family was going through some hard times..." Miss Beadle started to say.

"Oh her and her family are always going through some hard times. They just love to be the center of attention. It seems they have a crisis every week.

"And what is it with her father calling her Half-Pint? I thought he might be a big time alcoholic." Said Miss Wilder.

"Well here is how we will take care of that Miss Ingles." Said Harriet...

* * *

The next day Laura received a note from the school committee of Walnut Grove telling her she must come to the hotel on an urgent matter.

Mrs. Oleson was pleased she could be the one to drop the ball on Laura. She lied saying some outside agency had made a discovery concerning the essay.

"Oh Laura, I am so disappointed in you." Said Miss Wilder.

"As head to the committee I see no choice but to..." Started Mrs. Oleson

"Please I will do anything, I can't lose that teaching certificate. I won't be able to be married." She broke down and cried.

Of all the people in the room Nellie was the one who spoke up in Laura's defense. "Mother, I read that if she belonged to our fraternal organization she could be allowed forgiveness."

Laura looked up from her sobbing to see Mrs. Oleson looking at her daughter with anger in her eyes. "Do that? Nellie! You have spoken out of term. I should throw you out for suggesting such a thing."

"But it is true." Said Miss Wilder. "She could join if there is a majority vote of the chapter."

Mrs. Beadle added "All in favor raise your hands." All did except for Mrs. Oleson. "It is passed. "Laura come back tonite and we will initiate you.

* * *

That evening Laura made her way back to the hotel through a gusty rain that while it melted the snow made it treacherous to walk. After a light supper the ladies, with the exception of Nellie retired to the next room to get ready.

Laura was a bit nervous and she asked Nellie what to expect. Nellie chuckled saying she really was not supposed to tell her, but it was all a bunch of nonsense.

"We are ready now, came the voice of Eliza Wilder. Laura and Nellie went into the dark room and the ladies all said as one. "As the light dispels darkness, we the teachers dispel ignorance." With that the lights went on and all the women were naked.

"Laura Ingles we stand this way as the truth must always be naked and without prejudice do you agree?" asked Miss Beadle.

"I do!" she said.

"Then join us." Said Eliza smiling. Nellie gave Laura a quick wink and began to remove her clothing. Laura emboldened and put at ease by her friend did the same.

Mrs. Olson took the discarded clothing and removed them from the room.

"Teaching is a pleasure, one that only increases over time, and must be done without prejudice. Do you agree Laura?" Asked Eliza.

"Yes I do." Laura replied.

"Then accept us." Nellie said and gave Laura a quick peck on the lips, blushing as she did so. Miss. Beadle kissed Laura just slightly longer. Then Eliza kissed Laura still harder. Then came Mrs. Olson. She kissed Laura holding her tightly as she did so her boobs pressed against Laura's own breasts.

"Do you accept us Laura?"

A little dazed Laura tried to catch her breath and said "I do."

"Well that is good, then we don't have to be enemies. Do we?" She said as she kissed Laura again, Nellie went behind her and reached her hand between Laura's legs and let her finger rub her pussy.

"Nellie! Stop!" Laura screamed, but then she saw the two school teachers, the women she admired most, after her mother of course, doing the same thing. And it felt so good. There were times at home when her and her sister side by side fingered themselves while talking about boys, but neither acknowledged what they were doing. This was different.

"Why Laura!" I will treat you like my own daughter she said holding up her big soft tits. Nellie leaned a bit around Laura and took one in her mouth. She held up the other one to Laura. As Nellie fingered her it became too much, she took the offered nipple into her mouth and sucked on it.

Laura felt herself start to shiver as she came. Nellie guided Laura's hand to her pussy and Laura started to finger it. Her other hand reached forward to play with Harriet's pussy as they kissed.

Mrs. Beadle broke off from Eliza and went down on her knees.

"What? I never thought of doing..." Laura said as the teacher's tongue entered her tight little pussy. Mrs. Beadle did things to Laura that she had never dreamed of. Nellie kneeled behind Laura and worked her anus. Laura gasped and cried as her body shook with orgasm after orgasm.

Eliza sat down on a chair, her legs wide as she fingered herself. "You think you are good enough for my Alonzo? Don't you Laura? Well come here." The women pushed Laura towards her future in-law.

"He is all I have and you had better please him." She said as the other women lightly pushed Laura onto her knees. Nellie laid underneath Laura and licked her. Mrs. Olson helped guide Laura's face towards Eliza's pussy. The women waited as Laura hesitated then kissed Eliza's brown haired cunt. Mrs. Olson smiled as the breaking of Laura had just begun in earnest.

"Oh that is it you wicked girl. Lick it! Lick it! You little whore suck on it! Oh yes."

The evening turned into a long lesbian orgy. When every combination had been tried the woman rested. Then Mrs. Olson got up and asked her in an official voice "And the last thing I must ask you is that you treat everyone without prejudice. Can you do that Laura?"

She said she could figuring that there was little left that they can do to her.

They led her into the front of the store. The door was locked and the shades were down. On either side of the room was Washington and George. Naked, their cocks almost throbbing as they had watched the whole proceeding from seclusion.

"What are these..." And then she checked herself. Laura looked on in terror. Like Nellie, she had given a hand-job or two to some of her male classmates but these men, they looked so big. Had they slept with the other women here? She wondered

Laura was told to get on her knees. She was warned that her job as a teacher was in jeopardy if she disobeyed and so was her impending marriage to Alonzo.

She kneeled before the two men. A third man entered the room and hastily set up a camera. Laura started to ask what it was about but thought better of it. The two black men stood on either side of her grabbing her pig tails as their cocks leaned so close to her face she could feel their heat. A tear of frustration ran down her cheek as the camera's flash powder ignited. The man hastily left to develop the photograph I would see in the future.

Her father had friends who were black and there was that one time she had seen one of them leave in the middle of the night, and she could have sworn he had kissed her mother in the mouth, but her father had told her he had been cold and had stayed a little late drinking... She wondered if her mother could have...

They brought their cocks closer to her face. "Kiss it!" One of them said.

"With my mouth?" She said feeling stupid the moment she said it.

Laura planted a small kiss on each of the offered cocks. Then as Nellie pantomimed she opened her mouth taking Washington's into it, Nellie took care of George's.

Eliza sat down behind Laura playing with Laura's breasts and giving Laura tips. Then she helped by sucking the shafts as Laura and Nellie sucked them off.

"Oh! I have to..." Said George. He stood Laura up and gave her a deep kiss, she felt his cock lean against her stomach and marveled at how solid it felt. He led her over to the counter and bent her over. Using his hand to guide it in he slowly pushed himself into Laura.

"This is tight!" George said. Then he reached down and rubbed her clitoris relaxing her and making her want him inside of her. Laura for her part could only think of the time she and her sister Mary peeked in at two horses mating, but now she was one of them.

With another thrust it slid inside of her. He grabbed her small hips and began to thrust. Finally he finished inside of her. But she was not allowed even a moment to recover. Nellie stood there holding Washington's cock and in that old taunting voice of her called, "Oh Laura." She was told to get on her hands and knees Laura felt the second man enter her, as she was fucked her screams were muffled by the various women she licked.

The fucking went on all night. In the morning Laura was accompanied home by Nellie. The story was that she had attended a sleep-over but Mrs. Ingles gave Nellie a knowing nod...

I curse myself that there are some missing pages to the diaries of Nellie Oleson and Laura, except for one incident that occurred when Mr. Oleson came home. Once I get all the evidence together I will relay to you all that occurred as part of my historical research.


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