Little House On The PrairieL Part 4 - Half Pint And The Men
by Spyder ([email protected])

Walnut Grove, a quaint country town in Minnesota and the townsfolk are
scurrying around in anticipation of Christmas Day. One person who is more
anxious than most is Laura Ingalls, Charles and Caroline Ingall's second
oldest child. She has a secret wish that is unusual for someone so young,
but wants to carry it out on Christmas Eve.

On December 24th Laura sets to walking town, as she walks it begins to snow
very lightly. This doesn't bother her one bit as she hopes to fulfill her
dream on this day before returning to the family home for dinner. Once she
arrives on town half-pint stops at the place she hopes to get this wish
completed. Unlocking the door, she has begun to realize some nerves jumping
as she awaits the first one to start the wish. Inside the schoolroom she
gets a surprise as the whole wish is staring at her every man in Walnut
Grove are waiting her arrival. She locks the door; again she sees the weather
has gotten worse as it is now very stormy with gusting winds and heavy snow.
Immediately Laura goes to the room that was built for the teacher to relax
in when the pupils are at recess.

She wishes the men she wants sexually a good morning and a merry Christmas.
Pointing at her father, she asks him to be the first of her lovers for the
day. Charles steps away from the desk, walks to the private room and sees
Laura undressing quickly. Upon entering he asks her if she is sure that this
is what she wants to happen. Laura nods sheepishly and smiles while saying
that she wants him to fuck her for he will start off this session. Laura
kneels in front of her father, unzips his pants, and lowers them and the
long johns beneath them, followed by a gentle stroking of his cock. Charles
smiles, as half-pint is a gentle with his dick as Caroline. In fact he
wonders of Caroline knows of this wish and will ask her once he sees her at

Having such a hard on, Charles wonders if Laura will be as gentle with his
cock in her mouth as Caroline is. His answer comes swiftly as half-pint licks
all the way to his balls and sucks on them for a few minutes until she deep
throats his massive wand. Half an hour later he is shooting a full load into
his daughter's open mouth. Laura lies spread eagle on the floor and asks her
father to fuck her as hard as possible. While this occurs, she calls out to
Nels Olsen to join the party and he undresses once inside the room. Half pint
waves him closer; he kneels beside her prone fucked body and watches as she
devours his cock while her father continues to fuck her. Both men cum in her
mouth and pussy (she cannot get pregnant due to the doc tying her cords after
a miscarriage).

Her next move is impressive for a small woman, as she slides onto Nels cock
and asks Charles to ass fuck her while her cunt is being filled to the brim.
This three way continues solidly for fifteen minutes as the next she calls
in are Mr. Garvey and Mr. Edwards. Laura waves them to her face as they walk
over totally nude as they expected this from the moment Laura asked them to
be a part of her Christmas wish. Stroking the two new cocks, she moans as
Charles and Nels have their way in her ass and cunt. With four strong men
doing everything she wanted, Laura can only smile as she feels more cum
loading her throat and other important holes. Shortly after Garvey and
Edwards entered the room, Charles takes his leave along with Nels and Laura
now calls in two more of the men of town. Walking into the room are her half
brother Albert and Willie Olsen. Garvey and Edwards take the rear flank in
the indoctrination of Laura Ingalls.

Willie and Albert stand where Garvey and Edwards stood and feel the hot
breath of Laura as she slurps her way through another double blowjob and
double fucking. The men moan as the blowjobs and fucking get hotter than
before. Laura is not tiring of this treatment as Garvey enters her ass,
while Edwards has the pleasure of fucking her pink passion mound. Feeling
a little sore from having so many cocks in her Laura is pleased that she
has had the men she asked to be with her, but wonders if Doc Baker is out
there, as he is the only man to not enter her at this time. Albert and
Willie switch places with the two older men and she is again fucked by
the younger men. She calls out as she hears the outer door open, in the
room walks Almonzo and Doc Baker as well as Reverend Alden. She is shocked
that the preacher would want to be a part of this action, but doesn't turn
him down.

Garvey and Edwards leave as the three remaining men Laura has to fuck take
over, but a fourth walks in Jonathon Garvey, the son to Garvey who just
banged her ass and cunt. With four new men inside the other four leave,
Jonathon takes the position underneath her pushing his dick in her pussy,
while Baker and Alden gets head and Almonzo drives it in her ass. Laura is
now tiring of the situation and thanks the remaining men for the finale.
Each take their turn fucking her and she blows all of them. Before leaving
Reverend Alden says a quick prayer to make certain that Laura is not turning
into the town hooker and also to forgive him for what he added to the day
in the life of half-pint.

With all of the men gone, Laura prepares to leave, but is stopped by Albert
and Willie. They want her to do one more man. She nods her approval, but sees
them bringing in the horse from her carriage. They ask her to pleasure this
aging animal before she leaves for home. Not wanting to have problems with
the two young men Laura does as asked. She strokes the horse's cock and
before fucking the animal she sucks the cock until he nearly cums. Willie
sees the strap that is occasionally used to whip the trouble making students
and uses it on Laura. Each smack of the strap has Laura banging the horse
harder than the prior one. Red lesions arise on the body of Laura Ingalls as
she fucks the horse, finally giving way to a load of horse cum on her stomach
and legs.

Albert not wanting to be left out of what is going on, grabs the tired Laura
and solidly shoves his still hardened cock back in her ass. She squeals as
Albert fucks her until it hurts so much that she is crying. The maniacal half
brother doesn't let up as he removes his dick from her ass and jams it into
her dripping and now bloody pussy She is bleeding from the way Albert tore
at her cunt while he ass fucked her. She knows that he had broken a couple of
blood vessels inside her pussy. While he drove many fingers in and out of the
sexy hole she gave up to all the men and a horse. Tears flow from her eyes as
Albert backs off, knowing that he has hurt the only family member that cared
enough to help him off morphine. He asks of her forgiveness and she says only
if he never tells anyone that he raped her today after fucking her earlier as
part of the group. Albert agrees and the rest of the holiday season is joyous
a free as Laura has fulfilled her wish of a lifetime. She also knows that the
women of the married men may want revenge for fucking their men and she is
willing to accept any punishment sent her way.

The End


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