Little House On The Prairie: Part 5 - Little Whorehouse On The Prairie
by Spyder ([email protected])

It has been three years since Charles and Caroline Ingalls have been back on
the prairie since he was elected as Senator of the state on Minnesota. The
last time it was more a fuck fest than a reunion of family as he had his dick
in every woman in the house on that day, mainly Nellie Olsen, who is the
mother of his new daughter of two plus years old. The house itself was bought
by Carrie from the band and turned into the local whorehouse on the Prairie
as she has help renovating the building to its current stature. Laura and
Mary have their hands full running the place as well as giving pleasure to
every man in and form out of town.

Upon their arrival, Caroline is shocked at the way the old place looks and
the grandeur of the outside that was once a wooden door that could fall off
it's hinges at any moment. Charles walks to the barn to see if the horses are
still a part of the new set up. Once inside the structure, he gets his answer
as he finds Carrie giving head to one of the animals. Sliding his pants down
to his ankles, Charles enters Carrie from behind as he has done with her in
days past. Carrie moans with a gurgle of horse cum in her throat, and then
asks who has the audacity of rear-ending her with out any money forwarded.
Charles clears his throat and says it is her father and what doe she mean by
any money forwarded. Charles let's his daughter up and watches as she gives
head to him as she has done in the earlier times after she had turned 18. In
between the soft slurps and loud gurgles, Carrie tells her dad that she and
the others will help explain the situation completely.

Meanwhile in the now huge house, Caroline finds Mary, smiling and pretty as
always counting money on the dining room table. She waves on the way in and
immediately inquires as to how there suddenly is so much money lying around
the place. Mary also says that all will be explained over dinner with the
rest of the family. Caroline smiles removes her bonnet, then plants a wet
kiss on Mary's lips, asking how her eyesight is since it returned four years
ago. Mary replies that it is stronger that ever and her body has no effects
from the rape that caused it. She also adds that she sees Adam now and then
when he visits their daughter. Mary then stands up and leads her mom to the
couch and they sit down, with Caroline unbuttoning Mary's blouse. Mary
smiles, as she wants to feel her mom's lips on her tits and near her pussy.
Caroline then removes the bra that harnesses the girl's medium sized
knockers. Licking her lips, she leans in to run her tongue over the nipples
and areolas. Mary succumbs to her mother's sexual needs, and then begins to
wonders where her father is, not realizing that Carrie has drained him of a
load of jism and is about to join them.

Charles and Caroline are treated to a fine dinner from the family; still
shocked at the way the house has been remodeled. With all the children at the
table the question is asked, What is going on around here and why is it so
much fancier that the early days.

Albert takes the lead in telling the story of how and what for this little
house. The Family takes them around the expanded and renovated homestead,
Albert explains that money was tight and then they slowly got out of debt by
accepting paying customers for sexual favors to keep going. Eventually they
rebuilt the house with money now abundant. Grace turned into the most popular
of the girls that men and sometimes the ladies wanted to fuck. While sitting,
drinking their coffee, Nellie Olson walks in and greets Caroline and Charles.
She asks how long they are around for and hope they will drop in on Nel's.
She also explains that her mother died two months ago after her last sexual
experience with Doc Baker.

Charles excuses himself to think about the situation, Nellie follows him
grabbing his hand and stroking his bulging pants. Caroline decides to head to
town, but is stopped by Doc Baker, who asks if she is part of the attraction
here in the house. She nods no, but insists that they slip away to encounter
their feelings on more time. Albert, Grace, Laura, Mary and Carrie sit and
wait for what is to happen next.

Out in the barn, Nellie strips Charles of his pants, shoes and underwear,
then licks his hardened cock until her moans. She continues to please her
lover and the father of her child from previous times they had. After sucking
for a few moments, Nellie deep throats his cock many times until his load
fills her mouth and runs down her chin. Charles asks her how Tim is and she
says her is fine, but misses his father. Charles removes her dress, bends her
over and eats her pussy, while he licks her tight ass. She orgasms quickly
and many times over as Charles prepares for a rear entry into her gaping
holes of love.

On the far side of the house, Caroline has Doc's dick her ass as she blew him
while her dress was still on. Having it removed, Baker is pleased that she is
still firm in her ass and willing to have him drive her as hard as before.
Baker let's up and ties Caroline to a tree, he takes his horse whip and uses
it to get more heat from his lady love. He tells Caroline of his love for her
and also says that Nellie's son Tim is the son of her husband. Caroline tells
him that she knows and is okay with her being the mother, since she cannot
give birth anymore. She holds back on her feelings for the Doc, as she still
deeply loves Charles. Baker continues to whip her, but decides to let her
down. She bends over in front of him to pick up her dress, but is rammed by
the good doc. Again he whips her thighs while fucking her hot box. Soon they
are tiring of the sex and relax, Caroline re-enters the house and awaits

In another room of the house Mr. Edwards is getting his load drained as Mary
has accepted money for his long dick. She has given him so much head today
that her mouth is hurting her, so he now bangs her ass. Another Senator from
out of state has heard of this house and looks to have his fantasies
exercised. Brown, the Senator from Michigan has been lead to another room by

Carrie slides out of her clothes quickly as he said that he is in a hurry to
leave town for another round of meetings with the other Senator's. Ed tells
Carrie to please him anyway she can and he will reward her handsomely.
Smiling like a Cheshire cat, Carrie starts to lick his balls while jamming
two fingers up his ass. Soon she is giving him head while she reaches in a
drawer for leather covered homemade dildo. She sucks him so much he howls at
the treatment, then while stroking his dick, Carrie jams the dildo up his
ass. He now yells in ecstasy as the gorgeous Ingalls girl has pleasured him
in a manner to which he in not accustomed. Ed has had enough and pulls a wad
of cash, which he hands over to Carrie.

Ed leaves the room, as he walks out of the house he encounters Charles.
Wondering what is happening, Charles finds out that he paid for sex from
Carrie. Ed is shocked to find out that the Ingalls children run this
whorehouse he frequents.

Albert shakes hands with the Senator and tells him to return soon. Carrie
exits the house while counting the one thousand dollars the Senator left.
Caroline is perplexed that her family has made more money that she ever
dreamed of and Albert decides to ease her tension by pleasing her any way

Caroline, who is still sore from the whipping that she received while
entertaining Doc Baker hopes that Albert is much more gentle with her. After
he undresses her in the barn, Albert eats her still sticky pussy as she lies
across his body giving head to him. It isn't long until she is riding him
hard, grunting aloud as she takes his load in her hot cunt. Albert then takes
her hand and tells her to pleasure the horse, because he looks lonely.
Knowing what he means, Caroline begins to suck horse cock, as Albert finds a
way to ass fuck his stepmother's tight ass. With the horse getting ready to
move away, Albert removes his cock from his mom's ass and plunges it into her
pink, hairy pussy. Moans exit the barn, as the others know what is happening,
Albert cums in her and Caroline feels better about the happenings of the day.

The family sit down one more time as Caroline and Charles approve of her
children's choice of earning money. They also have said that they are about
to close it down in a few months for they have earned nearly two million
dollars over the last two years. Charles asks if they can hold off for six
months, as they will be back to live out their retirement from politics.
Albert and the girls talk it over, giving their decisions, the children
agree to hold out for that long and have the money to lead a quiet life.

Charles and Caroline leave for their last six months of office, knowing that
a nest egg their kids have created will allow them to live graciously for the
rest of time.

The End


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